10 Best Mop For Hardwood Floors Reviews 2021

Cleaning of hardwood floors can be done in different ways such as sweeping the surface, scrubbing using special cleaners, and mopping of floors. The techniques will need you to use special tools and machines that will ease the cleaning.

A good mop can make a big difference in cleaning hardwood floors. Dirty hardwood floors are not pleasing to the eyes. Finding a mop that will be able to handle a mess without damaging the floor can be a daunting task. Let’s see what is the best mop for hardwood floors.

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Top Pick Best Mop For Hardwood Floors


What You Should Know About The Best Mop for Hardwood Floors

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Get tips from Wikipedia, we know that:

Do not wet-mop a wood floor. Standing water can dull the finish, damage the wood and leave a discoloring residue. Wipe up spills immediately with a slightly dampened towel.

The hardwood floor is going to lose its shine, and that is the worst possible thing fo a homeowner. If you want to be diligent and think about getting a new mop that is going to be used to get rid of any dust that accumulates. Here is what you have to think about when it comes to defining a “good” mop. Here to see Best Reviewed Dust Mops

  • Durable

A mop that is not durable is one that is not going to do much for you. Imagine cleaning around on your hardwood floor and then realizing the mop has fallen apart. If you have paid money to get the mop, do you want it to fall apart on you?

No, you want it to last, and that is what you are paying the big bucks for. If that is what you want, you need to understand durability is only going to be found with the best items because the rest are just getting by with inferior materials. You can get tips about Choosing Best Durable Microfiber Mops and select one mop you like.

  • No Stains

The mop is not supposed to leave stains as you are using it. What is the point of a mop, if you are getting stains out of it? The mop is not doing its job and is instead making things worse. You want to be able to use the cleaner and know that it is going to give your floor a real shine to it.

There are too many people who just get any mop they can find and hope it does not stain. Well, when you are doing this, you are most likely getting something that will ruin the floor. There is the best quality microfiber mop for hardwood floors cleaning:

Best Microfiber Mop -18″ Professional for Wet and Dust Mopping

Stainless Steel Handle – Premium Mop Pads + 2 FREE Microfiber Cloths

18 inch Professional Microfiber Mop-Stainless Steel Handle Premium Mop Pads 2 FREE Microfiber Cloths


Professional quality, great for cleaning the home or office. You can clean any hard flooring surface deeper, more quickly, and with no hassle whatsoever. Start cleaning like a pro and order yours today.

  • Smooth

The mop has to be smooth, and that is all about how you are running it on the hardwood floor. The mop has to be made for this material as it is going to run well on top of it. You are already cleaning the surface, and when it is not smooth, you are going to miss spots.

It happens all the time, and it is because the rugged nature of the floor is going to ruin the mop’s progress across the top of the surface. You need it to be smooth.

  • Lightweight

You want the mop that you are getting to be lightweight. There is no reason to haul around something that is excessively overweight and is just going to slow you down in the long-term. It might be okay the first time around, but are you going to appreciate something that is heavy later on in the year?

You will want to go with something that is lightweight, and that is important with a mop where you are doing the cleaning.

Look to be smart and check out the weight of the mop you are getting.

Most mops are going to have a few of these plus points, and that is often accepted. However, you have to be attentive and look for options where you are getting all of these features. Why should you have to settle for a mop that is not going to make things work for you?

The best mops are out there and are being made on a regular basis, you just have to put your mind to it and look for the right option as soon as you can. This is the only way you are going to find a good mop.  It’s lucky for you to read this article, we have compared all the hot sale mops online and find the best review and functional steam mop for hardwood floor use, check it below!

Best Steam Mop -BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Floor Steamer

– Top over 10,000 sales, and Under $100 –

Top sale BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop


Why People Like to Buy This One?

Safe on hard floors gently cleans and sanitizes sealed hardwood, tile, stone, marble, ceramic, linoleum and laminate flooring, SmartSet Steam Control for light cleaning to heavy messes.

It’s amazingly effective, can make the sealed hard-wood floors look shinier, and this is the best thing to clean hardwood floors!


Best Mop for Hardwood Floors Reviews

Here are 8 best mops for hardwood floors:

1. Best Overall – Bissell Spinwave Powered Mop and Cleaner


  • Rotating mop pads for effective cleaning
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Does not produce noise when cleaning
  • The tank is easy to fill
  • Durable
  • Does not damage your floor
  • Can easily clean hard to get areas


  • Pads wear out fast
  • Not recommended for porcelain tiles

It is a powered cleaner that can safely clean any sealed hardwood floors. It has rotating mop pads that are used for scrubbing your floor without breaking your back. The mop includes machine washable soft pads that polish and light pass and scrubbing pads that are used to handle stubborn messes.

You can use 28oz of cleaning liquid and water into the tank to disperse through the spray trigger. It is quiet and does not produce vacuum noise levels, even though it is powered. It features swivel steering to help in maneuvering the mop under the cabinets and furniture. The mop is lightweight and only weighs about 11lb.  Plus, it also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Bissell electric mop is durable, easy to assemble, effectively cleans, and it is the best mop for hardwood floors. It greatly reduces cleaning effort with power spin pads for knees and hands clean. It does not have a carpet attachment. Overall, it offers demand spray that will allow you to dispense the right amount of solution on the floor.

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2. Best Budget – Swiffer Dry and Wet Mop for Hardwood Cleaning


  • Both dry and wet cleaning
  • Compatible with many types of floors
  • Comes with plenty 7 dry and 3 wet cloths
  • Simple to use
  • Not complicated add-ons and accessories
  • Suitable for smaller areas


  • Not powerful for stubborn stains

It is not necessary to use high tech and powerful mop in cleaning your floors. This is mostly when smaller areas are to be cleaned, and you do not require powerful materials to clean these areas. The Swiffer starter kit is very simple to use when cleaning hardwood floors.

This mop does not come with complicated parts and technology as the more advanced floor mops, which is an advantage if you want a mop that will not complicate cleaning. Additionally, it is also an advantage because the add-ons, as well as other accessories, are not complicated.

Swiffer mop is a simple design and it is not by far considered as a powerful cleaning kit. It is designed to ensure that it can clean anything that is sizeable.

It comes with 7 dry cloths and 3 wet cloths but they are not durable. Therefore, if you want to get a kit, be ready to stock on clothing because they wear fast. The cloths are unscented and thus can acquire bad smell from floors after cleaning. Also, the wet and dry cloths are similar, making it hard for the user to differentiate them.

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3. Best Steam Mop – Shark Genius Hard Floor Steam Cleaner


  • Three steam settings
  • Touch-Free technology
  • Lightweight
  • Large water tank
  • Steam blaster
  • Touch-free mop mad change
  • Flipping and swiveling cleaning head


  • You cannot remove the water tank

Shark Steam Mop is a lightweight and compact design that is of high quality. It is primarily made of plastic and has a metal backbone that helps in curbing its 6lb weight. The body swivels relative to the cleaning head to maximize maneuverability. You can remove the head for maintenance. Its water tank is transparent to enable you to monitor the level of water when cleaning.

The head has the ability to open up and sit on the pocket mop pads and then it can be folded. It automatically ensures that the head of the mop is prepared for steam cleaning without attaching the mop pad manually. The ability of the pad to be detached will limit exposure to dirt. It offers a powerful cleaning action and the pad will effectively collect dirt. Has zigzag strips for the gripping material that holds on to the dirt and gets rid of it from your hardwood floor. Plus, the pads can be washed by a machine.

It has three settings for the steam. The lowest steaming is the best for hardwood floors. It comes with a Touch-Free technology that will save you from wrestling with dirty pads. It comes with a mop, mop head, water fill flask, and dirt grip pads. It offers a 1-year limited warranty.

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4. Best Spin Mop- O Cedar Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop


  • Electrostatic properties for the microfiber mop
  • Can easily clean the corners of your home
  • Splash guards to prevent spillage
  • Safe for sealed hardwood floors
  • In-built wringer


  • The ability to dry is dependent on your how much water you can wring out

It is a microfiber mop that has electrostatic properties and will help in attracting dirt and grime without the use of detergents. It ensures that your hardwood floors are kept from harsh chemicals, soap, and excess water.

O-Cedar Spin Mop features a triangular head that is able to reach deep into the corners. It is also designed with 360-degree rotation that makes it easy to slide under your furniture.

Additionally, it is a mop and bucket system that features a well in-built wringer for the mop and a bucket that has a foot pedal to allow removal of excess water from the mop without the use of your hands. It offers you the ability to mop hardwood floors using a damp microfiber pad although this is dependent on the amount of water that you will be able to wring out.

The microfiber pad is safe for sealed hardwood floors. The bucket has splash guards to ensure that water will not spill on the floor as you are cleaning.

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5. Best Simple – MayShine Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop


  • 5 reversible microfiber mop cloths
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Machine-washable mop pads
  • Reusable and durable mop pads
  • Adjustable length of the frame


  • Can leave heavier dirt behind

It is a versatile floor mop that is made to last. It is made using a durable stainless steel handle, aluminum mop frame, and a high-grade ABS plastic. With this mop, you will be able to adjust the length using the included extension piece. This ensures that you can easily extend from 117 cm to 153cm. It offers you the ability to reach for the high corners and deep under your furniture.

The mop comes with a 360 degrees rotation for the mob frame. It has an easy clip design that is sized perfectly for both to be used in the office and at home. It comes with 5 reversible microfiber mop cloths that are very absorbent. You can easily machine-wash these mops for them to be reused and offer a clean floor.

Additionally, the mop pad also dries fast and you can just hang it under the sun to dry. You will be able to reuse the pads many times without wearing out. This will ensure that you have saved money.

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6. Best Multifunctional – PurSteam 12-in-1 Steam Mop


  • Provides 99.99% sanitation with no harsh chemicals
  • Pet friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Does not require too much effort
  • 2-year warranty


  • The water tank is better to be larger

This mop is a steam mop that has the ability to clean and sanitize with minimal time and effort. It is more effective than any traditional mop. With the mob, you will not be required to scrub floors or bend. Impressively, It only uses water to clean your home, leaving your floors smelling fresh and natural.

It features a triangular shape that enables it to reach the hard areas around your home. It is lightweight and can easily maneuver to ensure that the corners and edges are well cleaned. It can hold up to 8.5 ounces of water to ensure that there is deep cleaning in your home.

Additionally, it is a multifunctional tool that is very safe to use on the hardwood floors as well as other surfaces that may need cleaning and sanitizing. It features an in-built handheld steam cleaner that ensures that you can clean anything inside your home.

All is required of you is to install the attachment that you need and let the steam do all the cleaning and sanitizing work. It produces powerful steam that kills germs and bacteria around your home.

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7. Best Flat Mop – TETHYS Flat Mop and Bucket for Hardwood Floors


  • Two grooved bucket
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reusable and quality mop pads
  • Sleek design
  • Triangular mop head


  • A bit difficult to put the mop into the dry side of the bucket
  • One year limited warranty

TETHYS Flat Mop with two grooved buckets that offers you room for dry and wet mopping. You will not have to worry about wringing your mop using your hands. It effectively cleans any dirt and grim on your floor. It has two holes at the bottom that offers you ease when you want to drain the bucket.

It comes with two quality microfiber pads. The pads are reusable and thus will offer you great cleaning service for long. The microfiber pads can be washed by a machine and work with almost all hard surfaces to help you get a shiny and fresh feel in your home.

The mop has a swivel head that can rotate 280 degrees, thus offering access to different angles of cleaning. Also, it is a sleek design that can extend and clean under the furniture. Impressively, the mop has the ability to remove dirt and grime from hard to reach places. It is very easy to install. It comes with four poles that should be assembled based on the height of the user. Plus, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

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8. Best for Dust- 360 Dry Wet Dust Mop for Home Cleaning


  • Great for stains and dirt
  • High quality
  • Machine-washable pads
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for any surface


  • Not for deep scrubbing

It is a high-quality mop that comes with two washable microfiber pads. These are machine washable and can be reused, refilled, rewashed, and replaced. It is a powered cleaner that can safely clean any sealed hardwood floors.

The rotating mop pads are used for scrubbing your floor without breaking your back. Additionally, it includes machine washable soft pads that polish and light pass and scrubbing pads that are used to handle stubborn messes.

The mop has a swivel head that can rotate 360 degrees, thus offering access to different angles of cleaning. Also, it is a sleek design that can extend and clean under the furniture. It has the ability to remove dirt and grime from hard to reach places.

Additionally, it is very easy to install. It comes with four poles that should be assembled based on the height of the user. Plus, it comes with mop head, 2 microfiber refills, mop handle, 2 scrubbing pads.

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FAQs about the Best Mop for Hardwood Floors

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1. What Kind of Mop Should I Use On Hardwood Floors?

You can choose to use spin mops that have microfiber on your hardwood floors. It is true that water and wood are not compatible. Using microfiber spin mops helps the floor to get dry fast because microfibers have a high affinity for water. Microfiber mops will allow you to clean smarter rather than hard. It cleans well and it is very gentle on your hardwood floor.

Microfiber materials have excellent power when it comes to absorbing moisture. It has a great absorbing capacity when compared to other materials such as cotton. Microfiber mops have fine pores that help in the rapid absorption of water. They are also positively charged to help in the attraction of negatively charged grease and dirt.

Ensure that you choose a mop with microfiber over a conventional mop because of its ability to attract and retain dirt and liquids. The effectiveness of microfibers is owed to their shape because they act as a squeegee in picking up dirt and other substances and hold onto it rather than drag the dirt around.

Getting the best mops for your hardwood floors will keep your floor shiny and clean and they will look their best. Additionally, the best mops for hardwood will also guarantee longevity as they will not weaken the floors with excessive water.


2. Can I Wet Mop Hardwood Floors?

Water is not a good option for wood, even if the floor is sealed. Nonetheless, wet mops are ideal for getting rid of dirt on stubborn areas such as corners and the spaces between hardwood. It is important however use damp mops instead of mops that are soaking wet. If water sits on the hardwood while you are cleaning, it can cause damage. Therefore, it is important to work in small areas at a time.

However, using wet mops on hardwood comes with a caution. At all times, you should ensure that there is no excess liquid on the floor since water and wood do not mix. You can also opt for a natural hardwood floor cleaner as the best way of cleaning your floor.


3. What is the Easiest Way to Clean Hardwood Floors?

Using a spin mop makes cleaning hardwood floors very easy because it makes the mop dry enough to work on the floors. You can start by dusting or sweeping the floor to ensure that dust and any other particles are collected. Then, you can make a cleaning mixture that will not damage the floor.

The mixture can include 4 cups of warm water and a few drops of dishwasher or castile soap. Ensure that the mixture is gently mixed rather than shaking. You can the scrub or mop small sections at a go ensuring that the floor gets dry after.

For hardwood floors, ensure that you either use floor-cleaning products that are normally recommended by floor finishers or you can choose to use plain soap and water. This is because other floor cleaners have harsh ingredients for the hardwood and this can violate the warranty on your floor. You can use water and soap if the recommended products are pricey for you.


4. How Often Should I Mop Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are among the toughest to keep clean and preserve its look. What’s surprising is, most house owners have installed them. They are durable and quite easy to clean. We are going to discuss some points on how often you should clean your hardwood floors.

It’s essential to find out whether your hardwood floors are sealed or not. Sealed ones are mopped without difficulty as long as you ensure it’s dried immediately.

With the unsealed hardwood floors, they may be resistant to water, but they shouldn’t be wet for an extended period. Use a damp mop instead.

It doesn’t matter the number of people living in your house or the kind of movement your floor deals with; it’s recommended that you mop them at least once a week. That will ensure that the dust and dirt accumulated over the week won’t stick to the wood.

If you are unable, make sure you sweep to remove dust. Hardwood floors with minimal movement don’t need to be mopped daily, but you can dust them regularly.

Most hardwood floors that get lots of foot movement from boots, sandals, or even shoes that carry dirt and germs on the soles should be cleaned at least twice or thrice to ensure their quality is intact. Ensure you sweep them first to remove all particles.

Floors that get more than 15-people traffic daily, mostly homes, apartment buildings, or public buildings, need to be cleaned every day. That is necessary to keep your hardwood floors clean and lasting. You can also choose to add mats at entrance points for those coming in to dust their shoes.


5. Will Swiffer Ruin Hardwood Floors?

A lot of people have been enquiring whether Swiffer will ruin their hardwood floors. The Swiffer mop has received a lot of mixed reviews so that we will discuss some of them. So, will Swiffer ruin hardwood floors? Yes, it might!

The Swiffer Company itself on its website does not recommend using Swiffer on hardwood floors. They say, “don’t use on waxed oiled or unfinished wooden floors.” The company says this because they are water sensitive.

Most homeowners with hardwood floors don’t know about their finish or the type of floor finish used. Most of the homeowners purchase homes with wood floors already installed. There are some problems with using Swiffer on hardwood floor covering.

The Swiffer cleaning solution is water-based. Using it will null your wood floor warranty for almost all cases. When you use water on your wood floor, the water will be absorbed into the wood. It will make your wood floors swell fast. It may not be noticeable at first but will leave permanent damage.

Swiffer leaves whitish cloudy like stripes on hardwood floors. This whitish film is as a result of a build-up of Swiffer cleaning solution that remains on your wood floors. That creates more work because now you have to get rid of it. They make the wood appear dirtier than before.

The Swiffer cleaning solution has toxic chemicals that pose a health risk because of their active ingredients. Even small amounts are not safe, especially for pets and kids.

The cleaning solution does not contain a list of ingredients anywhere on the packaging, which is very suspicious. Considering that Swiffer was not made for hardwood floors, it should not be used for hardwood floors. Many products in the market are safe for wood floors that clean in a similar way.



You are required to be very careful when cleaning hardwood floors. Be keen on the materials that you are using to clean as well as the ingredients to ensure that your floor is not damaged. The above are some of the best mops that you can use for your hardwood floor.


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