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How To Use Electric Mop to Clean FLoors?

Flooring is a vital part of every home. There are different types of floors that include ceramic, brick, concrete, slate, marble, carpet, wood, and linoleum.

When choosing the right one for you, it will take a lot of time. In fact, most of the flooring types are easy to maintain. You can even use an electric mop to keep them clean and free of germs. The different flooring types ought to be cleaned in different ways.


What Types of Floors Can I Use Electric Mop On?

These are some of the types of floors you can clean with an electric mop.

  • Asphalt

Although this type of flooring is quite rough and durable, it is bound to sustain the damage from grease, oil, scouring, and even strong soaps.

When it comes to cleaning this type of floor, you should mop it each week to prevent the build-up of dirt.

Also, you need to wash or polish the floor quite often. When mopping this type of floor, you should avoid using a lot of water.

  • Tiles and Ceramic

This flooring is quite easy to maintain. It is advisable to seal grout lines and ensure it stays clean for an extended period before sealing it. Avoid using an abrasive mop as it will scratch the glaze. Also, use neutral cleaning solutions and a microfiber mop.

  • Brick

As you know, brick floors are quite porous and they need time and effort to keep them clean. In this case, you can use an electric mop and cleaning solutions meant for brick.

First, vacuum the floor before getting rid of any debris and use a damp mop to get rid of dirt. Avoid using acids, abrasives, and strong soaps to clean the floor or it may become damaged. Also, you can use a cup of vinegar that is mixed with water.

  • Linoleum

If you want your linoleum floor to shine, then you ought to wax the floor. In fact, after waxing, the linoleum floor needs a lot of vacuuming and an extra damp-mop cleaning. The solvent-based products can be quite harmful to the linoleum floors.

Also, you should avoid pouring water on the type of floor. If you want to get rid of the heel marks, then you should use quality steel wool and even apply liquid wax.

However, the most appropriate way of cleaning this type of floor is to use an electric mop with a general-purpose cleaner.

electric mop clean

  • Marble

As you know, marble flooring is widely in various homes. For unpolished marble, then it easily stains and it is porous. Thus, you should use a sealer created for the type of flooring. Use your electric mop with an all-purpose cleaner. Also, you should consider using fabric softener and use liquid wax.

  • Concrete

You should note that this type of floor absorbs stains quickly and it is porous. It is advisable to use a commercial sealer. First, use a broom to loosen up the dirt before you mop with an electric mop. To absorb oil and grease, spread with a stiff broom, water, and then let the floor to air dry.

  • Wood

The best electric mop suitable and reliable for cleaning a wooden floor is a spray mop because it is designed to spray water on the floor while mopping evenly. It uses both microfiber and non-scratch scrubber pads to remove stains, debris, and dust on the surface.


How to Use an Electric Mop?

bissell electric mop

1. Fill the water reservoir tank with water

Some electric mops clean the floor with the use of steam instead of water. The mops are designed with water tanks where one is required to fill the tank with water for when cleaning. The water tank is usually situated at the top of the plastic structure. So, locate the water tank and pour it in clean water using the measuring cup packed with the mop. If the mop does not have a measuring cup, use a funnel to pour in water to avoid spilling on other parts of the mop. Some precautions to take when filling the water include:

  • Make sure the water reaches the areas marked “Max” on the tank
  • Ensure the water is above the lowest level on the tank
  • Secure the tank well with the locking cap

2. Plug the electrical cord into the power

The power cord is usually packed in a cord holder. So, unveil it from the holder and find the nearest power socket to connect the cable. You must note the right volt to connect the appliance to avoid damaging it. The standard connecting voltage for the majority of the electric mops is around 120 to 125 volts. But note that the models vary and thus, some mops may require higher or even lower volt connection.

3. Wait for the device to heat

The mop will take some time to heat up to a level where it can easily release the hot steam for cleaning. This process takes around 15 to 30 seconds to complete. Again the manufacturers indicate the right time to give the mop to heat up before cleaning.

4. Switch on the steam pump

The electric mops are equipped with control buttons to run it when cleaning. Therefore, switch on the steam button so the device can pump the steam to wet the mop head. Make sure the head is entirely wet before moving the mop to clean.

5. Mop the floor

Once the mop head is wet, start to clean the floor. You should move the mop in a back and forward motion to get excellent results. This makes it easy to remove dirt and even focus on a section at a time. Mop until the water almost runs out.


Is Electric Mop Good For Scrubbing Floors?

It depends! Each electric mop is designed to handle messes differently. Some won’t be able to clean up large amounts of liquids but can scrub quite well. You can also come across a steamer or spray mop, which is not ideal for absorbing a large number of fluids. There is also a dry vacuum collecting the dirt but not scrubbing. That means it all depends on the type of electric mop you’re about to buy.

If you need an electric mob ideal for scrubbing your floors, then you must buy a model that comes with a spinning scrubber. That way, the model will handle the cleaning and concentrate on scrubbing dirt and grime off your floor.

If you have a big floor surface to clean, consider something with a dual-spin mop powerful enough to rotate and cleanse any dirt.

Another thing that determines how good an electric mop is on scrubbing floors is the type of brushes or mob used. You cannot expect a model with soft liquid-absorbing pads to scrub dirt from your floors. It would be best if you had something with firm brushes or a firm spinning mob robust enough to handle any floor dirt by scrubbing it up.


What Electric Mop Brands Can You Consider?

use electric mop

If you have cleaned the floor manually with wet clothes and hands, then you know why you need something powered to make work easier. An electric mop is used to a wide range of floors at home. It squeezes water or steam to get rid of dirt with its microfiber mop cleaner.

These are the top electric cleaner brands on the market.

  • Vileda

Vileda is now one of the most trusted and experienced brands currently on the market. The manufacturer makes a wide range of products such as electric products, brushes, laundry, and electric mops.

The company has witnessed a lot of growth in its market share. Vileda’s electrical cleaners have a high product rating. That is because they are long-lasting and affordable.

  • O-Cedar

This company has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing cleaning mops. Currently, it is the most popular brand for cleaning tools. It manufactures a wide range of products such as sponges, brooms, mops, scrubbers, and more.

The product quality is great and they have excellent customer care service. Their products are long-lasting and high-quality.

  • Bissell

Bissell is highly regarded because of the Spinwave technology that allows you to mop your floors quickly. You will find its mops suitable for sealed and hard floors such as vinyl flooring, hardwood floors, linoleum, and more.

You will also like the fact that they come with soft-touch cleaning pads for sticky messes. Most of their mops come with a 2-year warranty.


GOBOT makes efficient electric spin mobs that offer lots of hours cleaning and fast charging. They feature the microfiber mop that can wipe dust and dirt quickly.

Also, you will find their electric mops easy to use. That is because the flexible mop can eliminate grime and dirt from hard to reach areas. Another thing you will like about them is that LED floodlight design that makes it possible to clean dark areas.

  • Hurricane

Hurricane makes lots of products such as axial fan, scrubber, spin mobs, and more. Although this is not a large company, Hurricane spin mops have been found to be effective and great. However, its price is a bit costly and the electric mops are a bit expensive.



Most of the electric mops designed for exceptional scrubbing tasks will have multiple spinning mops or have durable cleaning brushes that can scrub. That gives them the power to handle the scrubbing quite well. If you’re considering getting a robotic mob, consider your floor type and the powerfulness of its scrubbing brushes.

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