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5 Best Steam Cleaner for the Oven to Clean It Thoroughly

Steam cleaners are great for cleaning your furniture and the floors to get them extra cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized, but what about your appliances? Have you considered using a steam cleaner to clean your appliances, such as your oven?

It can be hard to clean your oven, even if you have a self-cleaning oven, it doesn’t sanitize or disinfect like a steam cleaner can. Some self-cleaning ovens don’t clean well enough to diminish the dirt and stains, and the steam cleaner will help with that. If you’re unaware of how you can find the best steam cleaner for your oven, this guide will teach you what to look for and will answer all of your unanswered questions.

Quick Picks! The Steam Cleaner Winners to Clean Your Oven Without Any Damage:

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Can You Use a Steam Cleaner on Your Oven/Microwave?

Not too many people know this but you can use a steam cleaner on your oven or microwave. You can use it to clean off the grease or anything that’s stuck either inside your oven, on your stovetop, or on the door of the oven.

A steam cleaner would work great especially if you don’t have a self-cleaning oven or your self-cleaning oven is not getting everything off. You can’t pick it up and start cleaning like you do with your floors but you can use the attachments your steam cleaner comes with.

You can also use a steam cleaner on your microwave by using the same attachments. You may be wondering how you can use a steam cleaner in the oven to clean the toughest stains.


Best 5 Handheld Steam Cleaners to Clean Ovens

Check out the 5 best steam cleaners we choose for you:

1. Powerful Steamer – Mosche Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

clean oven with steam cleaner

If you have a dirty oven and are looking for something powerful to get it looking like new again, then you should purchase this steam cleaner because it’s powerful and will spray water to almost 4 ft.

You would be able to use any one of the 11 attachments that will help get the job done. One of the best parts about this steam cleaner is that it heats up fast.

No more plugging in steam cleaners and spending time waiting for it to get at the hottest level. You only have to wait at the most 5 minutes. It will also keep spraying continuously for around 8-12 minutes. That should be enough time to clean your oven so you can get it all done within a matter of moments.

If you thought that was amazing, this handheld steam cleaner is very light, so you can lift it when cleaning the back of the oven if you need to.

If you have children and pets that are up and running around while you’re cleaning, don’t worry it is safe in case they accidentally get into it when you’re not looking.

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2. Lightweight -PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

handheld steam cleaner for ovens

If you’re looking for something that has it all, then this steam cleaner may be one of your top choices. You will find that it comes with 9 different accessories to make things easier for you to clean in the hardest spots imaginable.

To make it even easier for you to clean those hard-to-reach places, you can lift them without straining yourself. It’s lightweight and easy to navigate in and around the hardest appliance to clean.

The fast heating time it provides is great for cleaning ovens because you use your oven a lot to cook so it’s convenient and safe to use in case you have children nearby.

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3. More Tools – Puetz Golf Handheld Steam Cleaner

steam to clean oven

This cleaner is just as good as the previous steam cleaner mentioned, except you will find 12 additional accessories with this handheld steam cleaner. In addition to the 12 accessories, there are incredible features you will soon find out.

One feature is that it has a high-temperature gauge fit for cleaning the toughest oven stains. Splatters happen in your oven as you’re cooking.

If they’re not cleaned up right away, they will turn into a stain. That’s when you use a handheld steam cleaner to get rid of them. To remove those stains, it’s best to put the cleaner on it before using the steam cleaner.

You should mix baking soda and dishwashing liquid. You shouldn’t have any problems getting the tough stains removed with this mixture.

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4. Save Time – Kiato 10 in 1 Handheld Steamer

steam oven cleaners home

If you have an industrial size oven that you cook at whether it’s at your home or business, this would be the perfect handheld steam cleaner to use because it holds a large amount of water.

It’s best to use the longer attachment to get to the back of the oven so you don’t have to lift it. The great news is that this steam cleaner comes with 10 attachments so you won’t be stuck without cleaning.

If your large oven usually takes you hours to clean, have no fear because this steamer has consistent pressure that will not stop until the job is done. You won’t have to stop and add water because it will last the length of time that you need it for.

If you have children or pets that wander around your house while you’re cleaning, this is safe in case they were to get a hold of it accidentally.

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5. New Model -Fandiishop Pressure Steam Cleaner

oven steam cleaning machines

This is one of the best steam cleaners you will find because it’s perfect for cleaning all the hard-to-reach places inside your oven. It may only have 9 attachments, but these attachments do the trick for everything you have in your home, not just your oven.

You may be embarrassed that you haven’t cleaned your oven out in years. It may have never been cleaned out. Don’t feel embarrassed because a lot of people feel that way.

The great news is that this steam cleaner has a high-temperature gauge to clean those stains that are hard to get off because they’ve been stuck on the bottom of your oven for so long.

If you have to move the steam cleaner to make it easier for you to get in the back of your oven, it’s light enough that you can move it anywhere. You could even hold it with one hand while you’re cleaning with the other.

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Why Handheld Steam Cleaners Are Ideal For Your Dirty Oven?

why should you use handheld steamer to clean oven

Sometimes it’s easier to use your self-cleaning oven because all you have to do is push a button and lock your oven and wait a few hours. What you may not know is that handheld steam cleaners are better for your oven. These are the reasons why…

  • It’s easier to navigate. Handheld steam cleaners are easier to clean anything but the floors because it’s easier to navigate the appliance, in this case, it’s the oven.
  • It doesn’t release as much heat. When you use a handheld steam cleaner, it doesn’t release as much heat as a full steam cleaner will. It gets pretty hot but you won’t have to wait that long to use your oven once the moisture has been cleaned up.
  • You can use attachments. With a handheld steam cleaner, you can use attachments to make it easier for the toughest stains and grime to be released to the surface. Once it’s released to the surface, it will be easier for you to wipe it clean. When using attachments, you can clean the hard-to-reach areas.


What Should You Consider When Buying a Steam Cleaner for Ovens?

What Should You Consider When Buying a Steam Cleaner for Ovens

Before purchasing a steam cleaner for your oven, there are things you should consider. Below you will find some tips and information on the following points to help you make an informative decision.

1. Pressure

Most handheld steam cleaners have an adjustable steam pressure. It’s best to look for a steam cleaner where the pressure is adjustable so you can use it on multiple things in your home.

The higher the pressure, the more likely you will be able to get the dirt, grime, and stains off your oven. If your oven is not that dirty and you want to touch it up and remove some grime here and there, then you may want to consider a steam cleaner with a lower pressure gauge if the one you’re looking at does not have an adjustable pressure level.

2. Heating time

You should purchase a steamer that has faster heating up time so you could get things done quicker. When a steamer takes a while to heat up, it’s time wasted that could be spent on cleaning.

3. Steam flow

Handheld steam cleaners, they’re smaller so that means they don’t use that much water. At the most, 10 percent of water will be used. It’s a good thing not that much water is being used because that means your oven will dry faster.

The faster it dries, the quicker you can use it. You don’t want to purchase a handheld steam cleaner that uses too much water because your oven could be soaked with water, and it will take a lot longer to dry.

4. Lightweight

Consider a handheld steam cleaner that’s light enough for you to use. Since it’s handheld, you will be lifting it a lot so you can get into those tight corners that are hard to reach.

5. Disinfection ability

You may not think you need a steam cleaner to disinfect your oven, but that’s better for you and your family. There’s food that goes into the oven. If it’s filled with mold, your food can be contaminated. It’s best to disinfect your oven a few times a year to be sure there isn’t any mold growing inside.

6. Steam time

When you’re looking at handheld steam cleaners, look at the steam time. See how long it will take for the steam to heat up and see how hot it will go. If your steam time is fast, then mold, stains, dirt, and everything in between will be cleaned up a lot quicker.


How to Use a Steam Cleaner to Clean Different Ovens?

1: Do you have an oven that has a steam cleaning setting? If you do, it makes it easier but you don’t close your oven and push a button to let it steam clean. You have to do some work first. The trick is to release the steam so it will clean properly.

  • The first thing you do is to pour approximately a cup of water into the oven. You can dump it in one spot or you can pour it all over.
  • The second step is to close the door and push the steam setting.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? With steam cleaning, it takes about 30 minutes for the cleaning to finish. That’s good compared to traditional oven cleaning. Depending on the oven you have, you may be waiting at least ten minutes for the cleaning to finish.

2. If you don’t have a steam cleaning button on your oven, then you will need a steam cleaner to clean out the dirt the hard way. Don’t worry though. It’s not that challenging. Handheld steam cleaners are the best way to clean out ovens because it comes with attachments to get into those spots that you can’t get to without one.

  • Spray with cleaner. Since you don’t have an oven that steam cleans, you will have to use cleaner instead of water to spray on the bottom of your oven. (We’ll go over cleaners to use a little bit later towards the end of this guide.) Let the cleaner sit for a little bit while you move on to the next step.
  • Load the water. Pour water into your steam cleaner and wait for it to heat up. The great thing about handheld steam cleaners is that it doesn’t hold that much water. Since it holds a little bit of water, it will heat up pretty quickly. Be sure there are not any children around for them to touch anything because it can get pretty hot.
  • Wipe up the cleaner. It should be dry before you start using steam so now would be a good time to wipe up the cleaner and let the steam cleaner take care of the rest.
  • Use the steam cleaner. Be sure to spray every inch of your oven, not just the bottom. Feel free to use any attachments necessary so you can clean them as well as you can.
  • Wipe up the mess. It’s best to wipe up the water when you’re done. You don’t want to let it air dry because the stains will not be removed that way.


Can You Steam Clean an Oven with Cracks Inside?

That’s a great question. Yes, you can.

What you can do is clean the oven first and while you’re steam cleaning your oven, be sure to use an attachment that will help you get in between the cracks so those can be cleaned as well.

One thing you should remember does not put your steam cleaner on a powerful setting because the cracks could spread throughout your oven. Put your steam cleaner on a lower setting.



While there have been some excellent questions in this guide, you may have some questions that are still sitting with you that haven’t been answered yet. We will cover a few more questions here. Hopefully, the answers to these questions will clear things up a little bit for you.

1. What is the best cleaner for cleaning ovens?

Anything with oven cleaner in the title would be good. The most recommended product is the Easy-Off Oven Cleaner. Take out your oven racks, spray the product in your oven and let it sit for a minute or two. Don’t let it sit too long because then it will seep through the stains and you want the stains to rise to the surface so you can clean them easier.

2. What is the difference between steam cleaning and a self-cleaning oven?

Great question. If you have a steam cleaning oven, you will need to pour water inside and shut your oven door so it can accumulate steam. It also doesn’t use harsh chemicals. It doesn’t take as long for it to complete as a self-cleaning oven does.

The only thing you do with a self-cleaning oven takes the racks out. You shut your oven door, you lock it and you press the clean button. It takes about three hours to clean and another hour to two hours for the oven to cool off. It’s best to self-clean an oven in the morning or after you have already used it once that day.

3. Is steam cleaning effective?

It’s okay to feel nervous about trying something new. Steam cleaning is the best method for cleaning anything because it is very effective. Not only will steam cleaning clean your oven and make it easier for you to remove the toughest grime and stains, but it also disinfects and sanitizes your oven.


Concluding Thoughts

Your mind may be going crazy with thoughts about what to do and what steam cleaner to go with. Take a deep breath and re-read everything that was just mentioned in this guide. The most important thing to remember is to purchase a steam cleaner that you need and think about what you will use it for.

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