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How To Choose the Best Steam Cleaner for Sanitizing?

Do you know you can use a steam cleaner to clean virtually every surface in your home? With hot steam, you can remove debris, bacteria, and other unpleasant elements from your upholstery, floors, fixtures, and others. If you have difficulty in cleaning your living space, it’s likely because you’ve not found a better option or appropriate tools.

Take the hard work out by refreshing your floorings and surfaces with steam cleaners. Invest in a steam cleaner and bid farewell to the stress of using traditional cleaning methods. Are you looking for the best steamer for sanitizing? Here’s a guide that will help you in choosing the right one.


Why Is a Steam Cleaner Able to Sanitize Your Home?

should you use a steam mop

Yes, it can. A steam cleaner is one of the best ways to keep your surfaces clean, spotless, and germ-free. Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of germs, mites, and other microorganisms such as bacteria, salmonella, etc. Steam is produced when water is heated to a high temperature.

It’s released at high pressure through a hose or nozzle attached to a cleaning tool. Steam reduces the bond between dirt and grimes, so they’re quickly melted.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove the dirt. Dusting, sweeping, and mopping are nothing compared to sanitizing. Sanitizing reduces the growth and activities of microorganisms on surfaces.

It also makes the area clean and conducive for kids and pets to play. A kid-friendly environment promotes good health in children and reduces the occurrence of disease.


Who Needs a Steam Cleaner Most to Sanitize?

when do you need a steam mop

Pet owners:

Homes with pets are more likely to have offensive smells and odors. With a steam cleaner, you can keep these odors at bay by sanitizing your birdcages and aquariums, removing stinky odors from your dog, and tidying up the litter box.

The hot steam kills fleas, larva, and eggs while making the environment habitable for your pet.

People with kids:

Are you a parent? Do you have kids living with you? From the couch to bed and carpet, kids inevitably mess up everywhere.

You’ll need to sanitize your home often to promote good health. Using steam cleaners, you can make your baby’s nursery germ-free and sanitary.

People with allergies:

It’s ideal for people with allergies to steam clean their living space to eliminate allergens and prevent allergy triggers.

Based on studies, allergies can result in asthma, which is predominant in kids if left unchecked. Do you want to improve the health of everyone in your home? Steam clean your mattresses, upholstery, pillows, and other surfaces.

People who like opening windows:

People who frequently open their windows should make steam cleaning a routine. Windows allows easy entry of debris and other unwanted elements. Steam cleaners leave no streak on windows, kill household germs and reduce stubborn stains.

People who have parties:

People who attend parties often will need to use a steamer for their clothes if they’re running out of time and have to re-wear the outfit. Steam cleaning helps to remove the funky smell and odor from fabrics.


What Items Can Steam Cleaner Disinfect?

where can you use steam cleaner on


You can steam clean all floors except those with porous surfaces like concrete, paving stones, limestone, marble, or unsealed hardwood.

Steaming can cause hardwood and laminate floors to warp and peel off. Ensure you read the manufacturer’s manual before using steam cleaners for floors.

Carpet and Mattress:

Do you want to give your carpet and mattress a quick clean? You can achieve your cleaning goals by attaching a carpet glider to your steamer.

The glider helps smooth gliding on surfaces and control steam, so it doesn’t damage the fibers of carpets and mattresses. While some steam cleaners come with a carpet glider, others don’t; hence you’ll need to buy it separately.


Steam cleaners work effectively in removing grimes and stains from the interior and exterior of your car. Before you start cleaning, first vacuum to get rid of loose dirt and debris.

Use various accessories to clean different surfaces of the car. You can use the flat scraper or squeegee attachment to clean your car windows.

Clean the side panels, headliners, and ceilings with a triangular tool or microfiber cloth. Use the steam cleaner to erase oil spills and buildup around the engine.


Steam cleaning jewelry restore its beauty and shine. Jewelry develops dirt and grime after using for a long time, making them lose their gloss.

With a steam cleaner, you can make your jewelry look new, just like the day you purchased it. Using chemicals and solutions on jewelry can destroy and discolor these metals, posing a threat to health. Use a steam cleaner to remove hidden debris around the crevices.

Windows and glass:

Portable steam cleaner or steamer with squeegee give windows and glass a squeaky clean look. Place a towel or rag under your window sill to stop runoff water when steam cleaning.

Using steam cleaner, apply heat on the glass surface to soften grime. Wipe the work area with a squeegee to discharge vapor. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe clean the surface.

Kitchen countertops:

Steamers with hot sanitizing steam and adjustable low-pressure effectively disinfect kitchen countertops and other areas.


What Should You Consider to Choose a Steam Cleaner for Sanitizing

With various steam cleaners available on the market, it can be an arduous chore to pick the right one. Below are features to be put into consideration before making a purchasing decision.

Steam pressure

Many misconstrue higher steam pressure for high performance. While high pressure equates to increased steam, that alone doesn’t determine the effectiveness of a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners with higher temperature and pressure deep clean, kill micro-organisms and is more efficient than the lower pressure models. Choose an ideal steam cleaner with high pressure of at least 3.5 bars/50 psi.

Size and weight

Steam cleaners are designed in various sizes, shapes, and weights. The weight of a steam cleaner varies on the type, individual model and affects maneuverability. Steam mops and handheld steamer cleaner that weighs less than 15 pounds are portable and easy to move around. The larger options like canister and vacuum steamer cleaners are about 20 pounds in weight, making them difficult to move around. Wheels are usually attached to these products to aid movement. Ensure you consider the size and weight of steam cleaners before purchase.

Water tank capacity

This refers to the amount of water the tank can hold in the reservoir, usually measured in liters. The tank capacity depends on the size and type of steam cleaner.

Handheld steam cleaners and steam mops have smaller tank sizes and shorter steam time. This makes them suited for cleaning stairs, spot cleaning, and steaming upholstery.

Multipurpose steam cleaners have a larger tank capacity with steam time lasting for 10 to 30 minutes. Vacuum steam cleaners have two tanks – one for clean water and the other for holding dirty water absorbed when cleaning the floors.

Types of steam cleaner

Steam cleaners are of various types. They are handheld steam cleaners, vacuum steam cleaners, steam mops, and canister steam cleaners. Let’s consider each of them:

●Handheld steam cleaners: They are small-sized and portable, facilitating easy movement around the house. These steam cleaners are suitable for steam cleaning upholstery and curtains.

●Steam mops: These mops are lightweight and are suitable for cleaning tiles, vinyl, wooden floors and linoleum. A portable steam cleaner is attached to the shaft which makes it easy to move steam mops around obstacles and corners.

●Canister steam cleaners: These designs are conveyable, with a wheeled tank and long steam hose that helps with spot cleaning and upholstery steaming.

●Vacuum steam cleaners: This model utilizes vacuum suction power and hot steam to eliminate dirt, bed bugs, and other unwanted elements. Vacuum steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning stairs and large rooms with carpets.


Guides on Disinfecting and Sanitizing Your Home with Steam Mop

Do you want to rid your home of debris, grimes, bacteria, and other unwanted elements? Here’s a guide to help you disinfect and sanitize different parts of your home with a steam mop.


1. Remove all items on the floor. Move heavy objects aside or to the other room.

2. Using a clean cloth, dust baseboards, ceiling fans, and corners of the ceilings.

3. Vacuum the whole area. If possible, clean the entire carpet twice to remove dirt thoroughly. Use a nozzle to suck up debris from the edges of the room.

4. Use a stain remover to erase stubborn stains and grimes.

5. Hold steamer six inches above the carpet and steam clean in sections, left to right or up and down.

3. Allow your carpet to dry. You can repeat the process if necessary.


1. Vacuum floors to remove lint, dust, and dirt. Ensure you vacuum before steam mopping to expel unwanted elements completely.

2. Prepare your pads for steaming. Make provision for enough pads as this is time-efficient and saves energy.

3. Inspect your floors. Check your flooring to know if steam cleaning is a suitable option.

4. After the floor check, fill your water tank, attach the mop pad and power your steam mop. Begin steam cleaning.


1.  Prepare and vacuum upholstery. Clean dust and dirt from your couch, pillows, furniture, and mattress. Use the proper attachment for surfaces.

2. Pre-treat stains. Use vinegar, alcohol, cornstarch, or baking soda with water to remove stubborn stains on fabrics.

3. Clean the upholstery with the right steam cleaner. Handheld steam cleaners ideally work in cleaning fabric.

4. Start steam cleaning. Begin with the cushions then proceed to other parts of the furniture.

5. Allow your furniture to get dry. Depending on the humidity, it can take a while before your upholstery dries. You can speed up the drying process by using a fan or blow dryer.


How to Sanitize Your Steam Mop after Using It

Below are tips for cleaning your steam mop after use.

1.  Rinse the steam mop after each use: Ensure you rinse off cleaning solution and dirt from the mop after use. If not properly cleaned, grimes can develop on mop and surfaces.

2. Discard water in the tank: Ensure you empty your water tank after using the steamer. Allowing water to stay too long in the tank can lead to corrosion, formation of mold, and damage to the steam cleaner.

3. Clean the nozzles: If you use your steam cleaner often, you may need to clean it regularly. Hard water contains limestones and minerals which can block the nozzles. To prevent the buildup of mineral residue, use distilled water in the tank. Is the nozzle clogged? Use a cotton pad or thin pin to remove the buildup.

4. Wash your mop: It’s ideal to wash your mop after use. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Are your mop pads made from microfiber? Hand wash or use a washing machine to clean them.

5. Air-dry the mop: Before storing the mop for later use, ensure you dry it to curb the growth of bacteria. Wring out the mop to remove moisture. After drying, store in a cool place for subsequent use.


Best Steam Cleaner Reviews

1. Powerful Steam Cleaners

Shark S3501 Pocket Mop -For hardwood floors

steam mop for laminate floors

The Shark steam mop is a unique product that offers exceptional cleaning of your surfaces using the power of steam. It also sanitizes your hardwood floors, keeping them safe and void of germs.

  • What You Benefit

A powerful steam cleaner with 2 sided cleaning

The Shark steam cleaner gives excellent cleaning using both sides of your mop head, and the ability to clean for longer periods.

Ability to transform water to steam within seconds

This steam mop converts water into steam swiftly and removes grime, dirt, and other messes from your floors.

Sanitize your surfaces and kill 99.9% of germs

It is safe to use, and also kills all germs and bacteria from your floors, ensuring your surfaces are well sanitized.

  • What other users say

”This steam mop is a game-changer. It is very easy to use and cleans my filthy entrance quickly. The mop is lightweight and maneuverable”.
”I’m so impressed with my purchase. It gives more steam, has a long cord, big water tank, and I love that you can flip the head over”
”This steam mop is underrated. It pulls through tough stains, and dirt on my textured tile floors.

Have you been looking for a durable steam cleaner that is powerful and efficient, the Shark Steam mop is what you need. Get one for your home today to enjoy cleaning with ease. Click here.

Check the Price on Amazon

2. Multipurpose Fast Heat Steam Mop

Moolan 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner – for carpets, laminate, tile, and hardwood

best sanitizing steam mop

The Moolan 12-in-1 steam mop is another unique steam cleaner that takes away the stress from cleaning your home. It is very versatile and multifunctional, with accessories for all your cleaning surfaces.

  • What you benefit

Multipurpose 12-in-1 steam cleaner with a variety of accessories

It has various accessories that help you clean different surfaces such as windows, doors, toys, upholstery, and other surfaces. It is also effective for cleaning corners.

Quick heat up within 15-20 seconds and extreme temperature delivered

It offers fast heating and optimum performance from its heating tube which converts water above 212°F to steam. Within a short period of 15-20 seconds, it is ready to use in cleaning surfaces and is entirely natural without any harmful substance.

Snap-on professional carpet and floor steam cleaner

This steam cleaner doubles as a carpet cleaner and floor cleaner, removing dirt and stains from your carpet, and deep cleaning the tough spots. The drying process is also swift and takes a few seconds, and is also very easy to clean anywhere.

  • What other users say

”This steam cleaner works well with my kitchen and hardwood floors and removes stains. It is made of great quality material. I am happy with my purchase.
”The steam mop is easy to use. It has handy attachments I use for everyday cleaning. I highly recommend”.
”It is easy to assemble, lightweight, and works effectively. There’s nothing tricky when using it”.

Your search for a durable multipurpose steam cleaner with versatile accessories for cleaning different surfaces is over. Your home needs this Moolan steam cleaner to get rid of dirt and stains from your home. Make the purchase today.

Check the Price on Amazon


3. Highly efficient hard surface cleaner

BISSELL SteamShot Cleaner – for Multi surfaces

steam mop safe for kids and pets

Here’s another high-pressure steam cleaner of optimum quality from a world-class brand called Bissell. The SteamShot steam cleaner from Bissell is a must-have for every home for cleaning corners and surfaces with ease.

  • What you benefit

A steam cleaner that sanitizes surfaces and cleans 99.9% of germs from surfaces

The Bissell steam cleaner is very powerful and offers high pressure in clean hand sanitizing your surfaces, removing up to 99.9% of germs from various surfaces

Large water tank capacity that reduces number of refills and delivers sufficient steam

This steam cleaner has a spacious water tank that can take sufficient water for your cleaning surfaces while reducing the number of refills.

100% chemical-free cleaning that’s safe for children and pet homes

The SteamShot cleaner is efficient steam that uses high-pressure steam in cleaning different surfaces, without using any harsh chemicals on your surfaces. Now you don’t have to worry about pets or kids.

  • What other users say

”I have no regrets buying it. It has helped me clean my grout and dirty kitchen, and sanitized very well”.

” I am very impressed with this steam cleaner. It has lots of steam and heats up quickly. I recommend it”.

”It is not too heavy and I use it for cleaning my floors, walls, bathroom, and shower. The grout attachment is amazing. Would highly recommend”.

Who says you can’t buy a steam cleaner that will clean your carpets, car and also safely removes dirt and grime from your marble, granite, ceramic, and vinyl floors? The Bissell steam shot is all you need to make cleaning fun in your home. Make the purchase today. Use this with safe cleaner.

Check the Price on Amazon


4. Professional Deep Cleaning machine

Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner

best steam mop for pets

The PureClean steam cleaner is another durable machine that helps clean different surfaces, and leaves no stone untouched in removing dirt and debris.

  • What you benefit

Natural steam cleaning and sanitizing without using harsh chemicals

This high pressure steam cleaner eliminates grease, mold, grime, stains, and bed bugs from your floors and surfaces without using harsh chemicals. Its 1.5-liter boiler capacity produces hot steam for as long as 45 minutes.

Multipurpose 18 piece accessory for heavy-duty cleaning

It has all the necessary accessories for spot cleaning your cars, home, and floor surfaces with ease. It also has a long 16-foot cord that accesses all corners both indoors and outdoors. These tools help in cleaning grout, ovens, etc.

Safe for cleaning various surfaces without causing damage

You don’t need to worry about damage to your sealed floors and other surfaces because this steam cleaner is multifunctional and is effective for cleaning various surfaces like granite, tile, wood floors, car upholstery, laminate tiles, and carpets.

  • What other users say

”I am happy with this purchase. It is a good buy and I highly recommend”.

”I love this steam cleaner; it doesn’t soak fabrics and the temperature is high enough to kill everything. It cleans wonderfully. I love it”.

”I appreciate the rollers it comes with so I can carry it about. I am happy I purchased PureClean. I highly recommend it”.

Enjoy the comfort and ease that comes with cleaning using the PureClean steam cleaner. It is versatile and effective for dirt, stain, and grime removal from various surfaces and also sanitizes your floors.



Do I need special cleaners to sanitize my carpet with the steam mop?

No, you don’t. Steam mops efficiently remove dirt and sticky stains on surfaces; thus, there’s no need for special cleaners. The steam mop releases hot steam that dissolves the bonds existing between stains. This enhances easy cleaning. Adding chemicals to the water tank can lead to wear and tear in carpets.



Gone are the days when cleaning was laborious. With the advent of steam cleaners, cleaning has been made a lot easier. You can disinfect many surfaces like your floors, carpets, mattress, kitchen countertops, cars, grout, etc. Pet owners, people with kids, and allergies should consider using steam cleaners in their homes.

In choosing the right steam cleaner, consider the water tank capacity, size, weight, and type.This will enable you to make the best choice. Make cleaning less stressful and fun by opting for a steam cleaner today.

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