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Best Heavy Duty Mop – Reviews & Basic Type Comparison in 2022

Mopping your floors consistently for a prolonged duration of time requires a heavy-duty mop. This is a mop that is stronger and more apt to take you further for longer. They also double up for being able to manage many cycles of use and engagements from you.

Your first and foremost challenge of course is to find a suitable one for yourself. We are here to help you to do just that. In our reviews-cum-buying guide hereunder, we shall peek into the best heavy-duty mop that money can buy at the moment for you.

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 Double loop construction to to keep your mop from fraying: O-Cedar String Mop

Large mop head to serve industrial applications and ends: Yocada String Mop

Reaching areas that are largely hidden from the view: Oshang Flat Floor Mop

Scrubbing the surfaces to eliminate all kinds of hardened dirt: Yocada Sponge Mop

What Is a Heavy-Duty Mop?

Well, a heavy-duty mop is a set of cleaning apparatus that is used to eliminate dirt and dust from the floor surfaces using water and a piece of cloth.

Unlike your ordinary mops, this one is stronger and more enduring by virtue of the similarly stronger and more enduring structural makeup.

On the strength of these twin traits, the mop lasts longer and also manages comparatively more cycles of engagements. As expected, they also cost a lot more.

On the whole, this kind of mop is mainly employed in areas of higher traffic and installations that have larger spaces. Examples of these are commercial, large-scale residential, and industrial settings.

They are also greatly preferred by persons who have the intention of settling in cleaning as a career.


What Are the Basic Types of Heavy Duty Mop?

We now get to the types of the best heavy-duty mops that are available at the moment

1. Spin Mop

Taking the first spot is the spin mop. As its name implies, this one spins back and forth to reach those areas that are largely out of the reach of the many ordinary mops. For a large part, it is operable via a large foot pedal that negates the use of the hands.

2. Squeezer

This one goes beyond merely sucking out all the moisture from the floors and other associated surfaces. It also squeezes out the wastewater in ways that are confidential and hands-free.

To do this, it makes use of the squeezer which dominates its structure and overall makeup.

3. Spray Mop

A spray mop uses a sprayer to disperse the water from the bucket onto the floor. It is largely used in places and areas that suffer a limited supply of water or are prone to the risks of water shortages.

On the whole, it also enables precise cleanliness of the surfaces involved.

4. Strip Mop

Could it be that you want to tackle both the dry and the wet mopping with exceptional ease? You need a mop that can shuffle back and forth these twin functionalities and settings exceptionally well.

A strip mop can apply and work in both settings without having you undergoing elaborate steps and approaches.

5. String Mops

This perhaps is the most common and widely used of all mops. It may comprise a bucket, a set of absorbent fabric, and a handle.

You dip the fabric in the bucket, scoop out some water, and use the same to get rid of the dirt and debris from the floors. After you are done with your work, you wring out the water.

6. Dust Mops

Bearing many similarities with the brooms, this dust mop is largely used to eliminate dirt from off the surfaces of the various concerned.

It is for a large part used in rooms that are larger or those that tend to experience a higher inflow of dust. That stems from its ability to greatly cut down the time and effort.

7. Sponge Mops

Your typical sponge mop comprises a sponge at the tip. The purpose of this sponge is to absorb all the water and accelerate the process of drying.

It finds ready applicability in areas that experience a higher flow of water or ambient moisture. The sponge mops also cut down the length of time that the floors would normally take to dry.

8. Flat Mops

Flat mops are so-called because they are flat. They are also designed for only small stains as opposed to larger installations and surfaces.

You want to look up to them for your common everyday household needs and applications. The same goes for those areas that are squeezed and have limited spaces.


What to Look for When Buying the Best Heavy Duty Mop?

best heavy duty mop reviews

Let us now get to the core business of choosing the best heavy-duty mop for your course. The factors below will certainly be of help to you as you do this:


You have to place the weight at the top of your concerns. A good mop has to be light enough for you to easily pick and make use of. This is especially useful if the area you plan to mop is large or you plant to use the mop frequently over a longer period of time.

Bucket vs. Bucketless

Some mops of these kinds lack buckets as they attach to the main plumbing mechanisms for the sake of furnishing the water to be used for cleaning. Others though have buckets and may hence be used to facilitate the tasks of cleanliness in areas that are remote and detached from the mainstream.

Material Makeup

The kinds of materials that make the mop also matters a lot. You have to choose a mop whose material makeup is strong, highly absorbent, and less inclined to the menaces of frays or tears.

It is only by this arrangement that you may accrue proper and unbridled mopping outcomes.

Length of Yarn

Closely related to the above is the length of the yarn. How long the yarn is determined to a great extent the kind of cleaning experience you may accrue from the process.

Choose a mop whose yarn length is longer as this has a higher level of absorbency and covers a larger area also.

Width of Mop Head

Over and above the length of the mop head, you must also consider the width thereof.

Generally, a wider mop head has the ability to impact a similarly larger surface while at the same time minimizing the number of passes you may have to employ to eliminate the dirt and the wastewater from the surfaces.


This refers to the rate and the volume of the moisture that the mop can absorb or suck up per unit of time. For a mop to be great, it has to have a higher degree of absorbency. This is also vital if the hope of reducing the operational times is to be fully realized.

Size of Floor

How large is the floor that you want to impact? A good mop must be large enough to impact the floor size within the least duration of time possible. That is only achievable if the mop in question is large enough to impact the widest circumference of space per unit of time.

Operational Mechanisms

These mops come in various shapes and sizes. Thanks to these differences, they are also operable via diverse means. You have to pick a mop that falls well within your sphere of expertise and handling.

This is a feat you can only achieve by studying the many options that exist and matching the same with your expertise.

Desired Frequency of Use

On average, how often would you wish to eliminate the dirt from off your surfaces? Is it for occasional times or every day? If you plan to eliminate the dirt from the floors every day, you may have to pick and use one that is strong and enduring.

Element or Motive

What purpose exactly would you wish to employ the mops to? Do you just want to tackle common everyday household cleaning or you wish to tackle professional cleaning?

As a general rule, the professional cleaning tasks demand mops that are complicated and loaded with the latest features.

Extra Features

A good mop must of necessity contain many extra features that extend its range of use significantly. Common examples of these are the spare heads, free buckets, and a host of other accessories. If it lacks them, then it must at least make it possible for you to attach them later on.


Reviews of the 9 Best Heavy Duty Mops

We start it out with a review of the best heavy-duty mops that are available at the moment:

1: Best Cordless – CYCLOMOP Electric Mop with LED Light

This is a multipurpose mop that may serve many floor-cleaning services. These include buffing, polishing, dry mopping, and wet mopping, to name but a few!


  • Operable by the use of one hand alone
  • Relatively simpler to operate and engage
  • Both cordless and lighter in weight


  • Takes up plenty of space to store

heavy duty spin mop

  • Cordless Multi-function Electric Mop

With this mop, as stated, you may play many roles that relate to the task of cleaning your floors. To do this, you make do with some two-speed options that vary the strength and the intensity of the mopping.

  • LED Lighting

Existing to make the mop even better placed to serve you, the item possesses the LED lighting apparatus. This one works extra hard to illuminate the ambiances where you engage the machine for you.

  • 15 oz. (440 ml) Water Tank

A water tank whose capacity is a whopping 15 ounces or 440 ml also forms a vital component of the gadget. The tank holds the water you need to tackle the floor rooms.

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2: Best Seller – O-Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket System 

Want to eliminate the tiniest pieces of dirt from off your floors? If you answered back in the affirmative, you need a mop that uses the microfiber fabric heads to take the dirt head-on. This is it!


  • Compatible with many mops and allied cleaning items
  • Expands fully to reach out to a wider area of use
  • Literally usable without the use of hands


  • None

heavy duty microfiber mop and bucket with foot pedal

  • Germ-free Outcomes

On the whole, the item leaves behind some germ-free outcomes. Its outputs have been noted to eliminate a whopping 99% of the bacteria from the surfaces where they are placed for use.

  • Exclusive Bucket Design

All throughout, the item comes about in an exclusive bucket design that allows you to easily handle and move it around. Furthermore, it also contains a built-in wringer that negates the use of the hands to squeeze the water out.

  • High-quality Foot Pedal

Making the item even more suited for the task of hands-free cleaning is the high-quality foot pedal that comes attached to the mop. You engage this to wring and spin the moisture out of the fabrics.

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3: For Commercial Use – O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String Mop

With consistent use, these items tend to fray and dirty the floors wherein they are dedicated for use. You do not want this eventuality to befall you at all. That is why you need one that is resistant to frays.


  • Pretty suited for the commercial settings
  • Handles larger and smaller cleaning jobs at the same time
  • Its quality is highly guaranteed by the manufacturer


  • Demands some heavy muscle power to scrub the stubborn stains

o cedar heavy duty string mop

  • Heavy-duty Cotton Wet Mop

At the core of this mop is the heavy-duty cotton wet mop. This is the one that takes on the heavy and spacious floors with an absolute degree of precision on your part. Being long-lasting, it hardly falls apart when used.

  • Double Looped-end Construction

The edges of the mops comprise the double loop construction. It exists to keep your mop from fraying, peeling off, or tearing apart even when engaged for use for a prolonged duration of time.

  • Mop Head Fastener

Crowning it all up is the mop head fastener that works to fasten the mop fabric in such a way as to enable secure and easy handling. It also minimizes the risks of fidgeting when taking on rigorous chores.

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4: Cotton Head – Yocada Heavy Duty String Mop for Wet Cleaning

Have some commercial or industrial intents? This specific mop will do the job for you. It is strong, enduring, and packed with tons of topnotch features that enable the prolonged use possible.


  • Very soft on all surfaces
  • Its versatile nature sees it fit many places and areas
  • Stronger and less inclined to the risks of damages


  • Some customers may not like the cotton fabric

yocada wet cleaning heavy duty cotton mop

  • Industrial-grade Structure

As hinted in the introductory segment above, this mop is able to serve industrial applications and ends pretty well. This is large made possible by the similarly industrial-grade aspect of the object altogether.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Surface

Its cleaning surface comes in the form of microfiber elements. These are tiny, more powerful, and extremely impacting than the conventional cleaning mop heads that we have around.

  • Long Iron Handle

As you engage the item, you will also note it to be capable of reaching those portions of the rooms that are largely inaccessible and out of the reach of ordinary mops. Its long handle that is made of iron will help with that.

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5: For Sealed Floors – Genuine Joe Absorbent Cotton Wet Floor Mop

If you juggle around floor surfaces, you need a mop that is similarly universal and multipurpose like this one. It has the distinctive capability of tackling the light damp mopping and the heavy-duty scrubbing jobs alike.


  • Features a higher percentage of recycled material makeup
  • Its mop head is pretty absorbent to make drier outcomes real
  • The wood is natural, light, and enduring


  • Lacks a wringer

heavy duty wet mop

  • Multipurpose

As explained above, this mop is able to tackle many surfaces and mop-related tasks in one comprehensive packaging. You won’t really have to change your mops with use as is the norm always.

  • Natural Wood Handle

To juggle it around your surfaces, you will get hold of the natural wood handle that is comfortable and ergonomic in one stature. The handle is also light to engage with the utmost ease.

  • Natural Four-ply Cotton Yarn

Its fabric absorption mechanism on the other hand comes in the form of the natural four-ply cotton yarn. This one leaves ‘no stone unturned’ in the sense of tackling even the tiniest dirt from the floors.

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6: Wide Mop Head – YOUSHANGJIA 24″ Microfiber Mop with Aluminum Pole

Of all the mops we have around, this is the most suited for all kinds of floors. These include the compounds, tiles, hardwood, and concrete to name but a few! You have it to cut down your effort input.


  • All its vital components adjust for greater reach and efficacy
  • Cleans many kinds of floors and surfaces at all times
  • Delivers thorough and enduring cleaning outcomes
  • Features an ultra-wide mop head


  • None

heavy duty mop with ultra wide head

  • 360° Rotation Mop Head

Its head, stands apart from the rest in the sense of being able to rotate at the angle of 360°. With this trait at your fingertip, you may count on it to manage deeper and more enduring cleaning outcomes.

  • 0.6-inch High Aluminum Alloy Mop Pad

To make your cleaning all the more fruitful is the alloy mop pad that measures the impressive 0.6 inches and is made of Aluminum. The pad reaches those areas that are largely out of the reach of ordinary pads.

  • Professional-quality Floor Mop

When all factors are taken into consideration, this item leaves behind professional-quality mopping outcomes that also endure the test of time. You won’t have to waste a great deal of your time to have you at all hence.

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7: Most Multi-Functional – Yocada Heavy Duty Sponge Mop with Squeegee

Large scale cleaning tasks demand approaches and cleaning apparatus that are similarly strong and enduring. For them, we can never recommend any better mop than this one.


  • Comprises some two sponge heads for more lasting impacts
  • Its handles extend and retract to allow for convenient engagements
  • Dries faster and easier without requiring you to wring it


  • Doesn’t come with a bucket

heavy duty sponge mop

  • Water Squeegee

Standing tall among the many offerings that the item has to convey to any user is the water squeegee. You use this to extract the water from the floors and eliminate the same at a rate that is faster and effective.

  • Brush Part

A brush part also adorns this mop. This part serves the role of scrubbing the surfaces to eliminate all kinds of hardened dirt and other issues that may make the surfaces dirtier.

  • Anticlockwise Screw

Giving you a firmer control of the cleaning process is the anticlockwise screw. This exists at the middle portion of the pole and plays the role of adjusting the length of the mop to your unique desires.

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8: Super Slim – Oshang Flat Floor Mop with Wringing Bucket Set

Have some professional cleaning tasks to take care of? You may need to set your hands on this particular mop. It is strong, loaded with elegant features, and able to tackle professional applications fine.


  • Manages professional outcomes and handling
  • Its Aluminum handle is light enough to engage and control
  • Enables simplified installation procedures from you


  • Needs space to store them

flat floor mop and bucket for cleaning

  • Two-grooved Bucket

At its center is a bucket that bears two grooves. These two grooves give you the ability to dry and wet your mop as can be. You won’t have to worry at all about using your hands to do that.

  • Quality Microfiber Pad

A set of high-quality microfiber pads exist as vital components of the entire mopping apparatus. You use these to suck out the moisture from the floors and leave behind some sparkling clean outcomes.

  • 280° Swivel Head

The head is not left out either as it too has the ability to swivel at the comfortable angle of 280°. Thanks to this arrangement, the mop gets to those areas that are largely hidden from the view and reach of other cheaper mops.

Check the Price on Amazon


9: Premium Self-Wringing – Rubbermaid Easy-to-Use Twist Mop

To cut down the time you would need to use to clean your surfaces, you need a mop that has a head that contains a blend of fabrics. These many fabrics work jointly to discharge some sparkling clean outcomes.


  • The blended yarn tackles all-round applications
  • Spares you from the need to expend too much of your effort
  • Useful and suitable for industrial and commercial applications alike


  • Lacks scrubbing pad

Rubbermaid self wringing mop for industrial heavy duty cleaning

  • Double Tail-bands

A set of double tail bands stand out in the mop. The bands prevent the possibility of tailgating while at the same time allowing for the reduction of the mess and the resultant clean and sparkling outcomes.

  • Replaceable Mop Head

Unlike the heads of the ordinary mops, the one for this allows for the replacements if and when the circumstances so demand. That of course encourages long-term use and also prevents those inconveniences that come by.

  • Self-wringing Twist Mop

One added advantage of this mop is the fact that it wrings out the wastewater on its own without having you tackle the job using your input. Through this arrangement, you save some time considerably when in use.

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Cotton Mop vs Microfiber Mop: Which Is Better for Heavy-Duty Cleaning?

heavy duty spray mop vs string mop

There are two main kinds of best heavy-duty mops that you may tap into. These are the cotton and the microfiber respectively. But how do they measure up? We weigh them against some of the most relevant yardsticks:

Longevity of Use

As regards their longevity of use, the cotton mop lasts a fairly shorter duration of time. This comes to about 15-30 washes as opposed to the microfiber mop’s lifespan that gets hits the 150-200 washes respectively. You hence have the latter for your consideration here as it lasts longer.

Ease (or lack of it) of Cleanliness

When you are done using either, you will no doubt have to clean them. A cotton mop is on the whole is more difficult to clean as it frays easily. Moreover, it cannot withstand repetitive streak of the laundry exercise in ways that the microfiber mop counterpart can generally manage.

Simplicity of Use

You need some level of expertise to engage both mops. However, the cotton mop is slightly more difficult to engage as it does not wring out, maneuver, or carry around easily as the microfiber mop does. On the contrary, it requires some in-depth investments and overall engagements.

Surface Area

The sheer density of the microfiber mop allows it to hold a whopping 6 times more water and other debris than the cotton mop. For this reason, you may use it to impact a wider area for a prolonged duration of time. Thus, only choose a cotton mop for the light everyday tasks.


On the basis of the costs, the cotton mop is much cheaper than the microfiber mop. That is mainly explained by the lack of the complicated parts and features that the latter has. Its cheap weight does not necessarily mean that it is now cost-effective as its benefits are similarly fewer.


A microfiber mop as hinted severally above requires less water to conclude a cleaning exercise. Thus, it is friendlier to the environment than the cotton mop. Complementing this is the fact that it hardly frays even when subjected to the most intense forces and is hence less likely to dirty your environment.

Toughness on Germs and Microbes

The microfiber mop is made from synthetic materials that tend to blend well with the floors and trap all the dirt from the surfaces more reliably. It is hence much better than the cotton mop as pertains to the task of trapping dirt and dealing conclusively with the germs and bacteria.



Alright! We bring an end to our examination of the best heavy duty mop. Having done our bit, we now leave it to you to implement the knowhow.

That of course can only mean you purchasing one of these items from the list we have generously reviewed above. All the best as you set out!