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How to Deodorize Carpet?

A smelly and dirty carpet is unpleasant both to the eyes and nose as it makes the place uncomfortable and unhygienic. Often, we can not tell what causes the bad smell. But, be rest assured, dirty rugs can be made neat and fresh by rug experts.

Although, there are times when rug services leave the carpets worse than when given to them. This article will address the why’s and what’s in regards to your rugs.


Why Does Your Carpet Smell Bad?

  • Dehydrating issues:

how to make carpet freshener

This is the main problem why rugs smell. When the underlay (rug padding) is not exposed to adequate sunlight and air, it dries slowly, and surplus humidity causes mold and fungal mildew odor from the rug.

Unfortunately, a room with poor ventilation and sunlight would also cause this smell, not necessarily the underlay. In other words, the slower it dries, the greater molds develop.

  • Stubborn stains:

how to make carpet freshener to sell

When your carpet is stained for an extended period, it causes a stench that cannot be removed by thorough cleaning because, in such occurrences, the rug’s padding has been immersed in the stain and can only be removed by changing its padding or having the experts handle it.

  • Cheap carpet cleaning:

how to make carpet freshener powder

Most people go for the cost of cleaning instead of its quality and end up with a worse result.

Affordable services have inadequate equipment to extract water from rugs and make it neat.

Other times, the cleaner is a novice in this expertise. To get the best results, you should emphasize quality rather than price.

Additional reasons for smelly carpets include; urine from pets and kids, cigarette smell, milk, etc.


What Deodorize Cleaner Freshens Carpet and How to Apply?

Baking Soda:

use baking soda to clean carpet

It is a natural product with various purposes that is safe for all, affordable, non-irritable, and surprisingly an odor neutralizer.

Did you know? It removes strong smells like smoke and urine and is a dry absorber. The materials needed for this agent are; a box of baking soda, a carpet vacuum cleaner, and a sieve.


Sieve a significant amount of soda on the smelly spot overnight and clean with the vacuum cleaner/broom. If the smell persists, rerun the procedures.


The cheap, plain vodka dismisses stain excellently. It is used to remove terrible stench and color. The depth of stain determines the amount of vodka used.


For minor stains, dip a soft cloth in vodka and tap gently on the stain for a minute. Continue till the stain and stench disappear. Deep stains require a large amount of vodka on the stain for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, pat it out with a towel or cloth and complete it with a carpet vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Shampoo:

Expert carpet cleaners use it. It is available, simple to use, and with dos and don’ts. It is capable of doing many things and can remove most stains. Carpet shampoo reduces the risks of mold, is quite expensive but effective.

carpet shampoo for odor


The shampoo is dispersed and vacuumed religiously.

Essential Oils:

what can remove the smell of carpet

These are major carpet deodorants with pleasant, welcoming carpet fragrance, for example, lavender, lemon, and peppermint. They are healthy and non-toxic although, short-term. It is mixed with borax or soda for a better lasting effect. Materials needed; drops of essential oils, soft cloth, baking soda, borax, carpet vacuum cleaner, and dried herbs.


About 15 to 20 drops of your preferred oil are added to a cup of baking soda or borax with a teaspoon of your finely crushed choice herb (not compulsory). The mixture is then applied moderately on the carpet and rubbed off with a moist cloth. Powder remains are removed with the vacuum cleaner.


Naturally, the first option that comes to mind is using detergents to clean carpets which is correct. Detergent contains hydrogen peroxide, a powerful stench and stain dissolved. A carpet vacuum cleaner, detergent, and soft material are used.


Dampen the area with warm water to unfasten carpet fibers and stains. With a soft cloth, remove hard materials. Use a hard brush to apply a detergent on the stain, fix the cleaner to wet/dry, vacuum up and down until stain and water are off.


How to Avoid a Bad Smell on a Carpet?

remove dog urine to avoid smells

  • Clean dog urine/spill instantly:

Dog urine has a strong smell, and it is absorbed by the underlay over time and gives off a foul stench when it is dispersed without instant cleaning, which is due to the presence of mold. To avoid this, it is vacuumed instantly to dry moisture.

  • Basic cleaning:

The carpet should be preserved by vacuuming or steaming regularly (at least once every month) and taken to an expert once a year for proper cleaning to improve hygiene and prevent smell.

However, in some with kids or pets family, it should be vacuumed about four times every week and to an expert thrice in a year. In addition, water pipes should be repaired, and the floor monitored.

Finally, for humid regions, snowy weather, and pipe leaks, the floor should be vacuumed or steamed instantly to prevent mold and moisture.

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  • Keep good ventilation:

Windows should be kept open to allow cross-ventilation, which keeps the room aerated and lowers odor yet, it can’t be kept open always due to dust.

Therefore, using a fans/HVAC system is an effective means to circulate air. Also, using a dehumidifier or air purifier helps remove dust, dirt, mold substances, and odor caused by pets. Indoor moisture is also reduced by it.



Carpets beautify the home and should be adequately maintained to keep its appearance and avoid discomfort due to its ease of absorbing moisture, making the home inhabitable by its smell.

Keeping carpets neat and in good shape is tedious but highly achievable by dedicating your time and money. First, of course, the right products, quantity, and non-toxic ingredients should be noted.

In cases where the underlay and carpet fibers are destroyed and cannot be preserved with expert vacuuming, a new carpet should be purchased to maintain the neatness and hygiene of the home.


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