How to Care For Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors give the home a feeling of beauty and class. These floors can make any home look great. When hardwood floors are installed there are going to need the proper care. These are some tips on how to care for hardwood floors and keep them looking great.


How to Care For Hardwood Floors?

how to make hardwood floors shine

  • Dusting

The floors need to be dusted daily to remove any debris and allergens. Microfiber mop pads are the best and they are safer for hardwood floors.

The bristles of other types of brooms are often too hard and can scratch up the surface. When using the cloth lift it off the floor as seldom as possible so that the dirt will stay trapped and will not go back on the floor.

Dusting the floor daily will also remove material and other debris that can scratch the flooring and damage the surface.


  • Vacuum Weekly

When vacuuming the floor it is essential to use the soft bristle attachment. This will help remove larger pieces of debris and will not scratch the floor.

However, it is still important to be careful when vacuuming the hardwood floor. Do not use a beater bar attachment as this can lead to scratching as well.


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  • Damp-Mop

Damp mopping should be done monthly. A damp microfiber mop cloth can be used to help clean the hardwood floor. It should not be dampened using water. The mop head should be sprayed with a cleaner that is designed for use on hardwood flooring. If the floors have a seal be sure to read the manufacture’s recommendation for cleaning.


  • Cleaning Stains

If something is spilled on the hardwood floor is should be cleaned up right away. If liquid touches the floor it can lead to damage.

Use a damp cloth or mop to clean up anything sticky and then blot the area dry using the microfiber pad. Only use special floor cleaners so that the surface is not damaged.


  • Regular Cleaning

To keep the floors looking good it is important to make sure they are cleaned on a regular schedule. Cleaning is one of the best ways to keep the hardwood floor looking its best. Cleaning will remove any dirt or debris that can cause scratches. There should be a cleaning routine for the floor and it should be followed. This can help keep the floor looking its best.


  • Polishing

Most of the hardwood floors have a polyurethane finish. The finish will help protect the floor from damage and will give it a bit of a glossy shine. The floor may be subject to normal wear and tear and may have small scratches over time. The floor should be polished every so often using a buffing pad to help restore the shine and will reduce the scratches.


  • Watch the Windows

Most people may not think of this but the windows and the light from the sun can have an impact on the flooring. The UV rays from the sun can cause the wood to become discolored.

To protect the flooring and prevent it from being discolored curtains or blinds should be used to keep the sun of the flooring. It will also protect the wood from getting too hot.

If hardwood is exposed to direct sunlight it will begin to fade and will show signs of aging. Every so often any rugs or furniture on the wood need to be moved around. This will help the floor age evenly.


  • Refinish

Every three to five years the floor should be refinished and a new coat should be applied to the surface. This will allow the floor to shine once again and will fill in any cracks.

  • If the floor is scratched it may need to be sanded before being refinished.
  • If the floor is newer this is something to look into. Newer material often is made with a smaller core and less wood. It may only be able to be sanded one time.


Preventing Damage to the Hardwood Floor

how to care for hardwood floors

  • Rugs and Mats

Mats can reduce the amount of debris that gets on the floor. When people come into the home they should be encouraged to take off their shoes so they do not drag dirt over the floor.

There should be another mat placed in a high traffic area. The mats should also be put in a place where water may come in contact with the flor such as the kitchen sink.

  • There are special mats used for the hardwood floor. A regular mat with a rubber back does not have ventilation and can cause debris to stick under the rug.
  • The rugs should be cleaned often to remove dirt and debris


  • Protect from Furniture

Furniture can leave marks on the floor and they can also scratch the floor. There are felt protectors that can be put on the legs of the furniture to protect the flooring. These items will get dirty so they will need to be placed often.

Furniture should never be dragged over the floor. A person may need to wait for help if it is heavy.


  • General Upkeep

The hardwood flooring may get scratches from time to time. Accidents happen and even careful people may experience a scratch to two. A stain market or a pen can be used to hide the scratch.

There are some markers made especially for hardwood flooring. The entire floor cannot be done using a marker but it can help with a little spot here and there.


  • Watch the Pets

Pets will need their nails and claws trimmed so they do not scratch the floor. Pets may also track dirt on the floor. The pads of their feet should be gently cleaned too.


Final Words

These are some tips for caring for the hardwood floor. With some time and some work, a person can keep their floor from becoming scratched and will keep the floor looking good for many years.


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