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E Cloth Mop vs Norwex Mop: Which Is the Better Cleaning Option?

When it comes to mopping the floor, people tend to either love it or hate it. There’s no in-between. And when it comes to choosing the right mop, things can get even more confusing. That’s why I’ve decided to compare two of the most popular mopping systems on the market: the e cloth mop vs. Norwex mop.

After using both products, I have to say that I prefer the e-cloth mop. It’s cheaper than the Norwex mop and it does just as good of a job, if not better.  Here are in-depth comparisons between these two mops in this post!

Few Questions You Care Most to Answer Before Comparison

1. Does an E-cloth mop work as best as Norwex?

Yes. e-cloth’s microfiber is just as effective as Norwex’s at picking up dirt, dust, and hair.

2. What is the biggest difference between an E-cloth mop and a Norwex mop?

There is no much difference between E cloth and Norwex mop. They look similar and perform almost the same.

However, the composition of the microfiber does vary slightly, with E Cloth being an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide, and Norwex being a 70/30 blend.

Additionally, the mop pads offered by each company have different thicknesses – Norwex’s is stiffer than E Cloth’s.

So, if you’re looking for a little more elbow grease when you scrub your floors, Norwex is probably the way to go. But if you prefer a thinner pad that’s easier to maneuver, then E Cloth is probably your best bet.

3. Can the microfibers pad of these two mops be interchangeable?

Yes, but the e-cloth is slightly smaller than Norwex.

4. Which one would I recommend?

Considering the overall factor, I recommend the e-cloth mop at a much lower cost while reaching the same cleaning effect.

Comparison 1: The price, E-cloth Wins

e cloth mop vs norwex mop

Now you can get an updated version of E-cloth at about $50, but a Norwex mop will cost you $130 on Amazon. (You can not find many available Norwex mop Amazon.)

You’re probably wondering why there’s such a big price difference between E-Cloth and Norwex. Both brands use high quality microfiber materials and make task-specific cloths and cleaning devices. So what gives?

The answer lies in the companies’ distribution models. Norwex relies on a multi-level marketing network of consultants to sell its products, and this requires Norwex to charge more.

On the other hand, E-Cloth sells its products directly to consumers through its website and retail partners. This allows E-Cloth to keep its prices low while still maintaining a high-quality product.

So, when it comes down to it, you’re paying for the same quality product with E-Cloth, but without the added cost of supporting a multi-level marketing network.

Comparison 2: The mop details parameters

Here are 5 detailed comparison factors:

Mop Bases:

E cloth and mop Nowex have almost the same mop base for the same function. But, the e cloth’s mop base is not as tall as the Norwex. And it ‘s a little bit slimmer and sleeker design.

E cloth doesn’t have the locking feature that stops the swivel action of the base. This can be annoying when you’re trying to clean in a tight space, and the base keeps moving around.

The Nowex mop base is more sturdy and a bit bulkier, making it more difficult to lose or misplace.

Mop Handle:

E cloth and Norwex both have a telescopic handle. You can extend the handle to your desired length and lock it.

The e cloth’s handle is made of aluminum, while the Norwex’s handle is made of plastic. So, the e cloth’s handle feels more sturdy and durable, while the Norwex’s handle feels a bit flimsy.

Mop Head:

The e cloth mop head is made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, while the Norwex mop head is made of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide. So, both e cloth and Norwex mops are effective at picking up dirt, dust, and hair.

The e cloth’s mop head is thinner and more flexible, while the Norwex’s mop head is a bit stiffer. And the e cloth’s mop head is also slightly smaller, making it easier to maneuver around tight spaces.

The e cloth mop pad is made of super-absorbent microfiber that can hold up to seven times its weight in water. The Norwex mop pad is made of a thick, woven microfiber that is also super-absorbent.


Norwex :

Mop Handle: Adjustable 98 cm – 160 cm / 38.58″ – 62.99″

Large Mop Base: 40 cm x 8 cm / 15.75″ x 3.15″

Large Dry Superior Mop Pad: 52 cm x 15 cm / 20.47″ x 5.91″

Large Wet Mop Pad: 52 cm x 14 cm / 20.47″ x 5.51″

E cloth:

The e cloth mop pad: 14cm x 45cm /6″ x 18″

Handle: 80cm – 150cm /31” – 60”

Fabric type:

Both are mainly made of Microfibre.

Comparison 3: Cleaning performance, both are winner

They perform almost the same in most of the situations and meet your cleaning needs.

Test 1: To pick up hairs, dust, sands

We test it by using it to clean the floor, which is full of hairs, dust, and sands. The e cloth mop could pick up 90% of them, and Norwex mop pick up 90% as well.

Cleaning performance: E cloth mop = Norwe

Test 2: To clean the floor with water only

This time, we use them to clean a wet floor. The e cloth mop could absorb the water quickly and left the floor almost dry. However, Norwex mop still need some time to absorb the water and left the floor a little bit wet.

Cleaning performance: E cloth mop > Norwe

Test 3: To clean the spills

We spill some water and cereals on the floor, and use them to clean it. The e cloth mop could absorb the water quickly like what it did in Test Two. But the Norwex mop could absorb the water and pick up all the cereals, which e cloth mop failed to do.

Cleaning performance: Norwex > E cloth

Test 4: To clean the tough stains

We use them to clean a tough stain which is coffee. Both could remove most of the coffee and leave a little bit.

Cleaning performance: E cloth mop = Norwe

Comparison 4: Quality, both are winner

We use them to clean the floor for one week, and here is what we find:

The e cloth mop pad and Norwex are still in a good condition after one week of using. There is no sign of wear and tear. They still as soft as before, and we could use it to clean different types of floors without worrying about scratching the floor.

Comparison 5: Customer rating, E cloth mop wins

E cloth mop gets five stars


I was so happy when I got this mop. It was so easy to use and it really got the dirt and grime out. I was especially impressed that even my 8 year old granddaughter could use it without any trouble. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy-to-use and effective mop.


When I got my new mop, I was a little skeptical. I’d never heard of one that could clean deep-seated dirt without any chemicals. But I decided to try it anyway, and I was glad I did!

The mop worked like a charm on the tough trod-in dirt in my kitchen. It was so easy to use – I had to wet the cloth and attach it back to the mop. And it didn’t take long at all – my kitchen was looking spotless in no time!

I would recommend this mop to anyone – it’s quick, easy, and chemical-free. It’s well worth the money!


I was getting a little sick of always having to buy new Christmas presents for my cleaner each year, so I decided to come up with something a little more creative this time around.

That’s when I came up with the idea of giving my friend a microfibre cloth mop for Christmas. I wasn’t sure if she would like it or not, but I thought it was worth a try. And turns out, she loved it! She said it made her job so much easier and saved her from having to kneel down on the floor with wipes every week. We were both intrigued by how well it worked and couldn’t wait to see what other clever ways we could use it around the house.

Norwex mop gets 4 stars


I used to be one of those people who thought that all microfiber cleaning cloths were basically the same. I would just grab whatever was cheapest at the store and call it good. But then I started using Norwex and realized that there is a world of difference between these types of cloths and cheap microfiber.

It works better on delicate surfaces like glass or stainless steel. I never knew how much of a difference there was until I tried them for myself. Now I wouldn’t go back to using regular microfiber cleaning cloths for anything.


I’ve been using a Norwex mop for a while now and I really love it. But it’s kind of expensive, so I was wondering if it’s really worth the price. I did a little bit of research and it seems like other microfiber mops are just as good, if not better, than the Norwex one. Plus, they’re a lot cheaper! So I think I’m going to give one of those a try.


Both of e cloth mop and Norwex are good to use, and they don’t have too much difference in cleaning performance. But the E cloth is much cheaper. so, If you are looking for an easy-to-use and effective mop, e cloth mop is the one that you are looking for.

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