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How to Get the Smell Out of Rubber Mats?

One turndown characteristic for rubber mats is the foul smell they produce. Much of this strong odor can be owed to the raw materials such as low-grade petroleum for new rubber and binding materials like urethane for old rubber. It is worth noting that recycled or old rubber has a more intense smell than new rubber.

So how can this smell be eliminated out of rubber mats? Is using an air freshener in a car or a gym enough to get rid of this smell? This guide will answer these frequently asked questions by discussing clearly how to get the smell out of rubber mats.


Why Does Your Rubber Mats Smell?

how should you avoid smelly rubber mat

It could be that the mats contain a particular odor to mask other smells, or it might just be because of the material.

Rubber is usually derived from tires and has a scent powerful enough for some people to detect even when they are not nearby. The chemical compounds found in new mats can also account for this strong odor if you have been using them for less than a few weeks; these compounds will dissipate as time goes on, though, so don’t worry!

If you’re worried about the toxicity levels of rubber mats, know that new mats need some breathing room before it becomes completely safe for use inside cars or homes.


The Impacts of Rubber Mats Smell

The smell of rubber mats can have several adverse health impacts on people living in the area they are placed in.

If, for example, you have placed your rubber mats in a commercial setting, it is possible to lose customers who find it hard to withstand this intense smell.

Many people allergic to foul odors can develop breathing and gut system distress and worst, persistent headaches.


Different Ways to Remove Rubber Odor From Mats

  • Buy High-Quality Rubber Mats

As stated above, the type of rubber making your rubber mats can determine the intensity of the smell they produce.

Regardless of the budget cut, you want to make on your flooring project, it would be best if you always considered buying rubber mats made with high quality, new and low odor rubber. With this type of rubber, you only need a quick touch-up of these other practices.

  • Clean Your Rubber Mats Properly

how to clean interlocking gym mats

Use a mild neutral pH cleaner to wipe both sides of the rubber mat such that most of the odor is absorbed. This should be done right after they are delivered to your place after purchase and several times after installing them.

To clean a considerable amount of rubber mats, use a more extensive outdoor space to lay the mats on one side, clean all of them, and then switch to the opposite sides and do the same.

One rubber mats cleaner that can be improvised at home is the use of diluted vinegar. Mix 16 parts of warm water and 1 part vinegar and use the mixture to similarly rub both sides of the rubber mats with a clean cloth. You should not forget to wipe the edges if you are using thicker rubber mats.

  • Adequately Ventilate the Space Floored With Rubber Mats

how to clean horse stall mats for home gym

Ventilation is a practice that slowly eliminates the smell of rubber mats. Sadly, this aspect is often overlooked by people installing and using rubber mats.

It would help if you considered opening all windows in the area where rubber mats are installed or stored for the better portion of the first few days after purchase. In the early stages of installation, you might also consider running fans to circulate the air in the room properly.

If you have installed rubber mats in a commercial setting such as a workout room, it would help if you install and run industrial-sized fans in the first few days of installation.

When odor levels are lowered to a level that is no longer uncomfortable for your clients or customers, you may loosen up on the ventilation strategy to minimize the cost in the long run.

  • Expose Your Rubber Mats to the Sun

The gasping out of the volatile organic compounds VOCs in rubber mats can be accelerated if they are exposed to the natural power of the sun.

This is the cheapest option you may have for this purpose. It may take days to weeks to gas out most of these compounds depending on the number of volatile compounds each rubber mat carries.


  • Freshen your Room Space After Doing Any of the Above Practices

It is also a good practice to always keep the room where the rubbers mats will be installed after any of the above processes, freshened. When the freshener’s pleasant odor and the rubber mats unpleasant odor mix, it may be bearable to live in the room.

Many of the gases coming out of rubber are not health-friendly. If you try at least two of the primary practices discussed above, you will lower the dosage of gases you inhale from rubber mats and hence reduce serious health risks that may arise from them.


How to Remove the Odor from Rubber Yoga Mats?

Rubber yoga mats are great for exercise. However, they can develop an unpleasant odor after a while. There is no need to throw it out! Here’s how you get rid of the smell:

  • Please choose your favorite cleaning agent and place it in a bucket or basin with enough warm water to submerge the mat completely (i.e., about three inches).
  • Add one tablespoon baking soda per gallon of liquid.
  • Sprinkle uncooked rice over the top so that the pile completely covers it, then leave overnight; remove when finished as this will help absorb moisture from inside out.
  • If needed, sprinkle apple cider vinegar onto damp areas.



Is the smell of rubber mats toxic?

Are you feeling a little nauseous when someone walks by smelling of rubber mats? If so, don’t worry! This is more likely due to the chemicals mixed in with this material than it being toxic. Some studies have shown links between certain types of cancers such as leukemia or skin cancer. Still, these connections haven’t been confirmed either way yet, just like all other associations made about toxins in our environment today.

How long does it take for the rubber smell to go away?

Ideally, it takes a few weeks for the rubber mat smell to go away, but it could last for months if not properly cared for.



Some people love the smell of their rubber mats, but not everyone does. If you are one of those who don’t like the smell, follow the tips and guides mentioned above to get the smell out of your mats.

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