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Choosing The Best Mop For Laminate Floors

June 6, 2016

Laminate flooring is a beautiful option for a modern home. It provides the rich look of real wood or tile without the high price tag or difficult upkeep.

3 Best Mops For Laminate Floors Reviews

#1. Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor / Dust Mop
#2. BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop
#3. O-Cedar Dual Action Microfiber Flip Mop

Keeping your floors looking great, however, means taking proper care of them. With laminate flooring, that includes regularly sweeping and mopping to remove any dirt or debris that winds up on the surface of the flooring.

By doing this, you can help minimize scratches or wear on the surface of the flooring, keeping it looking like new for longer. Because flooring is so expensive, it is worth doing everything in your power to help it last as long as possible.

What You Should Know About Laminate Flooring Mop?

One of the keys to keeping your floor in great shape is to invest in the right type of mop for laminate flooring.

With so many different styles of mops out there, it can be hard to know which one will work best on your floor. Because of that, it is worth taking some time to learn more about which mop is best for laminate floors. This will help ensure that you choose a mop that does the job right without causing any accidental damage.

One of the key things to understand when it comes to cleaning laminate flooring is that water can damage the floor. That means that you need to choose a mopping system that uses as little water as possible. If you apply too much water to your flooring, it can cause it to warp or peel, permanently ruining it.

To avoid these problems, you should aim for damp mopping rather than wet mopping. This will still allow you to remove dirt and grime but won’t damage your floors.

Microfiber mops are ideally suited to this type of mopping. They are extremely absorbent and require very little water in order to effectively mop the floor.

Before you grab a bucket and start dipping the mop in, however, there may be a better way to go about cleaning your floors.

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Here is a best recommend microfiber mops for you check:

Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor / Dust Mop

 – Under $40 -with a washable pad, save money than buy swiffer wet pad

Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor Dust Mop with a Washable Pad

  • The mop pads are great for laminate, tile or hardwood, so it has the versatility to do a great job on any hard surface floor in your home.
  • The pads can also be used as a sweeper broom. You can use your own cleaner or soap for mopping, so there is no need to go out and purchase new cleaning products if you already have some.

Tips to Clean The Laminate Floors in Best Way

-Clean dirt

The first step is to remove all traces of loose dirt, crumbs, or other particles from the surface of your flooring. If any of these items remain behind, they will simply mix with the water and cause your floor to get dirty again after you mop it.

Chances are, your first inclination is to reach for a broom to clean up these particles. While a broom will get the job done, there are better options out there. A dust mop, for instance, is designed to attract even the smallest particles of dust and dirt, leaving your floor sparkling clean after you run it over the surface.

You can also choose a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for use on hard flooring. Again, this will remove all traces of dirt or crumbs, preparing the surface for mopping.

Once you have used a dust mop or vacuum on the floor, you can then turn to mopping. Traditionally, mopping involves dipping the mop in a bucket of water and pushing it around the floor.

With laminate flooring, however, this can result in too much water getting on the surface of the floor. ( Special collection of Best Reviewed Dust Mops Easily To Use)

A better option is to fill a spray bottle with water and a cleaner specifically designed for laminate flooring. Be sure not to make this mix too strong or your floors will feel sticky after you mop them.

Instead, put far more water than cleaner in the bottle. Chances are you will be amazed at how powerful the cleaning mixture can still be even without a lot of cleaning fluid in it. For convenience, you can try Best Spray Mops for easy cleaning.

-Start with corner

Next, start in one corner of your room. Spray the floor with the cleaning solution, covering an area that is several feet across in both directions. Use the microfiber mop to scrub away any stains and soak up the water that you just sprayed. Continue this process around the entire floor until you have covered the whole surface.

This will allow you to remove any stains or dirt on the floor without a lot of water. Ideally, the areas that you mop should dry within just a few minutes, minimizing the chances of causing any damage to the flooring.

What it really boils down to is that the best mop for laminate floors is a mop that uses very little water. This is why microfiber mops are such a great choice. If you want clean your laminate floors in quick and easy way, there is a hard-floor-safe steam mop for you reference:

BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop

– Top over 5000 sales, and Under $90 –

Top sale BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Steam MopWhy People Choose This Mop?
Safe on hard floorsGently cleans and sanitizes sealed hardwood, tile, stone, marble, ceramic, linoleum and laminate flooring, SmartSet Steam Control for light cleaning to heavy messes.

If you have a tight budget, you can try this best affordable floor mop in cheap price:

O-Cedar Dual Action Microfiber Flip Mop

Damp/Dry All Surface Mop – Less Than $20

O-Cedar Dual Action Microfiber Flip Mop Damp n Dry All Surface Mop

Why We Recommend This Model?

* The dual-action microfiber flip mop is eco-friendly and machine washable up to 100 times
* This mop’s dense blue chenille side is especially great for pet hair pickup and sweeping
* Dual-action flip mops white microfiber side features scrubbing strips that allow for deep Laminate floor cleaning

Our Best pick:

BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop

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