Top 8 Best Cordless Mop Reviews for 2021

best cordless mop

Cordless mops are the mops powered by batteries. These types of mops are quite convenient in use since the cordless design ensures one is comfortable moving around to clean the floor.

In this article, we are going to review the top 8 best cordless mops on the market. These mops are compatible with the majority of floors for comfortable cleaning.

best cordless mop

  • Quick Picks

In a hurry? Pick a mop from our top recommendations!

Keep continues to work up to 20 minutes with a control button: Bissell Spin 2307 Mop

One package of the mop comes with many other cleaning accessories: Tineco iFlors Mop

No extra cleaning solutions needed when using this mop: Homitt Mop

Equipped with an LED headlight for good illumination: Vmai Cordless Mop

Compatible with a wide range of floors such as tiles and vinyl: iDOO Cordless Mop

Benefits of Using a Cordless Mop

  • Less bulky

This gorgeous equipment is designed in a small and compact design to allow easy and quick usage. Being less bulky also means having a lightweight and small size, thus easy usage and maneuverability.

Also, the fact that it is cordless makes it less bulky and easy to clean even the unreachable areas in your house.

  • Reach large areas

Unlike corded mops, cordless mops allow you to clean all the areas in your house. The fact that they are cordless makes them applicable to clean areas without any wall socket.

Therefore, you can clean all the house including under the table and bed or even on the stairs as you don’t require an external source of power, thereby reaching large areas.

  • Maneuverability

It disgusts to see someone hurriedly passing when you are on with mopping. Angry fills you and this might cause quarrels and throwing abuses to each other.

A cordless mop is easily adjusted when washing and will avoid such quarrels. When at one point, you can wash the surrounding part easily making a 360 degrees turn.

If you have left behind and dirt elements, you easily move the cordless mop and clean the place.

  • Lightweight

Apart from having fatigue from work done, a heavy mop may also be the main cause of fatigue. A mop should be lightweight to easily use it.

This is exactly the case with a cordless mop. You enjoy cleaning floors as it makes it a simple task to do. The gadget is made of lightweight material making it generally light.

  • Time-saving

Cleaning floors daily can either be enjoyable or stressful. All this depends on the equipment being used for mopping. A cordless mop saves on much time as it cleans floors fast as well as covering a large area of a room at a go.

This is not the case with the majority of other types of mops. Purchase a cordless mop, and mopping of floors will be a routine.


How to Choose the Best Cordless Mop?

Even if the traditional bucket mops still exist, now there are other varieties including electric mops that are powered by electricity and cordless mops that are powered by rechargeable batteries.

electric mop clean

  •  The cordless types

Cordless mops are of much variety in the market but still some turn out to be the cream. These are:

  • Spray mops

A bucket is the most used equipment when mopping. You have to keep on carrying it around. A spray mop eliminates this equipment as it provides water and mops at the time. It also helps regulate the water being used when mopping.

  • Vacuum

Nothing disturbs much when cleaning floors than small dirt particles. This includes dust, debris, and hairs. A vacuum mop helps in sucking such dirt making the floor to be sparkling clean. Dirt that is especially attached to corners and edges of a room is outdone.

  • Spin mop

A spin mop makes cleaning to be easy. The mop has a peddling feature to help in spinning the water around the floor as you clean with it. It helps regulate the water being used when cleaning. It is also enjoyable when washing and saves time.

  • Battery

In purchasing a cordless mop, battery power is a crucial feature. Choose a mop with high battery power. This also means better results in mopping. The higher the battery power, the better the cordless mop functions.

  • Budget

Cordless mops are relatively cheap. The prices vary taking into consideration the quality of the cordless mops. Expensive cordless mops range between 160 to 180 dollars. Those of a medium price range between 80 to 100 dollars. The cheapest cordless mops range between 20 to 40 dollars.

electric spinning mop

  • Serviceability

Every piece of equipment needs to be cleaned thoroughly after use. I believe this is simple science. The same case applies to cordless mops. Ensure that you wash them immediately after use with plenty of water. This will ensure that they continue giving service for a long time. Also, they should be stored in a safe place, store, since it is rarely accessed. This helps to prevent accidents.

  • The Floor Type

Not all mops are suitable to clean up all floors. For example, a carpeted floor will require a mop that offers dry cleaning or wet and dry cleaning options.

Another like polished floor requires mops with gentle and smooth cleaning pads for efficient cleaning without damaging the floor.

So, before you choose any cordless mop for your home use, make sure it is compatible with your floors.

  • The Tank Size

The cordless mops are equipped with different water tank sizes for storing water. If you need a mop that can clean a large room especially, in commercial places, make sure to choose a mop that has a large tank.

A large tank allows you to clean up fast since you don’t need to keep on refilling the water reservoir. The tanks have capacities ranging from 10 to 15 ounces.

  • Ease to Use

How long does it take for you to put together the mops part or even to get it started? These are some of the things to consider before buying a mop for cleaning the floors.

An easy-to-use mop saves cleaning time and energy since you don’t have to dwell too much on fitting it or even starting it to work.

So, read the customer reviews to see if the brand of the mop you are about to buy is convenient when using.

The head should be easy to swivel around and collect the dirt and water fast as well.

  • The Weight

The cordless mops come in different weights that range from as low as 3 pounds to 10 pounds or more.

So, for easy shifting the mop especially, if you are not the only person using it, make sure to choose a portable mop. A mop weighing around 3 to 5 pounds would be ideal.

  • The Accessories

The accessories are the type or number of cleaning pads provided. The mops come with different cleaning accessories where some come with reusable pads, while others are packed with a brush and pads for cleaning.

If you have different types of floors equipped in your home, choose a mop that has different cleaning accessories for convenience when cleaning different floors.

  • The Handle Design

The design of the handle is another crucial thing to consider especially if you want a family-friendly mop.

Some models are made with an adjustable handle such that you can adjust the height or even rotate it when cleaning, while others feature standard design.

So, always go for a mop that has an adjustable handle to ensure the convenience of all members when using it.


Top 8 Best Cordless Mop Reviews

Best Overall – Bissell Spin 2307 Wave Cordless Electric Mop


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It is flexible in cleaning a variety of floors
  • Comes to with extra cleaning pads
  • Assembling it is quite easy and fast


  • The spray function is a bit weak
  • Not easy to move hard-to-clean dirt

best Cordless Electric Mop

This is a great cleaning mop for home use. The mop is cordless for comfortable movement around when cleaning large areas. It is ideal for hard floors as it swivels around the floor to scrub off any dirt and mud stuck on the floor.

The 18 V lithium powers this mop, and it can run for up to 20 minutes. The mop features a control button that is easy to operate when switching it on and off.

It also has a spray control button to ensure you use minimum cleaning solutions for efficiency.

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Vacuum Mop Combo – Tineco iFlors Cordless Wet Dry Cleaner


  • Vacuum and wash at the same time
  • The mop leaves the floor room smelling fresh
  • Best at sucking water
  • Great for hardwood floors
  • 3-in-1 cleaning tools


  • Not for large spaces

best cordless vacuum

Tineco iFloor cordless vacuum is super light so moving it to different rooms in the house is quite convenient and fast. It is versatile when it comes to cleaning since it vacuums and sucks wetness from the floor for fast results. Cleaning with it is easy since it has one press button for operational purposes.

This mop fits most floors such as the vinyl, Hard floor, tiles, laminate, linoleum, and marble to name a few. One package of the mop comes with other cleaning accessories which include a self-cleaning storage tray, charger, and pads.

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Electric Mop – Homitt Cordless Spin Mop for All surface


  • Convenient for cleaning different floors
  • Powerful for efficient cleaning
  • Extra cleaning accessories provided
  • Easily adjusts to different heights
  • Very simple to operate


  • This is a wet mop cleaner hence do not fit carpets

best Cordless Spin Mop

With a weight of around 2.8 pounds, you can carry this mop even with one hand. It fits perfectly for cleaning a wide variety of floors including, the tiles and wood floors.

Two LG batteries power this cleaning mop to ensure excellent cleaning even the most stubborn stains on the floor.

The mop fits large areas and rooms in the house since the two batteries last for up to 50 minutes when the device is used continually.

The mop has a large tank that disperses water to the floor while the head pad clean and mops to dry the floor: Hence, there are no extra cleaning solutions needed when using this mop.

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For Hard Floors – Vmai Cordless Mop Cleaner with LED Headlight


  • Dual-spin motors for efficiently moving the dirt
  • Comes with multiple cleaning pads
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • 300ml built-in water tank
  • Lifetime support warranty


  • The battery only lasts for about 30 mins

best cordless Mop Cleaner

You can easily move to any corner of the home while cleaning with this Vmai mop because it does not have cord restrictions.

It is also super light in weight for easy and fast shifting to different rooms in the house. The mop is equipped with an LED headlight that provides good illumination so you can see even the tiniest stains on the floor.

It is compatible with a variety of floors such as wood floor, marble, vinyl, tiles among others. Note that the mop comes with reusable cleaning pads that guarantee long use.

Operating this mop is quite easy as it features one-button control. Storing this mop is easy since it is free-standing. You can clean and use this mop in different ways since the handle is adjustable.

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Perfect for Tiles – iDOO Cordless Electric Floor Cleaner


  • Very effortless cleaning with Dual powerful spin
  • Can clean and polish the floor
  • Adjustable handle
  • Flexible head with LED lights


  • The battery lasts for about 30 mins

Cordless Electric Floor Cleaner

If you are looking for a timesaver mop for home or commercial use then consider this model from iDOO. The mop cleans the floor fast thanks to the dual-spin and speed design.

The mop weighs around 6.9 pounds for easy carrying around. This also makes it easy to clean the floor using one hand.

This mop is compatible with a wide range of floors such as tiles, vinyl, and hardwood among others. The handle of the mop can rotate to 160 degrees such that you can move it to left or light when cleaning different sections in the room.

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 Long Runing Time – Rollibot Best 3 in 1 Cordless Electric Mop


  • The battery equipped on this mop last for long
  • Quiet cleaning
  • The reusable cleaning pads are easy to clean
  • Portable to use
  • Great for hardwood cleaning


  • The warranty does not last for long

3 in 1 cordless mop

If you are looking for a quiet electric mop, well you need to try Rollibot cordless mop. This is a versatile mop that cleans and mops the floor to ensure no wetness is left after every clean.

The mop head has dual-spin that spins inward to push the dirt and other debris off the floor. You can utilize this mop for cleaning large areas because it comes with a durable and long-lasting battery that runs for up to 50 minutes when used non-stop.

The battery also takes around 2 hours to fully charge so you can be able to get back to work. This mop has reduced noise production so you can clean while your kids are sleeping without disturbing their sleep.

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Best Affordable – Gladwell Rechargeable Cordless Floor Mop


  • A versatile mop that offers both dry and wet cleaning results
  • Great for a lot of floors
  • Sold with a long-lasting battery that also takes little time to charge
  • Very affordable price


  • The battery is not removable

best cheap cordless mop

The handle of this mop is adjustable to different heights for comfortable holding by all heights when cleaning the room. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 50 minutes when cleaning non -stop.

You can utilize this mop for cleaning a variety of floors like vinyl, carpets, oil-stained floors and even tile. Thus, it is a wet and dry mop.

This mop comes with powerful cleaning parts that ensure to clean off all dirt and stubborn stains on the floor.

The head rotates and swivels around the room to ensure excellent cleaning of the floor. One is provided with a year warranty for quality assurance on buying this mop.

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For All Surfaces – SWDK Cordless Floor Mop


  • An Led indicator to show when the water is running out
  • The battery is durable and takes little time to charge up
  • Quite gentle for cleaning the sensitive floors


  • The mop is relatively expensive

best Cordless Floor Mop

The mop is super light in weight for easy and efficient moving when cleaning the room. The mop comes with an inbuilt battery that is rechargeable and lasts for up to 50 minutes while cleaning.

You can use this mop for cleaning a wide variety of floors including, vinyl, wood, tiles, and laminate. The mop comes with a charger for refilling power and one year warranty for quality assurance.

Other than having a large tank to ensure you clean a large surface before refilling, this mop also has an LED light that beeps to notify you when the water is running out in the tank.

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Corded Mop VS Cordless Mop: Which One to Choose?

best cordless mop for tile floors

Corded and cordless mops have major differences. These differences are:

  • Price comparison

This is a major difference between the two products. The cordless mops are expensive compared to the corded mops. The price of cordless mops triples the price of corded mops.

This is relevant since cordless mops function better than corded mops. Their durability level is also higher than that of corded mops.

  • Function comparison

It is without a doubt that a cordless mop works better than a corded mop. An example of a cordless mop that explains this better is a spray mop.

It eliminates the function of a bucket that is tiring to carry when mopping. This is because of its functionality of providing the right amount of water and cleaning consequently.

  • Easy to operation comparison

A corded mop may cause a lot of fatigue compared to a cordless mop. As for a cordless mop, this product lessens the mopping work to nil.

It is easy to use and adjust when washing. It also covers a large area when washing compared to a corded mop. A cordless mop is simple to be used by anyone compared to a corded mop.

  • Cleaning performance comparison

A cordless mop saves for a perfectionist who always wants to achieve the best results on cleaning floors. This is because cordless mops can eliminate the smallest dirt particles on floors.

This includes dust and hairs. A corded mop only eliminates sizable dirt particles thus the floor is not perfectly clean.

  • Which one to choose?

Generally, corded mops are ideal for long hours of cleaning, when the cordless mops can’t support the whole cleaning time.

Also, corded mops are ideal for large-scale cleaning for instance cleaning companies. They are also cheaper than cordless, thus budget-friendly.

On the other hand, cordless mops have proven their capability with their benefits.

They are ideal when cleaning areas without wall sockets or electric power, as well as reaching the unreachable corners and under the bed.


How to Use a Cordless Mop to Clean Floors?

cordless steam mop currys

It is one thing to make the right purchase of a cordless mop and another to use it appropriately. Most mops get worn out fast for not being used in the right way.

If used well, you will always be glad of the service offered by a mop. Mops are there to help not cause accidents. Therefore, precautions must be taken when using mops.

Steps to clean floors with cordless mop

• Ensure your cordless mop is in the right condition and if in need of a bucket, have one in place.

• Choose the right detergent to clean the floor, one that cannot cause bleach on floors

• Sweep the floor and if using a cordless vacuum mop, vacuum the floor to remove tiny dirt particles.

• Dip the cordless mop into the water bucket which has water mixed with cleaning detergent.

• Begin mopping and mop from one side of the room till you mop the whole room, adjusting to ensure the whole area.

• Rinse the mopped area. This should be effectively done to ensure no single spot is left on the floor.

• Thoroughly clean your bucket if it was in use as well as the cordless mop.

Precautions you need to keep in mind

• Use a cordless mop only for the right purpose that is cleaning floors.

• Wash the cordless mod immediately after use and store it in a safe place.

• In case of electricity use, unplug the cordless mop and switch off the socket after use.

• In case of any mechanical errors, ensure immediate maintenance of the cordless mop or opt to have a new purchase.

• Use the right amount of water that can work well with the cordless mop.

• Keep cordless out of reach of children to prevent distortion of the mop and accidents.



best electric mop for tile floors

Can I get a cordless steam mop?

To be honest, no. Although a cordless steam mop is truly a good choice for cleaning, there are no actual steam mops on the market.

What is the best cordless mop for floor cleaning?

Bissell Spin 2307 Wave Cordless Electric Mop is a great choice for you. It is flexible in cleaning a variety of floors and easy to use. Besides, it also has a spray control button to ensure you use minimum cleaning solutions for efficiency.

What floor types can I use cordless mops on?

The cordless mop can be used to clean all types of floors. This includes vinyl, tile, laminated, and also on hardwood floors.

Hard floors that need thorough scrubbing to be clean are also brought to their perfect state by cordless mops.

Does a cordless mop work better than a normal mop?

A normal mop puts you off immediately you acquire a cordless mop. Here are the differences:

A normal mop functions best only on smooth floors while cordless mops function on all kinds of floors. A normal mop removes only sizable dirt particles while a cordless mop removes both sizable and extremely small dirt particles.

A normal mop covers a small area when cleaning while a cordless mop covers a large area when cleaning.

 Is it safe to use a cordless steam mop on the floor?

The answer is yes. However, a steam mop should be used only for maintenance cleaning. It is not applicable with a lot of dirt especially soil since it might be smeared all over.

You should use the mop only on sealed floors since on such floors no damage can take place. This product is mainly applicable for routine maintenance on floors.



If you are looking for the top best cordless mops for either home or commercial cleaning purposes, the above review has the best options to choose from.

Here are our final recommendations.