How to Clean Marble Tile Floors?

Marble floors are a must-have for homeowners who are after elegance and a classy finish. Knowing how to clean marble tile floors gives you longer service.

In this guide, we will give you the right information about cleaning your floor.


How to Clean Your Marble Tile Floors?

how to clean marble tile floors

The following is a procedure you should follow when cleaning your maple floor.

1. Sweep Dust and Dirt

Marble floors should be kept dust-free by regularly sweeping them. During this procedure, the user should carefully choose the tools that will be used in the process.

When dusting your marble floor, you should choose dry mops or dust free mops for effective result.

A long handle characterizes these mops, and a piece of microfiber clothes that clean and attract dust effectively. As a result, the microfiber cloths make them gentle to the surface of the floor.

Using a flared broom daily to sweep away dirt and dust is also recommended. Their bristles help in picking any dust on the surface of your marble floor with ease.

2. Prepare the Water

Maple floor does not require harsh chemicals; neither should you use rough brushes. The best substance for cleaning this floor when they have tough stains is hot water.

With hot water, the removal of greasy stains and other sticky stains becomes an easy task. As a result, whether you are using a cleaning solution, the water should always be hot.

However, distilled water is the best since it lacks impurities that can stain your floor. It is good to note that a distillation process removes any minerals that can stain, damage, or discolor your floor.

Distilled water is also is readily available at local grocery stores, for people cannot make their own.

3. Add a Cleaner

Before you start cleaning your marble floor, it advisable to remember you are dealing with a porous surface. Thus, select mild or ph-neutral detergents. The result they will have minimal risk to your floor and skin if it comes in contact.

However, after choosing the right detergent, follow the instruction given by the manufacturer of the product on how to mix the hot water with the detergent.

4. Moping the Floor

The microfiber mop is the best tool you can use in this quest. Whether it’s a regular mop or spin mop, it becomes easy for you to wring water out, leaving it partially dry.

Starts cleaning with the farthest corner of your room as you work your way towards the entrance door. All you need are short strokes, dipping, and wringing water out to avoid the spread of dirt as you use.

5. Rinsing

  • Ensure that every time you complete mopping with hot water and detergent, rinse off the detergent in your mop.
  • Then go forth and fill a bucket with clean, cool water.
  • Repeat the same procedure of dipping and wriggling.
  • Mopping for a second time helps to remove out any residual or detergent remains.


How to Take Care of Your Marble Tile Floors?

how to clean grout on marble tile floor

Before any cleaning is done, ensure that regular maintenance and preventive measures adhere to daily. It’s is essential to take care of every spills and liquid that can stain your floor.

In this segment, we aspire to educate the user on the procedure required to maintain your marble floor in the long term.

1. Cleaning Spills

Any spills should be clean as it happens. These actions prevent your marble floor from absorbing standing water. As a result, it protects the floor from stubborn stains and discoloring. Use dumb clothe when cleaning off spills.

2. Don’t Air-Dry

Any cleaner should never let the marble floor air-dry.

Marble absorbs water, and detergent remains, thus discoloring your floor. Once you are done moping your floor, use a clean, dry cloth to dry your surface.

This process of drying your floor with a cloth makes maple cleaning demanding and hard. Though the result is brilliant and helps you maintain your floor to the required standard.

3. Mild Detergent

When buying a detergent, it is advisable to use a ph-neutral product. The products are normally gentle to your surfaces. The ph-neutral product cannot be compared to alkaline and acid products.

Though a product like vinegar are common with many home cleaners and are usable in cleaning several floors like tiles. With marble, never try it. This is because vinegar is acidic, and it has a high chance of destroying your floor.

You should also avoid these products; ammonia, citrus cleaners, and ceramic floor cleaner.

4. Scuff Marks

Scuff marks are caused by drugging sneakers or furniture’s on the surface of your floor. As a result, they cause flaws that affect the beauty of your marble floor.

However, most of these marks are removable using mops, but those stubborn scuff marks use a felt pad.

During this process, apply a mild detergent and water to your felt pad, then use it to rub along the line caused.

5. Consider Marble Sealer

The use of a marble sealer helps to preserve your floor. Marble sealers are locally found at any improvement store or online platforms.

6. Baking Soda

If your marble floors get stubborn stains. Baking soda should be applied in small doses taking caution and care. Since it is a mild abrasive cleaner, much force is not needed.

The process of removing these stains is done by rubbing a soft cloth on the surface gently. The baking soda should not be left on the surface of your floor for long as it dulls the glossy finish.

7. Use Rugs and Carpets

Ensure that you place some mats on places where traffic is enormous to protect your surface from scuffs.

Putting a doormat on the entrance of your protect your surface from dust. Since marble becomes very during the winter season, carpets will help you keep warm



Nowadays, a marble floor has become so popular with many homeowners and real estate developers. This floor has been around for many years and is well known for a veining design and glossy exterior.

As a result, it does add more beauty and royalty to a house. If not handle with the care needed when cleaning, marble floor damage quickly due to their polarity.

It is advisable to always any alkaline and acidic detergent when cleaning this surface. Also, sweeping and cleaning this floor to remove dart should be a continuous process.

All the above are our peeks on “how to clean marble tile floors“. Hope you can get insightful information.