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How to Steam Clean Your Dresses? 5 Steps to Fix It!

No matter what type of dress you have, there is a good chance it will have wrinkles after you put it in the dryer. What do you do? You can’t go out in public looking like you dug your dress out of your hamper.

Once it’s been put in the dryer, it needs to be cleaned even more by steam cleaning. You can steam clean your dress, a skirt, or other different styles. The first question that you think of is, how do you do that? It’s a simple process that won’t take very long to complete.

We’ll go over all the steps, and we’ll also take a look at a few necessary precautions to be aware of. If that’s not enough, we’ll also go over some questions that you may be looking for the answers to. Let’s get started with a few steps to steam cleaning your dresses or skirts.


5 Steps to Steam Clean your Dresses Quickly

can you use steam cleanre on dresses

Step 1: Use the right attachment. When you’re putting your steam cleaner together, be sure you are using the right attachment for steam cleaning dresses. A lot of Step 2:  times your owner’s manual will let you know what each attachment is and what you can use it for. If you’re not using the right attachment, the wrinkles will be tough to get out.

Step 3: Remove your steam cleaner. Be sure to remove your steam cleaner from the hose that connects to the smaller water tank.

Step 4: Begin steam cleaning. Remember it’s best to start section by section. To be sure you won’t get lost, steam your dresses from left to right and top to bottom.

Step 5: Don’t forget to finish. Turn the hanger around so you can do the backside. You don’t want to be out in public with your dress looking half-finished, do you?


Precautions for Steam Cleaning Your Dresses

precautions to keep in mind when steam clean your dresses

Use the right attachment. Be sure you’re using the right attachment for steam cleaning your dresses or skirts, or blazers. Never put the steam cleaner directly on the dress. It would give you a hard time and you may have to start over.

If you have a dress where the top part is a fabric that the steam cleaner can handle but the bottom part isn’t or vice versa, then steam clean the part that is okay and leave the other part as is. There’s nothing you can do about that.



1. What happens if you don’t get the wrinkles out?

The wrinkles will come out eventually if you’re using the right attachment. You will have to complete the same section that has the tough wrinkle again and again until it irons out.

2. Do I have to put my dresses in the washer and dryer?

No. The steam cleaner will handle everything for you. It will make your dresses smell fresh, and steam cleaning will also remove stains. No more soaking your dresses in a stain remover. You have a steam cleaner that will take care of that for you.

3. Will steam cleaning ruin my dresses?

No. You should steam clean your dresses instead of washing them. The more you wash and dry your dresses, the more the colors will start to fade, and they will start to get worn out.

4. Do I still have to take my dresses to the dry cleaners?

No. Think of the steam cleaner as an easy way to substitute for having to take your dresses to the dry cleaners. Of course, you may want to if your steam cleaner doesn’t get all the stains out.



This has been a journey for you to figure out how to steam clean those dresses in your closet that you have been dying to wear. Now your dresses don’t have to be hidden away and you can clean them properly. Be sure to follow the precautions so you don’t end up ruining your dresses. Also, it would be a good idea to follow the FAQ section. Look for your question and see if it’s on there. We’ll end here because I’m sure you can’t wait to start steam cleaning.

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