Top 7 Best Wet Mop for Tile Floors Reviews 2021

Nobody likes to mop their floors, but unfortunately part of having an apartment or owning your own home comes with this responsibility. Luckily, there are products on the market that will make this job far easier, and in the following article, we will be going over the top 7 best-wet mops for tile floors.

All of the products listed below are made from high-quality materials, and we will also feature a comprehensive buying guide that allows you to make an informed decision for your next purchase.


7 Best Wet Mop for Tile Floors on the Market


Best Wet Mop for Tile Floors Buying Guide

best wet mop for tile floors

When you are buying a wet mop, there are some things that you will want to look out for, as well as considerations that you will want to think over. In the following section, we will be addressing everything that you may need to know when considering your next wet mop purchase.

1. Size

While the size of the mop as a whole may not seem to be that important, the size of the mop head will be an important aspect of which wet mop you choose to purchase. Depending on the size of your home and the living spaces in which you will be using your mop, you will want to choose one that allows you to get the most amount of cleaning done in one pass.

Wider mop heads are great for larger spaces such as the kitchen, but if you have a smaller kitchen or a large kitchen island with appliances, then you will probably only need a small mop head. The same is true for the size of your bathroom, as a larger mop head may be over cumbersome to use at times.

2. Type

The type of wet mop that you decide to purchase is important as well, although this is a matter of personal choice and preference. A lot of people like the traditional mop and bucket route, while others prefer the all-in-one packages of either a steam mop or a wet mop like the Bona model listed above that has a cleaning solution to disperse as a mist before you mop.

All choices are easy to use and will require the same cleaning methods, with a few small changes. Wet mops that come with a bucket generally require you to empty the bucket more often during the cleaning process, as you won’t want to be re-using dirty water. Alternatively, the other two types may also require you to change to a mop pad during use.

3. Budget

Although all of the products listed above are budget-friendly, everyone has their own set budget and some may fit into that budget better depending on the situation. Steam mops generally tend to be a little bit more expensive, but do not require the use of any chemicals or sprays to use and in this way they do not require a lot of money to keep them going, as all they require is water.

Like steam mops, the type with a cleaning solution that is dispersed will require replacement mop pads from time to time, as well as the cleaning solution. Traditional mops with a bucket will also generally be used with a type of cleaning solution, although the mop heads will last longer than the other two types.


7 Best Wet Mop for Tile Floors Reviews

1. Best Overall -BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop


  • Effective for moving tough masks and messes
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Easy to use and maneuver around furniture and objects
  • Can be used with cleaning agents from Bissell, although it is not required
  • 3 levels of steam add a level of versatility and function, and it is easy to switch between them
  • Powerful yet gentle enough for use on surfaces


  • Only comes with one pad
  • Bissell customer service is not the best, should any issues arise with the steam mop

A great all-rounder product that delivers the power of steam in order to clean your tile and hardwood floors, the PowerFresh steam mop from Bissell has 3 different settings of steam to choose from when you are working, to give you an additional amount of versatility.

This cleaner eliminates odor while cleaning and sanitizing your flooring without the use of any chemicals, detergents, or additives and is easy to store and use. If you would like an additional amount of freshness delivered, there is an option to use the Bissell fragrance disks to give your home that extra clean smell.

A perfect option for any type of non-carpet flooring, you can use this on hardwood, ceramic, granite, or linoleum. Included with the purchase of this product is the accessory kit; which features a mop pad that is washable and reusable, as well as a scrub mop pad for tougher stains and 2 fragrance disks.

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2. Runner Up -Microfiber Dry and Wet Mop for Tile Floors


  • Basic and ideal for anyone regardless of living situation
  • The microfiber mop heads can be reused over and over
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver around your home or office
  • Can be used either as a wet or dry mop
  • Versatile for mopping multiple surfaces


  • For wet applications, it is recommended to have a floor cleaner in order to spray before use

A great budget-friendly option that can be used as a wet and dry mop from Turbo Microfiber, this mop is simple in design yet effective and easy to use around the home or office. Lightweight and easy to store, this can be used on a wide range of surfaces from hardwood to tile, and even stone or cement.

With a rotating mop head that has a 360-degree turning radius, the aluminum handle makes it easy to maneuver around objects or appliances and won’t take up a lot of room when it comes to storage. The microfiber mop heads are designed to pick up even the smallest dirt particles, can be used for wet and dry applications, and can easily be washed in order to re-use.

While this is considered to be a basic mop and there are no additional features or accessories, it is a great option for those who do not need a lot of bells and whistles.

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3. Best with Bucket -O Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop


  • Easy to use and store, thanks to the lightweight design of both the mop and bucket
  • The foot pedal is a nice additional feature that saves your back
  • The mop head is great at pickup up small dirt particles, as well as cleaning tough stains
  • While you will want to have additional mop heads on hand, you can easily throw them into the wash in order to re-use


  • The mop head is not the largest

A good traditional choice for a wet mop from O-Cedar, this mop, and bucket combo feature a streamlined design that is both easy to use and store. The design of the bucket allows for an easy to use built-in wringer that removes excess water from the mop head before using on your flooring, and the microfiber mop head is great at removing tough dirt and stains.

While using the wringing feature of the bucket, there is no strain on your hands or back as it is operated by a foot pedal towards the bottom, and the splash guard ensures that water is not splashing on your floors as you are using it. The mop itself is lightweight while durable, and the mop heads are easy to replace; being compatible with the EasyWring mop refill heads.

Plus, the bucket itself is a decent size, and you won’t need to refill it often during your daily cleaning routine.

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4. Best Spray Mop -Bona Tile Floor Spray Wet Mop


  • Trigger mechanism at the top allows for even misting of the cleaning agent
  • Extra-large mop head for bigger rooms, while the flexible design gives you more versatility and flexibility
  • Machine washable cleaning pads can be reused multiple times
  • Mop releases fine mist spray for better cleaning results
  • The cleaner is fairly affordable and is easy to change as needed


  • After rewashing the pads multiple times, you may find that they do not apply as firmly

Bona has gained a reputation for manufacturing quality spray mops, and this product is no exception. This spray mop is budget-friendly, lightweight, and has a wide mop head that allows you to reach under furniture and appliances with ease. This easy-to-use mop is great for all types of surfaces, such as hardwood, laminate, and tile.

The cleaner is easy to install directly into the mop handle and disperses evenly when applied to your flooring, and the microfiber mop heads are washable and can be reused several times without needing to be replaced.

Unlike most mop handles, this one features another soft grip in the middle, that gives you additional pressure and control when using, and the mop head features flexible corners that leave the edges of your room looking as clean as the day you moved in.

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5. TETHYS Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set for Tile Floors


  • Great for working on tile floors
  • Being able to keep all of the dirt contained within the bucket
  • Can be used for either wet or dry applications without needing to switch anything out
  • Has a high flexibility and versatility factor, without breaking the bank
  • When using as a wet mop, the bucket has drainage holes in the bottom, making it easy to empty


  • A bit difficult to put it inside the dry box

Featuring reusable mop pads that are machine washable and a hands-free wringing system with a taller upright bucket, this floor mop from Tethys is a great option for hardwood and tile flooring. This can be used for both wet and dry applications, and the mop bucket features grooves for both that allow you to remove the loose dirt and grime from your mop head with ease.

The microfiber mop heads are machine washable, and can be used multiple times before needing to be replaced; microfiber is a great material that picks up even small dirt particles easily. This is easy to use for anyone regardless of height, as the telescopic pole will extend up to 51 inches.

Plus, The sleek design of the mop head rotates up to 280 degrees, allowing you to reach under furniture, appliances, and get into hard to react areas.

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6. Bissell Steam Mop and Steamer Floor Cleaner


  • This is a highly versatile mop, with the detachable scrubbing portion and steam settings
  • The mop pads are washable, and there are two types to choose from: soft or scrubby
  • Easy to fill, the water tank is large enough to last through most large rooms
  • Can be used on various flooring types such as linoleum, hardwood, and tile


  • With repeated washings, the mop pads can start to degrade and not apply as well
  • At times, the water will need to reheat in order for the stream mechanism to work

Another quality product from Bissell, the Sapphire PowerFresh Deluxe steamer allows you to clean and sanitize your non-carpeted flooring without the use of any harsh chemicals, sprays, or additives. For added cleaning power on tough stains, the mop head is detachable, allowing you to use the hard bristles of the mop base with steam.

For an additional clean scent, you have the option to apply fragrance disks that permeate throughout your home, and the scent is released by the steam within the mop. The water tank is a decent size and comes with a measuring cup that allows you to refill it easily, and it heats up within a minute.

Based on your cleaning needs for the situation, you can easily choose between either a high or low steam setting; giving you an extra level of versatility.

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7. Venetio Mop and Bucket for Dry and Wet Mopping


  • The mop bucket is lightweight and easy to use, especially to wring out the mop
  • Easy to maneuver around your home, and great at reaching tight spots
  • The mop heads are washable and can last a long time before needing to be replaced
  • Lightweight yet durable in design


  • At times, the microfiber mop head may be difficult to clean due to the number of particles that it picks up
  • No foot pedal to wring out the mop head

A good product that is well rounded and comes with everything that you would need to get started cleaning your hardwood or tile flooring, this wet mop from Venetio is heavy-duty yet lightweight and versatile, allowing you to reach a wide range of areas.

Thanks to the self-wringing bucket, you can dry the mop and remove excess water when needed, without splashing water or straining yourself. The replaceable mop heads are machine washable, allowing you to get a lot of use out of each once before needing to be replaced.

The microfiber mop head lays flat to the ground, and is great at picking up stubborn particles of dirt and grime; additionally, due to the design, it allows you to reach under furniture and appliances, as well as around corners and edges of the room.

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How to Clean Tile Floors?

tile floors

Cleaning tile flooring does not have to be a pain or a hassle, and with a wet mop, you can do this relatively easily. Before you begin, you will want to make sure that you have removed the bulk of debris and dirt by using either a vacuum or broom, as this will make the job mopping the tile much easier.

Once you have the tile floors prepped, you will then want to get all the necessary supplies in order. A good checklist for this would be:

  • The mop of your choosing
  • A bucket (if needed for your type of wet mop)
  • Any type of cleaning solution that you would want to add to the water (such as vinegar, detergent, or other cleaning solutions)
  • Warm water; does not need to be too hot

After you have all the necessary supplies in order, it is time to start with the mopping process. While the process may vary depending on if you have a spray mop or a mop with a bucket, the basic principle will be the same.

For spray mops, you will want to use the trigger mechanism to release the cleaning agent on the area of tile that you are working on (for heavily soiled areas, you may want to let this sit for a minute).

Once you are confident that the solution has been applied thoroughly, you can begin to use the mop head in a back and forth motion; continue this method until the area has been cleaned thoroughly.

For the traditional mop and bucket route, you will want to apply a cleaning solution (if desired) into the bucket filled with water and submerge the mop head. Upon pulling the mop head out, you will then want to ring it out to release excess water that is not necessary.

After this, you can start to mop the floor using a back and forth sweeping motion (occasionally repeating the step above in order to re-wet and apply the cleaning solution to the mop head again). If you notice that the water is starting to get dirty, it may be necessary to empty the bucket and refill as desired.



We hope this information was helpful, and that you can take away the information listed above in order to make an informed decision on your next purchase of a wet mop for your tile floors. All of the products listed above are made from high-quality materials and are well worth the money spent.