10 Best Cheap Mop Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

When is the last time you bought a mop? Maybe it’s been years because you’ve really put that last mop’s longevity to the test. Was it working well enough for you? The steam mop is equipped with more effective methods compared with a traditional mop. So, what’s the best budget mop on the market? Let’s find out.


Top 10 Best Cheap Mop on the Market


What to Look For When Choosing the Best Cheap Mop?

best mop for vinyl floors

Although the cheap mops lack some of the features found on the expensive models, paying attention to some details can help you purchase a quality mop at a budget. The following are crucial things to look out for when choosing a mop on a budget.

  • The Floor Type

The type of floor you want to clean with the mop should be your top priority guidance in choosing the right mop. The mops are designed to clean different floors. There are mops compatible with floors that are washed, finished, tiled floors, and carpeted floors, while others fit hardwood floors.

So, choose the mop suitable for your floor to ensure the safety of the floor and efficient cleaning. For example, you cannot use a wet mop to clean up a carpeted floor as it may take a long time to dry up. Note that some mops are compatible with a wide variety of floors. So, if you needed an all-round model for your household use, check out the type of floors it is compatible with to see if it fits your home use.

  • Handle Design

A handle of the mop plays a significant role in ensuring your comfort when cleaning up the floor. Therefore, it is always good to check out its ergonomic before buying the mop. Some mops are crafted with adjustable mops that you can either increase or decrease the height for comfortable reach when cleaning.

Hence, if you are tall, always go for a mop that has an adjustable handle, or rather choose mop that has a longer handle. You can test the comfort of the mop handle while at the shop to see if it fits you and your family members use.

>>Recommended Budget Mop with Adjustable HandleMr. SIGA Microfiber Mop<<

best budget mop



  • The Type of Mop

The mops come in different styles where some are manually controlled while others are electrically controlled. The manual mops are sold with a bucket used for wringing, while the electric mops are designed with a water tank that is filled with water to generate steam for cleaning.

Although both mops perform excellently in cleaning the house, the choice between the two is mainly influenced by the customer’s choice and convenience. For example, the electric mops are quite fast and easy to use since all you need to do is move the mop head around to clean the room.

On the other hand, in some manual mops, you have to use your bare hands to wring off the waters. Note that there are bucket mops designed with a pedal such that you don’t necessarily need to use your hands to wring off the water from the mop. So, choose a mop that works for you.

  • Budget

The amount of money you have will determine the kind or type of mops you will buy. The cheap mops models are sold at different rates and the prices range from around 20 to 60 dollars. Therefore, if you need a mop that has a variety of cleaning accessories and features, you may spend a bit more than a standard mop.

  • Features and Functions

Some of the features to look out for when buying a mop include; the size of the water tank, the heating rate, the power cord, and the control power.

  • The Size of Water Tank

Considering the mops are designed with different sized water tanks, the size of the tank determines the surface area you will be able to cover when cleaning. Therefore, if you are looking for a mop to clean a large area in your home, make sure to choose a mop that has a large water tank.

  • Heating Rate

The mops come with different heating rates where some take only 10 seconds to heat up while others may take up to 40 or 50 seconds to heat. If you need to save cleaning time always go for a mop that takes the least time to heat up.

  • Power Cord

The corded mops are equipped with different sized cords that range from 5 to 20meters long. If you need a mop that can cover a large area with minimal movement restrictions, always go for a mop that has a longer cord, or a cordless mop.


Best Cheap Mop On The Market Reviews

1. Best Overall -Swiffer Dry and Wet Mop for Floors


  •  Great for removing dirt, dust, and hair by both wet and dry cleaning
  • Moving it around is easy as it features a lightweight design
  • This mop is sold at an affordable rate
  • Using it is super easy and convenient
  • Great for cleaning dog hair


  • Not that big enough

This budget mop provides nothing but the best cleaning solution for your home. The mop features both dry and wet cleaning methods that ensure to absorb all the dirt and debris on the floor to prevent pushing it around the floor.

It is compatible with most of the finished floors except the unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden floors. Some of the floors that you can clean with this mop include; the laminated floors and the tiled floors as well. This mop comes packed with 7 dry cloths plus 3 wet cloths for exchange when cleaning different floors and to last you for a long time as well.

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2. Best Seller -O Cedar Cheap Microfiber Spin Mop System


  • Easy to use
  • Dries up the floor after every rinse
  • The mop head is large to cover a large surface when cleaning
  • The bucket has a pedal for easy controlling moisture


  • The handle of the mop head is not adjustable and some people may find it too short when cleaning with it

Although this mop features the traditional manual design, rest assured that it is an improved version as you don’t need to use hands when wringing off the water. It features a built-in wringer that wrings off the water on the mop.

The mop head is made with high-quality microfiber material that guarantees deep cleaning. Therefore, you can comfortably utilize this mop for cleaning even the dirtiest floors such as on commercial areas. The bucket is equipped with a foot pedal that easily spins when wringing the mop. Thus, you can easily control the level of moisture you want on the mop head.

Working with this mop is super easy as it has a splash guard that ensures to prevent spillage especially when wringing the mop. The bucket has a handle suitable for carrying around when cleaning the floors. The mop dries the floor faster as compared to other similar models.

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3. Best Steam Mop -PurSteam 10-in-1 Multifunctional Steam Mop


  • Fast and effectively cleaning
  • It is light in weight, thus moving it is easy
  • The mop sanitizes the floor about 99.9 percent
  • 2-year warranty


  • Not for very large room

If you are looking for a fast and effective mop cleaner for your home cleaning purposes, PurSteam is one of the greatest models to consider purchasing. This is one of the most versatile and reliable mop cleaners on the market that fits the cleaning of just any floor and anything. The mop can easily wipe off both loose and most stubborn stains from the floor.

This mop also fits families with pets and small kids as not only does it leave the floor clean, it also ensures to sanitize it. It kills up to 99.9 germs and other bacteria on the floor leaving it safe for small kids to play around. The mop takes only about 30 seconds to heat up and works quite fast in cleaning.

There are no harsh chemicals required when cleaning with this mop. There are three adjustable cleaning levels for easy control when cleaning on different floors.

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4. Best Cordless Mop -GOBOT Cheap Electric Mop Cleaner


  • Effective cleaning with dual wheel mopping
  • Words with many floors
  • Auto rotary cleaning machine
  • Cordless design for easy maneuvering around the room
  • 1-year unlimited warranty


  • The mop provides wet cleaning; hence, not suitable for carpet cleaning

GOBOT cordless mop is one of the most versatile electric mops that is suitable for cleaning various parts of the house. You can utilize this mop for cleaning the floors and the windows as well. The mop is cordless and thus, it does not restrict your movements when cleaning different areas and rooms around the house.

It also features a rotary cleaning machine that moves at a 180 degree to ensure good cleaning in the room. You can easily clean all corners of the room, including under the bed and spaces between sofas thanks to the equipped thin tractor on the mop.

This mop is powered by a lithium battery that lasts for up to 40 minutes when used non-stop and does not take too long when recharging as well. This mop is compatible with a wide range of floors including; marble, wooden floors, ceramic, and many others. The handle features an ergonomic design to ensure a firm and comfortable grip when cleaning.

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5. Best for Large Home -Shark Steam Hard Floor Cleaner


  • One of the best affordable steam mop
  • Fits large cleaning options
  • Sanitizes the floor up to 99.9 percent
  • The mop does not utilize harsh chemicals when cleaning the room
  • Portable to move around


  • Not for stone tile floors

Shark steam head wood floor cleaning mop is mainly recommended for people with large homes or even small kids. The mop is equipped with a large water tank that allows one to clean large areas before refilling. It also provides sanitization solutions to the floor leaving it clean for small kids to move around.

This mop is also recommended for homes with pets as it ensures to wipe off all messes from the animals. It does not use any harsh chemicals to clean the floor, and therefore, anyone, including people with an allergy can use this mop.

The mop is equipped with an 18 meters cord that ensures you cover a large area when cleaning, with minimal restrictions. It has a swivel steering that moves the mop head around to clean off dirt and debris found on the floor. The mop head is flexible as you can use both sides for cleaning and sanitizing as well.

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6. Best Spray Mop -Swiffer Budget Spray Mop Cleaner with 5 Pads


  • Cordless design that does not restrict movements around the room
  • Heats up pretty fast
  • Five different cleaning accessories
  • The mop cleans while ensuring to protect the finishing on different floors


  • This mop is powered by a battery that does not last for too long

One of the most outstanding features on this mop is the spray design, which can leave a pleasant smell on your floors. The mop comes with 5 cleaning pads for cleaning different floors in the house.

The mop head does an amazing job when cleaning as it ensures to absorb and lock all the dirt collected on the floor to prevent it from spreading around. You can use this mop on multiple floors, including the most sensitive ones as it smoothly cleans the floor to prevent damage. Therefore, you can also utilize it to clean the finished floors.

On buying this mop, one is provided with all the necessary cleaning materials including; the cleaning solution,  five pads, and also the mopping power.

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Different Types of Mop


  • Best Cheap Spin Mop & Bucket Sets

You could have browsed mops at the store briefly while thinking about buying a new one, or perhaps you ran into steam cleaning mops as I did online. If you look online at different mops, you’re not going to believe what all is out there. There is even a mop that spins around in circles as you clean the floor, and it’s called the spin mop.

The price range of spin mops are $10-$60, and the hot sales are O-Cedar foot pedal spin mop and Aootek Deluxe 360 Spin Mop hand push spin mop.

Best Spin Mop and Bucket -O Cedar Microfiber Mop for Multiple Floors

spin microfiber mop for laminate floors


Click here to see more Spin bucket mops and Home mopping system. And tips about choosing the best durable microfiber mops with high reviews.


  • Best Cheap Sponge Mop

Sponge mops have been around for a while, and while they are much better to use than a traditional mop, they aren’t people’s favorites. I saw one site that actually tested all kinds of mops, 16 to be in fact, and so maybe it’s results like those that can help you decide which mop to get on your budget. You might not think there is much price difference between the different models, but you would be surprised.

If you like to use a sponge mop, you can see the cheap price Quickie automatic squeezing sponge mop sale less than $10. But what we recommend is the best-valued one should be the Libman mop under 30 have over 200 sales. Click to see reviews:

Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop – Under $30

Libman Nitty Gritty Roller MopMore about sponge mops, you can see the page: Top Sponge Mops You Can Buy


  • Best Brands Steam Mops

The best-priced mops are going to clean your floors to your standards without you having to pay tons of money. Do you think the most expensive mop is going to do the best job? That could be the case, but I don’t think it would be. I think you’d be able to find a mop priced somewhere in the middle that does everything you need it to do. Of course, if you’re sold on the steam cleaning mops, you might be paying a little more money. (Here for reviews of best brand steam mops)

For budget steam mops, we recommend you try Shark Brand. Most of the steam mops are high quality and designed, Get hot sales at affordable price. You can find the S3101 with nearly a thousand sales, less than $50, it’s the best-valued model you can find on the market. Of course, you can also try the more functional S3251 under $60, with top rating by customer:

Shark Light and Easy Steam Mop (S3251)

Shark Light and Easy Steam Mop S3251With as many as 16 different mops tested on one site, you can imagine there would be more than one that fits the bill. There are going to be multiple categories that the mops are graded on, and each mop will have its strengths. There will be many mops whose main strength is likely the price point. However, if the mop doesn’t clean your floor, then that’s no good, right?

Are you familiar with the price range you’re going to be looking at when buying a new mop? Just from a simple initial search, I saw a price range from 20 to 100. In stores, I’ve seen cheaper mops, but I’m not sure I’ve seen more expensive ones. I’m also not sure I’d spend 100 dollars on a mop. You’re going to have to put some work into mopping your floors and keeping them clean.

However, you don’t want to get the floor done only to find out that it’s not clean at all. It needs to be cleaned right the first time. If you’re ready to find out what your next mop is going to be, it’s time to look at the highest-rated mops at the best prices.


  • Best Cheap Microfiber Mop

For best cheap microfiber mops suits different hardwood floor, tiles floors, the highly recommend is O-Cedar flip mop:

O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop

Damp/Dry All Surface Mop – Less Than $20

O-Cedar Dual Action Microfiber Flip Mop Damp n Dry All Surface Mop

Why We Recommend This Model?

  • This dual-action microfiber flip mop is eco-friendly and machine washable up to 100 times.
  • This mop’s dense blue chenille side is especially great for pet hair pickup and sweeping.
  • The dual-action flip mops white microfiber side features scrubbing strips that allow for deep Laminate floor cleaning.



You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to buy a mop for either home or commercial cleaning. There are so many brands of mops that are sold at affordable rates. With less than 50 dollars, you can still purchase a reliable and effective cleaning mop.

The above reviews feature the 10 best cheap mops on the market today. For beginners, consider using the above-discussed buying guide to help you determine the things to look for when choosing an affordable mop for your cleaning purposes.


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