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The 6 Best Electric Mop for Hardwood Floors Reviews for 2022

A lot of homeowners know how tiring it is to mop and drag the water bucket all over your home to carry out cleaning. Nevertheless, the activity builds up germs and bacteria on your hands, which are likely to cause allergic reactions to the skin.

The good thing about an electric mop is that it is environmentally friendly and conducive. Moreover, it can be applied to any given floor, including hardwood floors. The best electric mop can help you to quickly and efficiently clean the hardwood floors.

To help you find the best electric mop for hardwood floors, we have done extensive research and find the best for you.

best electric mop


What is an Electric Mop?

An electric mop uses electricity to carry out cleaning, which means you can plug into the socket and start cleaning. Most electric mop models use batteries, while others have rechargeable batteries. They can use water to clean or convert it into steam.

Electric mops have become quite popular because of the convenience they offer. In fact, they are more versatile when cleaning floors as compared to other types of mops. Moreover, they can be used on a wide range of floor surfaces, including hardwood, linoleum, and vinyl.

They usually have a swivel steering handle that allows for easy maneuvering, cleaning, and speeding up the cleaning process. Moreover, they are available in cordless assembly. In this way, they are easy to operate. The truth is that electric mops maintain their demand during the forecast period.

Benefits you can get from an electric mop:

Studies have shown that electric mops with steam options have a huge positive impact on the floors. Since end-users like electric mops that have extra benefits such as convenience and affordability, there is now a focus on making electric mops with additional features.

The additional features ensure that it eliminates germs and breaks down dirt without the need to use extra water. Moreover, it eliminates the need for using harsh chemicals and fragrances.

Therefore, electric mobs are more effective, time-saving, and less work is needed. Nowadays, you can find hundreds of models of electric mops on the market.


Is Electric Mop Really Good for Hardwood Floors?

The truth is that an electric mop is safe for your family, pets, and the environment. It helps you save money as you do not have to use cleaning products. The truth is that electric mops clean more effectively as compared to traditional mops, which includes spin mop with a bucket, cotton mop, sponge mop, and flat mop. Moreover, it sterilizes the floor by killing dust mites, bacteria, and allergens.

When you clean with an electric mop, you do not leave behind a cloudy residue on the surfaces. Thus, the hardwood surface will look shinier. Also, the floor dries quicker than conventional cleaning. That is because steam works by lifting the dirt from the floor. This enables you to vacuum or wipes away the dirt.

There is a need to check instructions from the manufacturer for cleaning laminate and hardwood floors. However, a steam cleaner is safe to use on hardwood floors. Unlike traditional mops, they do not leave excess water on the floor that is likely to warp and ruin them.


Buying Guide on Choosing Electric Mop for Hardwood Floors

When it comes to buying an electric mop for hardwood floors, you need to find the most convenient and best appliance that makes your work a lot easier. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase an electric mop, these are some of the most important things to consider.

best electric mop for hardwood floors

1. Your Needs

You should note that most electric mops have disinfecting power and can eliminate a huge percentage of bacteria and germs that are on the floor. This is an important thing you ought to consider, particularly when you have pets that are likely to mess your house.

That is also the case when you have young children in the house. Remember that not all electric mops will come with this feature.

2. Head Size

As you know, electric mops are available in a variety of head sizes. For instance, you can find some that have large heads, whereas others have small heads. Thus, if you have a huge house to clean, you should get a mop with a large cleaning head.

On the other hand, if you want a mop to clean small areas such as the bathroom, you should go for a mop with a small head. This will allow you to reach even hard-to-reach areas and corners.

3. Cleaning Accessories

Ensure you find out the number of accessories the cleaning mop has. For instance, some are packed with only two cleaning accessories, whereas others have many accessories.

It is advisable to get an electric mop with several cleaning accessories. This will limit limitations when you clean the house. These are the common cleaning accessories that should come with your electric mop, scrubbing pad, microfiber pad, and mop pad.


4. Size of the Cord

The cord of your appliance determines the extent where the unit can reach when cleaning. For instance, the socket is located far from where you are cleaning; you should get a mop with a large cord to ensure comfort and convenience. You should note that cables are available from 25 ft to 70 ft long.


5. Floor Compatibility

Electric Mop can not only clean the hardwood floors. Remember that electric mops are meant to clean various floors, and others work quite differently on floors such as vinyl, laminate, and tile floors.

You can even find some that work on sensitive floors. Therefore, ensure you choose a mop that can clean your floor without causing any damage. The appliances contain details of floors that they can clean. For instance, if you have different floors in your home, you should get an electric mop that can clean all of them.


6. Warranty

This is an important consideration when purchasing an electric mop. That is because it guarantees that your unit is durable. Moreover, it acts as security in case your unit breaks down after a short period of use.


What is the Best Electric Mop for Hardwood Floors?

Our best recommendation for the hardwood floors is BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner.

hot salt Bissell spinwave electric mop review

This unit is safe for cleaning hard-surface, sealed floors such as tile, vinyl, linoleum, and hardwood flooring. Ideally, it is a versatile machine that has touch cleaning pads for everyday cleaning. The power spin pads help reduce the cleaning effort as they give you hands-and-knees clean.

You should note that this mop is equipped with the on-demand spray that dispenses the right amount of the cleaning solution onto the floors. Moreover, the swivel steering allows you to maneuver the mop around the furniture.

SpinWave technology provides powerful cleaning without generating a lot of noise. Also, it weighs only 11 pounds, making it ideal for pushing around as you clean baseboards and furniture.

The water tank for this cleaner is easy to fill with water. You only need to fill it with a multi-surface formula and water, and then mop and spray the messes away. In addition, it has washable mop pads.

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How Should You Clean Hardwood Floors?

clean hardwood floors

This is the procedure to follow when cleaning hardwood floors using an electric mop.

Step 1: Fill the Tank with Water

Mops with water tanks have to be filled with water before you start cleaning. Usually, the tank is located at the top of the unit. Ensure you filter water before adding it to the tank. In most cases, your electric mop will come with a funnel and filter.

Step 2: Plug into Power

Usually, the mop will come with a power cord. Find the nearest power socket you have and connect it. Ensure it is of the recommended voltage to avoid damaging your unit. The standard voltage is around 120 to 125 volts. Remember that this can vary from one model to another, and some mops require a lower or higher volt connection.

After plugging in, you should wait for the unit to heat for about 15 to 30 seconds. Ensure you read the label or manual as the time the unit heats up water is written there.

Step 3: Switch It On

Electric mops have control buttons to operate them when cleaning. Switch on the button. Ensure the head is wet before you start moving it around the floor.

Step 4: Mop the Floor

Move it back and forward to get the best results. This is necessary to get rid of dirt and even focus on a given section at a time. Keep on moving until water runs out.



Electric mops can be used to sanitize and clean surfaces. When you power it, it heats water to temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius. Ideally, when the water attains the required temperature, the mop sprays the water through a pad, which then cleans your surface.

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