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The 7 Best Swiffer Mop Reviews for 2022

Swiffer mops are some of the most recommendable mops in the whole world. These mops are unique because unlike the standard mops that provide cleaning options alone, and the Swiffer mops come with sweeping pads as well.

Well, if you need a quality Swiffer mop to clean your home floors, we are going to provide a review of the top six best Swiffer mops.

  • Quick Pick

Two-in-one style mop to efficiently clean the floor three times fasterSwiffer 2-in-1 Mop and Broom Floor Cleaner

With over 30,000 3D fiber brush bristles to reach even the tightest corners – Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Mop

Cordless design to ensure free movements when cleaningSwiffer WetJet Spary Mop

With ten dry sweeping cloths that absorbs and locks the dirtSwiffer Dry and Wet Flat Mop 

Will Swiffer Ruin Hard Floors?

There are two types of hard floors which are then finished and unfinished storeys. The Swiffer mops are entirely safe for the finished floors such that you can use either wet or dry moping options.

But for the unfinished hard floors, the dry Swiffer mops are the right options.

The unfinished hard floors are quite sensitive and can easily get damaged when exposed to a high level of wetness. Such floors only accommodate the Swiffer mops that have the dry cleaning clothe pads.

Note that the wet Swiffer mops cannot be used on floorings that are waxed or oiled since the water takes away the gloss look and feel on the flooring.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Swiffer Mop

best swiffer mop

  • The Type of Floors

The first factor to consider when buying the Swiffer mop is the type of floor to clean. The Swiffer mops have different cleaning methods where some offer dry cleaning methods, others offer wet cleaning methods, and some offer both dry and damp cleaning solutions.

The type of floor in your home determines the type of Swiffer mop model to buy. The dry Swiffer mop is the best option for cleaning the unfinished, carpeted, or waxed floor.

If your house has hardfloor models, a wet floor would be a great choice since such floors can withstand high levels of wetness and takes little time to dry up after cleaning.

  • The Cleaning Accessories

The number or type of cleaning accessories sold with the Swiffer mop determines the kind of cleaning you will achieve with the mop.

Some mops come with a starter kit consisting of a sweeper, wet/dry cleaning pads, and cleaning solution tank, while other models come with cleaning pads and cleaning solution tank alone. So, if you need a Swiffer mop that will lessen your cleaning work on the floor, consider getting a mop with a sweeper kit.

Sweeping the floor before cleaning saves time and energy because it reduces the dirt on the floor for effective cleansing results. This also prevents the dirt from being pushed around the floor or on the corners of the room.

But, if you opt for a Swiffer mop that has cleaning pads only, make sure the pads have a high level of absorbency. Such pads absorb and lock the dirt firmly to prevent it from being blown around the floor for better cleaning solutions.

  • The Power Source

The Swiffer mops have three power sources which are; electricity, rechargeable batteries, and disposable batteries.

If you need a mop that provides continued cleaning solutions, the electric-powered mops would be the right option, but if you need a mop that can clean small areas in the room, well a mop with disposable batteries can work.

The rechargeable batteries are also perfect for cleaning large rooms only that you may need to stop cleaning to recharge the battery.

Some people may opt for the disposable and rechargeable battery mops because they offer convenience in movements, unlike electric corded models.

  • The Weight

Your comfort should be an optimal factor to consider when choosing the Swiffer mop. Considering you will be carrying the mop around to clean different rooms in the house, make sure to choose a mop that is light in weight. The mop should be comfortable to carry and hold when cleaning the floors.

  • Budget

The Swiffer mops are sold at varying rates that are determined by the available features and the cleaning parts. Thus, the budget you have at hand will hugely determine the type of Swiffer mop to buy.

For example, a mop that has multiple cleaning pads, a dirt collection container, and a large cleaning solution tank will cost more money as opposed to mopping with minimal cleaning accessories.


6 Best Swiffer Mop Reviews

Swiffer mops have different features and functions. For example, they feature either corded or cordless forms. The corded mops are directly connected to a power source when cleaning, while the cordless models consist of either a rechargeable battery or disposable batteries to power them when cleaning.

Let’s look at the top six best Swiffer mop reviews.

1. Best Overall – Swiffer 2-in-1 Mop and Broom Floor Cleaner


  • Comes with a sweeping pad to eliminate the loose dirt on the floor
  • It has a thick cleaner cloth pad for excellent floor cleaning
  • Cleans three times better
  • Money refund warranty


  • Not suitable for unwaxed, unfinished, or carpeted floors

2 in 1 swiffer mop and broom

The two-in-one style of this Swiffer mop ensure to leave the floor clean and save cleaning time as compared to other models.

The mop has pads to sweep the floor to eliminate the loose debris and dust from the floor before the actual cleaning process.

The thick cloth cleaning pad on the mop ensures to efficiently clean the floor three times faster and better than other mop models.

This feature also provides the mop traps and absorbs all dirt, including on the grains of the floor and walls.

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2. Best for Pets – Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Dry Sweeping


  • The mop locks the animal hairs and dust
  • Great for reaching hard-to-reach places
  • Compatible with multiple floors
  • High power for picking animal hairs
  • The sweeper brush reaches the tight areas to clean up


  • A high level of fragrance that may not work for some people

swiffer mop for pet

This model of Swiffer mop is recommendable for people living with pets in the house. One of the most excellent features on the mop is the high absorption power whereby it traps and locks the animal fur and other messes two times stronger than other mops.

The mop also has a sweeper pad that gets rid of the loose dirt and hairs for the fast cleaning process.

This mop features over 30,000 3D fiber brush bristles that reach even the tightest corners of the room to remove the dirt and the animal hairs stuck.

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3.  With disposable Batteries – Swiffer WetJet Floors Spary Mop


  • Cordless design to ensure free movements when cleaning
  • Suitable for multiple types of floors
  • Comes with various cleaning accessories
  • The mop comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Takes time to assemble this mop

swiffer wetjet spray mop

If you need a quality mop that can easily clean a large area without constant refill, well WetJet Swiffer mops may work for you. Apart from the powerful cleaning features this mop has, it also comes with multiple cleaning accessories to aid you in cleaning.

The mop offers a wet cleaning option, which makes it compatible with a lot of floors. The cleaning accessories include;10 cleaning pads, one solution container, and four batteries.

The fact that the mop is powered by disposable batteries reduces movement restrictions when cleaning different areas in the room.

The cleaning pads of this mop features high absorbent power that traps and locks the dirt to prevent pushing it around the room to save the cleaning time.

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4. For Large Room – Swiffer 10 inch Wide Lightweight Mop


  • The full cleaning head covers large room floors
  • Can be used to clean walls
  • It has quality cleaning pad that traps and locks the dirt
  • Affordable price


  • Not recommendable for unfinished floors

swiffer wide mop

The mop is versatile since it comes with sweeping and cleaning pads. The pads trap all the debris from the floors ranging from dust, dirt, and the pet hair to prevent it from spreading all over the floor, and to save the cleaning time.

This cleaning mop features a lightweight design to ensure comfort to the user when cleaning the floor.

This type of Swiffer mop is recommendable for cleaning large rooms because the 10-inch broad cleaning head gets the work done fast and efficiently to save time.

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5. With Disposable Pads – Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mopping


  • Traps 50 % more dirt than the standard mops
  • Offers both dry and wet cleaning options
  • It has 90% more refills
  • Easy to assemble


  • The refills are disposable which is quite expensive to buy new ones all the time

swiffer sweeper dry wet heavy duty

This is an advanced Swiffer cleaning mop that features 90 % more refills as compared to the standard mop sweeper models.

The mop offers both dry and wet cleaning since it comes with four dry heavy-duty cleaning clothes and three wet heavy-duty cleaning clothes.

The mop pack comes with ten dry sweeping cloths that absorbs and locks the dirt and other debris on the floor for fast cleaning results.

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6.For Small Area – Swiffer Sweep and Vacuum Cleaner for Floor Cleaning


  • The mop has a triple cleaning action
  • Powerful suction for deep cleaning
  • Light in weight
  • Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery


  • A bit expensive than others

swiffer mop and vacuum floor

The triple cleaning action on this mop ensures to clean the floor faster as compared to other mop types. There is a dirt collection cup that collects all specks of dirt for easy emptying after cleaning.

This Swiffer mop features a sweeper pad that eliminates the dirt first for the quick cleaning solution.

The kit comes with one sweeper cloth, eight sweeping dry refills, one battery charger, and one replaceable filter. The mop is quite light in weight for portability.

Check the Price on Amazon


Does Swiffer Mop Kill Bacteria?

The answer to this is yes! The Swiffer cleaning solutions feature chlorhexidine Diacetate, which is essential for fighting germs and bacteria.

This ingredients or agent helps to eliminate germs, fungus, viruses, and bacterial harboring on the surfaces. This means that cleaning the floor with the Swiffer cleaning mop helps to combat germs and bacteria growing on the floors. This also makes it a perfect solution for homes with pets.


Is Swiffer Mop Safe for Pets?

mop pet hair

There has been a rumor circulating regarding if the Swiffer mops are harmful and can kill the pet. This started as a result of a social media post from a person who claimed that the neighbor’s dog had died as a result of liver failure.

As they could not find any chemicals on the house, the customer concluded it could be the cleaning solution used on the floor that the pet licked the residuals on the paws.

The pet owner claimed that Swiffer manufacturers confirmed using the chemical antifreeze, which is quite dangerous to humans and animals when ingested.

Well, although another customer came up to claim that they had lost two cats from the same liver failure issue, this rumor was squashed by the manufacturing company because they do not use such an ingredient in making the Swiffer mops cleaning solutions.

The package of the mop does not include such types of elements which further concludes this as just a rumor. However, the manufacturers do indicate that the Swiffer mops should be kept away from the reach of kids and pets. So, as long as the pets do not come to close contact with the Swiffer cleaning solutions, these mops are entirely safe to clean homes with pets.



The Swiffer mops are some of the top best mops on the market right now. These mops feature different parts and cleaning modes to suit floors that require either dry or wet cleaning methods. If you are looking for the best Swiffer mop for your cleaning jobs at home, the above are the top six best brands worth considering.

These mops have multiple cleaning accessories to fit either dry or wet cleaning options. The mops are light in weight for convenience carrying the mops. If it is your first time to buy a Swiffer mop, use the above factors to guide you in choosing the best Swiffer mop for your cleaning needs.

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