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The 5 Best Small Bathroom Mop Reviews for 2022

Cleaning the bathroom is not everyone’s favorite chores in the house, but we still need to keep this room looking clean for hygiene purposes. Some homes have small bathroom areas, which means that your choice of a bathroom mop should also be small for convenient cleaning.

The small mop models are the best choices since one can easily reach the smallest corners of the bathroom, and the mop head quickly moves around the floor to clean.

  • Quick Picks

In a hurry? Pick a mop from the following recommendations!

Easy to reach even at the bathroom’s furthest corners: CLEANHOME Tile Mop

A wringing bucket with a pedal to remove the excess water: O Cedar Microfiber Mop

Easy to wring mop with coated steel material Handle for durability: Libman Small Mop

Self-squeezing mode essential for wringing out the water: Eyliden Microfiber Twist Mop

Lightweight steam mop for easy carrying: Shark Small Steam Mop


Tips for Choosing a Small Bathroom Mop

small bathroom floors

  • Fits in the Bathroom

The size of your bathroom should guide you in choosing the right mop for cleaning. You need a mop that you can swiftly move around the bathroom with when cleaning at every corner.

Therefore, choose a small mop that fits in your bathroom area. In terms of the size, you need to consider the size of the handle and the cleaning head.

The handle of the mop should be long enough to provide a comfortable surface to hold when cleaning and have a reasonable size such that you can still close the door when cleaning the room.

The cleaning mop head should be broad and again easily clean the various corners of the bathroom.

  • Long Yarns

The length of the yarns on the cleaning mops determines the area you can comfortably and efficiently clean before rinsing.

Long threads also have a high absorbency level, which facilitates the quick drying of the flooring.

Thus, choose mop with long yarns for quick cleaning and fast drying of your bathroom floor after cleaning.

  • The Mop Head

The cleaning head mop determines the surface you can cover per stroke when cleaning the floor. The larger the mop head is, the more space you will be able to clean and vice versa.

When it comes to bathrooms, you need to consider the size of your bathroom, especially if you live in small-sized homes.

Choosing a mop with a broad cleaning head for a small room may be less useful since it causes distractions when cleaning different areas, and you may end up leaving space spaces untouched. In this case, ensure to choose a mop with a narrower head to reach in all corners.

  • High Absorbency Cleaning Materials

Your flooring in the bathroom determines the type of cleaning materials to consider when choosing the mop.

So, choose the mop cleaning materials that are compatible with your bathroom flooring and, at the same time, that has a high absorbency level.

The mop materials should quickly rinse off all the soap on the floor to prevent accidents since bathrooms tend to get wet when one is bathing.

  • The Mop Weight

Your comfort when cleaning the floor is something you need to keep in mind. Therefore, choose a mop that is light in weight for convenience when cleaning the bathroom floors.


Top 5 Small Bathroom Mop Reviews

Note that the bathroom mops are designed just like the regular house mops. They come with scrubbing pads essential for cleaning different floorings like tiles.

We will be reviewing the 5 best small bathroom mops on the market.

1. Best Overall – CLEANHOME Tile Mop for Wet and Dry Mopping


  • The cleaning pads have high absorbency levels
  • The 360-degree rotation for easily reaching the corners
  • The handle is lightweight
  • Suitable for cleaning different types of floors
  • Easy to assemble


  • The handle of this mop is quite short which may be uncomfortable for tall people

microfiber small bathroom floor mop

The 360-degree swiveling mode of this mop makes it super easy to reach even at the bathroom’s furthest corners to clean.

The mop has an efficient cleaning pad that makes it the perfect choice for cleaning various floors, including marble, tile, and hardwood, which are common in the bathrooms.

It offers both dry and wet cleaning options depending on the type of floor installed in your home or bathroom to be specific.

The mop comes with two washable cleaning pads with a high absorbency level for effective cleaning different rooms.

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2. Runner Up – Libman Wonder Small Bathroom Mop


  • Comes with three heads for replacement
  • A durable handle for convenience when cleaning
  • Super easy to wring when cleaning the floor
  • Great for pet messes


  • Could be heavy if absorbs too much water

linman mop for bathroom floor

If you need a flexible mop that you can comfortably maneuver even behind the toilet to clean, this right here is a good brand of mop worth considering.

The mop has quality cleaning fibers compatible with different floors like tiles, laminate, and even hardwood floorings.

The cleaning pad has a high scrubbing power to eliminate the stains and dirt on the floor efficiently.

The microfiber cleaning pad is comfortable to wring when either rinsing or when drying the bathroom floor. The handle of this mop is made of coated steel material for durability.

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3. With Bucket – O Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Mop


  • Hands-free wringing effect thanks to the available bucket
  • Easy to use by all people.
  • The handle has a reasonable height for comfort when cleaning and fit in most bathroom sizes
  • The microfiber cleaning pad provides profound cleaning results


  • Cannot swivel around

small bathroom mop with bucket

If you need a cleaning mop that you don’t have to wring out the water to rinse the floor manually, O Cedar got you sorted with the best mop brand.

The mop comes with a wringing bucket with a pedal to remove the excess water when cleaning the bathroom, an excellent feature for cleaning public bathrooms.

The microfiber cleaning pad provides a profound cleaning effect to eliminate all the dirt and stains on your bathroom floor.

The exclusive triangle mop head ensures convenience when cleaning the bathroom since you can comfortably clean at all corners, including behind the toilet and bathtubs. This mop has a compact cleaning head, a great feature for people with small bathroom areas.

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4. Best Easy to Use – Eyliden Microfiber Twist Small Mop


  • High water absorbency
  • Great for small areas
  • Quite light in weight
  • Quite easy and fast to install
  • Self-squeeze design


  • Not for a large house

twist dust mop for small bathroom

If you need a cleaning mop that you can reuse multiple times, this mop from Eyeliden is an excellent option.

The mop comes with a washable microfiber cleaning pad with a high absorbency power to rinse and dry the floor quickly.

The mop head has a scrubbing pad essential for eliminating the stubborn dirt or grime that may be stuck on the wall’s edges.

Some of the floors you can clean with this mop are bamboo, tiled, hardwood, and laminate. The mop features a self – squeezing mode essential for wringing out the water when drying the floor.

Installing the cleaning microfiber on the mop is quite accessible since it has the twist-off mechanisms to remove the microfiber, and then twist on when connecting it to the mop.

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5. Compact to Carry – Shark Small Steam Mop for Bathroom


  • Cleans and sanitizes the floor to eliminate mildew and bacteria growing on the floor
  • Compact size to fit in different sizes of the bathroom
  • ¬†Easy to remove for a refill
  • Only takes around 30 seconds to heat up


  • The cord is a bit short

small steam mop for bathroom tile

If you need a mop to clean and, at the same time, sanitize your bathroom flooring, this right here is the perfect choice of a mop worth buying.

The mop only weighs 4 pounds a comfortable weight for easy carrying when shifting it to clean the bathroom. The steam mop does not take long to heat up to save your cleaning time.

The mop is recommendable for bathrooms because it effortlessly eliminates all the soap, residuals, the grease, and any grime leaving the floor looking clean and fresh. The water tank on the mop is removable for easy refills.

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What is the Best Cleaner You Can Use for Bathroom Floors?

clean bathroom floor

Vinegar, especially white vinegar, has no chemical, which makes it the perfect choice for people allergic to harsh cleaning chemicals.

The vinegar has a high content of acid that dissolves quickly on the various floors to eliminate stains that are hard to remove with a cleaning pad.

The white vinegar is highly recommendable for cleaning the bathrooms since it has the cleaning power to eliminate mildew, bacteria, and even grimes stuck on the walls and floors.

Add two tablespoons of vinegar and mix with other ingredients like essential oils and spray on the affected floor part to eliminate the stains.


How to Clean Your Bathroom Floor Effectively?

best mop for bathroom floors

  • Clear the Floor

The first step you need to take is clear off any debris and clutter that may be lying on the door for an easy cleaning process.

Clearing the floor first enables you to spot the areas that require special care and more focus when cleaning the bathroom.

The items you need to remove include; cabinets that remove all the bathroom mats and any debris lying on the floor.

  • Sweep the Floor

Sweeping the floor before mopping is crucial since it helps to get rid of the loose dirt on the floor for fast cleaning results.

Sweeping the floor first is also vital since it enables one to identify the areas with stains and the parts that require exceptional scrubbing.

Using a dust mop, sweep the floor while paying attention to the corners of the room. If you are using a dust mop, ensure it is completely dry to avoid spreading more dirt.

  • Clean Stubborn Stains

This step of cleaning your bathroom requires total care. You need to check out the areas that have stains on the floor so you can eliminate them.

So fill in the bucket with warm water and add in your cleaning solution. Using a mop, begin to clean the floor from the furthest corner towards the door.

If the floor has stubborn stains or dirt, you can use white vinegar to remove them. If you have tile floor, pay more attention to the grouts to eliminate any dirt that may be stuck there.

Also, run the mop on the corners of the room to remove the dust stuck at the edges.

  • Rinse the Floor

Ones you are done cleaning the floor, the next step is to rinse it using clean water and a rinsed mop.

If you are using the fiber mop, make sure to rinse it with clean water first, and if you use a cleaning pad, you can opt to change to a cleaner one, or use the previous one.

The thing to note when rinsing your bathroom floor;

Additionally, if your bathroom has tiles, pay attention to the grout when rinsing.

  • Dry the Floor

Considering the bathrooms are always moist when people take a bath, it is crucial to keep it dry to prevent mold from growing on the floor.

So, using a dry mop pad, dry the floor entirely before you rearrange the moved items.



Some of the crucial things you need to consider when choosing a small mop for your bathroom are the size, the cleaning pad, and the compatibility of the floor. Make sure the mop you select has a high cleaning power compatible with your type of floor and is easy to use.

The above review has the top five best small mops suitable for different kinds of bathrooms. Find the right mop that suits your type of floor, and that is easy to work with using the above-discussed buying tips.


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