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How to Steam Clean a Suit to Remove Dirts and Wrinkles?

You can steam clean just about anything, even a suit. You can clean a suit before and after you wear it for the day. Throughout this guide, you will understand the proper steps to steam clean your suit so it can be fresh and clean each time you wear it.

You will also understand certain things you need to look out for when you’re steam cleaning your suits. If you still have questions when you have reviewed everything, some questions have been put together at the end of this guide to clear a few things up.


Steps to Use A Steam Cleaner on a Suit to Remove Wrinkles

how to clean suir with a steam cleaner

1. Get your steam cleaner

Be sure that you have a handheld steam cleaner. If you don’t, then it’s only suitable for floors and not for cleaning other things, like fabric.

2. Use an attachment

Look at the attachments that come with your steam cleaner and use the right one for fabric. If you’re not sure, it’s usually one the of smallest attachments that will fit on the hose ready for steam clean purposes.

3. Add the water

Handheld steam cleaners do not use as much water so fill up the cleaner with enough water so you can continuously steam clean your suit.

4. Let the water heat up

Since it doesn’t hold that much water, it won’t take that long for your steam cleaner to heat up. Once it’s turned on and plugged in, give it a couple of minutes to make sure it’s hot. You’ll be able to tell when it’s hot by the steam coming out of the cleaner.

5. Steam clean

Be sure to put it directly on the suit once you see steam. Do the front and back sides of the suit lighter than you would clean other types of things around your house. Steam clean your suit as if you were ironing it. It has to be that light and delicate.

6. Leave it hanging up

Your suit is wrinkle-free and ready for use.


Precautions to Take When Steam Cleaning Your Suit

When you’re steam cleaning, there are certain things you need to look out for to make sure you’re not damaging the fabric. Below you will find a list of precautions to be aware of before or after you steam clean your suit.

  1. Hang your suit up – It’s best to hang your suit up when steam cleaning. It makes things easier for you when you have to clean the suit so you can get every inch of it.
  2. Lightly steam clean – Be sure you’re lightly steam cleaning. If you push down on the fabric, it could cause you to burn a hole in it so you need to be careful of that.
  3. Check the label – Make sure that you’re checking the label on your suit before you steam clean. If you own a suit that’s made out of wool, it cannot be steamed with hot water because it will damage the fabric.


Will Steam Cleaning Get Stains Out of Suits?

will steam cleaner clean suit

Yes and no. If the stains are on the surface of the suit and are not very deep, steam cleaning will get the stains out. However, if there are stains on your suit that has been there for a while and the stains are deep in the suit, you will have a hard time getting the stains out. You might have some luck using extra cleaners or extra water but you should be careful that you won’t ruin the fabric.


How Often Should You Steam Clean Suits?

No more than two months at a time. As long as you leave your suit on the hanger once you wash it, it will prevent wrinkles from forming. Be sure it’s hanging up separate from your clothes.

If it’s in the same closet space as your clothes, then it is more likely to have wrinkles throughout the suit. If you hang it up inside the bathroom while you’re taking a shower, you can also get some extra steam to keep your suit looking fabulous every day.


Will It Damage Your Suit If You Steam Clean It Every Day?

No. It’s not necessary to steam clean it every day. You can steam clean it each time you use it or if there are any known wrinkles. Just a reminder to pay attention to the fabric. With some fabrics, if you steam clean every day, it will warp the suit and you will no longer be able to wear it.



  1. What’s the difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning?

With dry cleaning, it takes a little longer to get the suit back to you. You drop it off, let the professionals take care of your suit, and you’ll pick it up a day or two later. Steam cleaning is better if you need your suit cleaned at the last minute. You do it yourself, but it only takes a few minutes to do.

  1. I heard that you have to use a brush before you steam clean, why do you have to do that?

It’s best to get any lint, fuzz, or other particles off your suit before you begin steam cleaning. If you skip that step, then you will risk the hot steam sticking those particles to your suit making it harder for you to remove them.



There you have it! Now you know how to steam clean a suit and the precautions you should take before you begin to steam clean.

Hopefully, all of your questions have been asked and you have reviewed the FAQ section to get an in-depth understanding of steam cleaning your suits.


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