5 Best Cheap Steam Mop Reviews 2021

The steam mop is the type of mop that uses steam to clean up the floor. This type of mop is fitted with a water reservoir that heats up to release the cleaning steam. The steam mops can either be corded or cordless, and some are equipped with the standard handle while others feature adjustable handles. This article features the top five best steam mops sold at low prices. Also, read the outlined buying guide to help you choose the perfect cheap steam mops for your home use.

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5 Best Cheap Steam Mop On the Market


How to Choose the Best Budget Steam Mop?

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  • Compatibility

The steam mops are designed for cleaning a wide range of floors although they cannot clean all the floors. Some floors such as unfinished wood floors or waxed floors are quite delicate and sensitive to water; hence, some steam mops may not work for cleaning such floors.

Therefore, check out the type of floors that the steam mop you choose can easily clean without damaging it. The manufacturers always indicate on the package the type of floors the mop can clean.

  • The Heat Up Time

The steam mops take different time intervals to heat up when setting up. Some may take about 20 seconds, 30 seconds and other minutes. Therefore, if you are looking for a steam mop that will take little time to heat up, consider choosing a mop with little heating power.

  • Corded vs Cordless

The choice between a corded and cordless steam mop is determined by your cleaning needs. For example, if you need a mop that offers convenient cleaning with minimal interruptions, consider a mop that is corded or electric-powered.

On the other hand, if you need a mop that allows free movements around for efficient cleaning of different rooms, choose a cordless mop.

  • The Size of the Tank

The size of the tank will determine the area that you will cover when cleaning before refilling. Therefore, if you need a mop for large cleaning services, choose a mop equipped with a large water tank. In other words, the larger the tank is, the more cleaning you will be able to do and vice versa.

  • The Settings

The settings of the map depending on the steam release level are something to consider looking out for if you have different flooring in your home.

Some mops are designed with three different settings that include low, medium and high steam heat settings. So, choose a mop that allows such versatile for easy cleaning of the floors in your home.


5 Best Cheap Steam Mop Reviews

1. Best Overall -BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop


  • Sanitize 99% germs on the floor
  • Comes with a variety of cleaning accessories
  • Heats up within the 30 seconds of connecting to the power source
  • Quite light in weight


  • You can only move about 25 ft long when cleaning with the mop

You can never go wrong with Bissell mops as they are quite convenient in cleaning and sanitizing the floor. It eliminates most stains and specks of dirt on the floor while sanitizing it as well.

The mop releases high levels of steam that penetrates through the floor to eliminate all sorts of stains and dirt for easy cleaning. It is compatible in a wide range of floors such as; ceramic, tiles, hardwood and even the carpets. The mop comes with a scrubber and microfiber clothe compatible with a wide range of floors. You can choose from high to low steam disperse since the mop releases the steam in three different levels.

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2. Best Budget -Shark Steam Pocket Floor Mop


  • Comes with a reusable cleaning pad to save on future expenditures
  • Cordless so, manoeuvring around the room when cleaning is super easy
  • Features lightweight for comfortable carrying when shifting to different areas or upstairs
  • Pet-friendly


  • Only ideal for wet cleaning as it leaves a lot of wetness on the floor

Save money and keep your home floor clean with this magnificent mop from Shark. The mop works efficiently in cleaning different types of stains and sanitizes the floor as well. The steam mop fits all homes most, especially those with small kids or pets since it works magic in eliminating the messes.

The steam from this shark mop comes out in controlled mode a great feature for cleaning even the sensitive floors since you can control the steam penetrating to the floors. The mop sanitizes the floor leaving it up to 99.9 percent free of germs and other bacteria.

The head of the mop swivels around the floor for convenient large areas cleaning of the house. It is safe for use by all, including people who are allergic to strong smells since it does not utilize harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes.

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3. Best for Different Floors -BISSELL Floor Mop Steamer


  • Removes most of the stains, including the toughest ones
  • Onboard spot boost brush for easy cleaning
  • Takes little time to heat up
  • Light in weight for easy carrying when moving upstairs
  • Not require harsh chemicals when cleaning


  • The cord on this steam mop may restrain one from cleaning large rooms in the house

This mop releases hot steam at high pressure to eliminate the need for using harsh chemicals. The high steam also penetrates through the floor to soften the stains and dirt for easy cleaning. It also does not include a fragrance disc making it a great option for people allergic to strong scents.

This model of the mop is equipped with the Onboard spot boost brush that helps to soften even the toughest stains for easy cleaning. The steam mop has a powerful motor and a long power cord for efficient moving when cleaning the room.

The mop has a large water tank and comes with a measuring cup for easy refilling when need be. There are three settings on the mop to choose from based on the floor to clean. Thus, you can select from low to high cleaning power for efficient cleaning results on different floors.

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4. Best Easy-to-Use -Shark Budget Steam Mop


  • Sanitizes the floor to eliminate germs and bacteria
  • Does not require large storage space
  • Easy to use
  • The water tank is removable for easy refilling


  • The handle may strain tall people since it is not too long or adjustable

If you are looking for a quality and reliable cleaning mop for less than 100 dollars, well how about you consider this model. The mop is quite powerful and it works effectively to eliminate all types of stains and dirt on the floor. Other than cleaning, this mop also ensures to sanitize the floor leaving it very clean of germs and bacteria.

It is convenient for people who want to clean large areas since it only takes about 30 seconds for this mop to heat up. The mop is fitted with a removable water reservoir that is easy to refill and features a cleaner design for convenient monitoring of the level of the water.

This mop fits even people with small houses as it does not require large storage spaces in the house. It is also light in weight for easy transportation to different rooms around the house.

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5. Best Multifunctional -PurSteam Cheap Steam Mop Cleaner


  • A long handle for easy reach
  • Lightweight for comfortable cleaning
  • Versatile and compatible with a lot of floors
  • Very affordable price


  • This mop does not steam up very fast

The design of the mop head makes it efficient for cleaning all areas in the room including the edges of the wall since it can effortlessly reach such areas. This mop is not only suitable for cleansing the floor, but you can utilize it for cleaning walls, upholstery, and many others. It is light in weight and the handle is adjustable for convenient reaching on further areas.

The mop is compatible with a wide range of floors such as ceramic, cemented, vinyl, marble, and even hardwood floors. It is recommendable for homes with pets and kids as it cleans and sanitizes the floor.

This mop is made in a lightweight design for easy moving it to different rooms and areas in the house. Note that this mop also works magic in cleaning and leaves the floor smelling clean and fresh for a long time.

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What Type of Floor Can You Use a Steam Mop On?

steam mop

Steam mops work differently from the traditional mop and bucket models. The steam mops work by converting water into high steam that is released through the mop head to clean the floors.

The steam mop is one of the most versatile cleaning mops since you can use it for cleaning different types of floors. Some of the floors that are compatible with steam mops are vinyl, laminate, marble, stone, and even hardwoods.

Note that steam mop is not recommendable for use on the unsealed wood floor because it can damage and even stain the wood. Also, some steam mops are not recommended for cleaning the carpets because they release high levels of wetness that may take longer to dry up.


What is the Best Cheap Steam Mop?



Ensure cleanliness and easy maintenance of your home floors with the above-reviewed steam mops. They come with different settings to fit various floors and are super easy to use as well. These mops are also reliable as they help disinfect the floor and remove all sorts of dirt even the stubborn ones.