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Top 7 Best Mop for Dog Hair Reviews for 2022

Per hair can be tiresome to clean, especially when they are scattered all over the floor. Well, there are lots of tools that you can find in the market which promise to clean the room effectively.

However, the efficiency cant is equated with that of the mops because they clean the floors precisely. Normally, brooms will not get the job done well that is when you need to get the best mop for dog hair.

best mop for dog hair

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How to Choose the Best Mop for Dog hair?

Dog owners experience some challenges when it comes to choosing the best mop for dog hair. However, here are some considerations

  • Check the velcro.

Velcro is used to attach or detach. Therefore, you need to check if it can firmly hold the pad tight enough because if it gets loose, it makes it easy to clean the dog hair.

  • Consider health.

Suppose you have an allergy to solid cleaning chemical solutions. You need to consider a mop that does not require such cleaning products.

For example, choose a steam mop since such mops only require water and natural cleaning solutions like vinegar to clean.

Steam mops are the best for people with pets since they clean and sanitize the floors and surfaces.

A pet mop that comes with a solution cartridge that you can add to your choice’s cleaning solution is good.


  • Choose a mop with a microfiber or chenille head.

Mops made with these two materials have high absorption power essential for wiping off pet hair on the surfaces.

The chenille and microfiber mops work by trapping the dog hair from the floor effectively.

  • Consider the pad types.

The disposable cleaning pads may work to remove the pet hair, but you will need a few pieces to complete cleaning a single room.

They absorb too much and get messy relatively easily, thus forcing you to use multiple parts. The disposable pads made for wet mopping cannot be used for dry mopping, causing you to incur more expenses to buy a set for dry moping.

But when it comes to reusable cleaning pads, mainly the models made with microfiber materials, these are the best. First off, they are compatible with most floors.

They can clean the dog hair and are cost-efficient since you can use them for more than one time. The reusable cleaning pads’ majorities have high absorbency power and can work for both dry and wet mopping.

  • Consider your budget.

How much are you planning to spend on getting a good pet mop? The pet mops are sold at varying prices depending on the type, features, cleaning power and even brand. The mops that can do regular cleaning on the floor may cost between 10 to 20 dollars.

But, if you need a mop that can clean most surfaces, disinfects the floor, and have durable, reusable pads, then you may need to spend more money. For example, a good steam mop for pet hair may cost from 50 dollars and above.


7 Best Mop for Dog Hair Reviews

1. Best Overall – Microfiber Mop for Multiple Surfaces


  • Great for picking up pet hair and dirt
  • An aluminum handle with a sturdy metallic body
  • 360° head that gets under the tight spots
  • Works on all kinds of surfaces
  • It has replaceable and washable pads


  • The handle gets unscrewed as it gets older

mop for dog hair

If you have a dog and other pets, then it works best for you. Microfiber can clean all the surfaces efficiently ranging from hardwood to tile floors. It is made using quality materials with washable pads and strong aluminum alloy and a durable handle.

You can customize it for wet or dry mopping for cleaning wood, vinyl, tile, laminate, and hardwoods. It is also equipped with 2 scrubbing pads, 2 micro filler refile, a mop handle, and a mop head.

The washable microfiber pads and cleaning mops can be reused and replaced. This helps in saving money and it also protects the environment. The pads can be fixed on Velcro. Its diverse modes make it one of the best mops for cleaning dog hair.

It also has a metallic body and an aluminum handle, which makes it very strong. Additionally, the pole can be adjusted to a range of 30-60 inches depending on the preference.

It is also lightweight, which makes mopping easy. Moreover, its swiveling head can rotate 360° to help in cleaning under the furniture and tight spots. Its pad has unique fiber, which makes it a great tool for cleaning dog hairs.

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2. Affordable – Swiffer Dry and Wet Mop for Dog Hair Cleaning


  • Cleans the dirt and dog hair effectively
  • Cost-effective
  • Comes with freshness odor defense
  • The wet and dry cloths clean much faster
  • The clothes come with refills


  • Needs a longer handle

dry mop for pets

If you are looking for a cost-effective mop that can effectively help you in cleaning the dog hair then this is what you have been looking for. It is also very appropriate for smaller spaces.

Swiffer Mop is equipped with 3 wet cloths and 7 dry cloths, which can also be increased depending on your needs. It uses both the wet and dry mop to ensure the house is always clean.

Additionally, it is advisable to start with the wet mop to ensure all the undetachable fits are cleaned. Afterward, you can use the dry mop to make your floor smoother with no dog hair left on it.

It is cheap, but you will have to bit the refills. Generally, it is a good mop that is worth your money.

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3. 2-in-1 Mop – Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Vacuum


  • Effective cleaning with both steam mop and vacuum function
  • Drop-It tank emptying system for avoiding getting your hands dirty
  • Highly versatile
  • Powerful and comes with everything you need
  • Offers excellent adjustability
  • A compact storage option


  • Not very great for cleaning edges and corners

steam mop for pets vacuum

This is yet another effective mop that can clean the dog hair. The Bissell brand is indebted to support homeless pets. The effectiveness of this mop is quite impressive because it steams and vacuums at the same time to ensure no pet hair is left on the floor.

It has a dropping tank and emptying system that ensures you don’t get your hands dirty because everything has been done for you.

Additionally, it also has disposable pads and washable microfiber, which makes it easy when cleaning.

The cyclonic vacuum cleaner is very powerful, which ensures the pet air and debris are effectively cleaned.

It can perfectly complement your cleaning needs; hence it is worth your money.

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4. Safe to Use – Swiffer Sweeper Dry Mop for Dog Hair


  • Great for everyday use
  • Great on multiple surfaces
  • Worth the price
  • The pads are fluffy to ensure it traps most of the pet hair
  • Pleasant  fragrance


  • It doesn’t work on medium-pile carpet

swiffer sweeper for dog hair

This is a heavy-duty Swiffer product, which is ideal for cleaning pet hair. It can perfectly work on various surfaces because it is a multi sweeper mop.

Therefore, if the pet hair all scattered all over your household and your rooms have different flooring, then you will need this product to help you in cleaning the messy floors.

The fiber brushes are over 30 k, and they are 3D to ensure the tight spaces are not left out. This function makes it very effective when it comes to cleaning the dirt and let hair.

Additionally, if you have some smelly surfaces, you will get to enjoy the efficiency of the Febreze freshness odor defense, which ensures your clean surfaces are left smelling fresh.

Therefore, it is one of the best because it works greatly on finished hardwood floors, tile, and grout. It is important to store it well after use, especially where the children and pets can’t teach to prevent accidental ingestion.

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5. Robot Mop – Eufy Anker Robot Mop for Dog Hair on Hardwood Floors


  • Great suction power with extra vacuuming strength
  • Offers non-stop Cleaning
  • Triple filter system
  • It is equipped with multiple cleaning modes which make it efficient
  • Requires no attention
  • Large dust box
  • Easy to use
  • Quite when operating


  • No WiFi connection

robot mop for dog hair

This one of the best robot vacuum cleaners that is effective in cleaning pet hair. It has been designed to be the slimmest with quiet operation.

It also has powerful suction at 1300 pa and a speed of 10.5 in/s. It is very customizable since it can be scheduled for cleaning, even when you are not around.  Additionally, it allows you to access the functioning of the robot cleaner through your phone.

The BoostlQ technology increases the suction power automatically within 1.5 sec, especially instead where greater suction is required.

It can vacuum consistently for 100 minutes on hardwood floors without making too much noise. It is also equipped with some premium features such as drop sensing features to avoid falling on steep areas such as stairs.

It also has infrared sensors that help it to avoid obstacles and an anti-scratch glass cover. When you purchase this Robovac you will get a package with 5 cable ties, 4 side brushes, an extra set of high-performance filters, a cleaning tool, an AC power adapter, a charging base, and remote control.

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6. Most Durable – VAIIGO Microfiber Dust Flat Mop for Floor Cleaning


  • Dust mop for floor cleaning
  • Adjustable and sturdy handle
  • Durable quality
  • It has a 360° rotating mop head.
  • The Microfiber is made using quality material
  • Easy to use


  • No extra accessories included

dust mop for dog hair

VAIIGO Microfiber 360° works well with dogs’ hair because of the dust flat mop and hardwood floor mop. It has a stainless steel plate, which makes it durable and resistant to rust.

The mop covers are reusable and washable, which makes it more convenient and easy to use. They are made using a soft microfiber cleaning cloth that can ensure no debris is left on the floor.

The pads are being held firmly by the clips, which prevent them from getting detached during Cleaning.

Its durability is enhanced by the high-grade ABS plastic, aluminum mop frame, and stainless steel handle. It is also very adjustable because the mop head can rotate at an angle of 360°, making it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas such as the corners and beneath the furniture. The height of the mop can be adjusted to suit your needs, but the maximum height is 150 cm.

Check the Price on Amazon


7. Lightweight – Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Dog Hair


  • Cordless and lightweight for using
  • Great on most types of floors
  • Easy to use
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Uses brush roll self-cleaning
  • Offers better suction
  • Quieter


  • Not ideal for beginners

vacuum cleaner for pet

This is yet another cordless and maneuverable cleaner, which is very easy to use even down the stairs. It is maneuverable, which makes it appropriate for daily use. It has a vacuum and a wash, which makes it more convenient because you don’t require sweeping the floor before cleaning.

The spot mode allows you to remove stains easily and gives extra suction power. Additionally, it has dual tank technology that keeps clean and dirty water on separate compartments, which leaves your floor clean. It is safe to be on multiple floors, which makes it more reliable.

Check the Price on Amazon


How to Remove Dog Hair from Furniture and Clothes?

tips to clean dog hair on sofa

There are effective methods to remove pet hair from furniture and clothes without necessarily using water.

Some materials like velvet are pretty delicate when touched by moisture or if you use abrasive objects to remove stains and debris.


The best methods for cleaning furniture are with the use of rubber gloves and antistatic spray.

Using the

  • Using the rubber gloves

• Put on the gloves and wet them with water. Make sure not to put a lot of water on the gloves as this can affect their effectiveness and may damage your delicate sofas.

• Once you do so, rub the gloves on the surface with animal hair until all hair is removed from the furniture surface.

• Make sure to occasionally rinse your gloves once they are filled with animal hair.

• Repeat this on all furniture until you see no trace of animal hair.

  • Using anti-static spray

• In this method, you require soft microfiber clothe and a spray.

• Spray antistatic spray on the cloth and wipe the areas with animal hair to eliminate them. The antistatic spray has some magnet effect that efficiently traps the pet hair for easy removal.


Some clothing materials like corduroy, velvet, and velour tend to trap animal hair than fabrics like silk easily. So, it is crucial to avoid holding your pet when wearing clothes made with such materials.

But to eliminate pet hair from such materials, you can use a lint roller. (If you are not sure which one to buy, try Scotch-Brite Lint Roller)

Just roll the lint roller on the garment, and it will trap all the animal hair.

Make sure to work from one point, maybe from upward down, to ensure all the hair is removed and not spread on the garment.


What Material Does Dog Hair Not Stick to?

how to clean the mop after cleaning

Knowing the material that dog hair does not stick to help you keep your clothes tidy:


Leather is one of the materials resistant to pet hair. The leather materials are smooth; hence, they do not trap animal hair. The leather is easy to clean since the hair only settles on the surface. So, you can easily wipe off the pet hair from the surface.


Denim has a better hair-resistant level compared to some materials like velvet or corduroy. Again, the pet hair only sits on the surface of denim, making it easy to wipe off.


The linen fabrics are pretty smooth and have a slippery feeling, which prevents the pet hair from trapping on the materials’ surface. So, beddings made of linen are the best choice for pet beddings.


This is another quite slippery fabric, thus preventing the pet hair from sticking on it.


How to Control the Amount of Dog Hair Shedding?

Here are  5 effective ways you can use to prevent dog hair shedding:

Brush dog’s hair regularly

Brushing the dog regularly and with the right brush is one of the most effective methods to reduce hair falls. This method helps you eliminate the dead hair from the pet coat to prevent it from shedding on areas where dog access.

Brushing the dog also helps to circulate good oils to the skin for the growth of healthy fur.

It is recommendable that you brush your dog a couple of days every week. You can do it twice or thrice a week, depending on how often the dog sheds.

If you are looking for a brush for dog hair, check this out: Hertzko brush for pets.

Give dogs a bath

Grooming the dogs does not only entail brushing your dogs but also cleaning them.

Cleaning dogs is crucial since it helps eliminate fur that does not easily come off when you touch them.

Washing your dog with a good shampoo helps eliminate the dead coat and hair and spread healthy oil to the skin.

Invest in a good dog diet

Dogs are just like human beings, and they require healthy diets for better growth and development. So, even the diet you feed your dog will not entirely stop the shedding.

It somewhat ensures the dog has healthy hair growth that does not easily fall off. Make sure the diets that your dogs feed are balanced and have all nutrients, including proteins, fats, and carbs, for their strength.

Keep the dogs hydrated

Another healthy method of controlling the dogs shedding is ensuring they stay hydrated throughout. Taking water daily provides the dog’s coat is not too dry, thus keeping the skin firm.

Dehydration may also cause the hair follicles to weaken, resulting in constant hair fall. So, prevent this by ensuring the dog takes as much water as possible. The dog should take at least 1/8 cup of water daily.

Trim regularly

Trimming your dog hair is crucial as it paves the way for the growth of more healthy hair, helping to control shedding.

Trimming the fur involves brushing the dog hair, which will also help eliminate the dead hair.

Trimming can be done ones in a week, depending on the hair growth rate of your pet.



use vacuum steam mop lint roller to removee dog hair

How often should I replace my mop with dog hair?
This depends on how dirty the mop gets and how often you use it to clean the pet hair. Traditionally, it is recommendable that you replace a mop after a month if it gets dirty, but if you have to often clean the pet hair, you may have to replace it sooner.
Is it safe to use a cleaning solution on mops for dogs?
Yes! Sometimes the dogs may mess the floor, leaving a foul odor in the room. To make sure the floor is well cleaned and no smell is left, use cleaning solutions. However, if you are allergic to strongly scented cleaning solutions, opt for natural solutions like vinegar.
Can dust mop cleanout short pet hair on wooden floors?
Electrostatic dust mops are the best for cleaning pet hair, especially between the gaps on the hardwood floors. The microfiber cleaning pads on dust mops have little hooks for picking even the tiniest pet hair from the floors.
Should I use a vacuum or mop to clean dog hair on hardwood floors?
A mop with a microfiber cleaning pad is the best choice for cleaning hard floors with pet hair. This is because the mop has magnet-like features that quickly pick the floor’s hair, unlike the vacuum that may blow the hair around the room. Just make sure to dump the mop pad before cleaning partially.
Do I need a special mop for dog hair cleaning?
The best mops for cleaning floors with pet hair are the chenille mops and the mops made with microfiber cleaning pads. Such mops have the power to collect pet hair on the floor for easy cleaning.
Can Swiffer clean dog hair?
Swiffer works efficiently in sweeping, trapping, and locking the pet lying on the floor. They work quickly to clean pet hair more than other mops.



Dog hair is one of the factors that greatly contribute to allergies. Therefore, you need to have the best mop, which will effectively clean it from the surfaces. In this review, I have provided the top picks that you can buy depending on your needs and the budget. When buying them, ensure you purchase from the trusted retailer so that you receive a quality product.

Invade you find any faulty equipment upon purchase consider reaching out to their customer service so that they can do replacements.

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