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Best Shark Steam Mop Reviews for 2022

If you would like to minimize the time and effort to complete the mopping chores, then a shark steam mop is your solution. Steam mops are very useful when it comes to removing dirt and grime from the floors as well as killing bacteria due to their hot powerful steam.

Another aspect of the Shark steam mop is that apart from cleaning floors, it can be used in sanitizing other surfaces such as bathroom tiles, ovens windows as well as freshening up carpets.

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The top 4 products we highly recommendations for you. You will never go wrong with them!

The double-sided dirt grip mop with touch-free technology: Shark Genius Mop

Mop with removable tank for easy refilling at a reasonable price: Shark Steam Mop

Steam mop blasters the hard to clean messes from the corners: Shark S6002 Steam Pocket Mop

The mop with lithium-ion battery and a magnetic charger guaranteeing: Shark VACMOP Cordless Mop

Why Choose Shark Steam Mop?

best shark steam mop

Shark is one of the leading brands in manufacturing steam mops and customer satisfaction is the brand’s priority. The company is about a decade old yet at the top list of the best steam manufactures indicating that the brand’s manufacturers quality products.

Below are some of the aspects that will make the shark a priority.

  • Easy to Use

Shark steam mops are very easy to use and generally will take around 5 minutes from unboxing to using. They also come with a very clear instructional manual that will not require you to sort any guidance about usage.

  • Money Value

This is a good quality product that is in the range of most budgets thus no need to break the bank. Shark steam mop also does a lot of work quickly and conveniently and 100% fatigue-free.

  • Steam Power

Unlike other brands, this procedure is done using a trigger mechanism situated on the handle thus giving you the control of the amount of steam that you will need.

  • Durability

Most of the shark products have great durability due to the high-quality materials used. Shark steam mops feature a great warranty, unlike other brands. You need not have worries about poor investment with this brand. This also saves you some money since you will not experience constant repair or need to replace it soon.

  • Accessories

The product comes with every item that you would need to get started. The mop itself comes with a couple of replacement pads, a manual, and other extra accessories.

  • Lightweight

These products have a lightweight. They make it easier to use by old mums as well as grandmothers. They also feature adjustable handles that make them versatile, not forgetting easy to use.


Overall, the shark steam mops are high-quality products that will clean your surfaces quickly, easily, and efficiently. While not all the models give accessories, the shark will guarantee an extra level of versatility as well as cleaning power.


Factors To Consider When Buying A Shark Steam Mop

buy shark steam mop

Below are the factors to consider when choosing a shark steam mop.

  • Reservoir Capacity

The more water the steam mop will hold, the longer you will use the steam without a need to refill. Consider the size of your rooms and if they are large, then you need a steam mop with a larger capacity.


  • Variable Steam Control

A steam mop that will feature variable steam output options provides you with better control when it comes to the intensity that you need to clean different surfaces.


  • Accessories

A simple steam mop will do the normal cleaning jobs, but there are other options that will come inclusive of extra tools that enable you to reach areas that seem impossible to reach in your home. There are models that are more versatile with special nozzles for countertops, windows, car upholstery, and blinds.


  • Fast Heating

There are steam mops that will take a few minutes to heat up the water that is in the reservoir. You need a steam mop that can produce steam quickly within a matter of about 30 seconds.


  • Long Power Cord

Power cords vary between 16 to 30 feet for the steam mops. You should go for a steam mop that has a long power cord since it will give you the freedom to move about in your rooms without the need to change the power outlets.


Top 6 Best Shark Steam Mop Reviews

1. Best Overall – Shark Genius Hard Floor Pocket Steam Mop


  • A big water tank
  • Touch-free technology
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lightweight


  • The steam sometimes is not hot enough

shark genius hard floor pocket steam mop

Shark Genius steam mop has a water tank capacity of 350ml and a three-setting steam control. On top of that, the product features double-sided dirt grip pads that are washable.

You can use your steam blaster to achieve a powerful burst of the targeted steam to clean your stuck-on messes as well as loosen debris from the grout lines.

Furthermore, the product uses touch-free technology due to the press button that you can attach your dirt grip pad to the mop.

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2. Tough Free Pad – Best 2 In 1 -Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Mop


  • 3 levels of steam settings for effective cleaning
  • Can be converted into a handheld steamer
  • Touch-free pad
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • The tank is not very large

shark lift away pro steam pocket mop

Shark lift-away steam mop provides ultimate versatility and great cleaning efficiency. The mop blasts away resistant stains as well as sanitizing hard floors. It is capable of converting to a portable handheld steamer for above-floor cleaning and also garment steaming.

The product has an Intelli-mop head that is fitted with a touch-free pad and a release technology. Furthermore, this product has 3 levels of steam setting that enables you to mop, dust, and scrub easily. Plus, it also features a 22 feet long power cord that provides great flexibility.

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3. Best Budget – Shark Steam Mop for Effective Leaning


  • Large reservoir hence less refilling
  • Cleans effortlessly
  • Removable tank for easy refilling
  • Easy to store


  • None

shark cheap steam mop

Shark steam mop cleans and sanitizes your space with just water thus environmentally friendly. The mop allows you to cut through the stuck-on messes much easily. On top of that, the mop is lightweight and also maneuverable, and therefore you can get to the tight spaces much easier.

The product also features a large reservoir meaning that you can clean a large space without worrying about constant refilling. The tank is also removable making it fast and easy to refill. Its compact design and upright locks make it easy to store.

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4. For Hardwood Floors – Shark S6002 Steam Pocket Mop System


  • Comes with a spray pocket mop.
  • Touch-free technology.
  • It easily cleans dirt and spills
  • Dual-sided grip pads


  • Delicate water cap tank

shark pocket steam mop

The Shark S6002 steam mop makes it easy to clean and sterilize hard floors using the washable dual-sided grip pads. It is also equipped with a touch-free technology that prevents you from getting into contact with any dirt.

Another benefit is that the steam blasters the hard to clean messes and also easily loosens the debris from the corners and crevices.

The product package comes inclusive of a spray pocket mop for fast and easy cleaning of your daily messes and spills. Additionally, the grip pads absorb moisture and provide better engagement with the surfaces of your floor.

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5. Vacuum Mop – Shark VACMOP Cordless Vacuum Mop


  • Cordless design for moving everywhere
  • It has LED lights
  • Powerful suction for high-performance
  • Fast and easy charging


  • No battery included, you should buy one separately

shark steam mop and vacuum

Shark VACMOP features a powerful suction plus a spray mopping thus giving a complete clean equipped in one pad. The product has a multi-surface hard cleaner that cleans stuck-on grime giving shiny clean floors. It also has touch-free technology that ensures you are not touching the dirty pad anymore.

Another outstanding feature is that it is a cordless power mop that has a lithium-ion battery as well as a magnetic charger guaranteeing fast and easy charging. The product is lightweight and weighs less than 5 lbs. Additionally VACMOP  steam mop features powerful headlights that expose the hidden debris in your area.

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6. Fast Heat-up – Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop


  • Very easy to maneuver
  • It heats the water quickly
  • Compact and easy to assemble


  • The removable tank is not very large

shark 2 in 1 steam pocket mop

The Shark S3601 model has an XL water capacity that ensures you clean your large rooms without the worry of constant refilling. The super-heated steam will be ready in 30 seconds and provides you with 99.9% sanitization without needing chemicals.

The product is versatile and can be used to clean many surfaces ranging from hard floors, tiles, and many more. On top of that, it has 3 levels of intelligent steam settings that provide adequate steam for every cleaning job. Its design makes it easy to maneuver tight corners and edges around the furniture.

Check the Price on Amazon


Is Bissell Or Shark Steam Mop Better?

The innovative shark steam brand is a new entry to the industry with the capacity of taking on Bissell. If you consider buying the best steam mop, then the contest will be between the two brands.

Both of the products boast long power cords, heat the water pretty fast, equipped with a large reservoir of water as well as a swiveling floor head.

shark vs bissell steam mop

1. Reservoir Copmarsion


Shark Steam Mops are budget-friendly and do their job very well. Shark has a great reservoir and it can heat cold water in around 30 seconds thus if you spill something on the floor you can wipe it quickly before it sticks on the floor.

The steam dries within seconds and your children can resume playing around after cleaning. The main body of the shark steam has a window that enables you to see the water remaining in the reservoir. The reservoir has a 15-ounce capacity thus no worry about constant refills that will stop the progress of your work.


Unlike the shark, Bissel steam mops use a removable tank that makes it easier to refill without any worries of spilling on the floor. It also features a digital control that enables you to adjust the steam level appropriately.

With this steam mop, you can select low, medium, and high steam levels. The heating time is about 30 seconds thus saves you time. It has a capacity of 16 ounces that has no issues with constant refilling and you can get your work done quickly.


The time taken for heating the water stands at the same level but Bissel power fresh has a larger capacity and allows you to adjust the steam according to your application. They also have a different refilling process since the shark has an inbuilt reservoir that will take a while to fill compared to Bissel with a refillable and detachable tank.


2. Handling Comparison


The winning quality in Shark is that it is lightweight thus easier to maneuver the mop around. The floor head is also able to swivel thus getting to difficulty areas is easier. The power cord is 20 feet long thus giving you enough freedom to move around without the need to change power outlets.


Bissel steam mop has a swiveling floor head that enables you to weave a lot of different spaces easily. It also has a long power cord that enables you to maneuver all kinds of rooms. Another outstanding feature in this product is an ergonomic handle that will not tire you out or make you lose your grip.


Both steam models give you great convenience with their heads. The power cords are almost the same length but the Bissel product powerhead is 3 inches longer. Shark steam mop is lightweight, but on the other hand, the Bissel boasts an ergonomic handle.


3. Floor Head Copmarsion


This is one of the best features in the Bissell steam mop. It has a scrub brush that is built into the mop head thus allowing you to flip it down if you need extra help with removing problematic dirt.

It provides you with two viewing windows hence you can observe if the scrubbing has cleared the dirt. It also comes with a microfiber scrap pad together with a soft one. Therefore, you can change the mop pads according to the work.



Shark steam mop features a rectangular floor head and a straight line design floor head with the ability to pivot at the joint. This makes it easier to clean dirt that builds up along the edges and corners.


Both mops have two microfibers but the Bissel mop gives you two options when it comes to scrubbing power. Bissel also enables you to see through to the floor when using its floor head. On top of that, the attachment mechanisms of its microfiber pads can be operated faster.



In conclusion, a steam mop is very useful in your various mopping and sterilizing. With the numerous features and advantages, it is a great addition to your home.

This article has provided adequate information about the shark steam mop and the factors to consider before buying one.

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