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Can You Put Fabuloso In A Steam Mop´╝č

There are many different types of cleaning products on the market today. Some of which are superior in performance, power, and effectiveness to others.

This is especially true for products like Fabuloso since this cleaner can be used for a wide range of cleaning projects around the home like cleaning and disinfecting the floors.

Fabuloso is not only known for its cleaning power, but also for its fresh, light, and pleasant fragrance since it is a room freshener, too.


Can You Put Fabuloso In A Steam Mop?

is it safe to use fabuloso in steam mop

In general, the answer to the question, can you put fabuloso in a steam mop is no.

No, you cannot put fabuloso in your steam mop to clean your floors.


This is primarily because steam mops are not designed to accommodate the use of cleaning products and other types of strong chemicals.

Instead, the steam mop has been designed to use water alone to generate its own steam.

You can find this and other related information in manufacturer manuals. In fact, when you read the instructions on the packaging that your steam mop comes in, this information will guide you in the best practices for this type of cleaning gadget.

It is also important to note that steam mops are designed specifically to get rid of bacteria and germs from your floors.

So, the steam from these mops are hot enough to break down and eliminate the difficulty to remove dirt, stains, mud and more.

Therefore, the steam mop does not need or really require products like fabuloso and the chemicals contained within to further disinfect the floors that you are cleaning.

Also, if you use fabuloso in your steam mop, you will not only void the warranty, but also cause the components to corrode.


How to Use Fabuloso To Clean Floors?

Fabuloso is an all-purpose cleaning product that can be used in homes, schools, business offices and virtually anyplace that requires some form of cleaning and disinfection.

And, homeowners and others are using this cleaning product to clean and sanitize different spaces. In fact, today many homeowners and business owners are using Fabuloso to get rid of dirt, mud, and grime on the hard floors, while also at the same time freshen the areas that they mop regularly.

For instance, it is not uncommon for people to use these products to clean their hardwood and vinyl flooring to ensure that they clean and shine, especially when they learn the perfect combination of water and fabuloso mixture.

Typically, all you need to do is add one cup of fabuloso to one gallon of water in a large bucket to get started.

This mixture will give you a chance to clean and sanitize your floors with a fragrance that is pleasant enough for your entire home or business. You can use it on any hard surface that you want to keep clean.

Fabulosa is also safe to use for a variety of other purposes including removing grime from your toilets, shower walls, kitchen walls, and much more. And, if you choose to do so, you can spray areas in your home to freshen up the air. Some homeowners may use this cleaner as a deodorizer spray on their garbage cans and much more.

However, before you use this product as a cleaner or disinfectant, you need to make sure to avoid breathing in the fumes from these chemicals.

Even though the smell from this cleaner is pleasant, it is still a chemical cleaner that can be overwhelming and irritating to the eyes, nose and the throat. Therefore, it should not be used in confined but in open spaces.


What Floor Cleaner Can You Put in Your Steam Mop?

household cleaners to kill fleas

As mentioned above, water is the only liquid that you should put in your steam mop? The only exception, however, to this rule is based on the steam mop manufacturer and its design.

For instance, if the manufacturer sells their own steam mop floor cleaning agents, these cleaners can be added to the water before you mop with your steamer.

These are only recommended when the steam mop manufacturer has been designed a specific type of cleaner to accommodate the machine that they have made.

It is also important to pay close attention to how much of these cleaning products need to be used safely.

Because if you use too much to the water, you may have problems with the components of the steam mops that you use, particularly when these products can corrode the machinery.

For instance, some manufacturers may allow the user to pour a few drops of a specific fragrance to help freshen up the floors as the user mops.



1. Does Fabuloso liquid disinfect?

Yes, fabuloso liquid is a great disinfectant. You can use this product for a wide range of uses including disinfecting your laundry, floors, and other areas around your home or business.

2. Can you clean a tub with Fabuloso?

Yes, Fabuloso can be used for cleaning the entire bathroom. So, you can use this cleaner to remove the bathroom ring that is left in the tub after bathing. It will leave the tub sparkling cleaning and smelling fresh.

3. Can you put Fabuloso in Bissell steamer?

According to information published on, you can use fabuloso in a Bissell, in specific, the crosswave. By adding this cleaner to this steamer, you can deep clean your floors with this combination.



Before you add any cleaner to a steam mop, you need to pay close attention to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

As a general rule, mop steamers do not need any type of cleaning agent like Fabuloso to mop the floors. However, on the other hand, if a mop steamer manufacturer deems it necessary, you can use fabuloso in a Bissell crosswave.



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