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Best Mop for Pet Hair – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

With different brands and designs available in today’s market, choosing the best mop for pet hair can be relatively challenging, particularly among newbies.

As a result, we decided to do the heavy lifting and come up with some of the best mops for pet hair you can find in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for a mop for pet hair, we strongly advise that you settle for one of these products.

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A versatile mop to sweep, mop, vacuum as well as filtrate: bObsweep Robot Vacmop

For pet hair equipped with a machine-washable mop pad: ITSOFT Electrostatic Dust Mop

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for quick charging: Shark Cordless Vacuum Mop

Quick heat-up time within 30 seconds to neutralize odor: Bissell 19404 Steam Mop

What are the different types of pet hair mops?

1. Dust mop

Dust mops for pet hair are equipped with long-handle, which makes them very effective when it comes to cleaning areas that a bit challenging to access.

Dust mops are often highly-versatile can be used to clean different types of floors as well as high ceilings, high places, and walls with the utmost ease.

When looking for a dust mop for removing pet hair, you should consider investing in one that is designed from microfiber. This allows it to attract all dust and pet hair, making it easy to clean a large surface area with a single swipe.

Luckily, here are our perfect dust mop – O Cedar dust mop for pet owners

2. Robot Vacuum Mop

A robot vacuum is often designed to clean your floor automatically; this means you don’t have to control it in any way.

Furthermore, they are highly versatile when it comes to cleaning different types of floors, including carpets, hardwood as well as a corral of pets.

Unlike other mops available in the market, robot vacuum mops have been designed to interact with your pets as it cleans. This allows your pet to be entertained as the robot vacuum the floor and get rid of your pet’s hair.

Furthermore, different robot vacuum mop comes equipped with plenty of extra features. Some of these features make the robot nearly as efficient in cleaning as an upright vacuum cleaner.

3. Dry Mop

When it comes to getting rid of pets’ hair, there is no mop that does it perfectly other than a dry mop. Removing your pet hair does not require the use of water; this means that a dry mop is a perfect mop for carrying out this particular task.

Also referred to as dust mop, dry mops can be used in cleaning effectively different types of floors from hardwoods to carpet floors.

It basically entails sweeping; instead of using a broom, a dry mop will effectively sweep and remove some stubborn debris such as a pet’s hair. You can take Turbo microfiber mop into consideration

4. Microfiber Mop

If you are looking for the most effective and easiest way of removing your pet’s hair, we strongly recommend the use of a microfiber mop. Furthermore, most mops for pet hair are designed using microfiber due to their effectiveness in attracting dust.

Therefore, a microfiber mop is a fast and cost-effective way of cleaning your floor and removing pet hair with the utmost ease.

A microfiber mop allows you to perform a comprehensive cleaning process while minimizing the amount of effort you will need to apply.

In addition to removing pet’s hair, microfiber mop features an incredible absorbency; this allows you to use less water in cleaning larger surface area.


What to look for when buying the best mop for pet hair?

best mop for pet hair reviews

As a pet owner, you have to accept that they will have to shed their hair all over your house. However, accepting it does not mean that they don’t have to clean. Having your home clean should always be your top priority, and to achieve this, you will require the best mop for pet hair.

With different types available in the market, choosing the best can be challenging. Therefore, you will need to factor in these tips when choosing the best mop for pet hair:

1. Pads

There are two types of pads; attached and disposable. If it is detachable, the pad can be reusable.

When it comes to pads, the vital thing you need to consider is the quality of the material used. Usually, pads are designed from microfiber; however, microfiber tends to differ in quality.

A high-quality pad will get rid of pet hair with utmost ease while the less quality mop will push it aside. Furthermore, mops come equipped with dry and wet pads. When cleaning pet hair, it is recommended that you use a dry mop and wet mop is ideal for getting rid of germs.

The disposable pads tend to be good; however, they often fill very soon, and they are not eco-friendly. Therefore, it is best to invest in a machine-washable microfiber pad that you can reuse for an extended period.

2. Head size

As an individual with a small house or has lots of furniture, a narrow base head will be your best option. However, if you require to cover a larger surface area, you should consider using a headed base since it will make your work pretty much easier.

When the ratio of the head increases, you will be able to cover more area in one stride, which results in a much faster cleaning process. If you don’t have large plain areas, this plan might be less effective.

3. Handle

There is no doubt that mops tend to be very long, and you will need to use them in cleaning even the hard-to-reach corners. Therefore, it is vital to have a handle with a good grip and relatively easy to move around.

Having a lightweight mop tends to essential; having a better grip is more vital, allowing you to access some of the toughest corners.

4. Body or pole

Well, the length of your mop’s pole is one of the vital aspects you need to factor in when purchasing a high-quality mop.

Not all mops are equipped with adjustable height or length. Therefore, you should consider looking for mops equipped with extendable length allowing it to adjust to your height. This allows you to choose the best height to work with.

5. Velcro

Detachable pads are equipped with Velcro which allows it to detach as well as attach.

Therefore, you should consider checking if the Velcro is capable of holding the pad tight enough. They tend to loosen up sometimes, which makes it a bit difficult to swipe.

6. Mop heads

In addition to microfiber pads, you might as well find cotton mops or yarn mops which tend to be very good when it comes to clearing pets’ hair.

However, when using this material, you should consider reading the instruction to see if they are capable of doing so.


Reviews of the 6 best mops for pet hair cleaning

1. Best smart – bObsweep Robot Vacmop with Self-charging Function

bobsweep pethair mop

Versatile design

The bObsweep pet hair robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best mops for pet hair, and it features a highly versatile design.

With this pet hair mop, you can sweep, mop, vacuum as well as filtrate. This makes the cleaning process relatively easy and effective. It features an incredible capacity that holds up to 1100 ml of dirt, including pet hair and dust.

Works on different materials

If you are looking for a mop that will get rid of pet hair on any surface, then bObsweep Pet Hair Robot Vacuum Cleaner will be your best option. This vacuum cleaner works perfectly on tiles, carpets as well as hardwood floors.


The best part of using this product is that it features automatic self-charging. This means that it will automatically start charging when the battery runs low.


This robot vacuum cleaner features a 7-day programmable cleaning schedule. This makes the whole cleaning process relatively easy.

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2. With Adjustable Pole – ITSOFT Electrostatic Dust Mop for Pet Hair

electrostatic dust mop for pet hair


The ITSOFT microfiber hardwood floor mop comes equipped with an adjustable length which makes the best option for tall individuals.

Furthermore, the adjustable-height allows you to access some of the hard-to-reach corners such as under the furniture and high corners.

Relatively easy to maneuver

This floor mop is equipped with a rotating joint that is made of high-grade ABS, giving you a flexible rotation.

In addition to that, it features a durable design frame along with an easy-to-clip design.

Highly versatile

If you are looking for a mop that is designed to last for an extended period, then the ITSSOFT will be the perfect option for you. This floor mop is designed with a durable steel handle and ABS plastic.

In addition to that, it features both wet or dry cleaning, making it possible on cleaning different types of the floor with this floor mop including concrete floor, laminate, hardwood, tile and stones.

Machine washable

This mop for pet hair comes equipped with a machine-washable mop pad.

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3. For Dual Side Cleaning – INCLEAN 18″ Floor mop with Head Rotation

best microfiber mop for pet hair

Easy to assemble

Some mops feature a challenging installation process; however, that is not the case with INCLEAN floor mops. This mope comes with a correctly assembled pad and pole along with a clean PE bag.

Cleans effectively

This floor is very effective when it comes to cleaning and getting rid of pet hair. The best part is that it cleans perfectly with or without detergents. Its pad features an impressive absorbency rate.

Ergonomic design

It features a 360 degrees mop head frame which makes it relatively easy to access hard-to-reach corners and clean corners from different angles.

Highly versatile

This floor mop works easy and very effective on different types of floor surfaces.

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4. With disposable pad – Shark VM252 Cordless Powerful Vacuum Mop 

shark vacuum for pet hair cleaning

Powerful suction

Shark vacuum mop comes equipped with a powerful suction along with spray mop, allowing you to complete the cleaning process in a single pad.

The powerful suction gets rid of debris and dirt, including a pet’s hair with the utmost ease.


This vacuum mop features a cordless design. It comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery along with a magnetic charger for easy and quick charging. The cordless design helps to boost maneuverability.

No maintenance

There is no filter or maintenance required; all that is required of you is to replace the pad using the Shark Mop Pad refills, and you will be good to go.

Disposable pad

It features a disposable Vacmop pad allowing you to vacuum everything that other pads push around.

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5. For Deep Cleaning – Bissell 19404 Steam Mop Cleaner 

cheap steam mop for pet hair

Cleans effectively

Sanitize your floor with Bissell steam mop which kills up to 99.9% of germs thanks to the PowerFresh Steam. In addition to that, it shines on your floor; this has been made possible by the in-built easy scrubber microfiber mop pad.

Fully customizable

The best part of using this mop for removing per hair is that you can customize your cleaning with SmartSet digital variable steam control.

Eliminates odor

When using this steam mop, you will be able to neutralize odor using odor eliminating fragrance discs that are equipped in the mop.

Generates steam within a short period

It only takes 30 seconds for the Bissell steam mop to start producing steam. This helps in saving a significant amount of time as you perform your cleaning routine.

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6. Best sale – O-Cedar ProMist MAX Highly-absorbent  Spray Mop

best sale microfiber spray mop for dog hair


The O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop is equipped with a deep-cleaning microfiber that gets rid of up to 99% of bacteria without using any chemical.


This microfiber features a double-sided microfiber mop head that flips hence allowing you to clean your floor at a much faster rate without the need of changing your mop pad.

Refillable design

It is equipped with a bottle that is refillable with water, and you can add 2 small teaspoons of your cleaning solution, and you will be ready to clean your floor.

Highly versatile The best part of using this spray mop is that you can clean using either dry or wet option. This allows you to deep clean your floors and gets rid of all pet hair and dust with the utmost ease.

This spray mop comes equipped with a reusable mop pad. Furthermore, the mop pad is relatively easy to clean since it is machine washable.

Check the Price on Amazon


How to Clean up Pet Hair with a Mop?

best price mop for pet hair

Removing pet hair can be challenging when you don’t have the right tools. However, with the right tools, the whole process becomes relatively easy. Therefore, in this section, we shall be discussing how to clean up pet hair with a mop.

Different flooring requires a different cleaning process. For those with laminate, hardwood or tile floor, you should consider doing is use a dry mop to remove the pet’s hair from the flow. This method is said to be much more effective compared to using a broom.

When using a dry mop, you will be able to clean effectively since the electrostatic properties of the mop will act as a magnet which will then attract your pet’s hair from the floor.

However, suppose you are an individual who lives in a wet climate. In that case, you should consider using a dampened mop since the static electricity in this region is not high due to the dampness in the surrounding area.

If you have a hardwood floor, you will find out that it offers lots of space of your pet hair to hide. You will need a useful tool that will help you solve this issue with ease.

An electrostatic dust mop is considered as the best option since it will be able to remove all pet hair that is hiding between gaps of your hardwood floor.

When cleaning baseboards, you might consider using dryer sheets. Here, electrostatic comes to the rescue once again. As an individual with a pet, using a dryer sheet is by far one of the best cleaning hacks, you can use to remove a pet’s hair at the baseboards.

The dryer sheet will recharge your baseboard, which makes it anti-static. This means that it is less likely to collect dust as well as pet hair in the future, allowing it to stay clean for an extended period.


What Is the Best Way to Clean Dog Hair Off Hardwood Floors?

When it comes to cleaning dog hair off hardwood floors, you should consider adhering to these vital steps;

1. The first thing you should consider doing is using a dry mop rather than a broom. A dry mop will attract dirt and a pet’s hair while a broom will just roll them on your floor.

2. If you don’t have a dry mop, then you should consider using a vacuum cleaner.

3. With the right tools present, you will start by cleaning all the open areas where your pet’s hair is visible.

4. With that done, you will go ahead and clean beneath your furniture and all tough-to-access corners where your dog’s hair can accumulate.

5. When working in a relatively stubborn area, a slightly wet mop will do the trick for you.

By far, this is the best way to clean your dog’s hair on hardwood floors.


Final verdict

If you are looking for the best mop for pet hair, we strongly recommend that you choose one from the above-discussed models.

The mops discussed in this article are not only affordable but also some of the best you can find in today’s market. As we come to a conclusion, we hope that you find this article helpful.


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