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9 Best Electric Floor Mop of 2022

Mopping a larger and spacious floor with the required degree of speed, accuracy, and precision may not always be achievable through the manual approach. You have to employ an automated piece of cleaning equipment to have the job done. The electric floor mop it is.

Your first and foremost task should be to find and lay your hands on the best electric floor mop. To help you make a good choice, we have prepared this entire review and buying guide. It lays bare many of the critical facts that will certainly help you out.


Why Do You Need to Buy an Electric Floor Mop?

cordless rechargeable electric mop reviews

You need to purchase the best electric floor mop for the following reasons:

  • Cut down the effort

These appliances do not draw their power from the human brawn to operate. Instead, they do so from the mains electricity or the built-in batteries. Because of this, they cut down the effort you will generally require to deliver the impacts you need to give forth.

  • Save time when mopping

Compared to manual mopping, the electric mops take a shorter duration of time to conclude the typical mopping exercise. Thus, they save your time considerably. On the same note, they do a thorough job and maintain a fairer degree of consistency as they mop your floors.

  • Guarantee the necessary precision

Most electric mops may be programmed to perform the same chore repeatedly for a prolonged duration of time. It hence goes that by choosing to work with them, you attain a fairly high degree of precision when tackling your mopping exercise.

  • Tackle a wider area within the shortest time possible

With an electric mop, it is possible for you to tackle a wider area within the shortest realistic duration of time. These appliances move and work at a faster pace.

At the same time, they maintain the selfsame degree of precision thanks to the precise actions they manage to guarantee.

  • Enable multitasking

Considering that these appliances take all the effort away from you, it is possible for you to attend to other chores in the meantime.

If your schedule is ordinarily busy, you badly want to make great use of them to minimize the likelihood of wasting your time and taking too long to have your way.

  • Sanitize the floor

Some of these appliances are equipped with disinfectants whose roles are to eliminate all germs from the floors. They hence serve the role of sanitizing the floors.

If your floor is located in a setting that is somewhat sensitive to dirt like the clinics, hospitals, and kitchens, they are the ones to use.


What Are the Types of Electric Mop for Floor Cleaning?

bissell vs shark steam mop

The types of the best electric floor mop for floor cleaning are as follows:

  • Steam mop

As its name implies, this one ejects some steam that eventually gets to the floor and eliminates the dirt from it.

It is mainly used to sterilize the surfaces owing to the potent power of the steam overall. This mop mainly finds applicability in areas that are sensitive to dirt.

  • Wet mop

This one uses water to eliminate the dirt from off surfaces. For a large part, it mainly finds relevance in those places and areas that are supplied with a steady stream of water.

These include ordinary homes. It may never be used in places that are cut off from steady water supplies.

  • Spin mop

In the course of using it, the spin mops spin or alter their orientations to squeeze out all the dirt as nearly as can be.

Most of the time you need some expertise to handle and engage. You may never really use it if you lack the strength and the muscle power to spin it up.

  • Cordless mop

A cordless mop derives its power principally from the batteries rather than the mains electricity. It lacks the cord that attaches the item to the item altogether.

Its lack of a cord gives you all the freedom to move out and about as you clean your surfaces.

  • Scrubbing mop

Some dirt may be hardened and require scrubbing prior to eventual elimination. The scrubbing mop will handle this chore for you. It possesses brushes that have sharp bristles.

They scrape off the hardened and settled dirt from off the floor surfaces. Thus, they get rid of all dirt over and above merely mopping your floors.

  • On-demand spray mop

industrial electric mop to remive dust and stubborn stain

Some cleaning tasks require the use of sprays. For them, the mopping gadget you employ has to possess the on-demand spray functionality.

The on-demand spray mop basically has the ability to disperse the tiny droplets of water over a designated area per unit time.

  • Robot mop

If you lack the time or the muscle power to operate the mops, you may want to try the robot mops out. They are programmed to operate automatically and independently of your direct controls and input.

Then again, they deliver consistent mopping outcomes for a prolonged duration of time.

  • Wet-dry vacuum/mop

This combines the wet and the dry mopping functionalities under one comprehensive packaging. For this reason, it can clean your surfaces with or without the use of water.

Of course, this arrangement is more convenient as it does not impede your smooth progress in the course of cleaning.

  • Heavy-duty floor cleaners

Some floors are too hard and dirty to the extent that you can never use the ordinary cleaning mops to take them on. For them, you may need heavy-duty floor cleaners.

These are stronger, heavier, more powerful, and enduring. They really tackle the hard dirt with absolute levels of efficacy.

  • Power scrubbers

The power scrubbers are so-called because they give out a powerful scrubbing action that lasts ages. They are generally capable of tackling the hardened dirt with absolute ease.

Use them in those areas and locales that experience heavy traffic and vast quantities of dirt per day.


How to Choose the Best Electric Floor Mop?

easy to use mop steamers used for cleaning floor

To choose the best electric floor mop, you have to factor in the following considerations:

  • Type of floor

Floors come in different types and kinds. It is imperative you match the type of floor with the kind of mop that you use. Be sure to carry out extensive research to see to it that the gadget you pick for the job really fits the floors of your interest and consideration.

  • Size of the floor

Next comes the size of the floor. A larger floor requires a mop that is similarly bigger and faster. Such a mop should also possess tanks that have higher capacities. For those floors that are smaller, any other equally smaller versions of the mops will do handy.

  • Budget space

How much money you have also played out insofar as the choice of the right gadget is concerned. You do not want to spend too much of your money to purchase a mop, do you? As a way forward, you need to ascertain your financial strength before proceeding to make an appropriate pick.

  • Length of the handle

The length of the handle really matters. A longer handle lets you access those hidden areas with absolute ease. It also spares you from the need to bend over too much as you get rid of the dirt. To be on the safe side, choose a mop whose handle can stretch back and forth.

  • Ergonomics

For your maximum convenience when handling these mops, you want one that is packed with tons of ergonomic features. These include comfort features, wringer, and the ease with which the mop may be handled. The purpose of all these is to enable the realization of the benefit of maximum convenience.

  • Versatility (scope of the work)

As part and parcel of mopping the floors, you will no doubt have to sweep the floor, eliminate the fine dirt, mop the flow and dry it thereafter. To cut yourself some slack, you need to choose a mop that can handle as many of these purposes at one go as can be.

  • Nature of the mopping

Mops may be used to serve both domestic and commercial purposes. It is hence your onus to find that which mirrors and fits the purposes you have in mind as nearly as can be. That will require an in-depth assessment of your skill and the scope of the tasks you have in mind.

  • Setting of use

Where exactly do you wish to make use of the floor mop? If it is in a hospital, kitchen, or sensitive installations, the item has to possess the ability to sterilize the floors as well. These places are averse to dirt and the best that can be done is to eliminate all of it as possible.


Reviews of the Best Electric Floor Mops

We now take a look at the best electric floor mops:

1: Best Rated – Bissell Spinwave 2307 Cordless Wood Floor Mop

cheap but high quality wet mop

This is a hard mop that works on the wood and the concrete floors as well. Being cordless, can impact those areas that are too squeezed or located afar off the mainstream.

  • Dual-purpose storage tray

A dual-purpose storage tray exists as a flagship trait of this floor mop. Its purpose is basically to make the storage of the gadget easier and greatly expedited.

  • Washable mop pads

Coming in next is a set of washable mop pads. These are two, the first is a reusable scrubby pad while the second is the soft-touch microfiber pad.

  • Multi-surface formula

By its sheer makeup and construction, the gadget is optimized to handle many kinds of surfaces. You will use it on the sealed hard floors and the gentler surfaces alike.


  • Delivers powerful spins that reduces the cleaning effort
  • Gives you utmost freedom of movement when eliminating dirt from the floors
  • A spray feature gives you firm control of the kind of work you may do


  • Costs you a little bit more

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2: Best Heavy Duty – Shark Genius Steam Mop with Touch-free Technology

shark fiber mop floor mop steamer

Have a hard floor in mind? Pick and make use of this specially designed mopping apparatus. Its power output is really engineered for the hard floors alone.

  • Whole floor cleaning

Unlike many mops that can only impact segments of the floors, this one stretches out to cover an entire portion wholly.

It also penetrates the deeper and hidden areas of the rooms carefully.

  • Stuck-on stains

Adding to the above advantage is that it eliminates the stubborn and stuck stains exceptionally well.

Its tip has the ability to deliver a targeted steam thrust that fizzles all the hard stains to keep your floors cleaner.

  • Touch-free technology

You won’t have to get your hands on the mop itself or the dirty water when eliminating dirt from the floors.

That stems from the touch-free technology in use here. This operates independently of your input.


  • Its pads have super-absorbent power to eliminate all dirt
  • Confers firm and hard grips on the surfaces concerned
  • Able to dispense the steam power as well


  • Its usability is limited to the hard floors only

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3: Most Powerful – Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop with a Flexible Handle

automatic wet and dry floor mops

Mainly intending to clean those areas that are sensitive to the risks of noise pollution? Set your eyes on this cleaner as it is the quietest of all.

Adding to that, its scrubbing power is truly able to deliver cleaner outcomes.

  • Powerful clean

Compared to the many alternatives that be, the gadget delivers truly powerful cleaning outcomes.

This stems mainly from the dual head mop that rotates at a higher speed and squeezes the floors hard.

  • Flexible handling

To engage the apparatus, you will make use of the flexible handle that swivels and rotates smoothly to impact every corner of your room with ease. The handle also extends to reach areas that are far off.

  • Liquid spray and LED light

Topping it all up is the liquid spray and the LED lighting gadget. The former fine-tunes the cleaning exercise whereas the latter illuminates your path to enable proper handling and engagements.


  • Works in many settings and places
  • Delivers truly powerful cleaning outcomes
  • Illuminates your path to eliminating all forms of ambiguities


  • Demands some little bit of expertise to handle and work

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4: Best Portable – Housmile Electric Spin Mop for All Surface Floor

multi surface floor cleaning machine

Some portions of the rooms are ordinarily far removed from the mainstream. You can never handle and impact them well with the ordinary mops. Only an extra-ordinary one of this caliber may help you out.

  • Exceptional polisher

Its flagship trait is the exceptional polisher that works hard to brighten the floors after eliminating the residual dirt. Through this, you are able to obtain outcomes that are enduring and brightly moody.

  • Dual-disc

The makeup of the gadget comprises the dual disc. It works hard to hasten the conclusion of the cleaning exercise and the quality of the overall work done.

  • Pushrod

A push rod also exists to spare you from the need to bend over for too long. Your choice of the item hence saves you of the backaches that do arise with prolonged use and engagement of the gadget.


  • Eliminates the stubborn stains in ways that are truly exceptional
  • Prevents the likelihood of exhaustion and backaches
  • Scrubs all kinds of surfaces regardless of how hard the dirt maybe


  • Requires many extras and accessories to operationalize

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5: Best Multifountional – Electric Shower Mop with Replaceable Brushes

best price steam mop to clean floors

Looking mainly to impact the shower areas of your home? A mop that comprises a shower scrubber like this one will definitely come in handy. It is indeed capable of scrubbing all the dirt from the showers perfectly.

  • Round brush

Attached to the mop is a round brush that bears a concave shape. This round brush stretches forth and gets to the sinks and the bathtubs pretty fine.

  • Extra-wide flat brush

Coming in next is the extra-wide flat brush that as you may have already guessed, impacts the larger portions of the floors pretty fine. Being wide, they cut the time wasted.

  • Pointed corner brush

Lastly comes the pointed corner brush. You will find this one appropriately suited for the harder-to-reach areas with exceptional ease. Then, it also squeezes itself through the narrow spaces.


  • Powerful yet noiseless
  • Comprises only those parts that are waterproof
  • Cleans larger and narrower spaces with absolute ease


  • Somewhat limited in the range and areas of use

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6: Best Compact – Swiffer Sweep Cleaner with Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

steam mop for laminate floors

Prior to mopping your floors, you will definitely have to sweep the same. To enable this to happen, you want a multipurpose cleaning gadget of this kind. It sweeps and mops at the same time.

  • Powerful suction

A powerful suction dominates its operations. This blends well with the Swiffer Sweeper to deliver prompt and uncompromising sweeping and cleaning outcomes.

  • 3X cleaning action

Its cleaning actions are thrice as powerful as those of the alternatives that be. With this elevated level of power output, expect the item to eliminate the tiniest levels of dirt and human hair.

  • Rechargeable and cordless

The gadget is by and large rechargeable and cordless at the same time. Your choice of it hence goes a long way in facilitating your operations overall.


  • Reaches out to the grout lines and the crevices
  • Grabs the larger particles like the crumbs
  • ts batteries last longer and are also rechargeable


  • Power consumption is way too high

Check the Price


7: Perfect Adjustable Height – COSTWAY Electric Spin Mop with Mighty Capacity

how does steam mop work

Want to reach those areas that are far detached from the mainstream? Lay your hands on this specific floor mop. It possesses an extendable handle that stretches forth to those areas that are far off.

  • All-in-one electric mop

For all practical purposes, this is an all-in-one electric mop in the sense that it may handle many cleaning and allied tasks in one comprehensive packaging. These include waxing, wiping, and decontamination.

  • Built-in 2000mah battery

Embedded in its packaging is a built-in 2000mAh battery. This one supplies the power that is needed to deliver the cleaning outcomes. The batteries last longer (30-40 minutes) per charge and are hence time-saving.

  • Lightweight body

Lastly, its body is lighter and less inclined to demand the input of too much muscle power from you. Instead, it gives you the freedom to swivel and rotate the item freely and with limited hassles.


  • Comes about in a multifunctional design
  • Exudes might cleaning capacity
  • Easier for even the kids to operate


  • The water tank is relatively small

Check the Price


8: Perfect Edge Cleaning – Karcher FC 3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner with Rollers

domestic floor cleaning machine

The Karcher brand is renowned for its strength and overall repute. You want to tap into these twin benefits by settling for an item that is made by it. How about starting with this Karcher FC 3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner?

  • 2-in-1 dirt pickup function

Standing out as the flagship trait of this item is the 2-in-1 dirt pickup functionality. As you may have conjectured, this one works to collect the tiniest hairs, small debris, and minuscule dirt.

  • Integrated self-cleaning function

Embedded into the set is an integrated self-cleaning function. This is 20% more effective than the alternatives that be at present. It does not leave behind any dirt when tackling the floors.

  • Easy-to-remove two-tank system

A two-tank system that is easier to remove rounds up all that the item has to offer. One tank stocks the clean water whereas the other one sucks the dirty water to keep your work convenient.


  • Its batteries last a whopping 20 minutes longer
  • Works conveniently under one comprehensive packaging
  • Leaves behind some brilliant shining floors


  • Expensive

Check the Price


9: Safest for All Sealed Floors – Hoover FH40160PC Wet and Dry Vacuum Mop with Dual Tanks 

hoover mop with two water tanks

For your maximum peace of mind, you need an appliance that is able to work smoothly at all times. We ask you to pick and use this wet dry vacuum cleaner. It is able to work with or without the use of water.

  • Dual tank technology

Of all the elegant traits that this item has to offer, it is the dual tank technology that stands out. These tanks are two in one packaging. They provide clean water and care for the wastewater at the same time.

  • Wash-dry mode

Existing yet again to facilitate the cleaning of the floors, the appliance makes use of the wash-dry mode. The wash gets rid of dirt using water while the dry mode bypasses this requirement.

  • Fingertip controls

To manage the item, you will use your fingertips. On the strength of this trait, you will be able to maneuver the congested areas easily and without too many strains on your part.


  • Impacts many kinds of floors like the marbles, laminate, hardwood, and ceramic tiles
  • Portable enough to take to the remotest parts with ease
  • Delivers some gentle scrubs that are less likely to damage your gears


  • Disparages those who lack the necessary expertise

Check the Price


What Are the Best Brands of Electric Floor Mops?

As of 2020, the best electric floor mop brands are as follows:

  • Dyson


dyson mop with full size cleaner head

This is a British technology company that designs and manufactures household appliances.

Its items are known to last longer and stand tall to the risks of potential damages.

Being simple, they also serve the starters and those who lack the necessary operational expertise well. You want to try them out for a start.

  • Xiaomi


top brands of floor mop cleaners

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics manufacturing giant.

The products it makes are mainly high-end and are targeted to those who have the financial wherewithal.

Nonetheless, they are stronger, more enduring, and deliver truly sparkling cleaning outcomes. They also tend to last longer than other competing items.

  • Bissell


bissell electric mop vacuum

This American-owned vacuum cleaning company provides a vast array of solutions to your home cleanliness undertakings.

Its vacuum cleaners particularly leave behind some deeper cleaning outcomes. They also have the ability to disinfect and sterilize the floors and kill all the germs. Take them for your hospitals and other settings.

  • Hoover


hoover electric rotating mop

Hoover once dominated the field of vacuum cleaning in the years of yore.

Till now, many people cherish its products for the sheer reason of lasting longer and delivering truly sparkling cleaning outcomes.

Owing to the sheer strength of the appliances, you may use them repeatedly without breaking apart.

  • Shark


best electric hard floor cleaner

Shark has a specialty in those items that are slimmer and compact.

If you reside in an area that is too squeezed for the normal appliances. These include condominiums and smaller buildings.

They have the distinct capability of being easily maneuverable and impactful in the small spaces.

  • Gladwell


gladwell floor cleaner

Gladwell mops are generally cordless in the sense that they do not derive their power from the mains electricity.

Instead, they do so from the built-in Lithium-ion batteries. Thus, they give you the freedom to move out and about the desired area without too much hindrance on your part.

  • Housmile


electric floor cleaner mop

Housemile mops are powerful and indeed truly able to tackle the most strenuous mopping tasks with absolute ease.

They are mainly relevant for tackling larger floors that are beyond the scope of your ordinary mopping apparatus.

What’s more? They also scrub the floors prior to mopping the same!

  • Homitt


safe to use homitt brand mop

Homitt is also a great scrubber brand. For a large part, it is mainly applicable for the elimination of the hardened dirt that is elusive to ordinary mopping gadgets.

If you have hospitals or the high-end restaurants in mind, you have to choose and make use of it.



We are now confident that you can make the right choice of the best electric floor mop having given you the insight you badly need. How about you proceeding now to make a pick as soon as can be?

Waiting for too long is not advised at all as that may only serve to delay the leverage of these ends.

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