How to Dust Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors need to be protected carefully for lasting longer without damaging. Using the wrong way to dust hardwood floors can cause scratch marks on your floors.

So, how to dust hardwood floors and what type of dust mop you should choose?


How to Dust Mopping Hardwood Floors

dust mop for hardwood floors

Dust mopping is a wonderful way of getting rid of dirt, hair, dust, and other particles from the floor. It is the best compared to vacuum cleaning; for dust mopping, you need to follow the following procedures.

 #1. Preparation

When it comes to the preparation, you need to set a routine of dust mopping your floor, whether daily or weekly cleaning. Remove furniture and obstacles that may prevent you from cleaning the entire floor.

#2. Select appropriate dust mop 

After preparing the area and you are ready to dust mop it, choose the right dust mop depending on the size of the area you are yet to clean. For small areas, consider buying small mops, and for a bit, bigger or larger areas, choose a wide mop.

#3. Dust mopping 

Now that you have chosen a mop to start the job of dust mopping the prepared area pushes the mop, and don’t forget to clean the edges. Clean every area of the floor and push all debris, dirt, and hair in one place so that you can remove them when you are done.

#4. Remove the debris with dustpan

Remove the debris you left behind while cleaning. Using a dustpan, pick them up and empty it in a garbage bag.

#5. Wash the mop head 

Now that you are done cleaning leave the mop head clean. If the mop is not reusable, throw it away, but if it’s washable, ensure that you wash it and leave it to dry well.


Types of Dust Mop Head

There are several types let’s look at the following;

#1. Cotton Mop Head

It is good at absorbing; cotton is used mostly on mop heads because it is versatile. Cotton mops are good for cleaning spills, picking up dirt, and cleaning hardwood floors. And cotton heads tend to dry slowly, and if it is not dried well, it can damage really fast.


#2. Microfiber Heads 

They are expensive but worth the price, these heads are made with fine synthetic fibers. Microfiber heads are long-lasting, reusable and can be washed several, but it does not deteriorate.

#3. Synthetic Heads 

This is one of the durable and effective material mop heads for hardwood floors, they are man-made but very resistant and can’t be easily damaged even after bleaching.

#4. Blend Heads 

They are made from cotton and synthetic fiber. That’s where the name blend comes from. The blend of the two materials is good enough since this kind of mop head is durable, affordable, and performance really well.


Should I Buy a Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors?

Yes, you should but only get the right dust mop for your floor. Hardwood floors should be protected from scratches, and this is by using the correct mops. There are several types of dust mops for hardwood floors, and this is; Turbo mops microfiber mop, Swiffer Sweeper cleaned, O-Cedar Easywring Micro Fiber Mop, LINKYO microfiber mop, Sladust big wooly mop, and many others.

Dust mops are preferred for hardwood floors because they are soft and can trap dust, unlike hard bristle brooms that can damage your floor, leaving behind scratches. Using a mop that is not a dust mop will only waste your time because they are not designed to trap dust, and they will leave a cloud of dust that will settle down again almost immediately.

It’s important that you use the right mop on the right floor; to dust your hardwood floor, you need to use a dry dust mop. Most of these mops have a dry head that is meant for cleaning up dirt, fine particles, pet hair, and dust on the floor.


Buying Guide to the Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

best dust mop for hardwood floors

When selecting the best dust mop for hardwood floors, you need to look at the following features.

#1. Ability to release dust 

They should be able to release dust, pet hair, and dust considers buying rayon and synthetic mops as they are known to be good.

#2. Looped end mops 

The mop you are buying should have a loop end because they work better than the cut end mops. They are affordable yet do a very nice and wonderful job; looped end mops offer better coverage of the floor.

#3. Machine washable 

Purchase a mop that can be washed by machine because that’s cheaper to maintain when compared to disposable ones. You only need to clean them after use and continue using them over and over again, while for the case of disposable mopes, they don’t last long, and you end up purchasing new ones every now and then. Buy a long-lasting mop that will save you the cost of money.

#4. Type of yarn 

Buy a mop with a twisted yarn because they are durable, unlike those ones with untwisted yarns. Be careful when buying so that you don’t end up buying something that will disappoint you. In this case, you are advised to buy a cotton mop because it’s cheap and very absorbent apart from the cotton mop the Rayon mop is also one of the best dust mops it’s a fast-drying and absorbent mop.

#5. Mop size

The kind of mop you are purchasing depends on the kind of floor you are going to clean; larger mops are good for handling larger, bigger, or messier jobs while small mops are meant for cleaning small areas. If you are working in a larger area, a wide mop suits you well because it saves a lot of time. It’s up to you to decide if you are buying a large, heavy-duty, or a small dust mop.

#6. Mops material 

The best quality mop is the microfiber ones; they are really nice when cleaning because they are able to pick up dust, dirt, and pet hairs. You need to look at the material used on the mop before purchasing it; material matters a lot. One way to tell a good mop is by looking at the materials.

 #7. Floor

Some mops are designed for particular floors others work well on soft floors while others work well on rough floors. And for the case of hardwood floors, you need to choose a mop that is just designed for this kind of floor, buy a mop that can pick up dirt, and cleans your floor without damaging it.

#8. Price

A good mop is a bit expensive, you need a product that durable and can last you for days before you think of buying another one, it doesn’t mean cheaper ones are not effective of course they are but not as effective as the expensive ones.


What is the Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

#1. JINCLEAN Industrial Cotton Floor Mop 

dust mop for concrete floors


A mop specifically used to clean hardwood floors; this mop is mostly used in larger or bigger areas. It has a strong steel telescopic handle and a one-touch attached mop pad frame. The cotton pads can clean hardwood floors without using g any chemicals.


#2. MEXERRiS Microfiber Mop 

microfiber floor mop for laminate


Has an aluminum handle and four reusable, washable mop pads. This mop is resistant to rust, it’s handles are adjustable, and it also has microfiber cleaning cloth which ensures proper cleaning of your floor. With the study and the flexible swivel head, you’ll be able to clean all areas of the floor in a little time.


#3. KLEEN HANDLER Commercial Mop

best dust commercial mop for hardwood floors


This is for heavy-duty activities meaning that it’s used to clean a large area. The commercial mop can be used on all hard surfaces; it has a looped end and is designed for commercial, industrial, and residential use.

Hardwood floors have their unique mops and so on other floors too. Always learn to use the mops on the appropriate floors. This helps in maintaining the surfaces; you can’t use a mop with bristles when cleaning a hardwood floor because it will leave behind scratches this making your floor look ugly.



You should know the right mops for every floor by now and how to dust several mop floors. After mopping, ensure that your mop head is clean and dry to prevent them from smelling and damaging easily.