5 Best Mop for Wood Floors Reviews in 2021

When it comes to cleaning wood floors, you need to choose your tools carefully. You cannot use any cleaning methods or tools for cleaning a wood floor as some cleaning methods may be harmful to wood.

These cleaning techniques, when repeated over time, will damage the floors which will not only decrease their lifespan but will also make them look book bad.

Therefore, it is extremely important for you to take special care while cleaning your wood floors to make sure that they not only look nice but also last for a long time.

As far as cleaning your wood floor is concerned, one of the most important things you need to care about is the kind of mop you will use for cleaning.


Top 5 Best Mop For Wood Floors On the Market


Tips for Choosing A Mop for Wood Floors

hardwood floors dry mop

The durability of the hardwood floors is undisputed. To achieve this, however, the floor has to be well cared for, and regular cleaning is a must.

It would help if you had the right tools to get the cleaning job done. Below are some tips you should consider while selecting the right mop for your hardwood flooring.

1. Mophead Materials – When purchasing a mop for your hardwood floor, it is crucial to choose the right mophead materials. Each element comes with its advantages and shortcomings.

A mop with high chemical resistance should be considered if your cleaning involves cleaning solutions. The solutions should be hardwood friendly to avoid damage. For such a case also, select a mop that has the right release and launder ability.

2. Microfiber Material – For your wood floor, you may want to consider the cotton or microfiber material. The microfiber is washable and hence durable. For light cleaning purposes, the microfiber and cotton mops are ideal as they have high absorption power of dust and debris.

Excessive water on your hardwood floors is damaging, and you want to avoid that at all costs. It is, therefore, crucial to elect a mop that has highly-absorbing material. The cotton mop works well as it has high absorption and leaves your hardwood dry.

3. Ease of Use – Consider looking for a mop that frequently changes the cleaning cloth if your floors are particularly dirty. You can rewash the fabric and switch them up every time your cleaning.

4. Effectiveness – For long-term maintenance of your hardwood floors, consider a mop that works on the toughest stains with minimal damage to it. For example, a steam mop is perfect for working on tough stains and leaves the wood sparkling without loss as long as it has an excellent finish.

5. Depending on your preferences, remember to consider the mop colors and sizes. It comes in handy when designating your mops to different areas or purposes.

6. Convenience – You may also choose spray mops for your hardwood floor. They save you time and money as they come with the cleaning solution connected to the mop. Some come with disposable mop pads, while others have reusable ones.

7. Mop Handles – choose a mop handle that is durable with less weight and one within your budget.

8. Eco-Consciousness – a good mop will give you service for a long time without replacing it every too often. Consider, therefore, a mop that is washable and has a reusable mop pad.

9. Headband styles – this determines how the mop handle is attached to the head. Each style there is to choose from dictates how hard or simple it is to change the mop. Consider this while purchasing your mop, depending on how you like it.

Finally, consider value for your money. While selecting a mop, choose the one that offers you the most in terms of your cleaning preferences, while sticking to your set budget. The right mop will leave your hardwood sparkling with a regular cleaning routine.


What Types of Mop Can I Use on Wood Floors?

You need the right mop to clean wood floors for avoiding damages.

different types of mop

  • Microfiber Mops

The microfiber mop is one of the best to use on your wood floor. The mop has a great ability to attract and retain liquids and dirt particles thanks to its material. It does not scratch the floor, and its surface area is an added advantage.

They do not require additional equipment like a bucket during cleaning, and they are very lightweight, making cleaning hustle free for you. Additionally, the microfiber mop is also very durable and designed for laundering.

>> Best Microfiber Mop for Wood Floors – LINKYO Microfiber Floor Mop<<

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  • Conventional Dust Mops

Conventional Dust Mops are a good option for sweeping out soil and dust particles from your wood floor. They are made of cotton and synthetic fiber, which attributes to their effectiveness. Plus, they are effective and laudable; hence can serve you more than once.

The conventional dust mop cannot be used for wet mopping, but it’s a great tool to get rid of dust and dirt on the floors.

>> Best Dust Mop for Wood Floors – JINCLEAN Industrial Cotton Mop<<

dust mop for Wood floors



  • Spin Mops

Water is dangerous to your wood floor. The spin mops are a great way to eliminate the excess water by ensuring they are well ringed.

The spin mops head material is a microfiber that is soft and highly absorbent and comes with a particular bucket for easy squeezing. They use centrifugal force to get rid of excess water and allow you to work in a small area at a time.

>> Best Spin Mop for Wood Floors – O Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Mop<<

best spin mop for hardwood floors



  • Steam Mops

These mops clean using water and the power of heat. They are great as they clean and disinfect your floor with the heat from the steam.

Steam mops use very little water, and you don’t have to worry about excess water damage on your floor. An electrical outlet is, however, needed to use the equipment during cleaning. Plus, they come with a long cord making it easy to clean.

>> Best Steam Mop for Wood Floors – Shark Steam Pocket Mop<<

best steam mop for linoleum floors



  • Sponge Mops

Sponge mops are a great way to get rid of spillage. They are, however, not the best for cleaning large areas because of their narrow nature. They are not laudable hence cannot be used for an extended period of time.

Well-maintained hardwood floors last long and do not need refinishing very often. Wood floors are timeless and never go out of style.


Best Tips For Wood Floor Maintenance

Best mops to clean wood floors

1. Choose Dust Mop Instead Of Broom

One of the biggest problems with wood floors is that the dirt and dust particles can scratch the floor when these get stuck underneath the shoes and get trapped below the rugs.

Therefore, it is important to use a dust mop instead of using a broom for attracting and collecting dirt particles. While you may also use a vacuum on the floor but it is important to use it carefully as it may lead to scratches.

On the other hand, when you use a dust mop, it gets rid of dust and debris from areas where the vacuum cannot reach. (Here you can check the top-rated hard floor cleaners)

For complete cleaning of wood floors, it is recommended to use a solution that has been created specifically for cleaning wood floors. The best way to choose a cleaning solution is to read the recommendations of the manufacturers.

It is also recommended to place a lot of area rugs and runners with slip-resistant backings in high traffic areas as well as in entry. It will help in reducing the potential for scratches. The area rugs and runners in place will also help in cutting down the amount of debris and dust particles that make it onto the floors.


2. Best Dust Mop For Wood Floor Cleaning

As mentioned in the beginning, you need to choose the right type of mop for cleaning your wood floor in the right manner. The best mop for cleaning wood floors is a dust mop. It is a handle and base that has a softcover. Usually, the handle swivels that make it easy to move quickly around the floor. The covers are available in synthetic as well as cotton material.

Here is the best reviews and hot picks dust mop for your reference:

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One of the biggest advantages of using cotton is that it attracts a lot of dirt and dust particles. There are also various cleaning solutions available on the market today that help in grabbing more dust particles but it is important to use a cleaning solution that has been specifically made for wood floors.

If you use other types of solutions, they may leave behind a residue attracting even more dirt and dust on the wood floor.

Synthetic fibers are made from plastic or yarn. There are also microfiber pads that attract dirt and dust particles with the help of static electricity.

These pads can be directly washed in the washing machine and these pads last much longer as compared to cotton. On the other hand, cotton covers are much less expensive as compared to microfiber but cost more in the long run as you need to change them frequently as compared to microfiber covers.

Here for tips of Choose Best Microfiber Mop For Different Use


Best Brand of Mops for Wood Floors

There are a number of brands available in the market but it is important that you do not choose a brand solely on the basis of cost. Check the reviews and choose one that has been known to last a lot longer as compared to some of the cheaper brands.

Once you have chosen the dust mop, you should start the cleaning process by taking out the area rugs as well as the runner outside or into the laundry room. For steam mops, you can check reviews of The Top Rated Steam Mops on the market.

Microfiber Wholesale and O-Cedar both sell high-quality dust mop for floor cleaning, O-Cedar is more affordable, and most O-Cedar dust mops and bucket sets have great sales and high reviews.

Bissell, Shark, Dirt Devil and Hoover supply various steam mop for you choose. Bissell sells the best quantity, and Shark can give you the best value steam mops at a good price.

If you want to save time to clean your wood floor, we recommend you take the Top Sales BISSELL 1940, it has over 10,000 sales and won’t make you down.

If you want to have the best-priced mop, you can go for Shark steam mop.

Check more details below:

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  • It’s amazingly effective, can make the sealed hard-wood floors look shinier, and this is the best thing to clean hardwood floors!


Shark Steam Mop for Cleaning Wood Floors

best steam mop for hardwood floors

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Why Choose This Model?

You can use 10 minutes to clean your kitchen tiles floor and wood floor. To wash the downstairs bathroom, hallway, and living room just need to fill it up 2-3 times.

You should start by moving the mop around the perimeter of the area that you’re planning to clean. Keep the mop on the floor and work your way to the center. Once you have cleaned all the surfaces and reached the center, you should pick up the dirt and dust particles with the help of a dustpan.

You may also use a vacuum to suck in the dust particles(You may need info of Top Picks 2-in-1 Steam Mops). Once the dirt has been removed, you need to take your dust mop outdoors and shake it to get rid of the dust particles that are still sticking to the covers.


For the best vacuum cleaner, you can check this below:

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What Benefits:

  • Cyclonic System for long-lasting, powerful suction and a lightweight design
  • Multi-level filtration helps to reduce household allergens; Can hold different kinds of the floor (wood, tiles, carpet) in the same house


Tips for Wood Floor Caring mop for wood floors caring

Wooden floors are a sure way to add elegance and beauty to your home. They are timeless and can last for decades, but only when they are well maintained.

Below are some tips to ensure your wood flooring stays intact and serves you well for long.

Protect your wood floor from scratches and dents. There’s furniture in your house that tends to slide often; for example, dining chairs and tables. Such movement is likely to scratch the floors, hence the need to add furniture protectors to protect it. Replace them as needed as they wear out after some time. Consider picking up heavy objects to move them rather than dragging them on the floor.

Ensure that you sweep and vacuum your wood floors as regularly as possible. Dust or any other particles on your floor will grind your floor finish down if not dusted and swept daily.

Recoat and refinish your floors as soon as they begin to appear scratched and dull. For the oily finish look, a little oil can be added to the floor to reduce the visible scratches. It adds more glow and brightens up your floors.

For lacquered finish wooden floors, sand the scratchy areas and apply more lacquer to restore the fresh look.

Remove outdoor footwear before walking on your wood floors as they may contain sand and particles. Such articles ruin the perfect finish if walked on and not swept out immediately.

Consider using mats on the doorsteps to trap the grit and sand that comes in from incoming people.

When cleaning, use a PH neutral cleaning spray to avoid damaging your floor’s perfect finish. A microfiber mop is also recommended as it is gentle with the high absorption power of dust and debris. You are therefore assured of effective cleaning of your floor.

While cleaning, sweep out the dust first before moping. The procedure prevents dragging dirt particles on the floor, which eventually ruins it.

Water spills should be wiped out immediately. Spillage of liquids on your floor penetrates the wood, causing it to swell and cup over time.

Avoid using steam mops as the steam is likely to penetrate over time and cause damage to the floor. Your mopping materials should be well ringed to avoid being a hazard.

Avoid pointed heel shoes on the wood as it may cause denting. You may also want to consider a no-shoe rule in your house to ensure everything stays extra clean.

Routine maintenance is essential. Get your floors deep cleaned and repainted after a specific period, for example, after two to three years.

For pet loves, ensure their nails are trimmed regularly to avoid scratching. Be keen to also clean up after them.

Be careful with the decor you shop for, as it may be hazardous to your floor.  Ensure there is air circulation between the floor and your décor item by making use of stands, to avoid cases of water strains damaging the floor.


You may need more details about the floor cleaning mops: