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Best Mop for Bathroom Floors Reviews 2022

For some time, mops are some of the cleaning tools that have undergone a series of changes and improvements. Each Mop is designed to help us in conducting specific cleaning duties.

A good bathroom mop should have that ability to clean, and dry porcelain floors. If not cleaned well, the bathroom floor becomes slippery and dangerous.

Buying a bathroom mop from the many varieties offered in the market is not an easy task. It is advisable to do a review of every bathroom mob you buy.

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The top 4 products we highly recommendations for you. You will never go wrong with them!

Mop bucket with the centrifugal spinning technology that squeezes dirty water: Hurricane Spin Mop

Superb antimicrobial scrub that is very effective in cleaning bathroom tiles: OXO Good Grips Tile Scrubber

Excellent in picking up small grime and removing minor stains: Quickie Sponge

Strong and durable mop with  blended rayon yarns for tiles: Boardwalk BWK112R Deck Mop

How to Choose A Mop for Bathroom Floors

best mop for bathroom floors

A bathroom floor requires a mop that can absorb water, easy to clean with, and has a high fluid absorption. Wet mops are the ones that are recommended in cleaning your bathroom floor.

Apart from having a high absorbent rate, a good bathroom mop should contain an antimicrobial additive. These properties will discourage the growth of molds, and yeast thus safeguarding the mop head.

When choosing a bathroom mop, you will have to know the different types of mops we have in the market. The following are some of the mop types you can choose for a bathroom mop.

  • Cotton Mops

Currently, cotton mops handle both wet and dry floors. When cleaning your bathroom floor, these mops are associated with the following characteristic:

  • They are absorbent; this means they will absorb any water on your bathroom floor, leaving it dry
  • They have high liquid retention
  • The size of the mop head determines its absorbent capacity
  • This mop is also easy to clean after using it
  • Rayon Mops

When it comes to your bathroom floor, rayon mops is another wet floor mop you can consider. These mops are made from blended rayon yarns, which make them strong and durable. They are characterized with the following features,

  • They excel in releasing liquid or water
  • When using them to clean, they are known for a fast, smooth finish
  • They are ideal for applying a disinfectant

You can get such a mop of O-Cedar Heavy Duty Looped-End String Mop.

  • Bended Mops

These mops are made using a combination of two or more materials. When cleaning with it your bathroom floor, it leaves it clean and dry. For any hard floor, bent mops are suitable and do not leave residue behind. These mops are associated with the following features.

  • High liquid absorbency
  • They are durable when well maintain
  • They have a range of uses

You can get such a mop of  Boardwalk String Mop with Wooden Heandle.

  • Microfiber Mops

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom floor, microfiber mops help you to clean them smarter and not physically. This mop cleans your floor quickly, and less energy is required. With water alone, these mops can clean your bathroom floor 99 percent.

Some of the typical bathroom floors that microfiber mops clean are ceramics tiles or porcelain, concrete, and other hard floors. This mop uses non-abrasive pads that are gentle on your bathroom floor. The following are some of the future associated features with microfiber mops.

  • They are highly absorbent
  • Excel at dirt collection
  • Dry the floor quickly

You can get such a mop of MAYSHINE Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop.

  • Cellulose Sponges Mop

A sponge mop is one of the most advanced mops we have in the market today. When using it, you do not touch water nor use the unique bucket to squeeze excess water.

The material used is excellent in picking up small grime and removing minor stains on your bathroom floor. A cellulose sponge mop is associated with the following features:

  • Extremely durable
  • It can withstand frequent use
  • They are highly absorbent

You can get such a mop of Quickie Blue Sponge and Automatic Mop.


What is the Best Mop for Bathroom Floors?

1. Hot Sale – Hurricane Spin Mop With Bucket

spin mop for bathroom tile floors

Hurricane spin mob is a must-have bathroom floor cleaner that is easy to use. With this mob, you do not touch dirty liquid or dirty mop heads. The spin mob has a pattened mob bucket with centrifugal spinning technology that squeezes dirty water from the microfiber mop head.

The microfiber mob has lightweight, allowing it to rotate at 360 degrees. This enables it to clean the edge corners of the bathroom.

The mop head is gentle on floors but tough on dirt and can clean and polish all surfaces. It does not scratch floors or leaves streaks on the bathroom. When using this mob, you do not need to bend because it lays flat on the bathroom floor, making it more efficient.

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2. With Pivoting Head – OXO Good Grips Tile Scrubber for Bathroom

Tub and Tile Scrubber

This mop is a superb antimicrobial scrub that is very effective in cleaning bathroom tiles. The mob has a handle that extends from 26 to 42 inches to the surface, enabling you grips with harsh scrubbing. Its handle is also light in weight with a soft squeeze, which does not slip even when wet.

The distinctive shape allows the scrubber to get into the grout lines, recesses, and even in tricky corners of a bathroom.

It is designed with a pivoting head that has an enhanced shape allowing it capable of cleaning at different angles. The head is also natural to remove and replace. Plus, the scrubber can retain water, allowing thorough and deep cleaning of the bathroom surfaces.

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Best Way to Clean Bathroom Tile Floors

bathroom floor mop

A bathroom is a place that needs a lot of cleaning attention as it tends to get dirty quite first. Soap scum, mold, fungus, mildew, lime, and water stains are to be dealt with to have a bright and sparkling bathroom.

Proper cleaning of your tiles makes the whole bathroom look more beautiful, more brilliant, and clean. The following are the most effective ways to clean bathroom tiles.

1. Clean often

One of the best ways of cleaning a bathroom floor is cleaning it more often. It is advisable to clean it every time it is used to protect your bathroom floor from and dirt. Also, when bathroom floors are moped more often, you protect them from deadly stains that will make it indecent.

2. Sweep out loose dirt and small particles

Before using a wet mob to clean your bathroom floor, remove the dirt, debris, and crumbs by sweeping using a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner. By doing this, you ease your work and guarantees a clean floor.

3. Mop the floor from back to front 

It is advisable when mopping your bathroom floor to start it from the furthest corner to the front. Using this moping procedure ensures that you end the process at the door of your bathroom.

4. Use non-sponge mop

When cleaning a bathroom floor, it is advisable to use either of the wet mops to suit you. A sponge mop should not be used on bathroom tiles because it does not thoroughly clean the grout lines. And when grout lines dry with this dirty water, it becomes harder to clean later.

5. Avoid too much detergent

When cleaning bathroom floors, especially the ceramic tiles, avoid using excess detergent. This is because too much soap makes the bathroom tiles look hazy.

The detergent residual builds up on the surface, thus affecting the cleaning process. It is advisable to use less detergent because bathroom mops do not remove the excess foam on the floor.

6. Use clean water throughout

Mopping your bathroom floor with dirty water makes it look cloudy and murky when it dries up. It is advisable to change the cleaning water for a clean wash frequently.

7. Dry the floor

The bathroom floor should always be dry. After cleaning, you should dry up the floor with a clean, dry mop to remove excess water.


How Often Should I Mop My Bathroom Floor?

The bathroom is a place that needs to be always clean and needs a lot of attention. The frequency in which you clean your bathroom will depend on how often the bathroom is used.

The bathroom floor should always be dry to avoid Soap scum, mold, fungus, mildew, lime, and water stains Thorough bathroom cleaning should be once a week. This will involve scrubbing of tub and floor.

Some parts of the bathroom need to be cleaned more frequently than every seven days. The sink and the mirror will be subjects to dirt from splashing water.

It would be best if you wiped the sink and mirror with a microfiber cloth every time you use it. Weekly you should thoroughly clean the floor with warm water, detergent, and a cleaner to eliminate the dirt present.

Therefore, cleaning the bathroom floor will become easier if the dirt is not left to accumulate. The method too will be a great way of enhancing the cleaning process of your bathroom floor.



Wet mops are said to be the best bathroom mops in the market today. They come in a range of different varieties thus giving consumers a pool of mops to select from. A good bathroom mop should have high absorbent qualities.

It stain removing characteristics should be excellent, and not to forget that it should have an-antimicrobial properties that keep it free from mold and bacteria.

Oxo good grips tiles scrubber mop and hurricane spin mop with a bucket are among the best consumer-rated bathroom mops.

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