10 Best Spray Mop Reviews for 2021

best spray mop

When it comes to cleaning, there are very few people who like to take the long way to do it all. If possible, you want to be able to have all of the best tools for cleaning that will allow you to streamline the process without having to compromise on the end results.

This is where you need to make sure that you are taking the time to find only the best in cleaning tools and products so that you can get the deep, satisfying clean that you are looking for without all of the hassles of having to spend extra time getting the job done. Of course, one of the best ways to get the cleaning tasks taken care of around your home with little or no fuss is looking into the addition of the Spray Mop to your regular cleaning routine.

best spray mop


10 Best Spray Mop On the Market


How to Choose the Best Spray Mop?  -Tips You Should Know

spray mop hardwood

When buying a spray mop, you need to consider several things to ensure that you buy the best one.

#1. Material

Chose a spray mop that has a Microfibre mop head because that is considered the best. The reason why you should purchase a spray mop with a Microfibre mop is that they are long-lasting, absorbent, and nonabrasive and are also good for delicate floors like the hardwood floors where any scratches should not be left.

#2. How It Works

Ensure that the spray mop you buy is easier to use and cleans best. You don’t want to buy a mop that will leave scratches on the floors or do not do a proper cleaning.

#3. Price

Spray mops are not costly, and therefore, you really need to purchase one for your house. It is good if you purchase one with replacement pads and liquid refills, this might be a bit expensive, but it’s worth it.

#4. Durability

Spray mops are durable and can last as long two years or even more than that. Ensure that you check the material used in making the spray mop because the durability of a mop is determined by the material.

#5. Weight

Purchase a spray mop that is lightweight because a heavy on will not do the job perfectly; a lightweight spray mop is easy to handle, unlike a heavy one. It is light but durable and does great work than heavier mops, a lightweight spray mop can be managed easily, and most of there brands are designed to be portable, light, and easy to carry.

#6. Adjustable

Buy a spray mop that can be adjusted so that you are comfortable when cleaning, and you don’t suffer from back pains; this kind of spray mop allows you to clean without having to bend, dipping and wringing out. You simply spray as you go, and if you find that you are not comfortable, you can simply adjust the handle.

#7. Flooring Needs

Before buying a spray mop, ensure that you know the kind of floor that you are planning to use on. Ask yourself this question, how many flooring do you have in your house? That will really guide you on how to choose one.

Almost all homes have more than one, for instance, tiles in the bathroom and carpet in the bedroom. Some spray mops are capable of cleaning multiple floors, and therefore if you have several floors, ensure that you buy a model that suits all your floor surfaces.

#8. Water Tank Capacity

This is one of the important factors, buy a spray mop that has a big water tank because when cleaning, you should not have trouble refilling it every now and then. Buy one that suits the needs of your home, if you have a few rooms you can buy a small one.

#9. Footprint

The size of the mop head matters a lot; if you have several rooms to clean, consider purchasing a spray mop with a big head because that will cover the area faster, but if the rooms to clean are less, you can buy one with a small head.


Best Spray Mop Reviews

1. Best Overall- Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Floor Mop


  • Easily reach any spot, even the hard-to-reach spots
  • The microfiber pad is washable for washing more than a hundred times
  • Do not need to buy extra microfiber pads
  • Versatile, effortless, and functional
  • It has a non-battery trigger that makes it easy to dispense solution


  • Some mechanism issues

Rubbermaid Spray Mop is designed for homeowners who want to use minimum effort while they are mopping. It has features that help you save money as well as keep your floors clean and shiny. It has an easy-to-use spray mop, which makes cleaning easy, even in those areas that may seem hard to reach.

Rubbermaid mop is especially a great choice if your home floor is made of tile, hardwood, vinyl, or laminate. It can also perform well if your floors are different. The spray mop has microfiber padding, making it a safer option for every sealed hard floor.

The efficiency of the microfiber is outstanding when compared to other spray mops. It has the ability to eliminate 50% more dirt than traditional mops. Therefore, you are able to get rid of 50% more dust and dirt with each swipe.

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2. Best for Hardwood Floors- Bona Spray Mop with Larger Head


  • Highly absorbent
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Cost-effective
  • Portable for carrying around
  • Works on most of the hard floors


  • The pads come in different sizes but they fit very well

Bona Spray Mop contains all the features that are required to ensure that you have saved your money. It helps you to take control of the cleaning process within your home. It comes with microfiber pads that are easy to attach to the head of the spray mop. A great feature is that the microfiber pads can easily be washed by machine if you do not want to dispose of them.

The mop is very absorbent and it is very effective for cleaning. It is effortless and can be tossed in a washing machine without getting damaged. It has the ability to withstand multiple washing and thus it is economical because you will not have to buy another one.

The spray mop comes with reusable cleaning pads, a mop, and a rechargeable cleaning tank. An advantage of this steam mop is that you can use any cleaning solution and it will not be damaged. It is also very easy to use, which is what people want. The handle and the mop also make the cleaning process easy.

It is made using high-quality materials and features. The assembling process for the product is also very easy. It does not require batteries to run and operate the mop firing system. Therefore, it is a cost-effective product.

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3. Best Budget- Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop Cleaner


  • Dissolves and breaks mess for effective cleaning
  • Can cover a significant floor area
  • Has protection against splashing water
  • Disposable pads that are easy to attach to the head


  • Not for cleaning very tough stains

Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop is not a sophisticated steam mop that is efficient for cleaning your floor. It is normally used for cleaning small areas. It is lightweight, small, and very convenient. The mop features a simple process for its users and does not have a complicated design.

It does not come with complicated parts that most technologically advanced mops have but it ensures that it functions perfectly. The mop is an advantage if you only want a mop that easily works with no complicated accessories and add-ons.

The design is simple to facilitate easy and effective cleaning. It is, however, not used for powerful cleaning. The mop has enough cleansing part. You may need to assemble plenty of cleaning cloths as a starter pack for the product. They are unscented and they are enough for cleaning your floor.

Ensure that you thoroughly clean the mop to prevent bad odor, to avoid your floors from having a bad smell even after cleaning.

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4. Best Refillable- Spray Microfiber Mop with 700ml Refillable Bottle


  • Made from high-quality plastic and fiber that makes it last for long
  • 700 refillable bottle
  • Very easy to use and operate
  • The pad is washable and can be reused
  • Comes with a lifetime assurance
  • Can be used for different types of floors


  • It needs to be assembled before using

This spray mop ensures that your floors are cleaned in the most natural way. It is used in cleaning your floor without the need for a bucket, which mostly can be tiring. It has the ability to remove dirt and dust and leaves your floor perfectly clean. And it can be used for different types of floors, to offer you great results. It is very easy to use since all is required is to press the trigger as well as enough water for cleaning your home.

The mop is made from quality materials using a firm and steady grip. The pad of this spray mop can be reused after washing. It does not leak, making sure that it offers the best performance. It features a 360 degrees rotating angle and weighs only 2 pounds. This makes it lightweight and very portable. It requires assembling before it can be used. However, the assembling process is not very easy.

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5. Best for Laminate Floors- Deerma 360 degrees Rotation Spray Mop



  • Easy to use
  • 4 free cleaning pads that are durable and effective
  • Allows you to choose the best cleaning solution
  • It is highly efficient
  • The head rotates 360 degrees
  • Lightweight for moving


  • The refill bottle is not that big

Deerma Spray Mop comes with 4 reusable dry and wet mop pads. The pads are made of microfiber which is soft, highly absorbent, durable, washable, and reusable. The mop pads can be used for different types of floors, such as laminate wood, hardwood, and ceramic tiles.

It has refillable bottles that help you to choose the best cleaning solution that will fit your cleaning needs. It can spin 360 degrees and reach a hard-to-reach area. This feature makes it easy to clean under the sofa, bed, and any other corner in your home.

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6. Best Steam Mop- Shark Steam and Spray Mop System


  • High-quality steam mop with spray function
  • Makes cleaning and mopping easier
  • Very effective
  • Does not leave any streaks after cleaning


  • A bit expensive than others

The Shark Steam and Spray Mop is effective for cleaning large swath of dirt on sealed flooring for faster cleaning. It is a great choice for larger areas because of the wider cleaning zone that the machine offers. Additionally, it will also offer you the ability to release dirty pads to offer you attach a fresh and new pad by just pressing the button once.

It uses a touch-free technology and thus helps you have an easy time of removing dirt from cleaning pads and attaching the new ones. The mop will be able to clean any stubborn grime using a steam blaster. It has a 22-foot power cord that will enable you to maneuver and clean large floor coverage without the need of finding new outlets.

The mop has 3-level steam control to help you in a direct steaming channel to ensure that you get the best from the product. A dual-sided cleaning pad will help you in cleaning up and using it as a scrubber when you want it. It weighs 6lb making it easy to use and light to carry around when scrubbing up all the messes within your home.  It is more effective compared to other steam cleaners.

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7. Best for Kitchen- Spray Microfiber Mop with Washable Mop Heads


  • Lightweight and portable
  • 640ML Water tank
  • Very efficient and harmless to floors
  • Comes with 4 free replacement pads that are washable and durable
  • Rotates 360 degrees


  • Made from plastic that looks a bit cheap

This spray microfiber mop is not harmful to the floor and ensures that floor dries quickly using the spray mop. It can be used to protect the floor from excess moisture on the ground. The microfiber pad is reusable and can be used for all types of floors, that is, laminate wood, hardwood, and ceramic tiles. The handle is ergonomic and can be comfortable to hold it. It ensures that you are able to enjoy your cleaning experience.

It comes with 4 free replacement pads. These pads are soft, durable, reusable, and are highly absorbent. It does not require any batteries since you have more control over a manual spray handle. Plus, the mop saves you money because it is durable, you will not need to but pads.

It is very efficient in cleaning your home. The head is able to rotate 360 degrees willingly for easy cleaning. This feature can be used in getting around bulky features without the need for moving it around.

The spray head will allow you to spray as little or more liquid as you may desire. With this machine, you will be able to save time and frustration since you will not need to mop unwanted water.

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Why Choose a Spray Mop?

use spray mop

  • Easy Cleaning Power

Instead of having to lug around a heavy bucket that is filled with water and cleaning products, you simply have to use the Spray Mop around the house. This means that you can target the areas where you would like to clean and never have to worry that you are going to spill the bucket that you are toting around.

Not only that, but think about all of the dirt, debris, and grime that always ends up inside of the mop bucket as you are cleaning and wringing out the mop after every pass. No longer do you have to worry about swishing around the same dirty water! When you have the right spray mop, you are able to clean where you need it and you never end up pushing around the dirty water. You end up getting a deeper clean every single time. Click to see the TOP rated spray mop with best reviews:

Libman Freedom Best Spray Mop

Libman Freedom Spray MopWhy Recommend?

  • This mop both sprays and cleans better than the old Swiffer we jet.
  • The cleaning pad is machine washable up to 50 times, no need to purchase disposable cleaning pads.


  • Versatility

When you have Spray Mop on your side as part of your cleaning arsenal, you have the advantage of sheer versatility. Spray Mop is just right for use on laminate, wood, marble, tile, stone, linoleum, and much more. Whether you are looking to clean your kitchen floor or you simply want to go through and do some touch-ups in a few different rooms around your home, the Spray Mop is easy to carry around due to it being so lightweight.

More special mops you need can check details & reviews at:


  • All In One Power

Maybe there is a spill in your entryway or you have to get to a mess that was created in your bathroom. With the right spray mop, you are going to have the power of picking up the dirt and mess with just a few simple passes. This is a mop that has a powerful and efficient spray pattern that will help to knock out any of the grime that you need to be able to power through. As a matter of fact, Spray Mop is so versatile and powerful that it can easily be used in a professional capacity in addition to being the perfect cleaning tool to have around your home. If you have a busy foyer at your place of business, or you happen to have mess-prone kids at home, you are never going to want to be without this great mop.  (If you need, you can go and see Top Picks 2 In 1 Steam Mops With Best Reviews)

There is a reason why a lot of people are ditching conventional mops to take home the power of the Spray Mop. Once you try it, you are sure to be a believer in the cleaning power and versatility of this simple, yet important tool. Cleaning has never been easier and you are going to be a fan even after using your Spray Mop one time! Overall, this is the best cleaning tool that you could ever ask for to get the job done.

There are hot sale spray mops for your reference: O-Cedar ProMist and Shark Steam SK460. The O-Cedar get the TOP sales with affordable price, and the Sk 460 is very functional steam spray mop can do work faster and better. Click to see more details:

O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop– Under $30

O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray MopWhy choose this one?

Featuring a one-touch bottle release for easy bottle removal, the ProMist allows you to deep-clean your floors with your favorite cleaning solution.

Shark Steam and Spray Professional SK460

Shark Steam and Spray Professional SK460Special Features:

  • 3 Levels of Intelligent Electronic Steam Control
  • Removable Power Cord for Cordless Spray Only Mode
  • Includes Steam Energized Cleanser, Disposable Sanifiber Pads for germy messes & Washable multilayer pad

The Best Brands of Spray Mops

spray mop floor

Spray mops are the type of mops equipped with microfibre pads essential for quick and easy cleaning of different floors. The major types of floors compatible with the spray mops include; hardwood, laminate, ceramic and tiled floors.

Some spray mop models can also be used for either drying or wet cleaning. The following are the top best spray mop brands on the market today.


1. Rubbermaid

This is one of the best brands of spray mops on the market today. The Rubbermaid mops feature control buttons on the handle essential for controlling the function and release of the cleaning solution.

The water tanks are made in different sizes and the majority of the tanks have a transparent window for easy viewing when refilling water and cleaning solutions to prevent overflowing. This spray mop is quite flexible as you can opt to use it with water, bleach, or just a cleaning solution. This brand of mops is sold with warranties that range from 1 to 3 years.


2. Libman

If you are looking for the most efficient mop for either home or commercial use, the Libman spray mops are the best option. This is because the mops are sold with reusable cleaning pads that you can use for a very long time. The majority of the cleaning pads are also compatible with machine washers for easy maintenance.

This brand of mop features a long cord that allows excellent movement in the room while cleaning to prevent a lot of restrictions. It suits the majority of heights thanks to the long handle. The cleaning solution tank has a transparent design for easy viewing when filling in, and prevent overflowing as well. Note that some types of mops are cordless as well.


3. O-Cedar

O-cedar is one of the fast and efficient cleaning mops on the market today. Most models are cordless; hence, making cleaning easy, especially in large rooms. The mop features a dual mop head that is super easy to flip on sides when cleaning. Therefore, you can easily clean with one mop pad for a very long time since both sides are utilized.

The mop fibers are quite versatile and one can use this brand for both dry and wet cleaning. It fits most of the floors, including; tiles, carpeted floors, laminate among others. The spray bottle comes with a button that is easy to control when releasing the cleaning solution. With just one touch on the button, the solution automatically comes off for cleaning.


4. Bona

If you are looking for the safest brand of mops for your delicate floors, get Bona spray mops. This company is owned by a family and guarantees nothing but the best mops. The mops come in variety whereby, some are crafted for wooden floors, and even oiled floors to name a few. The mops are sold with cleaning kits that consist of the cleaning pads and the cleaning solutions needed.


5. Swiffer

Swiffer is the perfect mop brand for people who need an affordable mop for family use. This mop is also suitable for different floors such as finished woods, tiled floors, and many others; but, it is not recommendable for delicate floors such as oiled or waxed floors.

Most of the models from this company provide a wet cleaning solution that may not work for floors that require dry cleaning. These floor mops come with all the necessary cleaning accessories which include; mop pad refill, cleaning solution, and power floor spray. The powerful wet jet pad refills work magic in collecting, trapping and even locking the dirt to prevent spreading on the floor.


FAQs about Best Spray Mops

dust mop for hardwood floors

1. How to use a spray mop?

Using a spray mop for cleaning is quite easy. The mops come with all the control buttons needed for cleaning. There are the start button and the spray release button for cleaning purposes.

  • So fill in the water tank with clean water until it reaches the area marked with max
  • Add about 2 to 3 spoons of your preferred cleaning solution to the water. Then fit back the water tank to the mop ready for cleaning
  • Put your preferred cleaning pad on the mop head
  • Then switch on the mop and press the solution release button to start cleaning. Note that it is advisable that you clean in a back and forth form for efficient cleaning large areas


2. What can I put in my spray mop?

The spray mops are the perfect cleaning mops if you want to maintain a clean home that is free from germs and stains as well. The cleaning solution tanks provide a space where you can add all the cleaning solution that you may need.

So, there is no limit to what you can add to your spray mop. Some of the most commonly added cleaning solutions to a spray mop include; white vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, lavender, liquid dish soap, and water.

Just add about 1/8 of each cleaning solution to the water tank and shake well for all the ingredients to dissolve in the water. Note that you can also add your preferred freshener in case you want the floor to smell nice. Also, it is not necessary to rinse the floor, off the soap, just mop and leave it.


3. How can I make my spray mop smell better?

If you want to add a touch of nice smell to your spray mop then there are a few ingredients to add. You don’t necessarily need to use water when cleaning the floor with a spray mop, instead, you can incorporate other cleaning solution that leaves a good and sweet scent on your floor after every clean.

So, add little water to the reservoir and fill the remaining part with the cleaning solutions of your choice. Some of the major cleaning solutions to help leave your mop smelling nice for a long time is the essential oils and lavender. You can also incorporate other essentials that work for you.



Spray mops are the perfect solution for people who need efficient and affordable mops on the market. These mops are super easy to use and provide the best wet cleaning solutions for different floors. They provide a room where you can use your preferred cleaning solutions especially if you want to disinfect the floor or add a sweet smell.


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