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Best Steam Mop for Carpet to Remove Odor and Dust

Studies have shown that steam cleaning gets rid of molds, grimes, and other unwanted elements. Are you thinking of investing in a steam mop? Do you know the features to look out for before purchasing one? What are the benefits of using a steam mop? This guide answers all your questions. Let’s get started!


Why Do People Prefer Steam Mop to Traditional Mop for Carpet?

best carpet for carpet

While both steam mops and traditional mops aid cleaning, the former is mostly preferred for cleaning carpets due to the following reasons:

Besides removing light stains and debris, steam mops deodorize and sanitize carpets. They eject steam, which is hot enough to kill bacteria and dust mites. Compared to a traditional mop, a steam mop loosen grimes and removes tough stains.

Steam mops facilitate quicker cleaning of carpet than traditional options. Steam cleaning is also a sanitary way of removing unwanted elements. It’s time-efficient and saves you the stress of having to clean floors with a regular mop.

A steam mop removes odors effortlessly without leaving any smell or traces of stains behind. Do you own a pet? Consider getting one. Opt for models that are specially built for removing stubborn pet hairs and odors.

Compared to steam mops, traditional wet mops leave too much water on carpets, and this can cause a slip and fall accident. With steam mops, you won’t have to worry about slips.

The traditional dry mop is best suited for floorings like tiles, laminate, and vinyl. A steam mop is suitable for carpets since it promotes deep cleaning with less scrubbing effort. It’s also considered pet and kid-friendly.


How to Choose the Best Steam Mop to Clean Carpet?

what to consider when buying concrete pump

Are you considering getting a steam mop for your carpet? Guess you want the best option. You’re probably confused about how to pick the right one. Below are features to consider when making your choice:

Water tank capacity:

Steaming capacity depends on the water level. If there’s enough water in the tank, the steam cleaner will continue to produce steam. Is your water tank small?

You’ll have to refill it often. The larger the tank, the longer it will take to heat up and release steam for cleaning at a longer time.

While cylinder and vapor steam cleaners have larger tanks measuring up to 2 liters, handheld cleaners and steam mops have smaller tanks with short heat-up times.

Steam mops have a water holding capacity of up to 450 ml. Depending on your preference and cleaning area, choose an ideal one.

Heating capacity:

Another feature you should consider before selecting a steamer is the heating capacity. The time a steam cleaner takes to heat up is dependent on the size of the steamer.

A steam mop heats up within 20 seconds, while a cylinder steamer takes about 2 minutes. Timing differs from one model to the other.


High-quality and durable accessories make a huge difference in cleaning. Consider a steam cleaner with several attachments for various cleaning tasks.

Look for steam cleaners with a window squeegee, grout brush, carpet glider, upholstery brush, and scrubbing pad.

Where do you want to clean? What model possesses the attachments you need? Think about these before choosing a product.

Pressure and Temperature:

How much pressure does your steam cleaner use? How hot can it get? Pressure and temperature are factors you should put into consideration before opting for any product.

Steamers with high temperatures eject dry steam and high pressure for deep cleaning and elimination of germs.

oose steam cleaners with pressure ranging from 3 to 6 bars. Those with a pressure of 4 bars clean surfaces like hardwood planks, tiles, and grouts efficiently. Steam cleaners above 4 bars easily clean dirt on carpets and crevices of tiles.

Wire length:

A steam cleaner with a long cord enables you to clean a large area without connecting to an external source. With a 15- foot power cord, you can clean the corners of your shower and kitchen edges.

You won’t have to move your steam cleaner around. Those with a cord length of 4 to 9 meters restrict the area you can clean at once.


Best Steam Mop for Carpet Reviews

1. Multifunctional Vacuum and Steam Mop

best steam mop with carpet glider

Bissell 274A PowerFresh All-in-One Vac & Steam Unit- for carpets

Bissell presents to you an amazing opportunity to clean your house flawlessly in just one wipe. Get rid of dirt and stains from your hard floors using the power of steam and vacuum.

  • What you Benefit

Customized cleaning using easy touch digital control

You can switch seamlessly between steam and vacuum, or use both at the same time. This device allows you to customize your cleaning to adjust the device’s functions during cleaning to suit the surface you’re cleaning.

Robust cyclonic vacuum with powerful effect in capturing dirt

Get rid of dirt with ease. This steam mop features a vacuum with a strong cyclonic effect that sucks up dirt and debris off the floor, depositing it into the dry dirt tank.

Safe to use in cleaning sealed hardwood floors

With this steam cleaner, you can easily clean ceramic, marble, granite, tile, and other hardwood floors without causing any damage to these surfaces. It has microfiber pads for use on different floor surfaces.

  • What other users say

”I’m glad I gave this steamer a chance. Its two-in-one feature is amazing and helped me clean with ease. I love it”.

”This steam cleaner has changed my life. I have pets and a tile floor and this vacuum/steamer did everything it claimed to do. I love it”.

”Cleaning the floor with the trigger is so easy, and the vacuum features work well for little crumbs that stay under my counter edges. I recommended this device to a friend and she’s also thrilled”.

  • What you may prefer

Versatile accessories kit with reusable microfiber mop pads

Has demineralized scent water that keeps your home fresh after cleaning

Insertable scent discs in the mop pad

  • What you may dislike

This steam mop requires placing your hands consistently on the button to release steam. Some users also complained of leakages all over the floor thus making it difficult to operate the mop.

The Bissell PowerFresh steam mop is a unique 2-in-1 vacuum and steam unit that offers exceptional cleaning to your hardwood floors, tiles, and other surfaces. Get one for your home today.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


2. Professional Vacuum and Steam mop

steam cleaner for carpets and floors

Bissell Symphony 2-in-1 vac and steam cleaner- for carpets and hardwood floors

The Bissell Symphony provides a 2-in-1 combo steam system that allows you to get rid of debris from your floor and also sanitize your space. It is effective in removing dirt from carpets, rugs, and other sealed surfaces.

  • What you benefit

Dry Tank technology that prevents moisture from getting into the tank

The Bissell Symphony Vac & Steam cleaner uses dry tank technology which keeps moisture away from your filth tank during cleaning so the dirt remains dry while inside.

Customizable cleaning settings using easy touch digital control

You can change the functions of this steam cleaner while using it to either vacuum or steam your surfaces. It allows you to carry out this function separately or together.

Safe cleaning and sanitizing your carpets and floors using the natural power of steam

It eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs from your floor surfaces, ensuring your surfaces are germ-free and sanitized for pets and children.

  • What other users say

”As an 8 months expectant mother, cleaning my house used to be very tiring. I’m happy with my purchase and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get it”.

”This vacuum cleaned the kitchen nicely and well. There are no pet hairs or fuzzy streaks after cleaning”.

”It picks up big dirt pieces like dried food, and snacks across my carpets, and it does quick cleaning to pick up crumbs and bits without the mop head”.

  • What you may prefer

Corded power source

Cleans time, ceramic, and other sealed surfaces

Scent water: Leaves a fresh scent after cleaning, eliminating the foul odor

  • What you may dislike

The mop is somewhat heavy and does not have a lock release function. The cord is also heavy, making it unbalanced. Some users complained that the machine’s body is heavy and difficult to maneuver.

If you’re looking for a durable steam cleaner that combines vacuum power in delivering excellent cleaning and also sanitizes your floors, the Bissell Symphony device is what you need. Make the purchase today.

Get It at the Best Price Now!



3. Highly efficient Pet Steam Mop

best steam mop for pet urine

Bissell Symphony Mop and a Vacuum cleaner – for Tile Floors, Carpets, and Hardwood

Enjoy seamless cleaning with the Bissell Symphony steam cleaner for pets. This unique device is multifunctional and versatile, making it a suitable device for all your cleaning needs.

  • What you benefit

Drop-It Tank features for hands-free emptying of dirt after cleaning

This steam cleaner has pet model features that prevent dirt from touching your hand when you want to empty the tank. This technology is an easy way to get rid of pet messes after cleaning.

Disposable pads that allow you to get rid of pet fur and debris easily

This steam and vacuum cleaner has disposable mop pads that you can throw away after cleaning pet messes rather than reusing them. It also has washable microfiber mop pads that are effective for use in daily cleaning.

Seamless cleaning using the natural power of steam in sanitizing surfaces

This steam cleaner model is safe for pet homes and also children. It uses the natural power of steam to kill 99.9% of bacteria present on the floor, leaving it clean and fresh.

  • What other users say

”This steam cleaner is one of the greatest things for me. The vacuum/steam mop combo is amazing”.

”I was thrilled and shocked. It cleaned my floors well, even the grout. It cleaned my carpets well. I love it”.

”This is an amazing product, it is life-changing. You can sweep your floors and mop in one clean, and it gets sticky stuff off the floors. I love

how this vacuum gets to clean my baseboards without using my broom”.

  • What you may prefer

Corded power source type

Fresh scent water and discs to eliminate odors

Dry tank technology to keep moisture away from your tank.

  • What you may dislike

Some users complained that this steam and vacuum cleaner smears dirt around and is bulky. It also doesn’t have sufficient suction and you can’t hold the handle without pushing the steam vacuum.

Buy the Bissell Symphony to get rid of tough stains on your carpets, rugs, and other floor surfaces. Enjoy seamless and safe clean without getting your hands dirty. Make a purchase here.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


4. Durable 5-in-1 Handheld steam cleaner

steam cleaner for hard floors and carpets

H2O Mop X5 Basic Mop – for Home use

Here’s a highly versatile steam cleaner that comes with various accessories for effective cleaning of your surfaces. This portable device makes cleaning interesting.

  • What you benefit

5-in-1 cleaning system for versatile cleaning surfaces and purposes

The H2O steam cleaner is a portable steam cleaner designed for use on carpets, garments, windows, hard floors, and upholstery. It also serves as a handheld unit for all home cleaning duties. It is an all-purpose solution for your bedroom, basement, bathroom, and kitchen cleaning.

Clean your home thoroughly with ease

This steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning all floor types, from laminate, hardwood, tiles, vinyl, and lots more. It is also efficient on soft floors such as rugs and carpets.

Safe cleaning of your floors and surfaces without harsh chemicals

It eliminates the need for any. harmful chemicals during cleaning. It uses the natural power of steam to effectively eliminate up to 99% of contaminants. It is a portable cleaner with a lot to offer.

  • What other users say

”I got hooked on this steamer. I started cleaning my carpets and it performed very well”

”I love how this steam cleaner got rid of specks of dirt on my floor. I recommend this product”.

”I got this steam cleaner and I’m happy with my purchase. It allows me to clean my kitchen and my wood floors remain impeccable”.

  • What you may prefer

Performs 5 functions in one: unit designed for carpets, windows and glass, hard floors, garments, and as a handheld unit.

Microfiber cloths pad, measuring cup, and timescale cleaning pin

Extension hose: 33.5 inch

  • What you may dislike

Some users complained that this device lasted only a short while and fractured. It is not well made and is very fragile.

Your search for a portable steam cleaner that is efficient, yet durable is over. Get the H2O steam cleaner for your home and start cleaning with ease. Buy here.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


5. Powerful steam mop

best carpet and hard floor steam cleaner

Sandoo steam mop – for hardwood and tiles

Sandoo presents a unique steam cleaner that’s safe for pet homes and children. It offers an amazing cleaning experience and eliminates sticky and tough stains from the surfaces.

  • What you benefit

Steam clean your floors with a temperature of 105°C or 221°F temperature

You can easily get rid of tough stains and mess from your floors using hot steam. This cleaner deep cleans your floors without using any harsh chemicals, making them safe for pets and children. It leaves you with a clean home.

18 seconds heat-up time, and it cleans your floor non-stop

This steam cleaner heats up quickly in about 15-18 seconds, therefore your steam cleaner is ready quickly for all your cleaning house. This Handheld steam mop gives you a clean and fresh home.

300ml large water tank that runs for 20 minutes before refill

It reduces the number of refills with its spacious water tank. It also comes with a measuring cup for filling water in the tank and cleaning the house with ease.

  • What other users say

”Assembling it took a few minutes, and I filled it with distilled water afterward. It did a good job cleaning my floors. The steam cleaner cleans flawlessly, is lightweight, and easy to handle”.

”This steam mop is efficient for removing stains, sanitizing your floors, and removing odors. If you want an easy method of steaming your floors, this is the product for you”.

”It is lightweight and also has a stand-up function so it can stay upright. E enjoyed this mop, and I recommend it”.

  • What you may prefer

Long power cord: 20ft

No harsh chemicals

Portable and easy to store

  • What you may dislike

Some of the instructions are not well detailed. It doesn’t work well on marble floors.

Grab this one-time opportunity to clean with ease. Get this versatile handheld steam cleaner for all your cleaning tasks and you’ll be glad.

Get It at the Best Price Now!


Benefits of Using Steam Mop for Carpet

best steam cleaner for carpet and tile

  • Steam mop offers excellent cleaning capacity:

Steam mops are highly efficient in removing dirt and dust from carpets. High temperature dissolves grime, stains, and kills microorganisms. Steam helps in disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces.

  • It removes stubborn stains and dirt:

Steam weakens the bond between dirt, making it easy to remove these unwanted elements. Heat enhances the deep cleaning of surfaces.

  • It’s easy to use and saves time:

You can easily set up your steam mop within a limited time. Compared to a regular mop, a steam mop offers optimum cleaning, and it’s time-efficient since you won’t have to be replacing water often.

  • Steam mops kill bacteria and other microorganisms:

While you can’t see microorganisms with the naked eye, they’re present everywhere. Using steam mops, you can get rid of dirt, germs, and other tiny organisms. Hot vapor from steam penetrates surfaces and kills these unwanted elements.

  • Steam cleaning restores the beauty of carpet:

This improves the appearance of your carpet while removing impurities. With hot water and steam, you can enhance the look of your carpet for years.

  • It’s safe and eco-friendly:

Steam mops don’t use chemical cleaners; hence they’re considered a safer alternative to regular mops. They also reduce pollution.

  • It’s ideal for people with allergies:

Are you allergic to chemical substances? It’s best to use a steam mop for cleaning your carpet. Using a steam mop, you won’t need cleaning agents, which can lead to lung or skin disease.

  • Steam mops are cost-effective:

Since water is the primary cleaning agent, you won’t need to spend on cleaning products when using a steam mop. The cleaning tool also quickens cleaning time.

  • It gets rid of pet odors:

Are you a pet owner? A steam mop will be an ideal cleaning tool for you. Steam helps in eliminating pet odors in your home.


How to Clean and Sanitize Carpet with Steam Mop?

Do you know how to clean using a steam mop? We’ve compiled some tips that will enable you to steam clean effectively.

  • Remove all objects from the floor:

Clearing items can be stressful, but steam mop will make cleaning easy and fast. You may likely see dirt and stains hidden underneath these objects, so it’s crucial you remove them. Move heavy items aside or to another room for easy maneuverability.

  • Dust all surfaces:

Wipe clean surfaces such as ceiling fans, picture frames, tables, and other furniture so dust and dirt won’t rest on them.

  • Vacuum the carpet:

You need to vacuum before steaming the carpet. With the powerful suction, you can remove dirt and hair that could clog your mop head. Vacuuming aids aeration and penetration of steam and shampoo into the carpet fibers. Ensure you use a crevice tool when cleaning the wall edges.

  • Pre-treat stained areas:

Spray pretreater on stained areas and allow it to stay for some minutes before using a steamer or a clean cloth to blot it out.

  • Fill water tanks:

If you don’t want to go through the stress of adding water to your tank frequently, ensure you fill the water tank to the maximum capacity.

  • Start steaming:

For easy movement, start steaming from the far corners to other parts of the room. Ensure you clean in straight lines, so you don’t miss a spot. This boosts efficient cleaning as you can distinguish where you’ve cleaned from other uncleaned areas.

  • Air-dry carpet:

Allow your carpet to dry before walking on it. Depending on the carpet type, it can take 4-10 hours for the carpet to dry.



1. Can you use a steam mop on carpet?

Yes, you can. Using a steam mop on carpet produces excellent results. Steam mops are considered safe to use on carpets since they don’t cause any damage.

They convert water to hot steam, which removes stubborn stains, gets rid of pests, and restores the original look of carpets. Ensure you don’t add cleaning chemicals to water as they can destroy your carpet.

2. Which steam cleaner is best for carpets?

There are several steam cleaners for carpets on the market. Some of them include Bissell carpet cleaner, Hoover power scrub, among others.

In choosing the best carpet steam cleaner, consider the cleaning area, size, weight, water tank, pressure, temperature, heat-up time, and attachments.

3. Is steam cleaning carpet better than shampooing?

Steam cleaning is more effective than shampooing. Shampooing works best for stained floors or heavily soiled carpets. Steam cleaning is ideal for carpeting that isn’t badly stained.

It eliminates about 90% of dirt and unwanted elements from the carpet surface. Steam cleaning requires no chemicals and less moisture; hence it’s more reliable, durable, and a better alternative to conventional mop.



Steam mops are excellent cleaning tools for floorings. They sanitize and restore the natural look of carpets. Regardless, if you’re cleaning a surface or considering adding to your cleaning equipment, steam cleaners should be part of your cleaning arsenal.

Consider features like water tank, cord, surfaces, and size of steam mops before making a purchasing decision. Ensure you don’t use chemical agents when steam cleaning. The best steam cleaner erases every dirt and micro-organisms that find their way into your living space.

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