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Top 7 Best Electric Mop for Tile Floors Reviews 2022

The electric mop is great for working on tile floors. The electronic mops for the tiled floor enhance not only better cleaning but also a great time-saving mechanism when undertaking such tasks.

Cleanliness and saving time can only be achieved through buying and choosing the best electric mop for the floor.

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In a hurry? Pick an electic mop from these recommendations!

Spin mop with detachable battery that is chargeable separately: Electric Cordless Mop

Cordless electric mop comes with a floor scrubber for your hard floor: JASHEN M12 Electric Mop

On-demand spray designed to reduce the amount of liquid dispense: Bissell Spinwave Floor Mop

Dual cleaning heads to cover a large surface with powerful motor: Cop Rose  3 in 1 Electric Mop

Is Electric Mop Suitable for Tile Floors?

Even though they may be durable and robust from appearance, tiles are susceptible, requiring adequate care. How you attend to your floor determines how long the tiles on it can last. Due to that, whether electronic mop is good may often arise in the mind of a buyer or user.

Various reviews show that an electronic mop is still a good option for your tiled floor despite the cost incurred.

It is user-friendly and does not leave dirt behind. It also helps eradicate any debris that could be left on the floor hence taking care of the grout on the tiles.

The Electric mop also helps in reducing costs that could have been used when replacing worn-out tiles that could have been caused as a result of less care to the tiles. As a result, electronic mop remains a better option.

The tiles always need to appear neat and also no to lose their original color. The electronic mop meets this need, thus making it the best fit for the tiled floor. Therefore with no doubt, the electronic mop will quickly meet your needs.


Benefits of Using the Electric Steam Mop for Tiles

steam mop cleaning tiles

Making a comparison between using a steam mop and a manual bucket mop will reveal to you that it is still beneficial to use a steam mop when undertaking cleaning activities on your tiled floor. Some of the benefits you are likely to experience may include;

1. Chemical-free

steam mops do not require any substance to operate as compared to standard mops that may require you to keep using chemicals, which at the same time may be harmful to the user.

Also, a steam mop uses heat to remove harmful bacteria that could have been left behind when using a standard bucket mop.

2. Dry cleaning

Other forms of mops use water and detergents to enhance the floor cleanliness.

However, that’s not the case with a steam mop as it uses the evaporation mechanism to improve its performance. The cleaned surfaces, therefore, remain dry as soon as they have been cleaned.

3. Non-Pollutant

Neither Steam mops do not use chemicals, nor do they produce disruptive noise hence being environmentally friendly. The global trend is that equipment that is non-pollutant should be embraced.

4. Time saver

in the current generation, no one wishes to waste time-not even a single second. A comprehension that time is money is highly embraced, and therefore only things that help save time are embraced.

Similarly, a steam mop does not use much of your time to use since it only involves passing steam over the surfaces being cleaned, thus saving time and enabling the user to utilize the time in doing other things.

5. The steam mop is less reactive

Hence suitable for allergic people. The environment created by steam is welcoming since no chemicals are used during the cleaning hence leaving no bad scents.

5. Eliminates mold

Sections of the house, such as the bathroom, inhibit cold temperatures. As a result, mold can grow in them, thus being harmful to the users.

However, with the steam mop in place, and the molds can be easily removed because of the high temperature produced. The steam mop does the mold removal effectively as compared to when a manual bucket mop is used. The manual bucket mop will only bleach the molds but not remove them.

6. Eliminates crawlies

Cases of bedbugs and other crawlies are common these days. However, through steam mopping, the crawlies can be eliminated from your house, especially those hiding on surfaces with tiles.

With the benefits in place, it’s worth checking on some top electronic mops for tile floors.


Tips for Choosing An Electric Mop for Tile Floors

best electric mop for tile floors

Making a prompt decision on which mop to choose may require a few aspects like price, durability, and quality issues. Therefore, the highlighted tips are some of the quickest guides when doing that:

1. Check on the best brands in the market

Before considering other things, the brand you settle on matters a lot. When you choose the best brand that is common in the market and is well-reviewed, your needs will be fully satisfied.

The newly introduced brands may disappoint since the company may be just testing them for hearing the feedback from the first users. However, that is a different case with a well-established brand.

2. Check on the cleaning Pad

the main reason for purchasing an electronic mop is to enhance the house cleanliness as far as the floor is concerned. To achieve that, the Mopping equipment chosen should be that which meets the needs of the buyer.

The cleaning pad is one of the mechanisms that help attain great cleanliness, and it should be put into consideration. A good mop should be double padded. Some electronic mop does have single pads, thus minimizing the chances of achieving more excellent cleanliness.

3. The volume of water 

It is essential because you will not have to refill your electronic mop when mopping. A reasonable period should be taken before the inbuilt tank is refilled.

Therefore it is critical to choose an electronic mop with that can hold the required volume of water needed during the cleaning.

However, this is also dependent on the area of the tiled floor to be cleaned. If the floor area is extensive, it is better to invest in an electronic mop that can hold enough water you require.

On the other hand, a small-sized floor may also help you save on your cost as it may only need a small machine that is directly correspondent to the size of the flooring.

4. The estimated number of jets of dry steam

Every aspect in an electronic mop performs essential roles ranging from the pads to steam jets. In this case, the steam jets help in moistening the microfiber of the Electronic Mop.

How fast the steam jet performs, the role should be put into consideration since it influences the other operations of the electronic mop. Some electronic mops have one dry steam jet, while others have as many as 11.

5. The electric cabling of electronic mop

Before settling on an electronic mop, you must check on the electrical cable’s length. You should choose one that will allow you to access the rooms without disconnecting from the main switch.

6. Availability of after-sale services

Some new electronic equipment is prone to breakdown after being in use for some time just after the purchase. It is in that regard that you need to settle on a brand that will offer you after sale service-Warranty. That will enable you to cut cost in case of any unfortunate event.

By considering the above factors, the chances of you settling on the wrong electronic mop are greatly minimized. Furthermore, other questions may arise before choosing a mop. Some of those questions can be;


Top 7 Best Electric Mop for Tile Floors Reviews

1. Best Overall – Electric Cordless Mop with Scrubber and Sprayer


  • Can clean multi-surface floor
  • Easy to use for cleaning tile floors effectively
  • No need for an expert to assist you when assembling
  • Its lightweight makes it easy to work with


  • A bit expensive

cordless electric mop for tile floors

This cordless electric mop has a positive customer review of 4.5 stars in Amazon is the best overall electric cordless mop. The electric mop is well known for cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing.

With the wireless electric spin of 250r/ min, it can mop your floor and remove any stain with ease. With only one hand, you can handle the machine comfortably. And for tall users, you can adjust the rod to avoid bending while working with it.

Main Features

1. Simple to work with – This cordless electric mop has a lightweight of 9.6lbs. As a result of this weight, it is easy to handle and you can use your one hand with less effort while cleaning and the results are excellent.

2. Adjustable and flexible handle – It also comes with an adjustable handle that allows you to adjust the length of the rod. With this feature, you can clean your floors with ease irrespective of your height.

3. Battery – It has a detachable battery that is chargeable separately. The battery can work for 35 minutes without being charged.

4. Headlight – This machine has a headlight designed to clean stains on dark areas of your room with ease.

5. Washable pads – After washing this equipment, you can easily clean your microfiber pads with a machine making it easy to clean this mop.

6. Warranty – The product comes with a two-year warranty.

7. A built-in tank – This cordless electric mop has a 300ml tank that is usable during the waxing or wet spraying.

Check the Price on Amazon


2. Runner Up – OGORI Electric Spin Mop With Refill Pads


  • Cordless and powerful for cleaning floors
  • The flexible head that has LED lights
  • Ability to polish and clean various floors
  • Adjustable handle


  • The battery can only last for 30 minutes when using it

OGORI Electric Mop cordless mop

This runner-up OGORI electric mop has a robust dual-spin that motor – swab your tiles, marble, hardwood, and wood floor. This ultra-light cordless electric mop weighs 6.9lbs and is brilliant in cleaning the whole floor with ease.

Main Features

1. Dual powerful spin – This cordless electric mop has a robust dual-spin speed of 265r/min. This feature helps you to control the mop with just one hand.

2. A flexible head – This floor cleaner machine has a flexible head that uses led lighting to enable you to see and clean dark corners in your home or office.

3. Floor waxer  – When waxing and polishing your floor using this cordless electric mop, it is quick, and the user enjoys it. It also comes with a guide that helps you mix the detergents.

4. Detachable battery – This cleaning appliance has a detachable battery that the user can change separately. It also has a green light that indicates the battery charge level to the user.

Check the Price on Amazon


3. Easy to Use – JASHEN M12 Electric Mop for Tile Floors


  • Self-cleaning technology gives it an advantage
  • Auto cleaning and spray function
  • Better for deep cleaning
  • Has a storage tank for cleaning rollers


  • The life span of the battery makes it not to be ideal for commercial cleaning

electric mop with sprayer tile floors

Jashen m12 cordless electric mop comes with a floor scrubber for your hard floor. It also has an inbuilt 300ml storage tank that the user will store the water, thus no need of buckets.

Main Features

1. Self-cleaning technology – With this technology, you can clean your microfiber roller with just a press of a button. You can quickly assemble and disassemble the microfiber when you want to change them.

2. Spraying  – With an inbuilt 300 ml tank, you can spray and use the 600r/min roller to easily clean.

3. Long-life battery – Jashen M12 comes with a lithium-ion battery that can work for 35 to 40 minutes when fully charged.

4. Warranty – This product comes with a one year warranty for its clients. As a result, it guarantees the user with one full year of free customer service.

Check the Price on Amazon


4. Most Budget – Bissell Spinwave Floor Mop and Cleaner


  • Has a sufficient motor power
  • Adequate battery life
  • Affordable price that worth its price


  • Use more pressure when cleaning deep

bissell hardwood floor mop for tile

Bissell Spinwave gives the best results when cleaning hard floors like vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, and tile floors.

Main Features

1. Spray – This electric mop has an on-demand spray designed to reduce the amount of liquid dispense in your floor.

2. Cleaning formula – When buying this equipment, the buyer benefits from a cleaning manual that helps first-time users to attain maximum results when cleaning.

3. Spinning pads – With the use of powered spinning pads, it reduces the effort needed to complete your task.

4. Comes with all components  – This electric mop comes with scrubby pads for messy and sticks floor. Also, it has a soft touchpad’s usable when cleaning hardwood floors to give you a gentle and soft-touch finish.

Check the Price on Amazon


5. Multiple Settings – Cop Rose 3 in 1 Electric Mop for All Floors


  • Several settings and functions
  • Suitable for cleaning different surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an extendable handle


  • Batteries take a long time to charge

affordable electric mop for tile floors

It is a versatile mop that features three cleaning modes with a scrubber, spinner, and a waxer for cleaning different floors. It waxes hardwood floors giving it a shiny finish.

The use of dual cleaning heads enables this mop to cover a large surface while cleaning, hence saving time. Its handle features control buttons that allow you to choose different cleaning options.

It has made use of a powerful motor that enables it to deliver fast and excellent cleaning results. The following are some of the unique features of Cop Rose 3 in 1 Electric Mop.

Main Features

1. Multiple settings – This mop has multiple settings that you can choose from to eradicate the toughest stains. It has options for waxing, moping, and spraying.

2. Flexible handle – It has an extendable Handle that rotates at 180 degrees to clean every nook of your home without bending.

3. Powerful clean – Its dual heads clean at a high rate in opposite directions to remove dirt, grime, and stains.

4. Cleans quietly – This mop cleans without making noise. It maintains noise levels as low as 60dB giving a peaceful cleaning.

Check the Price on Amazon


6. Detachable Steam Mop – Bissell Electric Cleaner for Tile Floors


  • Eliminate 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Longer cord length
  • Versatile for multiple purposes
  • Dries quickly after cleaning


  • Needs time to get used to use

bissell steam mop tile

Bissell Electric cleaner is the best steam mop you can consider. It has a large cleaning head covering a larger surface with each pass and slim body design for secure storage.

The steam mop is lightweight and easy to operate. It has a water reservoir mounted on the top side, making the cleaning process quick. This steam mop excels at cleaning hard-surfaced floors, including tiles.

Main Features

1. Highly portable – This steam mop weighs only 6.2 pounds making it easy to move between rooms.

2. Easy to fill the tank – It has a top-mounted reservoir that is easy to refill any time allowing continuous cleaning. Also, it comes with a measuring cup that aids in refilling.

3. On-board spot boost brush – It has spot boost brush that enables you to remove more robust and sticky spots

4. Lengthy power cord – Bissell electric cleaner has a 25 feet power cord that reaches most wall outlets in a standard room.

Check the Price on Amazon


7. With Waterproof Heads – Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber for Tile


  • Four different brush head for different usages
  • Virtually noiseless
  • It has an extendable handle
  • Works great on multiple floors


  • The brush a bit stiff
electric mop scrubber bathroom

Homitt Electric spin scrubber is a portable multipurpose scrubbing unit that delivers powerful cleaning with less time. It features four replaceable brushes making it more versatile and suitable for different floors. This scrubber has a robust spinning power of about 260RPM but still operates without noise.

Main Features

1. Four replaceable heads – It has four replaceable brush heads that allow you to clean different surfaces. The different interchangeable brushes are multipurpose and meet different requirements.

2. Waterproof brush heads – This scrubber brush head has a highly sealed design that makes it resistant to water, making it suitable for wet conditions. Also, the bristles are built for long-lasting performance and do not deform.

3. Adjustable brush handle – Hommit scrubber brush has a 21-inch adjustable stainless-steel handle that allows you to scrub and clean areas that are hard to reach without bending.

4. Powerful and noiseless cleaner – This scrubber, powered by built-in rechargeable 3.65Volt, 4300Mah LG batteries, continuously operates up to 1.5 hours, only 3.5 hours fast charging. The spin scrubber also does the cleaning without noise for your convenience.

Check the Price on Amazon



From the above information, it’s conclusive that the Best Mop for tiles depends on many factors that range from technical to non-technical. The information should also guide you when choosing the best electric mop for your house.

A wrong choice of an electric cleaner can cost you a lot. Money and time can be wasted just because of purchasing the faulty machine. Also, there is more information relating to how the best electric mop.

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