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Best Mop for Small Spaces – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

The best mop for small spaces is a must so that you can achieve the best results, whether you are dealing with tough messes or quick touch-ups.

Given that getting such a mop isn’t easy because of the variety of options available, below, we shall present the best mops that will help you clean small spaces effortlessly. Read on.

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In a hurry? Pick a mop from our top recommendations!

With a trignagular design and perfect pole length for both tall and short people: O Cedar Spin Mop

With a easy-hold and ergonomic handle for easy cleaning in small space: Shark Mop

With on-demand steam trigger for corner cleaning and tough space: Turbo 360 Mop

With 360-degree swivel pole reach different parts of the floor: Bissell Steam Mop

With wringer cup of high-quality for easy wringing of excess water: Libman Wonder Mop

What to Look for When Buying A Mop for Small Spaces?

If you want to clean a small space, selecting the best mop for such spaces is one of the most efficient ways of helping you handle such a task fast and without sacrificing the performance.

Therefore, let’s have a look at some of the features to look for when you want to pick the best mop.

how to choose the best mop for small sapces

1. Size of the mop heads

A mop with a large head is not easy to maneuver in small spaces, which means that such a mop will only make it challenging to clean, despite the ability to clean large areas fast.

Therefore, opt for mops with small heads and also those with a triangular head design for the effortless cleaning of tight corners.

2. Consider the ergonomics

An ideal mop for small spaces should be easy to comfortable to use. In light of this, pick a model that features a handle that is comfortable and easy to grip.

Besides that, I would recommend a mop that incorporates a telescoping handle. The reason is to enhance comfort while being used by tall and short individuals.

3. Maintenance

The best mop for small spaces must come with mop heads that are easy to maintain. After all, no one has the time or money to waste on a low-quality mop head that is difficult to clean and maintain.

That said, I would recommend that you get a mop that comes with mop heads that are easy to clean, preferably, machine washable mop heads.

4. Wet or dry mop heads

While some mops are designed for use while dry, others are suitable for use while wet, while higher-quality models are usable while wet or dry.

  • Dry mops are ideal for dusting and elimination of pet hair.
  • On the other hand, wet mops are a perfect choice for cleaning bigger messes.

Therefore, consider the surfaces you shall be cleaning, and the reason you need the mop so that you can decide the best type for you.

If you are looking for a versatile mop for small spaces, a mop with microfiber mop pads is an ideal choice, given the ability to use them wet or dry.

5. Wringing mechanism

Different mops utilize varying types of wringing mechanisms. While some mechanisms are easy to use, others are more challenging.

To achieve the best cleaning results, you must select a wringing mechanism that will help you obtain the right amount of moisture easily.

For this reason, choose a mop that utilizes in-bucket wringers so that you can get the difficult work done for you. If such a model is highly-priced given your budget, you can as well get a model with a manual wringer.

However, be sure to select a mop that allows you to squeeze out the excess water without using much effort.


Reviews of the 7 Best Mops for Small Space Cleaning

1. Best Overall – O Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket


  • Super-absorbent microfiber pads.
  • An included foot pedal allows for a hands-free wringing experience.
  • A splash guard keeps spray and splash inside the bucket.
  • The mop cleans the corners effortlessly.


  •  The mop doesn’t come with a spare head.

o cedar easywring microfiber mop and bucket set for small spaces

The O Cedar Easywring provides a perfect way to mop hard floors without the need for wet hands or bending down. It features an exclusive bucket design with a built-in wringer.

When you want to wring, you can simply hold the mop loosely over the bucket and push the foot pedal to activate the wringer.

Another plus is the splash guard feature. This feature contains the spray inside the bucket during the spinning process for a mess-free cleaning experience.

The spin mop can clean into the corners, thanks to the triangular design of the mop head. Also, it can clean tiles and hardwood floors because of the microfiber mop that is safe and effective for use on all types of floors.

The deep-cleaning microfiber can provide sufficient power suitable for removing and absorbing tough grime and dirt.

Plus, the mop head is machine washable for easy maintenance. The O Cedar Easywring is an ideal choice for use by tall and short people, thanks to the telescopic handle design.

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2. Short Heat-up Time – Shark Mop with Removable Tank for Small Spaces


  • Small and compact.
  • Removable water tank.
  • Kills germs and bacterias.
  • The mop comes with two pads.


  •  You may need to wait 30 seconds for heating up the tank.

shark steam mop for small spaces with removable water tank

Shark steam mop features a compact and upright design for ease of use and storage. What’s more, the mop is lightweight and maneuverable for ease of use in tight spaces.

Besides the small size, the mop integrates a large water tank so that you can clean the floors without the need to stop. Better still, the large water tank is removable, a measure that allows you to add the water fast and smoothly.

The mop can remove grime and grease without the need for using chemicals or cleaning agents, thanks to its ability to release steam within 30 seconds.

It boasts an easy-hold and ergonomic handle, thus an excellent choice for cleaning various surfaces with little effort.

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3. Dual-sided Design – O Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop


  • Super-absorbent dual-sided pads.
  • The pads are easy to rinse.
  • Machine washable pads for easy cleaning.
  • Ergonomic handle for ease of use.


  • Unable to produce steam.

o cedar spray microfiber mop

A fast and efficient way to make your floors shine lies in using the ProMist Microfiber Mop. It is an excellent choice for deep cleaning, thanks to the thousands of microfibers that remove over 99% of the bacteria with just water.

Adding to that, the mop pad integrates scrub zones. Using them, you can eliminate sticky grime and stubborn dirt fast and effectively. The refillable bottle is another addition that allows you to add a cleaning solution for a better cleaning experience.

Besides, the mop highlights a one-touch bottle release to facilitate the effortless removable of the spray bottle. The mop head features a dual-sided design so that you can flip it to clean the floors fast without the need for changing the mop pad.

Additionally, it is versatile and designed for use while wet or dry so that you can use it for deep cleans or dusting the floors. The microfiber head can flip up to 180 degrees for twice the coverage without the need for halting.

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4. Best for Corners – Bissell PowerEdge Steam Floor Cleaner


  • Easy to maneuver into edges and corners.
  • Ability to control the amount of steam.
  • The mop pads are easy to replace.
  • The multipurpose design allows you to use it as a handheld steam cleaner.


  • Water reservoir requires filling before use.

Bissell floor mop with handheld steamer for small space

The best solution when you want to handle all types of cleaning needs is the PowerEdge Floor Cleaner. It is a versatile product that like a 2-in-1 steam mop.

You can use it like a mop to clean the floors or a handheld steamer to clean surfaces above the floors. What’s more, the mop incorporates an on-demand steam trigger. This feature controls the amount of steam so that you can use the mop on all types of floors.

Equipped with a triangular foot design, the steam mop can easily clean into the corners and sharp edges.

Also, it includes a bristle scrub brush and grout tool. These tools enhance the versatility making it an ideal choice for cleaning countertops, sinks, and stovetops.

The unit derives its power from a 1500watts motor that enables it to blast through tough dirt easily. You can replace the mop pads easily, a measure that allows you to take control of your cleaning.

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5. With a Two-grooved Bucket – TETHYS Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set


  • Easy to maneuver around the corners.
  • Thin and narrow bucket thus easy to store.
  • Two holes at the base of the bucket allow for effortless draining.
  • The telescopic handle is suitable for use by tall and short individuals.


  • No instructions.

Tethys slim flat mop and bucket kit

The best choice for a mop that is easy to use is Smpli Magic floor mop. It acts as an ideal choice for cleaning hardwood, cement, drywall, tiles, stone, bamboo, laminate, or baseboard surfaces.

The mop comes with a two-grooved bucket. The wash groove is supposed to be filled with water so that you can use a wet mop. On the other hand, the dry mop allows you to dry the mop and break grime or dirt apart.

The mop integrates a quality microfiber pad that traps small particles easily. In fact, it comes with two machine washable microfiber pads so that you can reuse them over and over.

Supplied with four poles, you can install this mop easily and achieve a perfect height for use with people of different heights. Better, the head of the mop can swivel up to 280° to provide easy access to various angles.

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6. For Deep Cleaning – Libman Wonder Mop and Refill Kits


  • Equipped with powerful wringer.
  • Comes with washable mop heads.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • The mop comes with extra mop heads.


  • The mop doesn’t go under furniture with very low legs.

Libman wonder mop review

The best mop for small floors that will help you attain a fresh, new, and shiny look on kitchen floors and other hard-surfaced floors is Libman Wonder Mop.

It is a perfect fit for all types of floors, thanks to the ability to use it on wood, vinyl, laminate, stone, or linoleum floors. Additionally, the mop can scrub away dirt, thus an excellent choice for eliminating dirt and grime.

You can get this mop when you want to get the best value for money, thanks to the three additional replacement heads. Better, the heads are machine washable for easy maintenance.

The floor mop adopts Libman’s patented technology for easy removable of the excess water. Its wringer cup is of high-quality for easy wringing of excess water. A molded hanger tip is included for the convenient storage of the mop.

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7. Thick Dry Sweeping Cloths – Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mop


  • Sturdy and well made.
  • Easy to use and put together.
  • Works on all the finished floors.
  • The mop doesn’t leave streaks on the floor.


  • It is not suitable for tiled, oiled, waxed wooden boards, or water-sensitive surfaces.

Swiffer sweeper mop for small spaces

The Swiffer Sweeper is a dry and wet mop ideal for use by anyone looking for the best sweeper. It comes in a starter kit that comprises seven disposable dry clothes, a sweeper floor mop, and three disposable wet cloths.

The dry pads can trap and lock dirt, hair, dust, and allergens. On the other hand, the wet pads trap and lock the dirt deep into the cloth.

You can use the sweeper mop to sweep and mop the floors, thanks to the one-two cleaning punch. Besides, the mop is excellent for removing tough spots owing to the incorporated scrubbing strip.

The dry mop utilizes thick and dry sweeping cloths designed to conform to the gout lines and surfaces. This mop is safe for use on all finished floors, but you can’t use it on surfaces that are sensitive to water.

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How to Deep Clean Your Small Spaces Quickly?

Everyone loves a clean space, but nobody loves doing the cleaning. Identifying easy and efficient ways to clean your house makes it more enjoyable and fun.

Below are the fastest ways to deep clean your small spaces:

best ways to deep clean small spaces

1. Cleaning the entire house at once

Cleaning involves performing several activities, including mopping, vacuuming, and dusting. Well, if you want to clean your house quickly, do each of these activities in every room once.

For example, if you are dusting, you should wipe each room of the house, vacuum each room and lastly, mop each room. This process will help avoid the tireless cleaning cycle of doing different tasks in different places independently.

2. Gathering your cleaning tools

Avoid wasting time looking for different cleaning items, including a bucket and a mop pad in one area for effective cleaning.

3. Clearing clutter

One should consider clearing the clutter in every room, including magazines, books, wires, and sneakers, and deciding whether to throw them away or donate.

4. Dusting and vacuuming

Dust each area, including the television, are handrails, ceiling, furniture, and under shelves. Likewise, use a microfiber mop pad to clean the hard-to-reach areas and spread your bed with clean bedsheets before you vacuum the entire room.

5. Washing countertops, wiping mirrors, and door.

Clean your countertops effectively and thoroughly wipe your doors and mirrors with a damp cloth.

6. Cleaning the toilet, sink, and garbage area

Also, consider cleaning your toilet, garbage area, and sink effectively to remove all the tough grime, dirt, and stains.

7. Sweeping and mopping

The last process is to sweep the entire house while mopping for easy and dust-free cleaning. Vacuuming is also done in carpeted areas to ensure the carpets remain clean always.

When you finish cleaning your home, clean the cleaning tools to ensure longevity and more comfortable maintenance.


Tips for Cleaning Small Areas

Let’s face it; in most cases, we prefer to avoid cleaning hard-to-reach areas or tight spots, given the fact that these surfaces can become stressful while trying to clean them.

Whether you find it challenging to clean tight corners in your home or office today, I will present some clever ideas that will help you get rid of the dirt in such spaces. Read on.

1. Declutter the space

If you want to clean a small space effortlessly, the first tip of doing so lies in decluttering the space. After all, a small space can get more challenging to clean when you have accessories lying in every area.

So, ditch the items that you do not need so that you can open up the room for easy cleaning.

2. Invest in the best mop for small spaces

Once you have decluttered your space, I would recommend that you invest in the best mop for small spaces.

As you might have found out while cleaning your floors, most of us face a similar challenge, and that’s one of cleaning tight corner spaces and under furniture with low legs.

However, a simple trick of cleaning such areas lies in using a floor mop that features a triangular head design. Such a mop can fit into tight spaces, making it possible to get rid of the dirt with a lot of ease.

3. Install a high-quality ceiling fan or air filter

In addition to cleaning your small spaces using a small mop, you should invest in a high-quality ceiling fan or air filter. Such a unit can circulate the air efficiently to maintain a cleaner space.

4. Incorporate small furniture with ample storage

If you cannot get rid of all the clutter in your small space, then I would recommend that you buy small furniture that offers adequate drawers and cabinets to store such accessories.

Such a measure helps you to organize small spaces by keeping different accessories in a concealed space.



When you want to clean small spaces effortlessly, I would recommend that you use either of the reviewed products.

The best mops for small spaces can help you get shiny and sparkling floors without having to deal with dirty streaks or cluttering your small space.

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