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Can You Use Steam Mop on Carpet?

In the modern-day, almost all the households have a carpet in them. The carpets in the household store so many stains, pathogens, dirt, and bacteria that may be harmful to your health.

Therefore, you may need a steam mop to help you in cleaning and getting rid of the materials that may be harmful to you and your family.

In this article, we have provided you with detailed information on how to use a steam mop to clean your carpet, the benefits of using a steam mop on your carpet, and many more.

Can You Use Steam Mop on Carpet?

can you Use Steam Mop on Carpet

Yes, you can use a steam mop as a carpet cleaner on your carpet. A steam mop uses hot steam to clean various surfaces, and one of the surfaces can be your carpet.

The hot steam from the steam mop works great as a lightweight stain or spot remover, deodorizer, sanitizer, and dust mite remover when used on carpet fabrics.

Besides, using a steam mop on your carpet correctly and with care can even give some life back to your older carpets. Like other surfaces in your home, carpets also have bacteria and dust mites, prone to stubborn stains.

The steam mop’s steam can kill dust mites and bacteria and get rid of the stubborn stains with ease. Further, the steam from the steam mop is pure water without any chemicals that may interfere with the fibers on your carpet.


Are Steam Mops Good for Carpets?

are steam cleaner good for carpet

You will enjoy multiple benefits by using a steam mop to clean your carpet and rug. Some of the benefits include: –

1. Steam mop is eco friendly

The main component in cleaning with a steam mop is ordinary tap water. There are no chemicals or detergents used when using a steam mop.

Therefore, there will not be any chemical residues or smells in your home after steam cleaning with a steam mop. Additionally, since it is normal water used in cleaning, the water injected into the drainage system will not be contaminated, and this will have zero effects on the environment.

Therefore, using a steam mop to clean your carpet will leave it clean and protect you, your family, and the ecosystem.

2. It helps remove pollutants

A steam mop produces steam from ordinary tap water to help in sanitizing your home. Carpets have pollutants such as germs, viruses, bacteria, mildews, and pathogens that you may not be able to see with your eyes.

These pollutants are there in your carpet in large numbers, and they may lead to you having conditions due to allergic reactions.

Steam produced by steam mop is more than 100°C, and at this temperature, most of the pollutants are killed. The steam produced will penetrate through the fabrics of your carpet and kill all the nasty contaminants without even destroying the fabrics.

At more than 100°C, any tough pollutants such as pathogens like salmonella and E. Coli on your carpet will be removed with ease.

3. It kills pet odors and refreshes your home

Steam produced by the steam mop is a natural sanitizer and deodorant. You may be having strange odors in your home, or it may be smelling like a zoo, especially if you have pets.

The hot vapor produced by the steam mop will help in killing parasites that reside in your carpets, such as fleas, their larvae, and eggs hence leaving your carpet and home odor-free from such smells.

4. It will help your carpet to last for as long as possible

Using a steam cleaner will help in prolonging. Steam mop uses hot steam and pure water without any chemicals to dislodge and easily get rid of stubborn dirt, germs, and allergens.

When you use chemicals to clean your carpet, they may interfere with the fabrics as you use energy to remove the stubborn stains within the fabrics.

Additionally, the chemicals themselves may also wear out the carpet fabrics. The pure water that turns into vapor produced by the steam mop will not react with your carpet fibers.

Since the vapor produced is more than 100°C, it will remove stubborn elements in your carpet, easily leaving it in its original state and prolonging its lifespan.

5. Steam mop will help in rejuvenating your carpet

Most spills, dirt, and contaminants in your home end up in your carpet. This may lead to the carpet becoming dirty and moist.

This may lead to the growth of mold and mildew in your carpet. Additionally, some of the spills may have chemicals that react with your carpet fabrics, leaving them dirty and old.

Using a steam mop to clean your carpet will help in removing the contaminants from your carpet hence leaving it clean, vibrant, and rejuvenated.


How to Clean Carpet with A Steam Mop?

There are multiple ways that you can clean your carpet using a Shark or Bissel steam mop. Here is the best way to clean your carpet with a Shark Steam mop.

Step 1: Remove large items from the carpet.

These large items include a bookshelf, tables, chairs, and many more items that may hinder your cleaning process freely.

Additionally, these items may have dirty and other stubborn stains trapped underneath or on their edges. If good, you can remove everything only leaving the carpet.

Step 2: Vacuum the carpet.

This process is essential since vacuum cleaners have suction power. It will suck larger debris and hair on your carpet that may block your Shark steam mops head.

Additionally, vacuuming will fluff up the fibers of your carpet hence allowing the Shark steam mop to go over the carpet easily. Vacuuming will also lessen the task of the Shark steam mop.

Step 3: Fill the steam mop with water.

It is advisable that you use distilled water to prevent build-up on your Shark steam mops tank and the steam outlet hole and to get the best cleaning results.

When filling your steam mop, you should use a measuring cup. You should also not overfill the steam mops tank to prevent the boiling water from spilling on the floor and creating a dangerous hot mess. After filling the tank to the desired level, you should replace the cap and screw it firmly.

Step 4: Attach the carpet glider.

This will make sliding the Shark steam mop over your carpet easier and more smoothly. And you should attach the glider after attaching the mop pad to the mop head.

Step 5: Plug in the mop.

You plug in your steam mop to the power source and turn it on. It is advisable that you choose the highest steam and heat setting to ensure the most cleaning power. Additionally, the highest steam and heat setting will ensure less heating time. On most occasions, the heating time is less than a minute.

Step 6: Test the Shark steam mop.

It would be best if you did this on a small section of your carpet to its steam tolerance.

Step 7: Start steam cleaning your carpet.

It would be best if you glid the steam mop in a straight line and even overlap to avoid missing a spot. While cleaning your carpet, you should start in the far corner away from the entrance to avoid finding yourself with an exit plan.

Additionally, you should ensure your carpet is penetrated with steam by going slow enough. There are certain spots with stubborn stains; you should hover over the spots for several seconds to aid in further loosening them in your carpet fibers.

To prevent the development of mildew or the growth of mold in your carpet, you should ensure that your carpet is not overly wet.

Step 8: You can refill the tank and heat the water when needed.

This will allow you to complete steam any remaining parts.

Step 9: Wait until your carpet is completely dry.

It would be best to allow your carpet to dry up completely before walking on it or bringing back the items you removed. You can open doors and windows to let air in and enable fast and natural drying.


How to Use Shark Steam Mop on the Carpet?

There are certain shark steam mop models that come with a carpet glider that you can use to groom, deodorize and freshen your carpet and rugs. The availability of the glider will allow the pad of the Shark steam mop to move over your carpet smoothly.

Prepping the steam mop.

It would be best if you did this prior to steaming your carpet with a Shark steam mop.

Step 1: Fill the water tank on the Shark steam mop to the fill line. The water tank on most versions has a cap that screws into place. Once the tank is full, tighten the cap to prevent water from leaking onto the carpet.

Step 2:  If your Shark steam mop features both a rectangular and triangular head, you should snap the rectangular mop head onto the steam mop. This is because a carpet glider is made for the rectangular head.

Step 3:  Place the microfiber cleaning pad on the steam mop’s cleaning head and ensure it is securely in place.

Step 4: Follow this by placing the carpet glider on the floor, lifting your Shark steam mop, and placing the mop head on top of the glider.

Steaming the carpet.

After ensuring that the carpet glider is securely in place, you should start the carpet steaming process.

Step 1: Start by plugging your Shark steam mop into the power source. Then allow it to heat up for around half a minute. After the heating process, you should pump the handle to enable you to see if steam comes out.

Step 2:  Make use of the “scrub” setting of your Shark steam mop should it have.

Step 3: You should ensure that the carpet glider is touching the floor and then push the mop head back and forth across your carpet. While moving your Shark steam mop back and forth across your carpet, it will produce steam that will help in deodorizing and freshening your carpet.


How Often Should I Steam Mop My Carpet?

The number of times you should be steam mopping your carpet depends mainly on your preference, and whether you have pets, kids, or any spills.

Vacuuming your carpet should be done on a weekly basis to avoid the build-up of bacteria and allergens that may harm you and your family.

If you do not have pets and kids around in your home, you should steam mop your carpet at least once every six months.

However, if you have kids and pets around, you can steam mop your carpet after every 4 to 6 weeks. You should also vacuum your carpet daily if you have pets and kids.


How to DIY carpet glider for steam mop

You will need goggles, gloves, glue(sealant), one-half-inch PVC pipe, drill bits, grinder, and glide.

Step 1: Put on the safety glass (goggles).

Step 2: Use a market to put marks on the PVC pipe.

Step 3: Using a grinder, cut the PVC pipe along the marked lines a little bit smaller so that it can stretch when you melt it.

Step 4: Take a marker and then draw a line inside the opened PVC pipe so as to have a straight line inside.

Step 5: Take a drill and plug it into a power source.

Step 6: Use the drill bit to drill holes along the marked line in the opened PVC pipe. You can make extra holes in the PVC pipe by drilling further.

Step 7: Heat the holed open PVC pipe in the oven and turn it up to 350°, then try fitting it into the glide, then allow it to dry.

Step 8: Put on a glove and then take the glue. Apply the glue around the attached area between the glide and the PVC pipe. You may heat it again with the glue to ensure it is completely sealed. And then you have your carpet glider.

Step 9: Try using it.


Common Asked Questions

1. Can I use a shark steam mop on the carpet?

Yes, you can use a shark steam mop on the carpet. Most Shark steam mops come with carpet gliders that you will need to attach when you want to use them to steam mop your carpet. The carpet glider will help in the smooth movement of the steam mop over your carpet during the steam cleaning.

2. Can I use cleaners to steam mop my carpet?

Yes, you can use steam cleaners to steam mop your carpets. Steam cleaners use hot water in the steam mops tank to steam mop your carpet.

You will need a nozzle, a brush, and a tube to use the cleaner on your carpet. Additionally, if the cleaner has a microfiber attachment, it will help in applying the steam evenly on your carpet.



Steam mops are one of the essential gears in your home if you want to have a healthy surrounding. Carpets hide several particles, dirt, pathogens, bacteria, and many more materials that may cause harm to you and your family.

Having a steam mop is an excellent option for getting rid of any element hidden within the fibers of your carpets, leaving your carpet neat, vibrant, and rejuvenated. Having a steam mop with you will make it an easy task for you while clean your carpet. Having a steam mop for cleaning your carpet entails a healthy and clean environment in your home.


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