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8 Different Types of Mop for Your Floor Cleaning

A mop is needed for every place. There are plenty of mop types for different purposes. A right mop type can make your cleaning process easier and more effective. From too many options, which kind of mop is what you need?


Different Types of Mops

1. Steam Mop

steam mop to clean floors

Steam mops are electrical mops that come with a refillable water tank. It heats the water, converting it to steam released by a trigger—the steam sprays using a reusable mopping pad. If you want to remove stains, dirt, dog hairs, etc., from your floor, steam mops are the best option.

Using a steam mop is a good idea because it’s convenient and touches the floor easily, the entire process of cleaning becomes easy because you don’t have to get clean water every now and then like when using a traditional mop. It is one of the best mops bit you should never overlook the guidelines; it can be very dangerous at the same time because the steam is too hot.

To wash the floor with a steam mop, you need to sweep and vacuum the floor, prepare the pads, look and evaluate the floor surface, then steam clean the floor and wash the pads. Steam cleaners should not be used on any floors because they might be damaged.

The appropriate floors to use steam mops on are the sealed floors; excess heat damages some surfaces, and therefore, you need to be extra careful. Other types of floors that are safe for steam cleaners are vinyl floors and ceramic or porcelain tile.

If you are not sure how to use steam cleaners, ensure that you consult the manufacturers for assistance. Be advised to always use the right mop on the appropriate floors just to avoid damaging your floors. Steam mops should only be used on sealed floors.


  • Effective for use on carpets, walls, and hard floors
  • Great for cleaning tough spills and stains and sanitizes the floor
  • It has a variety of settings


  • It always requires plugging into a socket
  • It would be best if you swept first to avoid collecting dust

Floor types:

They are safe for use on all types of linoleum or vinyl floors, including porcelain or ceramic tiles and laminate flooring or hardwood.


2. Dust Mop

why do you need a dust floor

Unlike other mops, a dust mop is considered a dry mop. Most of the other mops are wet; when using a dust mop, you should avoid using cleaners or water with it. Just like its name, the mop is meant for removing dirt and dust off the floor.

A dust mop is good even though you may find it unnecessary, but you should actually purchase one, it helps get rid of that little dirt that can not be captured by a broom, instead of buying a broom you can simply go for a dust mop because it does almost the same job, but it works much better than a broom.

The string mop is another most commonly seen as a dry mop. There are looped-end mops and cut-end mops.

Looped-end mops are more absorbent than cut-end mops. So they are easier to use if there are spills. This mop type is machine washable, so you have to take off the head and wash it. Thus, it is very durable.

Cut-end mops work effectively to clean minor stains and mop the floor. Cut-end mops are sanitary and very effective for multiple uses.

This kind of mop can be used on hardwood floors, which are almost similar to vinyl floors, but it’s a bit durable when compared to hardwood.


  • Great for home/commercial cleaning
  • Has high absorbency


  • Wringing water out is difficult.
  • Dirt gets back into the water if you dip in the bucket
  • Wets the floor; thus, there are chances of slipping

Floor types:

They are safe on tiles and hardwood floors.


3. Spray Mop

what are the best spary mop


A spray mop is another effective mop type. It is easy to use; release the spray and continue mopping. The spray gets the floor damp, wets the mop to wipe off the surfaces, and is best If you’re in a hurry.

Spray mop makes your work of cleaning the floor east without using a bucket; this is one of those unique and beautiful mops that everyone would love to use. It has an integrated sprayer that is designed for convenience purposes. Using this mop is easy since you only need to press the trigger on its handle and get the cold water that you need to clean the floor

It’s made with high-quality material, meaning that it’s durable; it has a very strong mop handle that provides a strong and comfortable grip when in use. This mop performs a wonderful job when it comes to cleaning.

Spray mops also has a microfibre pad that gathers dust, dirt, and debris leading to wonderful results, these pads are very soft and can be used on any kind of floor since it does not damage the floors. It simply scrubs the floors leaving no scratch behind. It’s suitable for hardwood floors, laminate, vinyl, tiles, ceramic and concrete floors.

You should not worry about their duration because that is long-lasting, and that is only if you take good care of them. If you are not pleased with the product, the company refunds back your money.


  • It is lightweight
  • Time-efficient as it is effortless to use
  • Can reach tight furniture and narrow spaces and not leave marks


  • It won’t clean well if there’s dust on the floor
  • Water spray can easily get damaged
  • The handle is fragile

Floor types:

It is suitable for soft floors made of ceramic and porcelain, including wood laminate, tile, and marble.


4. Sponge Mop

polyvinyl acetate sponge head

Sponge Mops are used to clean up spills and spots on the floor; some people may find this mop to use than any other mop. A sponge mop cleans up the dirtiest section of your floor that cannot be cleaned easily by other mops. Whenever you want to scrub your floor, this is the best mop to use since it’s easier to scrub out dirt with it better than when using any other mop.

Once you use a sponge mop, you will not regret it at all; sponge can be changed when it’s necessary. It’s not difficult to put a new sponge in the mop; a sponge can be used for a long period of time before it’s changed.

Not forgetting one of its main features that are the extendable handle which ensures that you are comfortable when using the mop.

PVA or Polyvinyl acetate is a synthetic material known for its excellent absorbent quality, similar to an everyday sponge.

Sponge mops can be a good alternative to regular wet mops, and they are good for cleaning tiles, and they can work well on kitchen floors because they can scrub stuck dirt and grime. When using this mop, you don’t need to worry about wringing out water because it has a designed mechanism that squeezes out excess water.


  • Very absorbent.
  • You can use the sponge for sometime before replacement
  • Excellent for use in hard-reach areas


  • Very absorbent.
  • You can use the sponge for sometime before replacement
  • Excellent for use in hard-reach areas

Floor types:

Sponge mops are excellent for wood, linoleum floor, or clean marbles.


5. Microfiber Mop

why do you need a microfiber mop

Microfiber mop is simply the best; if you have been using cotton mops, you should at least try using microfibre mops because they are durable with quite a longer lifespan compared to cotton mops. When mopping with microfibre, only pure water with no chemical is used; if you have problems with wringing, then the microfibre mop is good for you simply because it does not require frequent wringing since it has a high capacity of absorbing water.

Microfibre mops do not lose their shapes even when they are washed several times a day since you don’t have to do a lot of wringing, it saves you from having back pains it simply keeps you away from the burden of cleaning. A good mop should save you time and energy so that you have time to do some other things.

This type of mop is great for hardwood floors, tiles, linoleum, concrete, and many others. Microfiber flat mops can clean almost everywhere, for instance, corners that cannot be cleaned by cotton mops; this mop picks up dust, crumbs, dust balls, pet hair, dirt, microparticles, and any other thing on the floor.

You will be amazed by how this type of mop works well on your floor; it’s the best mop anyone will ever use, it allows you to clean smarter and not harder.


  • It is effortless to clean and very absorbent
  • It is durable and can last a long time
  • It serves as a wet or dry mop.


  • Hard to use for removing tough stains

Floor types:

Microfiber mops are good for hardwood and laminate floors.


6. Spin Mop

spin mop for floors

Spin Mops work similar to traditional mops, but they differ in some way, they are very interesting to use. It can get rid of stains and save you a lot of time since it cleans the floor really faster.

Spin mops are also known as twist mops because while cleaning; you make a twisting motion with your wrist. This mop is very convenient, and it’s able to clean up sports much easier without having to strain to scrub the dirt out.

Most people use this mop nowadays because of its known good features. Twist mops have a telescoping handle that can be adjusted, and this favors everyone, whether tall or short; no one has to bend down or strain just to be able to mop.

Apart from the adjustable handles, it comes with a basket and bucket. That makes your cleaning work easy because you will do everything at once. It’s cheap, and everyone can afford it, especially those people who have always wanted to own a spin mop.

Spin mops are best for hardwood floors, and they almost work like strong mops the difference is that with spin mops, the bucket consists a hand or foot pedal that helps in wringing out water and the solution, they are a bit smaller than the string mops and are best when used at home.


  • They are very effective on stains
  • You can easily wring it out
  • Great for small areas and hard-to-reach spots


  • You have to spin it manually to clean the floors
  • When you wring it, it deposits dirt into the bucket again

Floor types:

They are suitable for hardwood floors.


7. Electric Mop

best electric mop for floor

This is another wonderful type of mop for those who want perfection in everything they do. It makes mopping to be more efficient and faster compared to other types of a mop. We have a lot of reasons you should do for this kind of mop which includes the following:

It is a more efficient type of mop – electric mops are known to be the most effective type of mop you can ever come across, if you are looking for something to clean those stubborn footbaths and floors with stains then this is what you really have to look for. An electric mop has a lot of options and more advanced features such as steams that make the clearing process to be efficient.

If you are looking for a steam cleaner that is going to save you your precious time then you should go for an electric mop, it delivers results within a short period of time. You are going to spend just a fraction of your time cleaning if you use an electric mop.

Unlike the traditional mops, with E-mops or Robot mops, you are going to achieve the high level of cleanliness you desire with little effort.  You no longer have to strain yourself by self-scrubbing the stubborn floors.

An electric mop has multiple functions and settings that make mopping and waxing to be quick the waxing feature of the electric mop is what has been liked by many users as it leaves the floor with a shiny look.


  • Comfortable and time-saving
  • They extract dirt from the floor easily without using extra water
  • It eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or cleaning products.


  • They need constant power supply.

Floor types:

An electric mop can be used on the following types of floors; Tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, and vinyl.



8. Robot Mop

robotic scrubbing mop with 4 modes

Robotic is another new type of mop that is really making things easier thanks to advanced technology. A robot mop is ideal for those people who have pets or even kids, and even those individuals who want to keep their floors cleaner than the energy and time they have to devote to, a robot mop has the ability to get into corners, under the furniture, and along the edges.

Although it is good to clear up space before you start using your robot mop, cleaning big spills and heavy soils with a robot mop can be a challenge you will have to manually clean them.  When buying a robotic mop, you have a choice to select between the dry sweeps, wet mops, and mop combos as well as vacuum and mop combo.

Some robot mops are best suitable for wood floors and carpet floors; all robot mops can be used for tile and vinyl floors safely. If you have a wood floor or carpet floor, be sure to choose one that is most suitable for your kind of floor.


  • Offers wet or dry mopping
  • Sweeps and scrubs the floor, even hidden places
  • Hands-free mopping, you won’t do anything


  • It may not be adequate for cleaning significant stains
  • It does not clean carpets, and you need to top up water often
  • Starting it is manual

Floor types:

Robot mops are safe for tile and vinyl floors. You can also use it for a mixture of carpet and wood floors.


Which One Should You Get?

different types of mop

Here are clear recommendations for all people from the perspective of various needs.

 From the perspective of cleaning needs  

For basic cleaning: The best mop for basic cleaning is a microfiber mop and sponge mop.

For Deep cleaning: Sponge mops have good water absorbency for deep cleaning.

  From the perspective of cleaning areas 

For the bathroom: Microfiber Mop is the best mop for the bathroom area as it is very effective for scrubbing bathroom tiles on other surfaces.

For kitchen: A Microfiber mop is best because it picks up more dirt from the floor and is lightweight for reaching areas.

 From the perspective of special needs 

For the dog family: A robot mop and steam mop are the best mop type for a dog family

For people who have an allergy: A washable microfiber or steam cleaner is suitable for cleaning with people with allergies. They attract dust effectively and don’t give off any dangerous elements.



What are the different types of mop sticks on market?

Here are wood mop sticks, stainless mop sticks, aluminum mop stick,s and plastic mop sticks.


Final Words

These are the types of mop we have in the market right now; it is up to you to choose the one you think is good for you and the king for the floor you have and your budget. We believe this guide is going to help you make the best choice for your home. The cleanliness of your home should be your top priority.


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