The 5 Best Electric Mop for Vinyl Floors Reviews for 2021

Electric mops are incredible when it comes to cleaning your vinyl floors. Their sturdy materials come in different colors and styles; most people choose them because they are diverse and durable. But, just like other types of floors, they need to be kept clean and looking shiny.

One of the best ways to do so is by using an electric mop, buying a quality electric mop will ensure that your vinyl floors will be kept clean and will last long.


Top 5 Best Electric Mops for Vinyl Floors On the Market


Why Choose An Electric Mop for Vinyl Floors?

best electric mop for vinyl floors

When choosing cleaning tools, most people select electric mops, especially if their floors are vinyl. That may not come as a surprise because electric mops come with great features that make you’re cleaning effortless and fast. So of the reasons to choose an electric mop for vinyl floors to include:

1. Different Power Options to choose from – With electric mops, you get the chance to choose the kind of power option that you want; some have power cords while others are battery operated. Battery operated one is flexible and does away with the risk of tripping over cables. The ones with power cords ensure that you can use them throughout without them shutting down.

2. Electric scrubbing – Electric mops have motorized features, which means that you won’t have to scrub twice or press hard for the dirt to come off. They do all the work for you, leaving you to reserve your energy and making cleaning sessions enjoyable and quick.

3. Lightweight designs – Electric mops are designed to be very light and easy to move around. With no effort at all, you can move around with this type of electric mop, especially those cordless. That makes your efforts to be cut in half and cleaning sessions enjoyable.

4. Steam cleaning – Cleaning with chemicals can expose your pets and family with harmful substances. Using an electric mop ensures that it does not happen because it uses steam to clean, steam cleaning is better because there is easy removal of dirt, stains, and grime. It offers you the full benefits of a powerful cleaner.

5. Quality textiles – Electric mop cleaning pads come in so many options form microfiber to cotton. They all vary in durability and cost; one thing to consider when buying a vinyl mop is its sturdiness. Chose cleaning pads that are of high quality so that they can last you long and work best for you.

​6. Easy to clean – Unlike traditional mops that you have to wring, the electric mops come with removable pads that are machine washable. That means they are easy to wash, and they dry faster, they are also easy to store because they are compact.



Top 5 Best electric mop for vinyl floors Reviews

#1. Best Overall – Bissell Spinwave Mop and Cleaner for Multiple Surfaces


  • Soft-touch and scrubby pads for all mess types
  • On-demand spray for the right amount of dispensing
  • Power spin pads function
  • Comes with the cleaning formula
  • Safe for cleaning sealed floors
  • Affordable price


  • The cord length is a bit short

Are you tired of bending down to scrub your floor, then you need to try the Bissell Spinwave? It is safe for cleaning all your floor types; it is versatile enough and comes with a set of cleaning pads for all kinds of messes. The power-speed pads reduce your effort while leaves your knees and hands-free to use.

With the on-demand spray, you can dispense just the right amount of steam onto your floors. The swivel steering makes it easier for you to maneuver under your furniture.

Buying this product also helps save pets because Bissell supports the Bissell pet foundation, keeping homeless pets off the street.

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#2. Best with Scrubber – Cordless Electric Mop for Vinyl Floors


  • Cordless design for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable rotating handle to comfortable use
  • LED headlight design
  • Effective dual-spin motors
  • Can clean different kinds of floors
  • No cord limitations
  • Lifetime support warrant


  • The handle is a bit short for tall people

What makes the cordless electric mop different from others is that it is cordless and also has a headlight. With the light, you can be sure that there is no unnoticed dirt, the quick sprayer is designed only to spray steam when you need it, which ensures you get the exact amount of vapor that you need.

With the detachable battery, you can charge it quickly anytime and anyplace, making it convenient for the user. By charging, you extend the mops lifetime, and you can also buy the battery separately.

The mops pads can be easily machine washed, meaning they can be reused. It being cordless means that you can use it without having any limitation, it is also very lightweight so you won’t be tired moving around with it.

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#3. Best Steam Mop – Bissell 1806 Floor Cleaner With Handheld Steamer


  • Adjustable steam settings
  • One purchase helps save pets as they support Bissell pet foundation
  • Kills bacteria and germs
  • Scent boost feature
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with attachments for more effortless cleaning including handheld steamer


  • The steam gets too hot sometimes

The Bissell 1806 is a vinyl floor cleaner that comes with a handheld steamer, making it different from other steam mops because it has a scented boost feature. Just insert your spring breeze fragrance into the provided tray, and you will experience fresh sweet scent while you clean.

The mop comes with a water cup for more natural filling of the tank after you are done using it, you have to attach it to the handle for more accessible storage. The mop also features swivel steering to maneuver underneath the furniture and all around the house effortlessly. This mop does not only clean vinyl floors but other types of surfaces too.

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#4. Best Budget – GOBOT Automatic Vinyl Floors Electric Mop


  • Multiple functions and settings with double spin motors for a powerful clean
  • Adjustable handle for different surface use
  • Machine washable scrubber pads and microfiber
  • Below 60dB for quiet cleaning
  • 12-month warranty with guaranteed customer satisfaction with 24 hr. reply
  • Long-lasting battery


  • You have to wet the flour first manually
  • A little short for tall people

The GOBOT automatic electric mop is an excellent 180-degree rotating mop to every reach every surface in your home; its long-lasting battery ensures that you can use it for an extended period without interruption.

With the dual-spin motors, you can be sure that all the dirt from your floor will be removed, so that you can have peace of mind while cleaning, the spin mop is below 60dB. The mops rod/handle is 360 degrees rotatable and can be adjusted by length. It features a unique chuck that enables it to stand on its own; the mop is also very light as it weighs just 2.86 lbs.

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#5. Best Versatile – Steam and Go Electric Mop for Multiple Uses


  • Comes with attachments and long cord for hard to reach areas
  • Multi-purpose surface cleaner without chemicals
  • Powerful steam to kill germs
  • Long-lasting, clean and safe
  • Can be used to clean garments
  • One year warranty


  • Both water tanks have to be full for it to function

The steam and go electric mop is the best electric mop today; it helps keep your fabric, clothes, floors, tiles, and even curtains clean. This multi-purpose mop can also clean upholstery, garments, and grout with all the additional attachments.

The mop does not require any chemicals to clean; with the power of steam, you can clean and sanitize as it kills bacteria’s and germs making your floor look clean and new.

The electric mop features a two-tank system to ensure the user to properly clean and disinfect, which is possible because it can separate water. The boiling hot steam ensures all germs and bacteria are dead.

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How to Clean Vinyl Floors?

use electric mop

We will discuss how to clean vinyl floors using an electric mop; once you have bought your mop, it will be effortless to learn how to use it. Below are some of the steps to follow:

Ensure the mops tank is full if you are using a mop with a tank, some other models use chemicals to clean, but the tank ones use the power of steam. Ensure you fill it to the max and then tightly recap the compartment.

If you are using the cordless models, ensure that the batteries are in place and, if not, plug in the power cord to your socket. Additionally, for those mops with water tanks that use the steam power, ensure the water is heated adequately.

For great results, it is better first to sweep your floors to get rid of the visible dirt, spray the cleaner, and run the mop over the sprayed surface. For filthy areas, you can repeat the process, and the second round will do the trick.

Once finished, use the switch to turn off the spinning feature, and if you used the cleaner, rinse the pads. Ensure the mop is thoroughly dried before you store it. Since electric mops don’t use so much water to clean, your floors will dry in a few minutes.

As you can see, cleaning your vinyl floors is a pretty easy job. All you need to do is find an electric mop that will suit all your cleaning needs; a steam mop is preferred to a chemical use mop because it is gentle to the environment and friendly to your pets.

Pets spend a lot of time on the floors, so mopping with chemicals may affect their health. Steam mops are also easy to use, and they use very little water, hence saving on water. With the electric mop, you won’t have enormous water bills at the end of the month, and your vinyl floors will remain shiny and new.



If you have been with us from the beginning, you have all the information you need to buy a quality electric mop for your vinyl floor. Ensure you choose one that will best suit your cleaning needs; they should be able to clean your floors without using a lot of energy. Electric mops are meant to make your work more straightforward, and that is what they do.