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How to Clean Vinyl Plank Naturally at Home?

Luxury vinyl floors are standard in homes because it’s versatile and affordable. It is best to clean your vinyl floor daily with a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner.

A little mopping with cold or warm water should follow after sweeping. You will be acquainted with tips on how to maintain your Luxury vinyl floor. Here are hints to look out for in this luxury vinyl floor cleaning guide.

  • The items needed before mopping your luxury vinyl floor
  • How to clean the floor
  • Common mistakes to avoid while cleaning the floor
  • Difference between cleaning Vinyl Planks and LVT floor
  • How to maintain a shiny luxury Vinyl floor


Things To Consider Before You Start Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Plank Floor?

how to clean shaw vinyl plank flooring

Each material has a peculiar way of maintenance. It is not wise to pick on any tool or cleaning materials for your floors.

The luxury vinyl floor is easy to clean, provided you have suitable materials.

Vinyl floors require a dust mop to remove debris. You may prefer to use a homemade solution or purchase any of the recommended cleaning brands from stores to mop.


How To Clean Luxury Vinyl Floors?

Luxury vinyl floors are available in different colors, styles, and textures. Its materials are easy to maintain. Cleaning your luxury vinyl floor comes from three main perspectives.

  • Basic cleaning

To maintain a shiny vinyl floor, it is best to daily vacuum your floor to remove debris, dirt, and dust.

When you leave this debris for a while without cleaning, it could result in scratches and scuffs. It is always good if the dry cleaning precedes mopping.

Mopping might not be a daily practice; it can be weekly or bi-weekly. You can mop with warm or cold water, using homemade soap or cleaning solutions for luxury vinyl floors.

  • Stains

The luxury vinyl floor is durable but can still accommodate stains. If you dry clean the floor daily, it is easy to notice stains before they become permanent.

When you see a stain, use cleaning solutions with water and a soft rag to remove it immediately.

Avoid scrubbing it with stiff bristles and harsh cleaners, chemicals, or detergents. Those products might not remove the stains and can cause damage to your floor.

  • Deep Cleaning

You can reduce stress on removing stains and debris from the vinyl floor, and it is best to place doormats at entrances to the home.

Also, keeping your curtains down can assist in retaining their color; sunlight can cause your vinyl floor to fade off. Start by sweeping the floor before general mopping and removing stains.


Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

how to clean mannington vinyl plank flooring

Here are mistakes made when cleaning the vinyl floor.

  • Using a harsh cleaner is terrible

When you use cleaners with solvents in its component, they can damage the floor surface and cause scratches. It can also result in surface eroding. Also, avoid cleaning with washing powder; it can make the floor slippery and cause a home accident.

  • Scrubbing the floor hard can damage the floor

Luxury vinyl floor dont does not need harsh bristles to remove stains. Stiff bristles will leave your floor with stretches and give a faded look.

  • Leaving excess water on the floor is terrible

Just because the vinyl floor is water-resistant, it is not ideal to leave excess water on the floor when mopping. Use little water; make your mop damp before cleaning with it. The base is resistant, not waterproof.

  • Avoid scraping furniture on the floor

Dragging will put scratches on your floor and stop them from shining. It will be best to lift furniture and not pull it from one point to another.


How Do You Keep Your Luxury Shiny?

how to care for lvp flooring

The luxury vinyl floor does not require harsh scrubbing or heavy-duty cleaning. Also, you should not border coating the base; you are good with just sweeping and damp mopping of the floor. It would help if you swept away debris, dirt, and dust; damp mop weekly or as needed.

Don’t allow stains to stay long on the floor. Avoid using harsh floor cleaners. The vinyl floor is 100 percent plastic; this makes it moisture resistant.

It is better to clean with a microfiber mop and a homemade floor cleaning solution using vinegar. While cleaning, it is advisable to rinse your mop frequently with hot water. After mopping, it is essential to dry the floor with a towel or clean rag.

Your floor will remain shining when you don’t drag your furniture and when you keep your window blinds down to prevent the floor from sunshine. Sunlight fades the luxury vinyl floor.


How To Maintain Your Luxury Vinyl Floor?

Just like any other floor, a Vinyl floor has its way of maintenance. It will be absurd to attempt cleaning your vinyl floor the same way with a hardwoods floor, though they look alike. The vinyl floor is easy and fast to clean. You can coat the base to make it resistant to stains and scratches. Using suitable cleaning materials keeps your floor shining bright. To clean your vinyl floor, you do the following:

  • Dry-clean your floor daily. It can be done using a vacuum cleaner or broom. Avoid pile-up of debris and dust to make cleaning easy and fast.
  • Damp-mop with warm water. You don’t need excess water to mop the vinyl floor.
  • Remove stains as soon as they are spotted. A rag, cleaning solution, and water will remove the stains.

Other maintenance tips are:

  • Make use of protective pads under your chair, table legs, and furniture.
  • Use doormats to prevent dust from entering the house.
  • Keep hot items distant from the vinyl floor.
  • Clean your floor with homemade solutions or any cleaner recommended for vinyl floors.

Do not clean the luxury vinyl floor with the following:

  • Abrasive powder
  • Solvents
  • Black soap
  • Wax
  • Oil-based products



Are There Any Differences Between Cleaning Vinyl Plank, And LVT Floor?

Luxury vinyl plank and LVT floor are both admirable for a new build or remodel.

Luxury vinyl plank looks more like a hardwood with emblems, while LVT is a stone-like tile and can be fixed with grout.

They are produced the same way.



Cleaning luxury vinyl floor requires the right cleaning cleaners, correct cleaning tips, otherwise, they might become dull. Taking care of the LVT is not tough to work, remember the tips above. You surely will get the shine flooring.


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