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Does Baking Soda Ruin Your Vacuum?

When a person is looking to remove odors from their floor they want to be tempted to use baking soda. Baking soda has been known to absorb odors.

While this may seem like a good solution for the floor it may not be the best solution for the vacuum. There is more information that a person needs to know before using baking soda on their floor.


Can You Use Baking Soda in Vacuum?

why using baking soda is not a good idea

Baking soda should not be used in a vacuum. Baking soda has microscopic fine powder elements and it is much smaller than dust particles when it is sucked up.

While baking soda may look like a powder and may look like other powdered floor cleaners it is not recommended for the vacuum. if a person is going to use some baking soda they should sprinkle a small amount of the floor.

This will allow it to be in the vacuum for some time even after the floor has been cleaned. The powder can get into the chamber, the motor, and the electric circuit board. This will cause permanent damage to the vacuum.

It is best to let is set for 24 hours to soak up the odors and then vacuum it up. Once a perosn has vacuumed up the baking soda the vacuum should be cleaned.


How Do You Use a Vacuum to Clean Baking Soda?

how to clean baking soda with a vacuum

If baking soda does get into the vacuum there are some ways that you can remove it. If baking soda was used on the car the motor, filter, and other parts of the vacuum need to be cleaned.

This includes taking apart the vacuum and wiping down each part. You need to make sure you do not damage the delicate circuits so it is best to wipe them down carefully. 


What Are Safe Alternatives to Baking Soda for Vacuuming?

Instead of using baking soda, some other cleaning products are good for the floor. They will remove odor and they are safe for the vacuum. 

White vinegar can be used as a cleaning agent. It can be applied to a cloth and then blotted on the floor. This will be able to remove stains and odors.

There are many vacuum-safe powders that have been designed for the purpose of removing odors from the floor. They are effective and they are designed to be safe for use with a vacuum.

Steam Cleaning. This method is easy and it will effectively remove dust and stains. This process is easy and in most cases, it is more effective than a vacuum.


How to Avoid Damaging Vacuum?

To avoid damage to the vacuum a person should not use baking soda. They should use a safer method and powders that have been designed to be safe on the floor and can be used with a vacuum.

If a person has vacuumed up baking soda they need to take the vacuum apart and make sure they clean each piece including any sensitive senors. The vacuum will need to be opened to reach all of these parts.

A person will then take a cloth and gently wipe them down. Mr. Clean makes a great floor cleaner that can be used instead of baking soda. There is a fresh scent variety as well as a product to help remove pet odors and they are vacuum safe.


1. What will ruin a vacuum cleaner?

Baking soda and other household items will ruin a vacuum. A person should only use cleaning products that have been designed for the flooring and are said to be vacuum safe.

2. Can you use baking soda with a Dyson vacuum?

Baking soda should not be used with a Dyson vacuum. The particles that make up the baking soda are able to get into the filter in this vacuum and it will clog. Even though Dyson is a good name baking soda should not be used.

3. What can I put in my vacuum to make it smell good?

To make the vacuum seem good it is important to clean it out often. This means changing the bag or emptying the canister. A dry sheet can be placed in the vacuum to improve the scent.


While baking soda has been known to soak up odors it should not be used with a vacuum. Baking soda has tiny particles that can get into the vacuum and lead to a clog. While a person may be tempted to use baking soda some products have been designed to make the floor smell good and they are designed to work with any vacuum.



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