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Can You Use a Steam Mop on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

A steam mop is one of the best ways to clean and kill germs on the floor. This cleaning method uses steam without water and is ideal for a water-sensitive floor. Well, the question is can you actually use it on vinyl plank floor? And what is the best ways to use it? Keep reading to learn more tips!


Can You Use Steam Mop on Vinyl Plank Floor?

best steam mop with triangular

Yes, you can use a steam mop on vinyl plank flooring, but there are some precautions to know to prevent too much moisture and overheating.

1. Features of vinyl plank floor

Vinyl planks look like wood or stone floor. However, they are covered with decorative papers or textile fabrics. The top layer is made of transparent PVC, which can react to high heat and is the reason you must be careful when using steam to clean them. Too much heat can cause warping on your floor, making it lose its smoothness and beauty.

Vinyl plank flooring doesn’t do well when exposed to plenty of water. Therefore steaming will safeguard and prevent it from excessive moisture.

Besides destroying the floor, dampness or water leakage can result in mold and mildew. These fungi types spread fast and you should prevent them from developing as much as possible.

2. How does a steam mop work to clean the vinyl plank floor?

When you switch the steamer on, it generates steam. The mop’s head has a microfiber mop pad that cleans your floor with hot vapor.

The steam goes to the mop’s head and moistens the pad, which enables it to clean stains, dust and other dirt. The vapor also sanitizes your floor by killing fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens likely to be on your floor.

Can You Use Shark/Bissell Steam Mop on Luxury Vinyl Plank?

shark vs bissell steam mop for vinyl floors

You can use Shark or Bissell steam mop on your luxury vinyl plank floor. The Shark steam mop is high quality has the power to clean without any additional cleaning products.

It has great features, and unique settings and its overall design is aesthetically appealing. The best thing is that it allows you to choose a low steam level for a vinyl floor.

The Bissell steam mop has a digital controller and a unique vacuum function for easy and safe vinyl steam cleaning. Just make sure you vacuum your floor before steam cleaning it.

It takes 30 seconds to generate steam and therefore saves you time while giving excellent results without damaging your floor.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring with A Steam Mop?

The best way to clean your floor with a steam floor is to avoid exposing too much heat. Here are a few steps you should follow for excellent results.

  1. Prepare the floor before you apply a steam mop. Start by removing grit and other loose dirt on the floor. You can do this by sweeping or vacuuming.
  2. If the floor is heavily soiled, use the traditional cleaning method to clean it first and then use the steam mop to remove any remaining stains.
  3. Have several mop pads to replace it as soon as it gets too dirty to give you a sparkling look.

Tips and cautions

  1. Avoid holding a steam mop on a single spot for a long time.
  2. Use quick strokes as you clean the floor.
  3. Check the mopping pad to ensure there are no grain particles that can scratch your floor as you clean.


Signs That You Should Stop Using Steam Mop on Vinyl Plank Floors

While a steam mop cleans your vinyl floor perfectly, there are a few signs you should look out for. Vinyl plank flooring is easily damaged by water and heat.

While this floor has a waterproof top surface, water can sometimes seep through tears, gaps, and scratches. This can ruin your floor and compromise its adhesive. Some of the water damage signs to look out for include:

1. Warping

Warping flooring

Several things can cause a vinyl floor to warp. They include moisture, heat, and poor installation. If you notice your floor is warping, it may have been exposed to too much heat.

Stop steam mopping it and replace the affected areas. It’s best to use a steam mop with temperature control features. This helps you identify the best heat for your vinyl floor.

Besides that, never allow the steam mop to concentrate on a single area for long.

2. Bubbles on the vinyl plank floor

bubbles on vinyl floors

Bubbles on a vinyl floor mean its adhesive has been interfered with. This may occur due to high temperatures or water. Have the area bubbled; some cracks could allow air or moisture into the surface.

3. Discoloration

Discoloration of vinyl plank floors

Vinyl flooring can discolor when exposed to too much heat, light or water. The heat affects the shade of the surface with time. Discoloration has no solution except floor replacement.


Other Mops that You Can Use on Vinyl Plank Floors

  1. Shark Genius

Shark Genius steam mop comes with high, medium and low intelligent settings that allow you to control the steam used on your vinyl floor. It is one of the best mops you can use for your sensitive floor.

  1. Light N Easy

Light N Easy steam mop is lightweight and easy to move on your floor. The good thing about it is that it has three steam control levels for safe use on vinyl flooring.

It is safe to use a steam mop on vinyl plank flooring. It does not release much moisture and will therefore not damage your floor. Just get the right steam mop with settings that give you total control. Chose low settings to ensure your floor is not affected by high temperatures, and you are good to go.



All in all, you are able to use a steam mop on vinyl floors, but you should prevent too much heat and moisture. Steam mop brings us so many benefits on cleaning different floors, why don’t you choose one for your vinyl floor?

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