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Best Dust Mop for Pet Hair Reviews 2022

Living with a pet in the house can be a bit hectic, especially during the shedding periods, hence the need to have a dust mop for cleaning up the pet hair and other messes.

The dust mops for pet hairs are versatile mops that help eliminate loose dirt and other debris like the animal hair between the deep cleaning.

Although the dust mops may not provide quality or deep cleaning like removing stains, they help eliminate animal hairs.

How do you choose the best dust mop for pets and the best brands on the market? In this article, we will provide all the information you need to know regarding the dust mops for pets and how to choose the right model.

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Excellent cleaning results with large mop head for a larger areaINCLEAN 24″ Cotton Floor Mop

Super effective for removing animal hair even on all the house cornersO Cedar Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop

A professional 2 in 1 mop with a long handle for dog familyMASTERTOP Mop

Do I Need a Dust Mop for Pet Hair?

Yes! The dust mops are meant to be used while dry or damp for easy picking of dry debris and animal hairs on the floor and other surfaces.

These mops are convenient to use because they feature microfiber cleaning pads that efficiently trap and hold the animal hairs from the surface for easy cleaning.


Benefits of Getting A Dust Mop for Pet Hair

dust mop for pet hair

  • Easy to Use

The dust mops for animal hair are super easy to use, and they get the animal hair off the floor and other surfaces easily and quickly as long you use them the right way.


  • Saves Time

Although some tools like rollers can help get rid of animal fur from the sofas or carpet, some areas, especially on the floor, require a reliable tool, and this is where the dust mop comes with.

The majority of the dust mops for pets are made with a microfiber cleaning pad that traps various animal furs from the floor with just a single swipe.


  • Versatile

Besides helping you get rid of animal hairs from the floor or surfaces, the dust mops are versatile to remove animal messes off the floor for quick cleaning.

The dust mops for animal hair lessens the cleaning work for homes with pets because they quickly eliminate the hair and other animal messes for quick cleaning results.


How to Choose the Best Dust Mop for Pet Hair?

dust pet hair

What are the crucial things to consider when choosing a mop for pet hair?

  • The Right Microfiber Cleaning Pad

The majority of the dust mops for cleaning animal hairs are made with microfiber cleaning pads. Microfiber materials are the best for cleaning animal hairs since they easily trap the animal hairs when sweeping.

However, ensure choosing a mop with a thick microfiber pad to ensure proper absorption level when cleaning away the animal hairs.

The microfiber cleaning pads come in two categories, whereby some are disposable while others are reusable. If you need a cleaning pad that you can use multiple times, consider getting the reusable microfiber pad.

Ensure it is compatible with secure cleaning methods like hands or machine washer for the effective removal of animal hairs after sweeping with it.

The disposable microfiber pads may work in eliminating animal hairs, but they are a bit expensive and have low levels of absorbency.

Here is a great microfiber dust mop forĀ  dog hair, check it out:Turbo Floor Mop for Multiple Floors


  • Choose the Right Head Size

The size of the house hugely influences the choice of the mop head. This is because the head of the mop determines the areas you can cover when cleaning.

So, if you have a large house, choose a mop with a large mop head. The large mop heads save time and provide excellent cleaning results since they get the work done fast and prevent the hair’s extra spread.

If you decide to buy a mop with a larger head, check out this one: JINCLEAN 24″ Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop


  • Choose a Mop With a Long Handle

The handle of the mop guarantees comfort when cleaning various areas of the house. A long handle is crucial since it offers support when working while ensuring you can reach even the tightest corners where the pet may reach.

Some brands have adjustable handles that may work, especially if the mop is to be used by multiple people at home. Also, choose a mop that has an ergonomic handle to provide a comfortable grip when working.

A 2 in 1 mop with a long handle is available: MASTERTOP 2 in 1 Two-Sided Mop


  • The Velcro

The Velcro is useful for attaching the mop pad to the mop head to clean. Choose a mop that has flexible Velcro for easy removal of the cleaning pad and also ensure it is keen to hold the pad firmly on the mop head to clean.


  • Choose a Lightweight Mop

Your comfort when working around the house is paramount, especially if you have a large home. So, whichever dust mop for pet hair you settle on makes sure it is light in weight for your comfort when holding it to work.


Disposable Pads Vs. Reusable Pads -Which One is better for Pet Hair?

The mop cleaning microfiber pads come in two different categories, which are reusable and disposable. Which one is the best when cleaning a home with a pet?

Here are a few features that differentiate the two types of microfiber cleaning pads, to guide you in choosing the right model.

  • The Cost

The initial price of the reusable cleaning pads is relatively high. This is because the cleaning pads are made with high-quality and thick materials to serve you more than once.

The reusable cleaning pads are suitable for people who need to save on future expenditure when cleaning the animal hair because they are washable with a machine washer after cleaning for maintenance.

On the other hand, disposable cleaning microfiber pads have lower initial costs because they are made with light materials.

The disposable cleaning pads are meant to be thrown away after the cleaning, which makes them expensive as you will have to buy a new set every time you want to clean the animal furs.


  • The Maintenance Services

Unlike disposable cleaning pads, reusable cleaning pads require thorough maintenance after every use, as you will need them for more cleaning.

These pads require washing after every use to remove the dirt and other debris collected when cleaning the floor.

On the other hand, disposable cleaning pads do not require any maintenance services as they are disposed of after every cleaning.


  • Durability

The reusable cleaning pads are made with quality materials to withstand constant cleaning and constant washing after use. Thus, these pads are convenient for bulk cleaning jobs.

The disposable cleaning pads are only recommended for cleaning particular areas of the room as the materials cannot withstand heavy-duty or large jobs. So, check the size of the space that the disposable pad can clean to figure out if it will fit your home cleaning needs.


  • Cleaning Efficiency

The reusable cleaning pads have thick and quality materials to ensure they can accommodate heavy-duty cleaning and provide high absorbency even after extended use.

So, they are great for cleaning large areas and for eliminating heavy stains as well. The disposable cleaning pads are only ideal for light cleaning jobs since the materials constructions are light to accommodate simple cleaning needs.


So, which is the best for cleaning pet hair?

The best cleaning pads for homes with pets is non-other than the reusable cleaning pads.

These pads have high absorbency, which traps multiple animal hairs, and you can use them to clean large areas around the house compared to the disposable models.


What is the Best Dust Mop for Pet Hair?


O Cedar Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop

microfiber mop to remove dog hair effectively

This dust mop from O cedar has a quality cleaning microfiber clothe pad with a high absorbency level. The mop works magic in collecting and trapping dirt, dust, and even animal hair on all the house corners.

The thick cleaning pad has quality materials that can withstand 50 times cleaning. The mop is light in weight and comfortable to use due to its flexible one motion essential for sweeping the floors.

Special Features

  • Machine washable for multiple uses
  • The microfiber cleaning pad is made with ultra-dense Chenille
  • This cleaning pad can be cleaned for up to 50 times
  • The mop is quite affordable

Check the Price on Amazon


Best Way to Clean Pet Hair

vacuum for pet hair

The method to use when cleaning the pet hair is determined by the area that you are cleaning. This includes the hard floors, carpeted floors, and even the furniture.

  • Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Microfiber cleaning pads are the perfect mop for cleaning the animal hairs because they trap the hair to eliminate it, unlike the vacuums that blow away. When cleaning the hard floors with the microfiber clothe, dampen the pad with little water for convenience trapping of the animal hair to clean the floors.

Why? The damp cloth increases the mop’s absorption level, making it fast and easy to collect the animal furs on the flooring. The dampened microfiber cleaning pads hold the animal hair like a magnet to easily clean more significant areas.


  • Cleaning Carpeted Floor

Although it is recommended that you vacuum the carpeted floor when cleaning, sweeping off the animal hair with a dust mop before vacuuming saves the cleaning time and prevents the hair from being blown all over. So, dampen your dust mop and run it through the carpet to sweep off the fur.

Avoid putting too much water on the microfiber cleaning pad as a high water level may stick the hair to the mat, making it difficult to clean, and too much water may wet the rug, making it difficult to dry up.

Click here to see more about how to get dog hair out of carpet.



A mop can help you maintain a super clean home free of animal hairs even during the shedding periods. The dust mops for a pet have durable and robust microfiber cleaning pads that trap and hold the animal hairs for easy disposal.

The dust mops for eliminating animal hair are either made with disposable or reusable cleaning pads to choose from depending on the user’s needs. If you need a high absorbency mop and that can efficiently eliminate the animal hairs off the floor, the reusable cleaning pads are the best option.

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