Top 8 Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors Reviews in 2021

best dust mop for hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are usually tough to clean, and this is because of the dust that settles on it easily hence giving your floor an awful look. Therefore this gives you the task of finding the appropriate hardwood floor dust mop, which does perfect cleaning in very minimal time. So, what are the best dust mop for hardwood floors?

best dust mop for hardwood floors


Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors on the Market


10 Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors Reviews

1. Best Overall -O-Cedar Microfiber Dust Mop

Best microfiber Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

  • Lightweight and flexible to easily get into corners and hard to reach areas
  • Excellent for picking up dust, hair, and dirt
  • Reusable and easily washable mop heads
  • Easy to use
  • Not a lot of unnecessary extra features and this dust mop is modestly priced
  • The dust mop heads will not last as long as advertised, though you still will be able to get multiple uses out of them before needing to be replaced

O-cedar has been a trusted brand name in anything related to cleaning floors for years now, and they always provide great, durable products, and clean well. This budget-friendly dust mop is a great value and features a flexible microfiber mop head that is great at picking up and holding dust and other particles as you clean.

You won’t need to constantly go over the same area to maintain the desired level of clean, and the dust pads that are compatible with this model are re-usable and easily wash in the washer to make it easy to always have one available for use.

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2. Best Cotton -Nine Forty Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

Best cotton Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

  • Made of high-quality natural cotton yarn
  • Wide dust mop head that allows for quick and easy cleanup
  • Adjustable handle and flexible mop head
  • Durable mop handle and head
  • Very great for picking up dirt and dust on hardwood floors
  • Cannot be washed in the washer

This American made dust mop from Nine Forty features a wide mop head that is made from high-quality cotton, with heavy-duty stitching that will improve the lifespan of the reusable mop heads.

The wide flat head allows for easy access to hard to reach areas such as under couches and appliances, and the adjustable aluminum handle is a great feature that gives you versatility and function to this already durable dust mop for hardwood floors.

For a budget-friendly dust mop that is great for hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong with the Nine Forty brand; it’s a good quality mop that is great for both residential and business uses.

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3. Best Durable -Sladust Wool Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

Best wool Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

  • Durable because of the high quality and natural wool and lanolin
  • Great at picking up all manner of debris and particles, from dust to pet hair
  • Easy to maneuver around furniture and get into hard to reach areas
  • Velcro backing for the mop heads make it easy to remove and attach
  • The mop heads are not machine washable

This highly durable wool dry mop from Sladust is constructed with lanolin and wool and has no chemicals included in the production process. The durable mop handle is telescopic and is both strong and lightweight which makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and appliances without placing a strain on your back or legs.

The swivel head of the dust mop makes it easy to get around corners and hard to reach areas, and the replacement heads are easy to remove and install as needed. These handmade mops are a great all-natural product that won’t harm the environment, and allow you to get a clean floor without the use of harsh chemicals or sprays.

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4. Best Microfiber -360 Dry Wet Dust Mop

microfiber dust mop

  • Able to achieve a professional-grade clean
  • Highly durable materials
  • Reusable mop heads that easily wash in the washing machine
  • Easy to rotate and swivel the mop head
  • The handle is not the most durable, and you will want to be careful when using that you don’t apply too much pressure to it

Made from high-quality materials, this dry and wet dust mop from Turbo Microfiber is a great option that allows you to receive professional results at a fraction of the cost. The mop heads are reusable and washable, which further increases the value that you are receiving from purchasing, and the mop handle is very lightweight and easy to use.

You will be able to rotate the mop head a full 360 degrees, giving you a high amount of versatility and maneuverability in your cleaning, and the mop pads attach easily to the head of the mop with velcro, allowing them to stay in place easily.

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5. JINCLEAN 24’’ Cotton Dust Mop for Floors

dust mop for floors

  • Wide flat head allows for quick cleaning and accesses the hard-to-reach areas
  • 100% cotton mop pads enable you to clean your floors and pick up dirt, dander
  • No need to use any chemicals
  • Lightweight handle that is adjustable and easy to use
  • The head does not swivel

Perfect for either business or residential use, this dust mop features a wide mop head that is made of high-quality cotton, enabling you to clean your floors without the use of harsh chemicals, sprays, or additives.

This is a highly durable mop that will last a long time, and included in the purchase are two reusable and washable mop heads, adding to the amount of value that you receive.

Easy to use and lightweight, the durable mop handle is extendable which gives you even more flexibility in your cleaning routine, and the wide mop head is capable of cleaning those hard to reach areas such as under your coffee table or behind your couch.

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6. Best Affordable -LINKYO Hardwood Floor Mop

Best cheap Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

  • Professional quality with stainless steel handle
  • Effective for picking up the dust on hardwood floors
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Swivel mop head that allows for easy cleanup behind and around furniture
  • High-quality and extendable mop handle
  • May not pick up as much dirt after continued wash cycles

A great budget-friendly option available for consumers, the hardwood floor mop from LINKYO features professional quality cleaning that is built to last and durable with a stainless steel handle and aluminum mop frame. The handle is adjustable to fit in with your needs and is easy to maneuver around corners and furniture, allowing you to clean under and behind.

This dust mop features an easy to use and change clip design for the reusable mop heads and is wide enough to clean large surface areas quickly. Included in this purchase are 2 reversible microfiber mop pads and one standard mop pad, all of which are machine washable and reusable.

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7. Best Bendable -Multifunctional Duster for All Surfaces

best floor duster

  • Very versatile to clean any surfaces effectively
  • Compact design that is easy to store
  • Removable and machine washable dust pads that retain their shape even after being washed
  • Allow you to clean areas that may have been previously impossible to reach
  • Not great for cleaning the fans

This compact and easy to use lightweight duster bends for easy storage and allows you to reach areas that would be otherwise inaccessible.

This easy to grip handle is comfortable to hold, and although it is lightweight, it is durable and will last a long time, even with repeated and consistent use.

In addition to your floors, the design of this duster allows you to reach many areas such as ceiling fans, on top of bookshelves, headboards. The mop pads attract a lot of dust and allergens, leaving your home looking clean and allowing you to spend less time cleaning due to its fast and easy application.

Also, the pads are easy to remove and attach, and are machine washable, making it easier than ever to clean every surface of your home.

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8. Best All-in-1 Kit Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

best dust mop for hardwood

  • Works great on hardwood, laminate, and tile floors
  • The mop will retain their shape and ability to pick up hair and dust after washed
  • Telescopic and comfortable mop handle that adjusts to your needs
  • Can be used as either a wet or dry mop
  • Comes with three pads
  • The 3 mop pads that come with the mop is not that great

This impressive all-in-1 cleaning kit from Temples Pride is a great tool that you can use to clean a wide variety of areas in your home and is highly durable to keep up with you. This wide-angle mop makes it easy to reach areas such as under your stove and couch and can be used as a wet mop as well.

The cleaning pads are durable and machine washable so that you can use them repeatedly without worrying about them losing their cleaning ability, and the handle of this dust mop adjusts to your needs, giving you added versatility and mobility.

This lightweight mop is easy to use, and you will find that the amount of surface area that you can clean in a given time frame is higher than with other mops, all without using harmful chemicals or placing a strain on your back or joints.

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How to Choose the Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors?

Choosing the dust mop for hardwood floors is never as easy as you might think since they are formed from varying materials and also come with varying brands of pads; additionally, they are usually accompanied by several aspects such as pivoting heads as well as telescoping handles.

dust mop for hardwood floors

So, how do you go about choosing the best dust mop for your hardwood floor?

  • The surface you need to clean

Note that they are varying types of floors that always need cleaning, such as; titles, hardwood floor, vinyl floors as well as laminate floors. Thus, you really need to find the best dust mop, which can leave your hardwood floor sparklingly clean. If you find one, be sure of will experience the best cleaning results without even applying strong detergents.

  • Price

Go for something you can comfortably afford, do not squeeze yourself so much on the budget. First, you need to research and find varying prices for different mops before going ahead to purchase one.

You can decide to make your purchase by making an order of the mop online, this will simplify your work beyond your imaginations, through this you will also get to choose the very best price mop that meets your needs.

  • Easy handling without tools

How well your dust mop is designed and designated plays a very vital role, so whenever you want to purchase a dust mop for your hardwood floor ensures that it is straightforward for you to handle even though there are certain types that generally come in the form of a swivel system design. If you find a dust mop, which has a swivel design to enable you to experience a positive impact whenever you are cleaning your hardwood floor.

Furthermore, you can also choose to listen to other people’s views about the design of a mop before you decide to purchase one; having a dry mop that you can handle without any difficulties gives the best feeling ever. Moreover, it should have the potential to reach all places and corners of your house to do a perfect cleaning that will provide a remarkable impression to the eye.

  • The type of material

Go for a material of your preference, and it can either be microfiber or cotton, among many other materials. Thus, you should find a mop that is made out of quality material before deciding to purchase.

The best hardwood floor dust mop should be made of a perfect material to give you an assurance about the entire cleaning you are about to commence on. Therefore, it is your duty to find out the dust mops with quality material and choose the best among them that will be able to give you a positive impact and meet your demands effectively before buying one for your home.


Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors FAQ

clean laminate floor

1. What is the best way to dust hardwood floors?

The best way to dust hardwood floors is to make sure you do it regularly. Floors take a lot of dust daily from the traffic of people in your house or even you if you happen to live alone. Therefore, the best way is to ensure you clean them daily. What you need to do in terms of cleaning is to take preventive measures. Take floor mats outside when you want to clean. When the weather is snowy or rainy, to avoid damaging the floors, you can set up a boot removal area.

When cleaning, you can also use a vacuum on hardwood floors. However, you have to ensure that you’re using the bare-floor setting on the vacuum cleaner because it helps to lift the beater bar, which is another potential cause of scratches on hardwood floors. One huge benefit of a dust mop is that it can reach the dust and debris on areas where the vacuum cleaner is unable to.

If you have sealed hardwood floors, you can use a wet mop with a solution of water and a hardwood floor cleaning solution of your choosing. If your hardwood floor has been recently installed, you can ask for recommendations from the manufacturer on specific products suitable for cleaning that type of wood and finish.


2. How to Keep Dust off Hardwood Floors?

When it comes to keeping dust off hardwood floors, there are several ways you can do this. They include:

  • Removing your shoes to keep dust off – When you come from outside, you usually have a lot of dust. Therefore, removing your shoes before entering the house helps to keep dust off hardwood floors and minimizes the workload of cleaning.
  • Wiping away dust with a floor mat – A floor mat is essential. One of the best ways to keep dust off your floors is by having a doormat where people can wipe the dust off before entering the house.
  • Use microfiber dust mops to clean your hardwood floors efficiently –Microfiber dust mops are also quite efficient and helpful when it comes to removing dust from your hardwood floors. Therefore, that is one notable option you can consider to help keep dust off hardwood floors.
  • Clean your home regularly – We mentioned this earlier, and it’s self-explanatory. The best way to ensure you are keeping dust off your hardwood floors is by cleaning them regularly. Clean your entire home regularly, if possible.


3. How to Clean Dust Mops?

Dust mops are always picking up dirt throughout. Therefore, there are times when a dust mop can pick up so much dust due to neglect that using it to clean your house can result in spreading even more dirt. That’s why you need to ensure you’re always cleaning your dust mop regularly as well.

In most cases, you can put the mop head in the washing machine and run it through a gentle cycle. However, mops such as the ones made with cotton may start falling apart in the washing machine. To safely clean dust mops, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Take a bucket and fill it with 1-2 gallons of water, then add laundry detergent and stir to mix it up.
  • Take the dust mop off the frame. You can untie the dust mop or just slip it away from the frame of the metal, depending on the type of dust mop you are using.
  • Take the dust mop and place it in the bucket that contains the warm soapy water, then stir well with a dowel or large spoon.
  • Allow the mop head to soak for at least 1 hour.
  • Get rid of the water you’ve used to clean the mop with, and then add new water together with detergent.
  • Then, stir the dust mop inside the cleaning solution and allow it to soak again for some time.
  • Take the dust mop and rinse it well with warm water followed by cold water then you rinse it and squeeze out the moisture.
  • Finally, hang the mop outside to dry if the weather is warm.



You now see not every mop is meant to dust a hard floor, well this has been simplified for you in the above information. Therefore, before purchasing anything, always make sure that you go through a buying guide or factors that will determine you are finding the best dust mop in the industry.

Based on the above reviews and information, I hope that you will be able to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best dust mop for your hard floor.