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Bissell Power Steamer Heavy Duty 2685a Review

We all love it when our homes are nice and tidy. This can sometimes be challenging especially if you have kids and pets. Sometimes some dirt and stains in your home are hard to clean with a regular mop.

Steam mops have become a trend for their uniqueness in cleaning most surfaces in your home including floors, grout, fabrics, and counters with ease. The Bissell Power Steamer Heavy Duty 2685A works by using steam. Even without adding chemical products, steam can efficiently sanitize your home. It is multifunctional giving you that deep clean with enough sanitization.

Allow me to take you through this Bissell power steamer heavy duty 2685A review as we expound on its impressive power steamer, range of tools, and how it works.


Get to Know Bissell Power Steamer Heavy Duty 2685a Review

The Bissell Power Steamer Heavy Duty 2685A produces steam at extremely high pressure and is ideal for cleaning a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces including the floors, windows, furniture, the interior of your car, fabric and much more.

For easy access, this steam mop has wall-mounted storage, and included in its packaging are 29 accessories that can be used by holding the steam mop close or via extended reach. It has both the long reach and handheld model.

It also comes with various stream settings ad you can intensify the amount of steam by using an on-demand trigger.

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In-depth Bissell Power Heavy Duty 3 in 1 2685A Review

why people love to use 3 in 1 steamer mop

1. Highlights of Bissell 2685A

The Bissell Power Steamer Heavy Duty 2685A helps you remove grime, grease dirt, and mold on many surfaces. You also don’t have to use chemicals as steam is an effective sanitizer. It is eco-friendly leaving your home chemical-free.

Here is a look at what this steam mop can do:

  • It cleans conveniently and is easy to store away

This amazing steam mop comes with a steam mop foot and a washable microfiber pad. It has an extension wand with all the settings included to make it easier to mop without straining your back. You can easily change attachments when to fit your cleaning needs because of its accessible toolbox.

The wall mount stores the toolbox, accessories bag, and the cleaner when not in use and saves up a lot of space.

  • Has a wide range of versatile steam cleaning tools

For those hard-to-reach corners, the Bissell Power Steamer Heavy Duty 2685a has an angle connector tool that directs high-pressure steam to such areas.

It can be used to clean cloth, fabric among much more. You can use it to keep your car tidy as well as your windows clear.

  • It comes with tools for every kind of mess

Has 4 nylon bristle brushes, 4 brass bristle brushes (for tough messes on hard surfaces), 4 grout tools to keep those tiles sparkly and a flat scraper tool for hard stuck messes in places like the oven, fridge and more.


2. What you may like about it

why people love to use bissell mop

  • High pressure and high-temperature steam is an effective way of cleaning and getting rid of bacteria.
  • The on-demand trigger gives you control over the amount of steam you use.
  • Tough brass bristles for stubborn messes.
  • It is easy to use
  • The noise level is quite low
  • It gives you value for your money

3. What you may dislike about it

  • It is an average quality mop
  • It can be heavy when using it without the extension wand
  • Produces low steam and it takes more effort when cleaning tough stains

4. How hot does Bissell power steamer get?

It can heat up to above 200 degrees in half a minute. This makes it more effective at cleaning dirt and many kinds of messes on various surfaces including your mattress.

5. Cleaning performance for different tasks

what is  good baout bissell mop

It does well for floors but you may need to make a few passes over stains such as your pet prints because of the little amount of steam produced.

With some considerable scrubbing, you are sure to get your countertops clean. The grout brush is very convenient for removing grout effortlessly.

On countertops, it worked but required considerable scrubbing. Though it will leave some residual water in those nukes and crannies, its angle ability is very efficient.

The machine can be heavy while cleaning windows. It is not that ideal for window cleaning.

6. Is it worth buying?

It may not show at the beginning but you will realize the Bissell Power Steamer Heavy Duty 2685A is a very handy tool to have after going through all its accessories. It is versatile, effective and a good quality steam mop for its price.

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Tips to Use it Properly to Mop Your Floor

What you need to do first is to fill the water tank with distilled water.

Plug in the steam mop and when ready it will start blinking.

Let the blinking stop, (the blinking takes 30 seconds), and with a steady light, begin to mop.

There are two steam levels to choose from, low or high.

After deciding the steam level you need, pull and hold the trigger.

Once the mop starts producing steam, (you will hear a whooshing sound), you can begin cleaning.


Can You Use It to Clean Your Carpet?

You can gently refresh your carpet with the powerful steam and soft microfiber mop pads from the Bissell Power Steamer Heavy Duty 2685A. However, this machine is not intended for carpet cleaning.

When refreshing your carpet, use the steam mop gently in continuous motions. Avoid having the mop over one area for a long period to protect your carpet from damage.



Though it does a good job, you might experience fatigue on your fingers as you have to press the trigger button all through the cleaning process. You can use this mop on even and uneven surfaces and even use it to clean out the entire mold and mildew on your bathroom tiles.


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