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What Are the Best Steam Cleaner for Bathroom Tiles and Grout?

Maintaining hygiene in the house is an important part of every family life. Bathrooms need regular cleaning for the house to be safer. It is best to use a chemical-free method and the best chemical-free method is with a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners use heated steams to eradicate germs and dirt from the bathroom faster and more efficiently than using chemicals.


Why Steam Cleaner Is Able to Clean out Your Bathrooms Thoroughly?


Steam cleaners are the most efficient to clean bathrooms because they are the best cleaners for grout between tiles and the tiles themselves.

Steam cleaners have attachments that make it easy for the steam cleaner to be able to work on different surfaces. And some steam cleaners are portable and can get into tight spaces.

Steam cleaners are quick to remove hairs and grimes because they have microfiber pads that make it easier to absorb different kinds of dirt substances.

Also, steam cleaners clean soap scum too because it uses the heated vapor to turn the soap scum into liquid before absorbing it.

Also, another reason why steam cleaners are the best option is that bathroom floors are usually sealed floors and steam cleaners are perfect for cleaning sealed floors. And lastly, steam cleaners save energy as they do not consume much energy to clean surfaces.


What Are the Best Types of Steam Mops for Shower?

Steam mops are essential tools for house cleaning especially bathrooms but not all steam mops can work perfectly for bathroom cleaning. There are three main types of steam mops for shower cleaning; they are:

  • The high-pressure streams

The high-pressure streams are the types of steam cleaners that only release high steam vapors. This type of mop does not release water, it only releases the vapor.

This is the best mop to use for dry cleaning because the vapor would be dry a few minutes after the cleaning. An example of this type of mop is the Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner.

best steam cleaner for bathroom tiles and grout

The high-pressure mop is perfect for cleaning bathrooms because it releases highly concentrated vapor which makes it easier for the steam to take dirt off bathroom walls and tiles.

It can also be used to clean shower heads as the vapor would flush the clogs down the shower. And they come with various types of attachments for different floor types.

  • The 2 in 1 steam mop

The 2 in 1 steam mop is also called the handheld steam cleaner. As the name implies, this type of steam cleaner is mobile and can be moved from place to place during the cleaning process making it easy for the cleaner to reach all the corners of the bathroom.

Also, this steam cleaner is called 2 in 1 because it also has an internal canister where you can store water and other cleaning substances. This type of steam cleaner is multipurpose which makes it more efficient as you can move it around the area you’re cleaning without having to go back to get your cleaning solution. It makes it easier to do the bathroom cleaning at once.

  • Canister steamer

Canister steamer is the most known type of mop. The canister is a big water streamer that is connected to a hose on the steam cleaner. Many of these types of steam cleaners are not mobile like the 2 in 1 steam mops.

They are also called cylinder steam cleaners; they are very effective. Examples of this type of steam mop are the Wagner 915, steadfast among others.

best bathroom steam cleaner

This canister steam mop gives you the advantage of directing the steam from the mop to a particular angle which would make all the dirt in different angles to be wiped clean. They have larger water tanks than the other types of steam cleaners.


What to Look for When Choosing a Bathroom Steam Cleaner?

Steam cleaners are only truly efficient when they serve the complete purpose they are bought for and that is why there are some features of steam cleaners you need to put into consideration before choosing a steam mop for your bathroom. Some of the factors to be considered are below:

1. Large nozzles

The size of the nozzle is important because the bigger the nozzle, the faster the cleaning process would be but you should also be careful.

Do not to choose a too large nozzle that would be heavy as it would reduce your work efficiency also. You just have to balance the size of the nozzle between extremely big and too small; it should just be moderate.

2. Cleaning pads

In the case of the cleaning pads, some steam cleaners come with more than a pad which would be best for the cleaning if the pads are of different types. Also, you should watch out for the ones with microfiber pads because they absorb the dirt quicker.

2. High pressurized steam

Another factor that should be considered before choosing a steam mop is the high-pressure steam. The best mops are the ones that release high pressurized steam because the high pressurized steam removes dirt and grout faster.

Another thing to consider about the steam is the heat up time, you need a steam cleaner that gets to the required steam temperature a few minutes after turning it on because that would help you save time.

3. Tank volume

The volume of the tank in a steam mop is very crucial to the efficiency of your steam mop and that is why you should check for the tank volume of steam mops before choosing a particular brand or type of steam mop.

The size of the tank would determine how fast your cleaning would be because a small tank would require that you stop at intervals to refill the tank and that would slow down the cleaning process.

Here is a top rated steam mop with a large water tank: Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

steam cleaners for bathroom tiles

This Vapamore unit is a heavy-duty device that has a tank capacity of 1600 ml or 54 oz. It also provides up to 50 minutes of effective cleaning before it needs a refill.

This steam cleaner offers low moisture steam, with a steam lock that delivers steam cleaning effectively without interruptions. Its superheated feature makes it the best versatile and multi-purpose steamer for bathrooms, kitchens, cars, and lots more. Its Steam Pressure is up to 50 psi.

4. Attachment

You should also check if a type of steam mop can accommodate the necessary attachments you would need for your bathroom before choosing it.

Some steam mops come with all the necessary attachments while some do not even have any attachments. And some others can accommodate other types of accessories while some cannot.

These are the options you have to weigh before settling for a type of steam mop. Some of the necessary attachments for a bathroom steam mop are a brush, jet nozzle, or some other window cleaning attachments. Check Steamfast steam mop out!

best steam cleaner for bathroom wall tiles

It has various versatile accessories that make your cleaning process easy. They include utility brushes, squeegee, mop pads, scrub tools, and lots more. Now you can clean countertops, grills, granite, laminate, autos, and other surfaces.


How to Use Steam Mops to Clean Bathrooms?

Using steam mops to clean bathrooms is usually the best thing to do to take care of the bathroom but it would not be effective enough if the right procedures are not followed.

There are different procedures to clean different parts of the bathrooms; the different procedures are mentioned below:

  • Cleaning floors and tile grouts

tips for cleaning bathroom

  1. The first thing you should do before using a steam mop on any surface is to clean the surface.
  2. Then you should mix your cleaning solution according to what the mop can work with and pour it into the steam mop’s tank.
  3. Then you use the steam mop to scrub the grout; as you are doing this, you should rinse the tap and repeat till the grout is back to its natural colors.
  4. Even though it is not advised to steam clean unsealed tiles, you can steam clean any type of tile but you have to use an authentic grout sealer to make the grout solid again.
  • Cleaning walls and fan vents

cleaning bathroom walls

When you want to steam clean walls, the first important thing you should do is to move your furniture from the walls so you can ensure your cleaning touches every angle of the walls.

  1. Then assemble your steam cleaner by putting together the brush, filter pad, and a terry towel, then unlock the swivel on the floor brush so the brush can move easily on the surface.
  2. And also ensure you don’t stay too long on a spot so the steam won’t get the paint off. Continue moving around the wall till there are no dirty spots again.
  • Cleaning sinks and countertops

clean cuntertops and sink with steam mop

  1. Many people don’t know it but you can use a steam cleaner to disinfect countertops and sinks.
  2. You just need to ensure that you don’t use a cleaning substance that won’t get off the material easily so it won’t result in food poisoning.
  3. Steam cleaning sinks and countertops are straightforward as it is the normal way to clean other surfaces.
  • Cleaning glass and curtains

  1. To steam clean glass is not as hard as it sounds because it is just the usual procedure except you have to reduce the steam temperature so it won’t weaken the glass or shatter it.
  2. To clean curtains on a normal day, you would need to take the curtain down but if luckily you have a steam cleaner then you have saved the stress of taking it down.
  3. You should just steam the curtains as you would with clothes.
  • Cleaning bathtubs, toilet pans

  1. Cleaning bathtubs is one of the easiest and most straightforward materials you can clean with steam mops or steam cleaners.
  2. You just have to assemble the steam cleaner and fill it with clean tap water and steam clean it properly.



  • Our steam cleaners good for the bathroom?

Steam cleaners are good to clean any part of the house most especially the bathroom because the steam is powerful to clean any dirt it comes in contact with. And every part of the bathroom can be cleaned with steam cleaners; from the mirrors to the tiles, to the shower curtains and the sink.

  • What can I put in my steam mop?

Some steam mops cannot contain any other substance besides water but it all depends on what the manual of your team cleaner says. But generally, steam cleaners cannot contain substances like hard soaps.

  • What is the best steam mop for bathroom tiles?

There are different types of steam cleaners but not all steam cleaners are suitable for the type of floors that are used in bathrooms. Some of the recommended steam cleaners for bathroom floors are Bissell power fresh deluxe, shark lift away the pro steam mop, and so on.


Steam cleaners are very vital in maintaining a clean environment. There are a lot of strings attached to using steam cleaners that many people don’t use. You should keep in mind the type of steam cleaner that best suits the type of bathroom floor you want to clean by cross-checking with the necessary factors.

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