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The 7 Best Mop For Dog Urine Reviews for 2022

Dogs are amazing, and having them in our homes is just a blessing, except when you have to clean up their mess, such as urine and all kinds of stuff. Therefore, you need an ideal mop to help with the work efficiently.

This article is going to highlight everything you need to know about the best mop for your dog’s urine. Hence you will make informed decisions when making a purchase.

Top Recommendations:

No time to check each of them? No worries, pick the following mops.

Great vacuum mop to remove the dog hair from floors and carpet: Bissell Symphony. Click here to buy.

Remove all the dog urine and smell without too much water: O Cedar Microfiber Mop. Click here to buy.

What to Looking for when Choosing a Mop for Dog Urine?

cleaning dog urine mop

When it comes to choosing a mop, there are various factors that you need to consider. They include:

  • Material

A material to consider is a mop made of cotton yarn. A cotton yarn mop can help you clean areas dog urine thoroughly and is quite durable.

Viscose yarn and polyester is a common blend that is used with mop heads. It is quite cheap and highly absorbs water and dirt when cleaning.

The good thing about the polyester yarn material is that it is also durable and can easily collect dog hair as well.

When selecting the right mop for your dog’s urine, you not only need durable fabric, but you also want an absorbent fabric that will get the job done effortlessly. When your mop is able to absorb all the urine easily, this ensures your home is clean and free from smells.


When you have a dog for a pet, you will need the perfect cleaning mop in case they pee all over the place. Find a mop that easily absorbs the urine and dries up the floor real fast. High absorbency and quick-drying are vital features in the best mop for dog urine.


You will require a mop that is easy to carry around. Consider the portability of the mop you will buy which is determined by lightweight construction and a long chord. These enhance portability as it will be easy to carry and cover a wide area.

Cleaning area

The most favorable mop for cleaning dog urine from your floors is the steam mop. This mop enables you to clean your floors with ease and does not leave any dirt or smell.

When in need of cleaning dog pee from your carpet, find the best mop for this. Getting a spray mop is an excellent idea as it works effectively in cleaning dog urine and pee from carpets.


Why Steam Mops Good Are Good to Clean Pet Urine?

You can definitely use a steam mop to clean pet urine, and it can do a good job.

To use a steam mop, you first need to heat the water inside the reservoir up to 120 degrees Celsius. Most steam mops only have one dry steam jet that moistens the microfiber put underneath. However, some steam mops have 15 dry steam jets.

The main objective of the steam is to soak the pad, and the dirt is taken from the ground. Compared to regular mops, steam mops tend to remove residue from the floor, and they mostly clean all the dirt. It is believed that the heat coming from the steam of the mop can kill up 99% of dust mites and bacteria.

The advantage of using steam mops is that they can disinfect floors, kill dust mites, remove stains, and restore shine. Some steam mops have a two-sided flip mop head that enables you to clean thoroughly and twice as much before considering changing its pad. However, you shouldn’t use steam mops to clean urine odors from the upholstery or your carpet.


Top 7 Best Mop for Dog Urine Reviews

Here are the top 7 best mops for dog urine reviews.

Steam Mops

1. Best Overall – Bissel Powerfresh Pet Steam Mop for Dog Urine


  • Clean across hard floors
  • Inbuilt scrubber for tough stains
  • A deluxe mop pad kit
  • Comes with scent waters and spring breeze fragrance discs
  • User-friendly


  • It consumes electricity more

steam mop for dog urine

The best mops are made of unique and efficient features, and the Bissel Powerfresh pet steam mop is one of them. It provides safe cleaning for homes with pets. Therefore, that makes it a suitable and best mop for dog urine cleaning.

The mop’s design makes it user-friendly and efficient since you can easily tackle pet messes faster. It comes with scent discs that help eliminate the smell of pet odors, and it can clean across hard floors without much strain.

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2. Most Budget – Shark S3501 Pocket Steam Mop


  • It easily tackles germs
  • Washable and reusable
  • Two-sided cleaning
  • Very affordable price for a steam mop


  • A little bit heavy

affordable mop for dog urine

If you are looking for a budget-friendly cleaning mop, the Shark S3501 pocket steam mop is an excellent option to check out. It allows you to clean and sanitize on both sides and offers steam on demand.

It guarantees 99 percent sanitization, and it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals for cleaning. The mop is quite unique since it quickly transforms water into heated steam to remove grime and dirt. It is quite an efficient mop for the budget. You will get the job done like a pro and you do not have to break a bank to own it.

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3. 2 in 1 Mop – Bissell Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop for Multiple Purposes


  • 13 Versatile Tools that can be used for different purposes
  • Comes with a grout tool
  • An extension hose
  • Features bristle scrub brushes
  • Comes with a flat scraping tool


  • A bit heavy than others

bissell powerfresh pet steam mop

Another best mop for dog urine cleaning is the Bissell lift-off pet steam mop that is ideal to use for multiple purposes. It is a 2-in-1 pet steam mop that comes with a removable handheld steamer.

Not only is it easy to use the mop, but it’s also quite affordable. The mop also provides a safer and easier way of cleaning homes with pets.

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4. For Dog Hair – Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Vacuum


  • Drop-It Tank Emptying System for hands-free emptying
  • Handy for pet messes
  • Great for many types of floor
  • Comes with both disposable and washable mop pads
  • Powerful for cleaning floors


  • The cord is a bit short

best vacuum for dog urine

The good thing about Bissell products is that they are high-quality and efficient. The Bissell pet steam mop and vacuum is the best mop for dog urine to consider. With this vacuum mop, you can vacuum and steam your floors. The mop has a drop-it tank system that prevents you from getting dirty.

It enables you to save time, and the disposable mop pads make your work easier because you can clean the pet messes. The Bissell symphony pet steam mop and vacuum can also clean across all hard floors easily.

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Traditional Mops

5.For Dog Odor – O Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Mop with Bucket


  • Specially designed for cleaning corners easily
  • Easy to spin
  • Features a splash guard
  • A flexible mop head


  • The size of the mop head may not suitable for cleaning large areas

spin Mop for dog urine

The O Cedar Wring microfiber with bucket mop is an excellent tool for cleaning dog urine in your home. It features an exclusive bucket design with a built-in wringer that enables you to wring hands-free. The deep-cleaning microfiber absorbs and removes tough stains.

Additionally, it has a high-quality foot pedal included for activating spin wringing, which allows you to control the moisture level. The splash guard has been designed to keep the splash and spray inside the bucket when you’re wringing.

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6. Premium Quality – Turbo Microfiber Mop for Dog Urine on Wood Floor


  • Can be used for both wet and dry cleaning
  • Provides faster cleaning
  • High-quality microfiber pad
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with deep clean scrub pads


  • Not found

easy to use mop for dog urine

If you are looking for a cost-effective mop for cleaning dog urine, the Turbo Microfiber mop is an ideal option to consider. It is a premium quality mop that can help you easily clean dirt and tough stains.

The mop offers the best value thanks to its aluminum handle and strong metal head that is quite large. What makes this mop suitable is its eco-friendly nature, and it’s also effortless to wash. It is lightweight and has the right size.

Check the Price on Amazon


7. Long Cord – Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mop for Dog Urine


  • Safe for different types of floors
  • Features cloth grippers
  • 360-degrees swivel head
  • It offers an easy grip
  • Comes with 7 dry cloths and 3 wet cloths


  • Not for tough stains

swiffer sweeper wet dry mop dog

The Swiffer sweeper is a two-in-one cleaning tool that you can conveniently use in your home to clean pet messes. It features a dry cloth with deep ridges and grooves that stick on the surface of your floors while cleaning and ensure they remove all the stains and dirt.

The mop traps and dissolves grime and dirt, which provides you with an efficient way to clean. It offers 3X cleaning power and includes a 360-degree swivel head.

Check the Price on Amazon


How to Remove Dog Pee on Wood Floors?

1. Mix white vinegar with water to come up with a cleaning solution. This is the cleaning solution you will be using.

2. Take your spray mop and spray this solution on the urinated area. Let the solution sink in before rubbing it off the floor.

3. Clean the solution after five minutes, and there you have your clean wood floors that don’t have any urine odor.

4. Make sure you leave the floors dry for the safety of everyone in the house.

5. Note that vinegar is a better cleaning solution as it helps get rid of the stench the dog urine leaves.


What Can I Do to Kill the Odor of Dog Urine?

best mop for dog urine

As a pet owner, you know that you have to deal with your pet’s urine odor once in a while. Getting rid of dog urine odor is not just a simple task; it involves a lot of work, which is why making sure you’re doing it right is essential. There are various ways of getting rid of dog urine odor. Check them out below:

1. Consider soaking it up

One way of getting rid of dog urine odor is to consider soaking it up. You can use a paper towel or your mop to soak up the urine as much as possible quickly.

If the dog urine is on your carpet or fabric, try to use strong pressure and blot the area until you ensure that it’s completely dry.

2. Use baking soda

Another option for killing the odor of dog urine is to use baking soda. Baking soda is known for neutralizing odors and can serve as an excellent option.

You need to sprinkle it on the damp area or an old urine stain, and then gently work the powder into the carpet, fabric, or rug.

3. Try to keep it dry

Another ideal option to kill dog urine odor is to keep it dry. Urine smell is much stronger when it is fresh. Therefore, after cleaning the urine, the next thing you need to do is to ensure that you completely dry the area to kill the smell.

4. Consider wet vacuuming

When you have an old stain in your carpet that produces a bad odor, it is essential to consider a strong cleaning option.

Wet-vacuuming can really come in handy for this. You should only consider using cold water because high temperatures can bond the urine to the carpet or fabric and make it impossible to remove.

Consider also adding an enzymatic cleaner to help break down the proteins that are causing the odor.


How to Remove Dog Urine Smell from Mop After Cleaning?

1. Buy vinegar and baking soda as they are the best products to use in this case.

2. Take a bucket, mix a cup of vinegar and two spoons of baking soda into it.

3. Add water into this mixture and mix it well to ensure that the solution is ready for the job ahead.

4. Take your mop and put it inside the bucket and let it stay there for a day to remove the dog urine odor from it.

5. Vinegar and baking soda will ensure that the mop does not smell anything like dog urine.

6. Now you have a clean mop to use around your house.

How to Protect My Floor from Dog Pee?

1. There are different floor finishing products you can use to keep your floors safe from damage from dog pee. The finish you use will act as a layer that will protect your floor.

2. Keep an eye on your dog now and then to make sure you know where they have urinated. This will help you clean up the mess before it becomes a problem.

3. Use mats on areas your dog visits a lot. These mats will keep dog pee away from your floors.

4. Mopping dog urine fast is also an effective way of keeping your different floors safe from dog pee.



1. What floor cleaner can I use to clean dog pee?

To manage cleaning dog pee off your floor, you don’t need harsh chemical-based cleaning solutions. Using vinegar or baking soda will do the trick for you. These two products are the best cleaners where dog urine is involved, as they are both safe for dogs and humans. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners or bleaching agents.



The best mop for dog urine highly depends on your budget and preferences. However, it is crucial to consider the features that a mop offers before deciding to purchase it. What you need is something that will certainly offer you great value for your money, but it should also get the job done flawlessly.

The most preferable mop for your dog’s urine should be able to absorb urine easily such that you maintain your home clean at all times. We hope our review has shed some light on your decision to buy the right mop for your dog’s urine.

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