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Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam Review (Review Video Included)

Tradition, innovation, and passion meet to give rise to Bissell floor cleaners. Bissell has proven that they’re experts in-floor cleaning solutions, from deep cleaning carpet washers to powerful vacuums and steam cleaners.

keep reading to know more about the Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam Review.


Portrait of Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam Mop

Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam review

Bissell Powerfresh steam mop is ranked among the most popular and high-performance models around. Little wonder, it’s rated among the best-selling steam mops on Amazon. While the steam mop effectively steam cleans flooring, it’s considered a jack of all trades.

While cleaning, you can switch the machine’s functions with the easy-touch digital controls. The controls allow you seamlessly vacuum, steam, or do both concurrently.

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient option that saves time and maximizes space, you should consider this Bissell Vac & Steam. Add this to your cleaning arsenal.

Want to know more about this two-in-one cleaner? Here’s a Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam review, from features to performance level and what it offers.


Overview of Bissell 2747a Powerfresh Vac & Steam

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Bissell 2747a is suitable for deep cleaning floors such as tile, hardwood, marble, etc. The versatile mop seems like a good choice for homes since it cleans dirt and sanitizes the floor, eliminating up to 99% of germs and micro-organisms.

Bissell 2747a features a cyclonic vacuum that has powerful suction for removing dirt and dust from the floor. Get rid of grime and sticky messes and make your floors squeaky-clean while enjoying a fresh scent with Bissell Powerfresh cleaner.

It’s equipped with a built-in water filter to extract impurities from water to promote the effectiveness of the machine. It incorporates a dry-tank technology to keep debris moisture-free for easy emptying after cleaning.

This multipurpose steam mop comes with or without a cord, producing steam within 30 seconds.

With Bissell 2474a, cleaning is made easy, efficient, and effective. You won’t have to break a sweat when using this device. Are you still having doubts about the machine? Our review will diffuse all doubts.

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What You Benefit from This Mop?

benefits of bissell 2747 steam mop

  • Adjustable handle height for easy cleaning around hard-to-reach corners

A mop’s handle makes for convenience and the overall performance of the device. Bissell 2474a has an adjustable handle which makes it comfortable to use over a long period. The handle extends and contracts to suit the heights of users.

Regardless of your height, you can conveniently use the cleaner without any hassle. You won’t have to stoop or wield the handle when cleaning.

  • Powerful cyclonic vacuum in trapping dirt and debris

Bissell Powerfresh features a cyclonic vacuum that uses suction pressure in sucking up debris from the floor while leaving your flooring barefoot-clean.

The vacuum filters the dust into a detachable collection vessel or bin. Through centrifugal force, the debris is gotten rid of and allowed to fall out of the collection vessel due to gravity.

The vacuum promotes air filtration and prevents clogging of pores in the filter.

  • 2-in-1 cleaning power

Enjoy a unique cleaning experience with this all-inclusive cleaner. Incorporating steaming and cleaning functions, Bissell Powerfresh removes debris and unwanted elements from floors.

It features Easy Touch Digital Controls, which enables you to switch between low-steam, high steam, and other vacuum modes. While the low steam control works for light cleaning, the high steam function removes stubborn stains.

If you want a spotless and shiny house, this all-in-one steam mop is your best option.

  • 8 packs of spring breeze scent discs

Leave a fresh scent on your floors while you steam clean with the spring breeze scent discs. You don’t need an air fresher.

Just place one of the discs in the mop pad and experience a fresh, clean scent.

The scent waters are 100% demineralized and available in three types: Spring breeze, eucalyptus mint, and citrus.

  • Dry tank technology

The steam mop is equipped with a dry tank technology that keeps dirt dry during steaming for easy emptying of content.

The dry tank prevents dirty water from mixing with clean water. This stops the growth of mold while keeping your tank clean.


What Do Other Users Say About This?

Several users can attest to the cleaning power and efficiency of this vac and steam mop. Those that were hesitant about the product have positive reviews about it. Having over 3,800-star ratings on Amazon, it’s not surprising that the powerhouse cleaner is termed a “game-changer.”

A user stated that the device picks up everything in sight. People with kids derive so much joy in using Bissell Powerfresh as they won’t have to pick up after their children. They also applauded its easy assembly and use.

Many mention that it’s time-efficient, reducing cleaning time. They express how efficient and easy to maneuver around corners and hard-to-reach areas in the home.

We can confirm that Bissell 2747a is a high-performance and reliable steam mop with numerous positive reviews. Amidst good reviews, some persons have reported that it’s heavy, leaky, and costly.


What You May Like About It?

  • The assembly process

The steam mop comes with a manual for easy and quick assembly. The instructions are quite easy to follow. Just a few steps and your machine is all ready for use. It’s also easy to operate. Fill the tank with water, press the vacuum button and choose your preferred steam mode.

  • Its lightweight design

Compared to a regular mop, the Bissell Powerfresh steam mop is compact. Its portability and retractable handle make it easy to store.

  • Efficient vacuum and steam model

Bissell Powerfresh steam mop seamlessly sucks up dirt, pet hairs, food crumbs, and others within a short period. Depending on your preference, you can decide to vacuum first or vacuum and steam simultaneously.

  • Large water reservoir

The mop has a water tank measuring up to 12 pounds; hence you wouldn’t need to refill it often while cleaning. Unlike other products, Bissell 2747a can hold a large volume of water.

  • Cleaning performance

Bissell Powerfresh steam mop is powered by a motor that facilitates steam cleaning and mopping. The motor activates the heating of water to produce steam which saturates the mopping pad attached to the mop.

Start the steaming machine to absorb grime and debris on the floor. While the two-in-one steamer cleans hardwoods, it’s a hard time capturing dirt on carpets, but it’s possible with the aid of a carpet glider.

  • The low noise

The steam mop produces low-pitched noise during cleaning. This promotes comfort and convenience. Any irritating noise that arises may be due to jet engine issues which are resolved by cleaning the filter.

What You May Dislike?

Some reviewers complained that Bissell Powerfresh Vac & Steam Mop is a little heavy at 9.74 pounds. This makes it difficult to move around the house.


How Does It Compare in Value?

While some users consider this steam mop an expensive product, it’s worth the while compared to other competitors. Given the ease of operation, low maintenance, and efficiency, we can outrightly say Bissell 2474a Powerfresh Vac & Steam offers excellent value for its price.


How Do You Clean and Empty a Dirty Water Tank?

  1. First, turn off the steam mop. Firmly hold the front handle and press down the silver button to release dirty water from the water reservoir.
  2. Hold the sides and top to release an opening. Grasp the sides of the water tank and pull up to clean the screen filter.
  3. Use warm water to wash the filter. While the top of the tank is opened, use running water to clean float and surrounding areas.
  4. Ensure the filter is adequately dry before assembling it back. After drying, return the screen to its actual position.
  5. Also, place the float and filter back into the water tank.


Can you use a steam mop on carpets?

Yes, you can. A steam mop deep cleans, weakens the bond between dirt and grime, and sanitizes carpets. Remove lightweight objects from the way so you can clean dirt lurking underneath. Next, vacuum the carpet to pick up unwanted elements.

Can I put vinegar in my steam mop?

Yes, you can. Vinegar is an effective cleaning agent for vinyl, tile, and composite flooring. Adding vinegar to your water tank helps in sanitizing floors and eliminating harmful elements.

You should be careful how you use this chemical agent on hardwood floors as it alters their finishing. Avoid using vinegar on upholstery and fabrics.

Do steam mops also vacuum?

Yes, they do. Steam mops like the Biselle 2747a Powerfresh clear dirt and sanitizes the floor.

What is the difference between wet and dry vacuum cleaners?
The wet vacuum cleaner has a water-proof and airtight container for holding water. The dry cleaner extracts dirt into an enclosed vessel.

Does steam cleaning sanitize floors?

Yes, it does. Steam cleaners kill about 99% of household germs such as bacteria, molds, and others. Heating water to 175 degrees Fahrenheit produces steam which helps in sanitizing floors.



For maximum functionality and versatility, you should consider Bissell 2747a Vac & Steam Mop. Are you the busy type? Do you find multi-step cleaning time-consuming?

This cleaner will be an excellent addition to your home. We assure you that you’ll like your floor when you purchase this product. If you’re looking to add a cleaner to your regular maintenance routine, a Bissell vacuum and steam mop is a nice fit.

Bissell has a long-standing reputation for producing the best vacuum cleaner, steam mops, among others. You need to get one of these products for better cleaning results.

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