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How to Wax Linoleum Floors?

You need a tough flooring to make sure it holds up. One way to keep those tough floors looking good is to wax them from time to time. Learning how to wax linoleum floors is just one responsibility every homeowner needs to master.

By keeping the linoleum in top shape you are making sure your household expenses are reduced. The less money you spend on replacing linoleum, the more you have for other activities like a nice night out with your mate.


How to Wax Linoleum Floors?

how to wax linoleum floors

The steps are simple to follow and if done correctly, your linoleum floor should withstand a lot of heavy traffic over the years. Just follow these steps in order to achieve good results:

Step 1: Remove all furniture and other contents standing on the floor, like bikes, trunks, clothing, bags, etc. from the room.

Step 2:Next, clean the floor with an approved cleaner that won’t hurt the linoleum. A ph neutral cleaner is okay, just make sure to follow all instructions on the bottle. Let the floor dry thoroughly.

Step 3:Now pour the liquid wax into a bucket that has a wringer attachment. Dip your clean, dry linoleum mop about halfway into the wax, and then wring out the excess.

Step 4:As you spread the wax, dip the mop into the bucket as often as needed. Use a smooth figure 8 pattern and move the mop from side to side. It is okay to overlap each section as you go.

Step 5:When you are done, let the floor dry and that takes about 20 minutes to an hour depending on atmospheric conditions. Remember not to mop yourself into a corner.

Step 6:Once dry, add another coat or two in order to fully protect your floor. Following the previous 3 steps for each coat.

Step 7:When those coats are finished and dry, you are done. Clean your mop, bucket, and any rags you used.


How to Strip Off Old Wax?

Sometimes cleaning and re-waxing a linoleum floor is not enough. You need to know how to properly strip off the old wax in order to keep your floor from building up too much wax.

Here are the instructions to strip off the old before you put the new wax on:

  1. Use wax strippers made for linoleum floors. Any other kind will damage your floor and cost you money for repairs
  2. Mix the stripper in warm water, then apply with a dry and clean mop.
  3. Working in 3 to 4-foot sections, let the stripper soak in for a few minutes. Any area larger than that may have the stripper drying on you and make you do it all over again.
  4. Once the soaking is done, scrub those little areas with a good brush.
  5. Then rinse off with clean. Clearwater using another dry, clean mop.
  6. Do a second rinse with clear water and let the floor dry thoroughly. The floor should look dull when you are done.


Some Tips and Warnings for Waxing Linoleum Floors

wax linoleum floors

Even though the task of stripping and waxing sounds easy, there are some tricks of the trade as well as issues you should avoid. Here are some of those tips and warnings you should be aware of:

1. Do not use strippers on new linoleum.

2. Never dilute wax with water. It is sold and ready to use.

3. It is better to use three or four thin coats than one or two thick coats. The latter may be easier but your floor will not look so good.

4. Do not put too many coats on your linoleum floors. Three is the maximum and if you want a fourth coat, read the instructions on the wax can to see if that is allowed.

5. Never use a fan to speed up the wax drying time. You can spread dirt and dust over your hard work ruining your effort.

6. Some linoleum floors and waxes have a self-leveling capability. Drying the floor too quickly will interfere with that ability.

7. Using cleaners with too much or too little ph ingredients can harm the look of the waxed floor.

8. The best cleaner to use is a ph neutral one. That preserves the look of your floor making it something to be proud of.


FAQs about Wax Linoleum Floors

clean linoleum floors

1. How do I keep my waxed floors clean between waxings?

Use a soft bristle broom several times a week or a vacuum cleaner without the bristle bar. The bristle bar can harm your wax finish.

2. How often do I need to wax my linoleum floor?

Depending on if it is high traffic or low traffic floor, basically, you should wax it every 2 to 6 months.

3. Can I use the wax paste instead of liquid wax on my floor?

You can but the wax paste does not leave the same quality of shine that liquid waxes do.

4. Is it okay to use a buffer to make the floor shine better?

Yes, it is but make sure the buffer is designed to work on linoleum flooring. The buffer should not weigh too much either.

5. Why do I need to remove the old wax before applying a new coat?

You do not have to do this every time you wax. You can wait until you have applied a few coats of wax before stripping it all off. The old coats get dull after a while and dirt gets stuck in the older coatings.

6. How do I protect my newly waxed floor?

The best way to protect your new wax is to put floor cushions on the legs of the furniture you have in the room and keep sharp heavy objects on mats or rugs.


Some Final Words

As you can see, waxing and stripping your linoleum floor is not that difficult. The hardest part is the time it will take to get both jobs done. But if you follow the instructions on the cans carefully, your chore will be a success and your linoleum will be protected for a few more months.



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