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7 Best Mop for Pets Reviews 2022

When you have pets in your home, you will always have a lot of messy stuff on your floor and carpets. Pets tend to be more playful, and with anything they eat, they may dirty your room a lot. The pets do also shade a lot of hair, which is cleaning trouble.

Luckily there are quality mops to deal with this problem. You need to get a mop cleaner that is capable of getting rid of the long and short furs to make your floor sparkling clean.

Most mops can clean your room but will not be able to get rid of all the dirt. In the article below, we are going to tackle some of the best mops for pets to deal with this mess. Without further ado, we are going to get started.

best mop for pets

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In a hurry? Pick a mop from our top recommendations!

With scrubby microfiber for soft surfaces: Bissell Mop

2 in 1 to vacuum and steam at the same time: Bissell CrossWave Mop

trap and locks technique on the sweeping cloth with a rough surface: Swiffer Dry Mop

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Mop for Pets?

In choosing the best mop for cleaning your house where you live with your pets, you should consider a lot of factors. Your pets will always shed hair that will make your house very dirt. You need to be hygienic as the hair spreads germs and may be dangerous for your kids.

Before buying a mop, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of mop pad do you want?

They are attached to the head of the mop. They can be reusable or disposable after use. Some of the mops are usually made of microfibers, which significantly differ in quality. Some remain intact after use, and others spread aside.

The mop usually comes with wet and dry mop pads. You have to consider this to get the right quality pad mops.

  • Do you have a large/small cleaning area?

If you are living in a small house, you will need a small mop. This mop will be able to reach all the spaces in your house, getting rid of all the pet’s hair and dirt.

The head size is important such that if you are cleaning a large surface, you need a mop with a brooder head. You do not need something heavy to give you difficulty in moving around.

  • Do you need the deodorization function?

Apart from shedding the hair in your house, pets also tend to mess around, leaving a bad smell. In some cases, even cleaning the messes with usual solutions does not eliminate the odor.

Hence, the need to get a mop can eliminate the bad smell. Such mops are equipped with a solution cartridge that holds the deodorizing solution such that it sprays the deodorizer at the same time it releases the cleaning solution.

Still, some mop models like steam mops work magic in neutralizing the pet odor to get rid of it entirely.

  • Do your pets make a lot and tough mess to clean?

dog mess to clean on floors

The nature of the stains should be a factor to consider when choosing a pet mop. If your pet tends to make large and tough stains that cannot easily be wiped off, you need a powerful mop to penetrate through the surface to loosen the stain for easy cleaning.

For example, a mop with a swivel or spinning head and a cleaning pad with a scrubbing effect will work correctly for such types of stains.

  • Is a comfortable handle vital to you?

You should never compromise your comfort when cleaning with a mop. So, always check the handle’s length and structure to make sure it will offer comfort.

The mop handles are made in different sizes, and some are even adjustable to accommodate most users, even the tall individuals. If possible, choose a mop with a handle that adjusts in length, or choose a mop with a long handle with an ergonomic grip.

  • What your flooring types are?

Not every mop is safe for all floors. Some floors such as unfinished hardwood floors require dry cleaning mode since they can easily get damaged by wetness, while others are safe for wet cleaning.

Therefore, consider the safety of your floor when choosing a mop for cleaning. If the floor requires dry cleaning mode, select a mop that offers a dry or dust mopping job.

Such mops are equipped with a microfiber cleaning pad with a swivel head for easy mopping or dusting the floor without using much water. A spray mop can also work for hardwood floors since you get to control the amount of cleaning solution released.

  • Do you value lightweight mop?

Last and not least, your comfort when cleaning the floor is something worth considering. The lightweight mop is convenient to work with since you can quickly move it around the rooms to clean and does not feel too bulky on your hands.

Therefore, make sure to choose a mop that is light for portability and your comfort when cleaning.


Top 7 Best Mop for Pets Reviews

1. Best Overall – Bissell 19404 Powerfresh Pet Steam Mop for Masses

bissell mop for pets

In getting your floor sparkling that there are no dirt, dust, and stains, this cleaner would do your trick. It can sanitize and clean all your floors, either ceramic tile, linoleum, and hardwood floor. This cleaner would eliminate 99.99 percent of the bacteria and germs, leaving your floor good for your pets.

With your floor clean after using it would be the perfect playground for your pet. If your pet made a mess of staining your floor or carpet. Using this cleaner is good for you as it can get the stained particles off two times faster,

It has an inbuilt easy scrubber pad that can be used to remove dirt and stains from the hard fabric surfaces as your carpets. The scrubby microfiber pad can be used on soft surfaces, and it will do the trick of eliminating all the dirt.

The cleaner power usage rate is at 1500 watts. Additionally, you have a digital smart control fitted that is used to control the amount of steam coming out for cleaning purposes.

If the stains are giving a lousy odor, then it has a fragrance disc. The fragrance will mix with the steam making your house smell good. You always want your house free of the pet’s fur, and this cleaner will surely get the job done.

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2. All in One – Bissell 2306 CrossWave Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

pet vacuum cleaner and mop

If you are cleaning a house to ensure that you save time in undertaking everything faster, this machine is your partner. You can mop and vacuum to remove the pet’s fur, dirt, and other particles. Apart from cleaning your house when you buy one of these ten dollars will be donated to a pet foundation to help save their lives.

Bissell Pet Pro has a swivel heal that ensures maneuvering around the house is an easy task. This will also enable you to clean and remove dirt in any direction. You get a 25 feet long power cord that allows you to clean a large area without having to disconnect the machine.

It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and maneuver. It is efficient in cleaning different floor surfaces like hardwood, linoleum, rubber, floor mats, and ceramic tile floor.

The machine can be effective in getting rid of your pet’s hair without wrapping it around the brush. If the pet’s hair was to wrap on the brush, it might cause malfunctioning of the cleaner.

It consists of two tanks that are a clean water tank with a capacity of 28 ounces and a dirty water tank with a capacity of 14.5 ounces. This is to ensure clean water is always used for any cleaning purpose.

Besides, this cleaner is effective in picking up any pet’s hair, dirt and has two brush rolls that can be used in straightening the pet’s hair also.

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3. Nice to Pet Owners – Swiffer Dry Mop for Pet Hair and Urine

sweeper dry mop pet for floor

Swiffer Mop is a less costly cleaning item that will assist you in getting any pet’s mess cleaned up. The dry mop equipment can be efficient in getting the pet’s hair, dirt, and allergens off your floor. It utilizes the trap and locks technique on the sweeping cloth with a rough surface to do its work.

When you have friends over you, don’t want them to leave with dirt in their clothes or be uncomfortable with a bad odor. The sweeping cloth is filled with fragrance that will leave your room fresh and smelling nice.

Additionally, this fragrance is to get rid of any pet’s odor that can make your home uncomfortable.

This Swiffer has 52 different cleaning cloths that will make your cleaning work more comfortable. They are disposable, which means eco-friendliness is key in the making of this product. You will have the Swiffer sweeper that can be used with this cloth to get rid of any pet’s hair, or dirt.

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4. Most Multifunctional – Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Vacuum

pet steam mop and vaccuum

What would be better than having a machine that ensures the cleanest floors in your home ever? The Bissell company ensures it makes high-quality cleaning products.

With this cleaner, you can clean and vacuum at the same time. Vacuuming will help in picking the pet’s hair, dirt, and other particles off the floor and cleaning to ensure it is sparkling clean.

It is fitted with a system of emptying the dirt that is called the drop in its system. This system will prevent you from getting your hands dirty in trying to get rid of the dirt collected. The dirt tank is always moisture-free. With the dry tank technology, it keeps water out to ensure easy disposal of waste without sticking on the walls.

There are disposable pads that can be used to clean the mess left that you are needed to throw away. If for example, your dog is sick and it vomits or has diarrhea, a mess left may require you to throw away the cleaning item.

You can also add fragrance in the cleaning water to ensure the bad scent of the dog’s mess is cleared. There are the soft pad and the scrubby pad used for mopping that one can reuse as they are washable. Besides, this product sale supports a pet foundation. The foundation provides a home to homeless pets.

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5. Detachable – Bissell Lift-Off Steam Mop with Handheld Cleaner

steam mop for pets

This is a high-quality product that you can have for cleaning your floor. The pets in your home will always create a mess, especially in the hidden spaces, and you need something to clean with. With the use of steam, you can clean your floor. You will eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria without using any chemicals that can be harmful to your pets.

The safest way to get rid of any pet mess without putting it in danger to exposure to chemicals is using this cleaner. This cleaner has a steam mop that can clean and dry the floor surface. It can be used to deal with the pet’s mess on the floor and the other surfaces above the floor.

With this cleaner, you have thirteen different cleaning accessories. If you have a cat, they may climb on top of your kitchen counter and bookshelves. For this cleaning, you will have the required items for cleaning them always. The handheld steam cleaner can be efficient in dealing with such a mess.

You have a 25 feet long power cord that will ensure you are cleaning a large surface area. There is a fragrance disc for mixing water with it to ensure it leaves a fresh smelling room.

Sometimes the mess left by your pet may be making the room uncomfortable this will assist in dealing with the odor and make your room smell fresh. This product also supports the homeless pets where 10 dollars for every purchase goes into the pet’s foundation.

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6. For Multiple Surfaces – Dust Microfiber Mop for Pet Hair

microfiber mop for pets

The mop is a high-quality cleaning product that you can use to clean any pet’s hair, dirt or other particles off. This is a commercial-grade cleaning item but can be efficient in cleaning your home, office, bathroom, or apartment floors. This mop has a long aluminum alloy handle that will support scrubbing and mopping of different kinds of floors.

This mop can be used to clean different kinds of floors like ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl, and hardwood floors. The mop head can rotate 360 degrees, thus enabling easy maneuvering and cleaning in any direction. The mop is not costly with the entire great feature plus the pads which are washable and can be reused.

This mop pad can be used as many times as you wish, and it can be attached and removed easily from the mop. It is very light, easy to use, and clean, making it perfect to have in your home. This mop is efficient, and with it, your dogs and cats won’t always leave a mess of hair and other dirt in your house.

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7. For Tight Space – O Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop with Bucket

spin mop and bucket for

This is a traditional cleaning bucket design that can be used to mop your floor. This mop can be used to clean any floor surface. It is a light, quality product and also very easy to use. The mop has an inbuilt wringer that can be used to dry the mop for efficient cleaning.

The microfiber cleans any surface efficiently to remove any pet’s hair or dirt from any surface. The wringer is activated by a pedal that is stepped on. While wringing, there is a splash guard to prevent water from splashing on the floor to cause excess moisture.

It is important to keep it from the sun since it may be damaged. Once damaged, you will not be able to use it for long since the bucket may crack when wringing. You can also mix some fragrance with the water in the bucket to clean and remove any bad odor.

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Useful Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair


  • Cover Your Furniture

Always ensure you have blankets and furniture covers that will collect the hair. It is easier to keep hair off the sheets and blankets that getting it off the furniture.

  • Sweep your Carpet

If you always get a lot of hair on your carpet, don’t worry. Try using a broom to sweep the hair off the carpet. Using a rubber broom will be effective in getting it to a little ball. After sweeping, you can now vacuum the carpet to remove the embedded hair.

  • Use the Dampened Mop

If you have this floor in your home, a dampened mop would be effective. It acts as a magnet picking the hair efficiently from such floors.
Vacuum while changing direction.

If you can vacuum your carpet in a different direction, then you will pick up a lot of hair that will be effective in cleaning your carpet.


Tips You Need to Know to Clean Pet Urine

dog pee on sofa

you need the following things before getting started:

Rubber gloves, White vinegar,  urine stain remover Mop

Step 1: Wear protective rubber gloves to secure your hand from coming to contact with bacteria and germs.

Step 2: Then start to mop the area where there is a urine stain. This helps to know the magnitude of the stain and if it will be easy to remove.

Step 3: Pour the vinegar or the stain remover to soak it and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 4: Then get your mop with a cleaning solution and scrub the area until the urine stain comes off.

  • Tips to keep in mind:
  • If you are cleaning carpet or furniture, ensure to apply enough stain removal or vinegar to reach the other side for easy removal.

vinegar for remove pee on floor

  • If the stain removal is meant to be left to dry on the stain, do so. But, if you are expected to scrub the surface after a while, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions.

  • You can add some deodorizer to the cleaning water to leave the area smelling fresh after removing the urine stain.

  • Ensure to treat the area with the stain to prevent the occurrence

cleaning the spot on floor carpet

  • Use your pet to determine if the area still has a foul odor. A pet will always avoid an area that has a urine smell. So, if you notice your pet does not want to go near the area, try retreating the stain again with a deodorizer.


How Do You Keep Floors Clean with Pets

clean dog pee or dog hair

Keep these rules in mind to keep floors clean with your pets.

  • Keep your pet groomed

Not unless the pet stays on outdoors, you need to keep it clean and well-groomed all the time. So, if your pet runs on mud during the day, make sure to clean it before it enters the house. Also, occasionally trim its hair, especially during the dropping seasons.

  • Cover your sofa

If your sofa has materials that efficiently trap the animal fur, cover it mainly in the space where the pet frequencies. You can always take the cover out to clean when need be. Also, make sure the cover matches the sofa design and color

  • Buy the right mop

You need to consider a mop that can easily clean all pet messes ranging from hair to urine stains. Ensure the mop can easily clean up any stain and is compatible with your floor or upholstery surfaces.

  • Clean the pet’s things

These include the beddings and the toys. The pet may mess their beddings or shed hair on the area they sleep, which may end up spreading in the entire room. So, to avoid this, make sure to clean their items and change them regularly.

  • Clean messes immediately

Leaving the pet urine to stay for long may end up sticking more, making it hard to clean, plus it makes the room smell terrible. So, immediately you notice the pet has messed the floor or any area and instantly clean the stain.


What to Use to Clean Floor with Dogs?

Cleaning solutions you need:

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best natural solutions for removing stains and odor on the floor, mainly in homes with pets. The vinegar is safe, considering it does not have toxic chemicals that may harm the pet when they leak.

  • Stain removal solutions

There are some stain removal solutions crafted to eliminate pet stains and to clean their messes. These stain removal solutions are quite useful and are available in various outlets.

What other clean tools can you use besides mop?

Paper towels, dull knife or scrapes. These tools combined with the cleaning solutions can help remove pet stains from different surfaces, including on a sofa.



Dose microfiber mop pick up pet hair?

Microfiber cleaning pads are suitable for cleaning pet hair since the high absorbency ensures they easily wipe off any fur on the floor.


Can microfiber be used on vinyl floors and hardwood floors?

Due to the high absorbency level of microfiber cleaning pads, they recommend cleaning multiple floors, including vinyl floors and hardwood floors. The cleaning pads easily wipe most water for easy drying of the floors.


How to Prevent Dog Hair Scattering Everywhere in Your House?

Some tips you can use to prevent dog hair from spreading in the house include;

  • Always groom the dog as required and do it outdoors.
  • Use covers on the future, mainly the area here the dog accesses the most
  • Clean the house daily
  • Clean the pet beddings or change them occasionally



Having a pet can be fun, but they tend to leave a lot of dirt. This review will give you insight into what you need to do to keep your home clean always. If you follow it, you will have a comfortable home to relax always.


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