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How to Remove Mop Head?

Cleaning the mop head is also a necessary step, which effectively prevents odor or germ after use. Well, probably many people have recognized it but do not know to remove and replace a mop head.

In this article, you will learn how to remove different types of mop heads and learn how to install a new one.

How to Take Off Sponge Mop Head?

A sponge mop head is used to make the floor neat and dry water surfaces. It is simple to use and dry, absorbs water readily, can be washed, has a replaceable sponge, and is used anywhere. Here we take Yocada Sponge Mop as an example.

How to remove the sponge mop head?

Step 1: To remove a sponge mop head, turn your mop upside down, locate the nuts and loosen them at their edges.

Step 2: When the nuts are screwed off properly, it takes the mop head off.

How to install a new sponge mop head?

To install a new sponge head, focus on the groove (long, narrow bodice) and put the iron clamp on the sponge head into the hollow. After entering the trough, hold firmly and insert nuts in their proper places.

Firmly screwing them helps keep the head in place and prevents looseheads, making cleaning inadequate and ineffective.

These procedures can also be used for other sponge mops, not necessarily the Yocada mop head.


How to Remove Flat Mop Head?

How to remove the flat mop head

The flat mop head should be held firmly close to the wringer collar, a white piece used to wring out the mop head.

Step 1: First, raise the wringer collar at a distance from the mop head with one hand and grasp.

Step 2: Then, remove the mop head off the end of the mop handle with the hand, not in use.

Step 3: After that, let go of the wringer collar.

How to install a new flat mop head?

Replacing the mop head is not necessary. Instead, the microfiber pad will be taken off the mop head and removed from its hook and loop closures.

Then, the new head is fixed with ease.

Flat mops cleaning pads can be washed. The above tips work well with other flat mop heads.


Tips and Tricks on Changing Spin Mop Head

how to remove mop head vileda

The spin mop keeps the home neat by destroying dirt from the pad as the mop is rinsed. It has a curved, circular, and swivel microfiber mop-head style that cleans every nook and cranny. The degree of its wetness is controlled by using the bucket for rinsing and drying.

How to remove the spin mop head?

Take Vileda mop as an example to see how to remove Vileda’s spin mop head.

Removing the mop head should be done gently by placing your feet on the mop head while pulling the mop away from you.

Ensure that the mop is placed in the appropriate direction to prevent the disk attachment joint from bending as the mop is pulled.

How to install a new spin mop head?

When installing a new spin mop head, align the four red pins on the mop head with the inner four black notches on the pole.

Be sure to pair the upper disc and cloth disc then, turn them together until you hear a ‘click’ sound. This sound shows that the mop head is fixed correctly.

The Vileda is a type of spin mop head, but there are many others. Other spin mop heads are also applicable to these steps.


Why Should You Change the Mop Heads?

how to remove the mop head from an o cedar mop

(1). Bacteria accumulatio

A mop head used over a long time will contain about eight million bacteria/ 100 square cm, billions of bacteria on the floor to be spread and multiplied if careless. Hence, it would be best to change it regularly depending on its area of use (hospitals, toilets, etc.).

(2). Cleaning fluid contamination

Mop head discoloration may likely be a sign of contamination. It reduces the quality of mop fibers and may be due to inappropriate cleaning of mop heads.

(3). Worn out fibers

For microfiber and dust mop heads, amongst others that appear like old toothbrush bristles or have missing spots, it is clear proof that the mops are damaged and less effective.

In addition, ‘wear and tear’ and rule of use (15-30 washings for cotton and about 500 washings for microfiber heads) are reasons to replace mop heads.


Notes on Removing the Mop Head

Mop heads vary in size, shape, texture, and use accordingly.

Removing these heads depend on their type and should be done carefully.

Purchase high-quality mop heads for effective cleaning results and store them in dry places in case of emergencies.

The reasons to change mop heads have been addressed in this article and should be followed duly.

Keeping old, worn out, and discolored mop heads is not only unhygienic but poses threats to our health.

Regular manual/machine washing with proper mop head detergent after use, wringing out, and air drying is necessary to maintain your mops.



Cleaning a mop head is necessary, and you can wash it with your head, which requires a replacement. You can also wash it in a washing machine. If you are interested in how to clean a mop head, check out another page.

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