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How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet/ Rug/Bed?

Dogs are one of the friendliest animals. Keeping them in your home will keep you entertained and secure. However, the four-legged animals have fur that is irritating, especially when the fur is left on your carpet, furniture and other surfaces.

For you to ensure the various surfaces in your home are free from dog hair, you will need multiple types of mop for effective cleaning. Using the mops to remove dog hair from various surfaces in your home can be challenging.

Therefore, we have decided to give an insight on how to get dog hair out of the carpet in your home.


What Types of Mop Are Able to Clean Dog Hair Effectively?

Using a suitable mop improves the cleaning effectiveness. Keep reading to find out what mop are able to clean dog hair effectively.

Microfiber mop

best microfiber mop to pick up dog hair

this mop is equipped with features such as high-quality pads that generate static that will help in attracting your dog’s hair onto it for easy cleaning.

Additionally, they have rotating heads that can rotate for up to 360° for easy cleaning. Microfiber mops also have various head sizes that you can choose from depending on the size of your carpet for fast cleaning and maximum coverage.

Further, they are adjustable; hence you can easily adjust the height for a comfortable cleaning depending on your height. Most of the pads in microfiber mops are reusable; hence you can use them for extended periods.

Steam mop

best steam mop for dogs

The mops are always lightweight, which will ensure you have an easy time maneuvering around the furniture when removing dog hair from your carpet.

Additionally, steam cleaners also heat up within a short duration due to high power ratings. With fast heating, you will be able to remove dog hair on the carpet and other dirt from your carpet easily.

During purchase, steam mops come with added accessories that you can use to remove dog hair from a hard-to-reach area like under the furniture.

Moreover, the amply sized tanks carry enough water that can be steamed for easy and fast removal of dog hair and dirt from your carpet.


bissell vacuum for dog hair

Vacuum mops have strong suction power that will help in removing microscopic allergens and dog hair from your carpet.

Additionally, some vacuum cleaners have specialized nozzles designed to attract dogs’ hair from the carpet. They are lightweight for easy maneuverability while cleaning and removing dog hair from the carpet.

Further, they have effective filters and dust cups that help to trap and collect dog hair from the carpet. Special accessories are always included for easy removal of tough stains and hair from the carpet.


Squeegee mop for pet hair

Squeegee mops feature rubber or silicone bristles that will attract dog hair for easy removal from the carpet.

Additionally, some have adjustable handles for comfortable use by individuals of different heights. For easy reach and maneuverability in hard-to-reach areas like under the furniture, some squeegees are angled.


How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet/ Rug/Bed?

Here are guides remove the dog hair out of the carpet:

Using a squeegee

Take a squeegee with a long handle and move it back and forth across the surfaces, i.e., carpet, rug, or bed.

While moving the squeegee back and forth, the attached rubber will loosen the embedded dog hair on the various surfaces. After that, pick up the clamps of dog hair or fur that have accumulated. Repeat the process until you remove all the dog hair from the surface.


Using a microfiber/dust mop

Microfiber mops have high-quality pads that generate static that will help in attracting your dog’s hair onto it. You take the microfiber or dust mop and move it across the surface of your carpet, rug or bed.

While moving the mop across the surfaces from one end to the other, the dog hair will automatically attract microfiber mop pads.


Using a steam cleaner

You will need a microfiber mop or a vacuum cleaner to remove the loose dirt or dog hair from the surfaces of your rug, carpet, or bed. After removing the loose dog hair using a vacuum or microfiber mop, you get your steam mop ready.

Then you move it across the rug, bed, or carpet from one end to the other. The hot vapor from the steam mop will get beneath your rug, bed, or carpet and get rid of the toughest dog hair with ease.

Accessories such as the carpet glider will glide across the rug, carpet or bed, removing stubborn dog hairs and other tough stains with ease.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Furniture?

Method 1: Take a dry squeegee. Move the squeegee back and forth over the surface of your furniture. Doing this continuously will lead to the dog hair loosening and coming out.

Method 2: Additionally, you follow by taking a microfiber mop or a vacuum cleaner. Moving the microfiber mop across the surfaces of your furniture will lead to the loose dog hair on the surface coming out and get attracted to the high-quality pads.

Method 3: You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the loose dog hair from the surfaces of furniture by moving it across from one end to the other.

Method 4: After using a squeegee, a microfiber mop, or a vacuum cleaner, certain dog hair may be stubborn and will not come out easily. You will need a steam cleaner to remove them.

Start by getting your steam mop ready and filling the reservoir with water. A steam cleaner will heat the water into steam to a temperature of around 120 °C.

Most stubborn dog hair, stains and germs will come out easily when a hot vapor of over 100degrees Celsius is brought upon them.

Moving the steam mop across the surface of your furniture from one end to the other back and forth will lead to the stubborn dog hair coming out with ease, leaving the furniture clean.


How to Clean the Dog Fur on Curtains/Sheets?

How to Clean the Dog Fur on sheets

Sometimes the dog hair always sticks on curtains and sheets, check out the effective method to deal with it.

Regular cleaning

In order to clean dog fur from your curtains and sheets, you will need a handheld vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner, preferably a steam mop.
You may need a squeegee to move it across the surface of your curtains or sheets to loosen the dog fur.
After loosening the dog fur, you will take the handheld vacuum cleaner and move it across the surface of the curtains and sheets from one end to the other. It will be able to suck up the loose hair from your sheets and curtains.

Still can’t get off it?

Since there may be stubborn dog hair remaining beneath the curtains and sheets, you will need a handheld steam cleaner.

You will add water to the steam mops tank and heat it to a temperature of over 100 °C. Then you follow by moving the handheld steam cleaner across the surface of your curtains and sheets. The stubborn dog fur will come out with ease leaving them clean and neat.


How to Reduce Dog Hair on Car Mats?

Check out the video to see how to get dog hair out of car seat

Method 1: You can use a squeegee to reduce dog hair on your car mats. Start by dampening your car mats, take the squeegee and squeeze it across your car mat surface. The dog hair will come out easily.

Method 2: Use a vacuum cleaner. Take the vacuum cleaner and move it across the car mat. It will suck up the loose dog hair from the car mat, leading to reduced dog fur.

Method 3: Microfiber mop. Microfiber mop features heavy-duty pads that will generate static. The static will attract the dog hair to the pads in the microfiber mop. This will lead to the reduction of dog fur from your car mats.

Method 4: You can also brush your dog daily. Bath the dog. Brushing the dog or bathing it will lead to the removal of dead hair from its body. Removal of dead hair from your dog will reduce dog hair from your car mats.


How to Reduce Dog Hair Shedding?

Reducing dog hair shedding is probably the easiest way to keep the couch, curtain, and bed clean.

1. Ensure your dog is hydrated

When your dog drinks enough water, its hair shedding will reduce. Inadequate water in your dog will cause its skin to be dry.

Your dog will have skin irritation with dry skin, leading to weak hair follicles and its hair shedding unnecessarily.

2. Give your dog an Omega-3 supplement.

Giving your dog a healthy and balanced diet will help reduce its shedding of hair. Omega-3 is known to improve dog skins. Giving your dog an Omega-3 supplement will minimize excessive shedding.

3. Bathing your dog regularly with a proper shampoo

When you bathe your dog regularly with a proper shampoo, the old and dead hair on its body will loosen and be removed.

Additionally, bathing your dog will keep your dogs’ skin and hair in optimal condition. With your dogs’ skin in optimal condition, its hair will not shed easily.

Using a proper shampoo to bathe your dog will also reduce the chances of skin condition that may lead to its skin drying out and increased shedding of hair.

4. Brush your dog regularly

Brushing your dog regularly is one of the most effective and simplest ways to reduce your dog hair shedding. While brushing, you will be removing dead fur from your dog before it drops off.



how to get dog hair off carpet

1. How do I stop my dog’s hair from sticking to the carpet?

You can stop your dog hair from sticking to your carpet by vacuuming regularly. When you vacuum regularly, the chances of dog hair getting stuck or getting deep into your carpet fibers are reduced. Additionally, you can reduce your dog hair shedding by giving it a balanced diet, keeping it hydrated, bathing it daily and even brushing it. Reduced shedding of dog fur will lessen the hair sticking on your carpet.

2. How do you get pet hair out of carpet without a vacuum?

You can use a microfiber mop with high-quality pads that generate static that will help attract your dog’s hair. After the lost dog fur has been drawn to the microfiber mop pads, you remove it and steam clean.

3. Will a carpet cleaner remove dog hair?

Yes, a carpet cleaner will remove dog hair. There is equipment such as vacuum mop, squeegee, microfiber mop, steam mop and others that when you use, all the dog hair on your carpet will be removed completely.



Having proper knowledge in time on how you can get dog hair from the surfaces in your home is essential. With the above information, you will have a hassle-free experience removing dog hair from the carpet and other surfaces in your home.

Read more to see the best mops for pet hair.

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