Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors – Reviews and Guide in 2021

House cleaning more so the floors are usually dreaded by many individuals since they gather dust and dirt more often than other household areas. To further complicate matters, different flooring materials usually require appropriate cleaning materials and techniques without which one could damage the floors or end up doing shoddy work.

For instance, in this case, floors made from vinyl planks similarly require specific cleaning criteria, such as using the most appropriate mop models. Nonetheless, the current market is flooding with numerous mops, and thus, acquiring the best mop for vinyl plank floors may prove challenging.

Thus, we have researched and provided you with a reviewed list of some of the best mops suitable for vinyl plank floors with additional information to further assist you in making informed choices while shopping.


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Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors – Top 10 on the Market


Reviews of the 10 Best Mops for Vinyl Plank Floors

#1. Best Value – Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop and Pads Kit


  • Cordless thus increased mobility
  • Comes with 1 mop and 10 pads
  • Spray nozzle design allow for wet cleaning
  • Microfiber mop head aims for no streaking
  • Flexible mop head


  • None

Swiffer products are growing popular in the cleaning industry, with this model being among the best and latest innovations. Its design incorporates several features that guarantee exceptional experience during and after use.

Some of the unique features include the fact that it comes with numerous cleaning accessories. These include a starter kit pack that contains WetJet Wood Device, 10 cleaning cloths, and a Quickdry cleaning solution, all from the WetJet Wood brand. These facilitate easy and straightforward cleaning sessions.

Furthermore, the mop system also comes incorporated with fine mist spray nozzles, ensuring that your vinyl floor is evenly coated, preventing over-soaking of the floors by offering greater control of solution dispersal.

The spray nozzles are also illuminated to light up the area being cleaned, ensuring that all the dirt is removed efficiently.

The cleaning cloths/pads are usually soft textured with microfiber like feeling. This makes the mop gentle on the floors while also absorbing and locking the dirt/grime deep in the pad preventing the dirt from being drugged and spread around the house.

The mop system also has a flexible head capable of adjusting in numerous angles for cleaning tight spaces. The mop system also uses batteries for operation for increased mobility.

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#2. Best Sale – O-Cedar ProMist Max Lightweight Microfiber Spray Mop


  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Economical to use
  • Versatile
  • No batteries needed
  • Sanitizes your floor with water only thus ecofriendly


  • You need to detach the mop pad for washing or drying

This is another mop system from the O-Cedar brand, with features placing it at the list of some of the best mops for luxury vinyl plank floors. This cleaning mop is quite popular due to its design infusion with current technology.

Some of the mop system’s unique features include the large dual-sided mop head, which allows for flipping during use to facilitate faster cleaning without constantly changing mop pads.

The mop also comes with a refillable bottle for customization of your favorite and suitable cleaning solution.

The mop pads are also of high quality, with several fibers woven together to provide the mop pad with the ability to absorb/trap even the smallest dirt particles on your floor.

Furthermore, these mop systems can often be used to dust off dry floors or for deeper cleaning floors when wet. Thus, quite versatile whenever the occasion presents itself.

A next generational one-touch bottle release technology allows the user to easily and quickly remove the spray bottle during refills for time conservation.

The mop pads on these systems are often reusable after thorough washing by hand or using the washing machines, thus saving a lot of money and time.

The spray system of these mop system models often utilizes the grip handle trigger to control the amount of spray dispensed at a time. This ensures that you saturate your floors using the appropriate amount of cleaning solution to prevent damaging and the mechanical control system is also cheap and economical.

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#3. Best Cordless – Gladwell 3 in 1 Electric Spin Mop for Mopping and Scrubbing


  • Fast charging
  • Multifunctional
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Electric spinning for deep cleaning
  • LED lighting


  • You need to charge it before use

This is a re-engineered model from the previous Gladwell designs to guarantee customer satisfaction by improving performance. It, therefore, strives towards effortless and better cleaning experience during use.

Some of the design features include an ultra-thin Coaster’s base measuring only 3 inches, allowing for easy cleaning of low profile spaces such as under beds and tables.

The mop’s handle also allows for 180 degrees rotation, which provides easy access and straightforward cleaning of tight spaces.

The mop system is further cordless, thus utilizes a battery for operation. This improves mobility in the house during cleaning, and the battery’s fast charging and long-lasting abilities give the user ample time to clean without constant interruptions.

The mop system also comes with multiple setting options and modes for a variety of functions during use.

Some of the modes include mopping, quick spraying, and waxing functions on vinyl and other floors. This, coupled with the high-powered dual-spin motors, ensures a powerful clean at a fast rate removing grime, dirt, stains, and even bacteria from your floor.

Further installed is a dual spray system with new operational technology of LED light illuminating the area being sprayed while dispensing just the right amounts of cleaning solution to prevent the floors’ oversaturation.

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#4. Best for Starter – Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop with Microfiber Mop


  • Durable construction
  • Non-electric
  • Suitable for both wet and dry cleaning
  • Sports a scrubber


  • Washing the mop pad is tedius

The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop is also among the best for vinyl plank floors. Their design is usually simple and incorporated with essential features to make your cleaning experience straightforward and efficient.

This mop system usually comes as a kit with extensive accessories to guarantee efficiency. For instance, the mop system has two refillable bottles capable of carrying 22 ounces of cleaning solution each. This allows you to customize your cleaning by allowing you to mix/fill up the bottle with your preferred solution before cleaning.

Other accessories include one mop and three microfiber wet mopping pads, each with a specific function. For example, there is a multi-purpose pad for all-purpose cleaning, a dry dusting pad for pre-wet mop sweeping and collecting larger debris, and finally, a non-scratch scrubbing pad to break up and wipe away those stubborn spots.

These pads usually clean up to 50 percent dirt in comparison to the traditional mops. They are also reusable, washable machine-friendly up to 100 times.

The mop system is mechanically operated with a spray trigger on a 54-inch long metallic handle. This allows the user to dispense the right amount of cleaning solution suitable for cleaning the specific floors such as vinyl planks.

The long handle, coupled with the rotatory hinge to the head, facilitates sufficient reach in tight spaces and durability.

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#5. Best for Large Floors – JINCLEAN Industrial Class Cotton Mop with Wide Pad and Adjustable Height


  • Lightweight and time saving
  • Highly mobile and maneuverable
  • Eco-friendly cleaning
  • Comfortable and durable


  • Some of the customers may not like the cotton pad

This is an industrial-class cleaning mop suitable for a vast number of households. The design of these mops is usually simple and straightforward to facilitate easy and comfortable use by any individual.

Some of the incorporated features include the high-quality telescopic pole, which is lightweight for easy mobility and robust enough for scrubbing and durability.

The pole also has a secondary grip handle for more control while mopping. The telescopic poles often adjust to height extension from 34 to 59 inches. This is to guarantee comfortable use by individuals of varying heights.

The mop system at the hinge at a fixed position for more sturdiness; however, when the need for cleaning of tight/low lying spaces arises, the mop system can also be maneuvered to about an extension of 180 degrees to facilitate fitting in areas such as under beds/furniture.

The mopping pads are usually made from 100 percent cotton, which makes them quite soft and gentle for any surface inclusive of the vinyl floors without the need for any chemicals.

The softness of the mop pads further facilitates the efficiency of picking and absorbing any dust particles. The mopping pads are also extensive, covering at least a 24-inch wide cleaning path for faster cleaning and dusting.

The one-touch technology incorporated in the design facilitates easy handling such as mop pad change without the need for tools.

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#6. Best with Bucket – Hurricane Spin Mop with Bucket Foot Pedal for Easy Usage


  • All-in-one system
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Super absorbent
  • The bucket comes with foot pedal for easy wringing


  • May not suitable for narrow space when storage

This is a bestselling mop system from the Hurricane family with quite unique features placing it amongst the best and most suitable for use on your vinyl flooring.

This mop system thus not only makes cleaning effective, efficient, and fast, but cleaning has also been made easy and fun.

Some of the installed features include the fact that it is also an all-in-one system capable of sweeping and mopping your floor without personally holding the disgusting dirt.

This is because the mop and bucket system facilitates collecting of dirt and rinsing them in the bucket to give you a much cleaner mop head for further cleaning.

The mop head is also made from spinning microfiber material, which grabs all the dirt encountered through the facilitation by the finger like projection. This ensures that you do not drag around dirt, spreading them on your floor.

The mop head is also super absorbent with the capability of holding at least ten times dirty liquid of its weight without dripping all over the place.

Moreover, the mop head is also 360 degrees pivoted to the handle. This provides for a swivel like movement allowing the mop to slide into the tightest spots like low lying under furniture spaces or bending corners.

It also lays flat on the floor into a thin height, facilitating the ease with which it fits tight spaces. The soft microfiber head guarantees zero scratches and streaks on your floors post-cleaning.

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#7. Best Price – Tethys Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set with Adjustable Size for Deep Cleaning


  • Adjustable size
  • Favorable warranty
  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable
  • Reusable microfiber pads
  • Narrow and tall bucket for easy to store


  • Not include the pad replacements

TETHYS products are usually popular for professional home cleaning purposes. This is usually attributed to their designs and features incorporated, which provide for the exemplary results.

Therefore, some of this mopping set features include the straightforward utilization of the mop and the bucket system while maintaining hygiene.

For instance, the bucket set is usually double grooved to allow for soaking your mop head pre-mopping and drying the similar mop head after cleaning.

This hands-free wringing allows for convenient cleaning. The bucket further has two holes in the bottom for draining of water from both groves with ease.

Further included in the packaging are two high-quality microfiber mopping pads, which are machine washable and reusable for continual cleaning in extended periods.

The mop set is also designed with a 280 degrees swivel head, allowing for varied cleaning angles to reach even the tightest and low lying spots such as around corners and beneath the furniture.

The package also comes with four poles of varying heights to ensure that the length of the handle pole is appropriate and comfortable, preventing back pains after cleaning.

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#8. Best with Wringing System – O-Cedar Easy wring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket for Home


  • Quite maneuverable
  • Adjustable handle
  • Fairly priced
  • Versatile functionality
  • Lightweight and very mobile


  • None

This cleaning mop system from the O-Cedar brand is also popular among many households and highly recommended by professionals. Therefore, some of the features installed in these mop sets guarantee the exceptional cleaning they provide.

Some of the design features include the exclusive bucket design with a built-in wringer for hands-free drying of the mop head. The mop’s design is that it has a handle for firm grip and easy spinning during wringing.

The push pedal on the bucket is also high quality designed to activate spin wringing for moisture control on the mop head suitable for your floor.

The bucket also has a splash guard to keep water splash and spray inside the bucket when spinning and wringing to prevent any messes during cleaning.

The mop head is usually triangular-shape designed to facilitate easy cleaning into corners. The mop head is also flexible with a 360 degrees rotation capability for easy maneuver and fitting under furniture, corners, and tight spaces with ease.

The microfiber pads are super absorbent with the capability of trapping and absorbing tough dirt and liquid at tremendous quantities. The mop pads are also reusable since they are machine washable and thus quite convenient and economical.

The telescopic handle also comes with an adjustable height feature capable of extending up to 51 inches for comfortable use by individuals of varying heights.

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#9. Best for Vinyl Plank and Tile – Bona Premium Spray Mop for All Floors


  • Cheap
  • For all types of floors
  • Features an extra large mop head
  • Able to spray cleaner when mopping
  • A retractable hook for easy storage


  • The poles are not adjustable

This is another mop among the top most recommended for use on vinyl floors. This is because the Bona brand has been in existence for over a century, and the harnessed experience and customer needs are usually incorporated in the design of their products.

It is generally categorized under hard-surface cleaners with the capability for easy and fast cleaning.

Some of its outstanding features include the fact that it is an all-in-one system comprising of a cleaner, a mop, and a cleaning pad, all vital for a one-time cleaning, thus saving on time.

Other features include the extra-large mop head measuring16.5 by 4.5 inches, thus capable of covering at least 40% of the cleaning area than other mop heads, further hastening the process.

The mop system also sprays a fine mist, which guarantees that vinyl floors are appropriately saturated with the cleaning solution since oversaturation can often damage the floors.

The mop head further has soft, flexible corners, which guarantees zero damage to your furniture and walls from physical impacts and scratching while cleaning.

The microfiber pads provided during packaging are usually machine washable and thus reusable and economical.

Along the handle is also a secondary grip on the lower aspect for extra control while scrubbing on stubborn stains. The mop system also has a retractable hook, which facilitates easy storage.

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#10. Best Multifunctional – Bissell CrossWave Powerful Vinyl Plank Floor and Carpet Cleaner


  • Versatile cleaning
  • Two-tank and smart touch technology
  • Easy to use and clean
  • All-in-one design
  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable


  • Costly

The Bissell brand is among the most renowned and preferred cleaner equipment brands in the market. This is because they are usually associated with high-quality manufacture and designs with exceptional next-generation technology for much satisfactory use.

For instance, this model is usually referred to as the all-in-one package since it is capable of vacuuming and moping your vinyl plank floor simultaneously. This will save a lot of time and resources in the process.

These mop systems are usually quite versatile in their applicability with the ability to clean hard surfaces and soft surfaces like rugs.

Moreover, these mop systems often have dual-action brush roll utilizing a microfiber and nylon brush to mop while simultaneously picking up dry debris.

Another feature is the two-tank system, which provides for the separation of cleaning solution and dirty water for continual cleaning with fresh solution.

Regarding the control system, this mop system is incorporated with advanced smart touch controls located in the handle. These allow for smooth and easy selection and switching between settings such as solution spray trigger button, switching from hard floor cleaning to rug cleaning, and vice versa, among other modes.

The system also comes with a 25 feet electric code long enough for easy maneuverability.

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How to Choose the Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors Cleaning?

mopping luxury vinyl plank

Vinyl plank floors, despite being stylish and aesthetic, cleaning them usually require the appropriate mop because failure to do so might result in damages and a short lifespan of the planks.

Therefore, when shopping for the perfect mop to use on your vinyl plank floors from the wide market, you should try and consider some of the following factors, if not all of them:

  • Type of the mop

The market consists of quite a variety of mops for vinyl floor cleaning.

Therefore, the first step while shopping for a mop for your vinyl floor should be to settle on the type of the mop most appropriate and suitable for your situation with regards to the mop’s design, purposes to be served, method of mopping used, and the power source if present.

Thus, some of the types to consider include corded or cordless mops, electric or battery-powered mops, standard or multipurpose mops, wet or dry mops, among others.

Vinyl plank floors usually require specific types of mops to guarantee efficiency and safety to the floor. Some of the popularly utilized types of mops on vinyl plank floors globally include:

#1. Spin Mops

Spin mops are quite popular and are usually available in many households. They are usually very easy, straightforward, and fastest ways of cleaning any floor.

Therefore, in the case of the vinyl plank floors, the spinning feature ensures that the user has total control over the amount of moisture being dispensed through the mop to the floor.

This will ensure that you do not apply too much cleaning solution to cause any damages or too little to sufficiently clean your vinyl floor.

Furthermore, the mop heads of these mops are usually super absorbent and very soft. This ensures that any spill/dirt on the floor is properly imbibed and locked by the mop pad without any dripping guaranteeing little to no mess.

Furthermore, the soft mop heads are also gentle on the vinyl floors preventing any bruising of the material that could cause damage.

Best for Your Floors – O Cedar Spin Mop and Bucket with Push Pedal

best home spin mop and bucket for vinyl plank floors


#2. Spray Mops

This constitutes another common variety of cleaning mops. Spray mop are usually unique because they come designed and installed with a refillable bottle for cleaning solution and a nozzle.

Therefore during cleaning, by using a trigger or a button, you may wet the area ahead of the mop head before cleaning it. They are highly recommended and popular among vinyl plank floor owners since the sprays are usually controlled regardless of the model.

By the way, the appropriate quantities will guarantee the superb cleaning of your floors.

Best for Dry and Wet Cleaning – O Cedar ProMist Max Spray Microfiber Mop

best wet mop for vinyl plank floors


#3. Flat Mops

This is another popular mop type common in numerous homesteads. The name is usually characterized by their flat heads fitted with mops pads for cleaning.

Many individuals, including those with vinyl plank floors, often prefer this kind of mop for several reasons.

  • One is that they are cheap, easy to use, and assemble.
  • The second is that they are versatile and can often be used for dry cleaning or wet cleaning; whichever case is most preferred by the user.
  • The third is that these flat mops can always fit in low lying areas such as under beds and chairs, making the cleaning of these areas easy and straightforward.

Essentially, flat mops are among the number one friends to individuals with installed vinyl plank floors.

Best for Small Homes – Tethys Flat Mop and Bucket with Large Pad

best floor cleaner for luxury vinyl plank


  • Size

Size is quite an essential factor to familiarize oneself with before engaging on a shopping expedition. This is usually with regard to the size of the room/space to be cleaned by the mop and the size of the mop itself.

Therefore, you should check the size of the room to be cleaned and the accessories in place. This will assist you in choosing the most appropriate sized mop to clean the room efficiently.

For instance, a small room with tight and limited space may require a small-sized mop head to facilitate easy maneuverability and mobility through the tight spaces.

Nonetheless, open space or a large room with vast space will require a large-sized mop head for faster cleaning and time conservation by covering large areas within the shortest time.

The size of these mops may also incorporate the height of the handle rod. You should make sure to choose a sufficiently sized rod for comfortable use without the possibility of developing back pains from excessive bending.

However, you may always opt for a mop with an adjustable handle rod for versatile usability with any individual regardless of their heights.

  • Weight

Since these mops are usually in transit during use, they usually require maximal comfort during use. This is where the weight factor comes in since too heavy mops may encourage fatigue resulting in shoddy uncompleted work.

Similarly, too light mops may not be easy to use if you need to scrub off a stubborn stain since this will require more energy, further resulting in faster fatigue.

Therefore, you should choose a mop weighing average within the recommended weight limit and well within your comfort and energy limits. This will allow you to clean your vinyl floors for extensive time without fatigue.

  • Manufacturing materials

The materials used to manufacture these mops often determine their efficiency and durability. Therefore, when going shopping, you should always look for mops with high-quality manufacture materials.

Some of the commonly utilized materials worth consideration include microfiber mop pads. These will guarantee super absorbency and dirt collection.

Thick plastic or telescopic metals are also often used in the handles. These, despite their lightweight, are always strong and durable; thus, despite the pressure applied, they are always guaranteed to withstand and deliver quality service.

  • Sustainability

With the environment and the surrounding living space constantly exposed to pollutants, many customers often prefer environmentally friendly mop brands and models.

Therefore, when going shopping for the best mop for vinyl plank floors, you should try and make sure that the manufacturing material and accessories are long-lasting, with some such as the mop pads being recycled and reused for as many times as possible.

This makes these mops environmentally safe and economical by minimizing the constant buying of mop pads for change.

  • Cost

The cost of a mop also plays a crucial role when planning to buy one. Thus, the first thing you should always know is that high pricing does not necessarily mean high quality.

Therefore, when shopping, you should first establish a budget most suitable for your current financial situation. You should subsequently purchase a mop comfortably within your pocket limits without straining your financial life.

You should always take some time to go through some of the mops’ features within your price range to come up with the best among them. You may even find a much cheaper mop with really good features among the models availed.

Best Cheap – Swiffer WetJet Spray Microfiber Mop

swiffer wetjet on vinyl plank flooring cleaning



Which Is Better for Vinyl Plank Floors: Microfiber Mop vs. Cotton Mop?

Both the microfiber and cotton mops are usually used on vinyl plank floors since they facilitate easy and safe cleaning of these floor types. Nonetheless, these mops usually differ in some aspects, qualifying one as the better of the other one. Below is a short review of these mops.

– Cotton Mop

Cotton mops have been in existence for centuries and have been the major cleaning material on many floors. The advancement in technology resulted in the innovation and creation of the microfiber material, and since then, microfiber has often outshined the cotton mops.

Comparing the two, these mops are often both quite soft and gentle; thus, sure not to scratch/damage the vinyl floors in any way during cleaning.

Another common feature among the two is that they are highly absorbent and capable of retaining a tremendous amount of liquid.

Nonetheless, cotton mops often come with several shortcomings, such as the fact that they facilitate cross-contamination from the absorption of pathogens due to their organic manufacture materials.

Cotton mops often need water for efficiency, and it leaves the cleaned floor super wet and watery despite continually drying, which could be damaging to the vinyl plank floors.

Best for Large Space – JinClean Cotton Dust Mop

large industrial vinyl plank floor mop


– Microfiber Mop

The microfiber mops, on the other hand, often presents with additional benefits when used.

For instance, unlike cotton mops, they often absorb the dirt on the floor instead of pushing them around. Thus, they are convenient for disinfecting vinyl floors since they absorb large percentages of pathogens, leaving the floors clean and safe.

They have a longer lifespan, easily maneuverable, easy to clean, leaves a dried floor surface, often used for dry and wet cleaning, and come with quite a number of additional features.

Microfiber mops are often considered eco-friendly since they are long-lasting, recyclable, and reusable and generally use less water/cleaning solution.

Microfiber mops also come with a few limitations. For instance, maintaining these microfiber pads is also quite hectic and tiresome.

All in all, microfiber mops still outranks cotton mops by far, thus making the microfiber mops the best option for vinyl plank floors.

Best with Long Lifespan – O Cedar ProMist Max Spray Mop with Microfiber Mop Pads

best wet mop for vinyl plank floors



How Do You Care for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring with a Mop?

steam mop for vinyl plank floors

To ensure that your luxury vinyl tiles look their best over the years while adding style to your home, you should regularly take care of them.

Therefore, despite these flooring materials being easy to clean. You should follow the care guide below to help you manage your luxury vinyl floors more appropriately.

The first step is usually to get a doormat. This is usually vital in the process as it will minimize the dragging of dirt to your vinyl floor. Henceforth making cleaning much simple.

The next step is the major one, consisting of a consistent cleaning schedule specifically crafted for luxury vinyl plank floors. This is usually done in two phases, the first one being;

– Everyday cleaning

Neglecting to clean your vinyl floor for even a single day will result in the accumulation of dust and debris from the human traffic associated. These dust particles often have the potential to cause great damage and scuffing on your vinyl floor.

Therefore, using the best mop for vinyl floors, some of which have been reviewed above, you may clean the vinyl floors every day using the dry sweep option or vacuum the floor if the mop has the vacuuming feature.

This routine will guarantee a sparkling clean luxury vinyl floor for your hose.

– Deep cleaning

This is the second phase of the maintenance guide. This is usually recommended to be at least once a week or several times a month.

Here, wet cleaning involves using a wet cloth and some water/cleaning solution in a bucket. Or, you may use a wet mop designed specifically for this purpose.

These mops should have a microfiber mop pad and a cleaning solution. These will facilitate the safe mopping of your vinyl floor, thus removing any dirt that might have been dislodged, leaving your floor smooth and disinfected.


How to Clean Vinyl Plank Floors with Vinegar?

dust mop for vinyl plank floors

Vinyl floors, despite being easy to clean, are usually selective of the cleaning solutions to be used.

Some cleaning solutions are usually too harsh and may damage the vinyl floors, whereas some may leave behind a foul smell hazardous to the inhabitants of the house. Therefore, the use of natural and readily safe materials such as vinegar is usually recommended.

Vinegar is often excellent for vinyl planks because it never leaves behind residue but only a sparkling clean and fresh floor.

Cleaning vinyl floors using vinegar often warrants for adherence to certain steps to prevent any damages to your floor and yourself. They include;

= Preparation

This is usually the first step. You should ensure that you have assembled all the necessary equipment and chemicals to be used at this stage.

For instance, the vinegar should be of the apple cider or white variety and not any other type. You should also have a mop, a bucket, hot water, among others.

You will start by sweeping the floor using a dry mop or just vacuum it. This will remove any dirt and debris that might have accumulated on the vinyl floor – thus preventing any possible damage that could arise from abrasion during cleaning.

= Mixing vinegar solution

This is usually the second step and an essential one too. Your vinegar solution should be properly mixed to the ratio of one cup of the white/cedar vinegar to one gallon of hot water.

This is the standard mixing range, and essentially you should take care not to oversaturate the solution because too acidic cleaning solution could be dangerous.

The white vinegar is often popular for pure disinfection; however, the apple cedar will also add fragrance to your living space.

= Actual cleaning

This is the third step, and it involves cleaning of the vinyl floor.

First, depending on the type of mop an individual uses, you will fill up the reservoir with some of this solution. Then using a soft cloth or preferably a mop, you should start cleaning.

For more stubborn stains, you should try adding some small amounts of liquid soap dish to aid the vinegar solution in breaking the stubborn messes. The process usually involves scrubbing, wringing, and rinsing.

= Allow the floor to dry

This is the fourth and final step. After the floor is properly cleaned, you should give it some space to properly dry by limiting foot traffic on the cleaned area for some time. The dry floor will prevent occasional slipping and accidents at home/office.

After this, your vinyl floor is ready for some fun and enjoyment.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Use a Steam Mop on Vinyl Plank Floorings?

Yes, but you need to ensure your vinyl planks are completely sealed.

This is because, the steam mop will produce steam that can penetrate the floor material through the nooks and crannies on the bare floor, causing immense damage.

2. Is Swiffer WetJet Safe for Luxury Vinyl Floors?

Yes. The Swiffer WetJet pack’s every item inclusive of the microfiber pads, liquid solution, and the mop are all safe to use on a luxury vinyl plank flooring.

They pose no damage to flooring only thing you got to be sure about is to avoid flipping the mop over for the abrasive side.



Vinyl floors are a special kind of flooring that usually requires a delicate touch during cleaning. Therefore despite the simplicity, there are certain features that a mop has to have to qualify as a conducive mop to clean the vinyl planks.

Henceforth, you should peruse through this article to catch up on some vital information regarding the best mop for vinyl plank floors and vinyl floors themselves.

This will help you find the most appropriate mop as you venture into the journey of acquiring a mop for your vinyl floor.