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How to Clean Yellow Stains on Bathroom Ceiling? Fix It Now!

Though very unpleasant, yellow spots on your bathroom ceiling could also indicate an underlying issue that needs your attention. These stains can pose health risks, and it is vital to determine what is causing them.

It could be water damage in the ceiling. Leaky pipes and an overflowing tub can cause such stains. If such damage leads to the growth of mold and mildew, they stand to harm your health. The cause should be remedied as soon as you notice these spots.

Indoor smoking can also lead to these stains. In this article, I will walk you through the causes and how to clean yellow stains on your bathroom ceiling.


Why Are There Yellow Stains on Bathroom Ceiling?

what are yellow stains on walll and ceilingd

After discovering the yellow stains on your bathroom ceiling, the first thing you should do is to find out their root cause. After knowing the issue, you can implement a permanent solution to the problem.

Here are some common reasons for the stains:

1. Water damage

Water damage happens when pipes break or water seeps into ceiling cracks. Leaking water will fall onto the ceiling. Clogged drains and blocked gutters could also lead to water damage issues.

Water damage leaves circular yellow stains, and the spots become darker with time.

2. Molds or Mildews

If this two are the cause of the stains, then you should be alarmed. Mold and mildew stains can also be green, black, brown, or purple. If your bathroom is often damp and lacks proper ventilation, it may lead to these two.

They pose a few health risks, including coughing, sneezing, skin irritation, and increased allergic reactions. It would be best if you took care of this immediately for your health and your family.

3. Poor quality oil paint or insufficient drying time

Sometimes when the paint on your bathroom ceiling does not get enough time to dry up or when poor quality oil paint is used, yellow stains may occur.

4. Indoor smoking

Smoking inside the house or in the bathroom leads to yellow spots on the ceiling since paint absorbs smoke.


How to Clean Yellow/ Brown Spot on Bathroom Ceiling?

You may have two yellow stains on your bathroom ceiling: dark yellow and brown or light yellow.

1. Clean dark yellow and brown spots

how to clean yellow stains on ceilings

Dark yellow spots can appear mainly because of mold and mildew or iron from the water. Older water damage and indoor smoking are also significant causes. Consider keeping the windows open to avoid mold because they thrive in humid conditions.

Iron also discolors your ceiling and walls over time. It is best to use a bathroom vent or fan to prevent the ceiling from collecting water. Always have your bathroom installation checked to avoid these spots.

An excellent tip for avoiding these stains is wiping down your walls or using a dehumidifier to prevent moisture collection.

2. Clean light yellow stain on the ceiling

how to clean the light yellow stains on ceiling

A light yellow spot can also be caused by growing mold. You can tell it, especially if the stain has a fuzzy look. Aside from cleaning off the mold, a vent or fun can help get the air from the steamy shower in circulation. Poor quality paint can also cause this.

Heating your bathroom helps your walls warm-up, avoiding condensation that may lead to light yellow stains.

Like dark yellow stains, wiping down your walls after a shower or investing in a dehumidifier can help avoid moisture collection.


Cleaning Methods of Yellow Stains on the Bathroom Ceiling

Once you have determined the source of the dark yellow and brown or light yellow stains, it is now time to clean them off your bathroom ceiling.

1. Use homemade cleaners

First, use warm water and detergent to wash the affected part of the ceiling. Add a cup of bleach to three cups of warm water and put it in a spray bottle. Sprinkle the mixture on the stains.

Leave the spot for an hour, then wipe with a sponge. Wipe the spot/spots with a wet cloth or rug when finished.

2. Fix water damage issues

Yellow spots are often caused by water damage. Pipes are affected by hot water over time, leading to holes and cracks. Also, a leaking toilet above your bathroom can be a big problem.

Solving water damage issues is the first step to avoiding future yellow spots on your bathroom ceiling.

3. Clear all the mold and mildew

With a lack of proper ventilation and lighting, bathrooms can be damp and unhealthy. Getting rid of accumulating steam is one way to avoid mold.

4. Paint your bathroom ceiling with quality paint

Even after cleaning, some yellow stains can be hard to remove. You can consider painting your bathroom ceiling to bring back a pleasant look. If you are building a new home, use quality oil paint and let it dry off before using the bathroom.

Always use a primer before applying the paint, and be sure you are painting over dry paint for the paint to stick better.

5. Always protect your bathroom ceiling

If you live in an old house especially, always have appliances to tackle yellow satins on your bathroom ceiling, including protective gloves, a stain remover, a long-handled brush, an old rug or cloth, and a step ladder to reach your ceiling with ease.



If your bathroom ceiling has a water source, check for leaks periodically. Mold thrives in dark places so if your bathroom lacks windows, install a UV lamp. Experts propose using a ceiling fan or opening a window for a few minutes to remove air dampness when you turn off the shower.

If the bathroom is humid, install a small air conditioner and let it absorb the moisture. Mold can quickly form in overheated and steamy areas of your home in winter, like the bathroom. Try as best as you can to leave windows and doors open, and point portable heaters to the ceiling to prevent mold.


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